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I think I tried raw beef with papaya once. But I didn´t write down the progress or didn´t test it properly. And I don´t want to go back to raw meat until I am certain that I can digest it. A simple sodium bicarbonate test in the morning will show if HCI is up again. I also had to cut out some foods that didn´t do me well now. I tried the raw liver and digestion was a desaster. No different than red meat. Even in pate form. So everything red, including organs is out for me. I also noticed that certain black foods can´t be broken down properly in the stomach. Blackberries, mulberries, black current, black olives to be exact. Maybe it´s the acrylamide content in some, I don´t know. I also realized that stomach acid increases if I digest food faster. If food sits in the intestines for too long, the hunger feeling doesn´t come, hence your digestive juices won´t do the job properly when u have ur next meal. It´s pretty obvious actually. And in order to digest faster I need food to move faster through the intestines. Either with fiber or with fat. Eating veggies with meat doesn´t seem to do the trick. So i want to increase my intake of fats such as goose fat, olive oil and coconut oil. With raw eggs I´m careful atm. Raw Butter seems to do harm but joghurts work great. I think i reached my threshold for dairy for now. I noticed that when i have raw butter or raw cheese digestion was slowed down compared to without. For fiber I just started experimenting with ground oats together with coconut oil and it moves food very fast. I know oats are shit but if it helps it helps. Raisins and prunes do a good job too. About the pancrea powder I will see, first I want to go the natural way, if that doesn´t work i go for supplements. If u eat molasses just like that then u´d run into issues due to the sugar content. That´s why water kefir would be the way to do it, since the kefir grains eat the sugar.

How is your general digestion except with the gastric/stomach acid? Do things move well and fast? And are you normal weight, underweight or overweight?

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 22, 2018, 07:39:30 pm »

I don´t touch chinese pumpkin seeds, even if organic. I don´t trust chinese foods. I buy austrian ones. These are all dark green (even the chinese ones though). When I was referring to the pumpkin butter I was referring to Aajonus recipe for it. He said that sprouting and soaking can cause issues too, that´s why he suggested the nut butter. Now whether he was right or wrong I can´t say, but it does make sense to me that his recipe can prevent some kind of seed oxidation since the nut butter consists of raw butter, raw eggs and raw honey. And honey can preserve a lot of things. Raw eggs can oxidize as well according to him, unless you add things such as honey. And these additives might prevent phytic acid in some way too. I don´t trust everything he says, but then again some things make sense. What alternatives for minerals would you suggest? I once found a website with hundreds of comments where people praised blackstrap molasses. Many of them reported e.g. that gray hair reversed or hair grew back, pains vanished and energy levels increased. Many of these ppl took it by itself or mixed in water/tea or food, which I wouldn´t do due to the sugar content. So I´d go for water kefir instead. And since water kefir eats the sugar of the blackstrap this could then be an alternative for getting minerals without much digestion (since its liquid anyway).


I recently introduced sweet potatoes again into my diet, these are good for potassium levels, I also eat bananas regularly. That including coconut water I crave often. Might be a sign. Yesterday I had the raw liver by itself and it was very hard and chewy. That didn´t do me well. So next time I´ll do a pate and see how that goes. I also did clabbered milk a couple of times, but when things are too thick then it´s harder on the digestion for me. But everybody is different. I wouldn´t agree regarding the absorption of molasses at least according to the experiences that the people shared in the comments on that website. They were just too overwhelmingly positive. When I find it again i´ll share. Also, when I had the water kefir I felt good and food digested well in the intestines. I think what might help, as partly mentioned earlier, raw pancreas but maybe including raw glands. But since it´s impossible to get it here, maybe the powdered form would help a bit? Interesting regarding MRI. But I don´t have the money for that and I doubt it can be done here.

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« on: April 20, 2018, 06:51:04 pm »
After reading a bit more about cortisol I tend to think that the issues of low gastric acids start there and in the glands. Once you have an issue there, the problem goes downwards to the thyroid which also affects digestion and gastric acids, to IBS, leaky gut, crohns, constipation and so forth. Pancreas play a huge role as well since they contribute the digestive enzymes. And pancreas aren´t activated properly when there is low HCI. Every time I eat something wrong I noticed some kind of pain in (I think) the pancreas area and with some foods (pasteurized joghurt) I start to feel cold, the coldness should be an indication for the thyroid. So i need to focus on them as well. I also noticed that when I am stressed I have very low HCI, but when I am off or abroad my digestion is great and I gain weight. So stress plays a major role since then your glands and cortisol/adrenalin changes which effect all systems downwards. I started a plan now, to finally get back HCI. It reads:

1. Specified AIP diet to stop inflammation causing the maldigestion which elevates stress levels hence cortisol/adrenalin. Decreased adrenalin/cortisol? aids sleep which is crucial for healing. Cooked (steam or braise) white meats only (chicken, turkey and quail, while white fish (no salmon or trout) being the most important due to Omega 3 which reduces cortisol, DHA and EPA which lowers inflammation) No raw vegetables, no raw salads, only cooked specific vegetables. Then fruits like cherries (most berries are out since they are too hard), banana, papaya, raw honey, certain raw herbs, raw cheese, raw goat kefir, raw eggs, animal fats like goose fat and tallow and possibly raw milk. Due to low HCI raw meats, raw fats, raw vegetables and raw salads are out since they can´t be digested due to the connective tissue and the cellulose which, however, can partly be broken down by cooking. However, I will try raw veal liver, that might be ok since its soft. White rice I need to check too. And quality salt with every food to aid gastric acid.

2. A knife point of the mentioned 7 Kräuter Stern herbs in the morning into the mouth for around 2 weeks to regenerate organ functions, specifically the pancreas since I need them for digestive enzymes for further intestine digestion.

3. Slices of papaya which has all the 3 major enzymes which helps digesting meat further and fresh orange juice for Vitamin C to lower cortisol and to increase HCI. Other fruits like pineapple have too much sugar content which should be avoided if you have candida overgrowth which again can be caused by too low HCI.

4. Mentioned gingershot (juiced lemon, ginger, green apple) in morning (after 7 Kräuter Stern) and also during the day. Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and stimulates the digestive enzymes in the pancreas.

5. Ground Pumpkin seeds for magnesium and minerals. Either in form of aajonus pumpkin butter recipe to lower phytic acid or pure. Still need to check what´s best. Magnesium is crucial for cortisol levels and many other body functions. Thought of a supplement like mag oxalate but I rather go natural for now. Alternative would be water kefir with blackstrap (for minerals like mag) and raw cane sugar (for feed).

6. Liquorice tea from the stick (not in powdered form or teabags) for pancreas and natural sparkling water due to keep things moving. Too much liquorice isn´t good though. Red wine from acidic syrah or carbernet grapes in case food isn´t digested by the eve and acv with water eaten with meals.

7. Get as much sun exposure as possible for Vitamin D to increase metabolism. Excercise would be ideal too.

Let´s see how this goes. Ivan, When you try the low cortisol dosage as you mentioned, please report back how it went and how you administered it exactly.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:50:16 pm »
There is something else that works very well. It´s called " Heidelberger´s 7 Kräuter Stern". It was invented by German naturopath Bertrand Heidelberger (1845-1925) and it´s a mix of 7 dried bitter herbs which aid, cleanse and restore stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver and bile. It´s not very much known outside the "German World".

Ideally you do it first thing in the morning and at spring time (so around now). I read that it can restore totally messed up livers from e.g. alcoholics. Even when people were about to have liver surgery this saved and restored the liver. The best way to take it is, first thing in the morning, to take a pinch full of the powder (tip of a knife) put it underneath ur tongue and squish it around in the mouth for around 5 minutes. Then swallow. Like that the bitters will go directly into the bloodstream and to the respective organs. You can also make a tea but the inventor did as described before. I had tried it myself some time ago sporadically and every time i had a heavy meat meal and i took a pinch into the mouth,  my digestion was greatly enhanced and i noticed that my stomach was digesting much better! U can buy the stuff on the internet at amazon among other places. Ideally u buy it on (not otherwise the prices are a rip off.  They sell mainly the organic version and u should not pay more than 15 euros. A 100g package will last you for ages.

Then there is something similar based on a liquid, again with bitter herbs and it´s called "Schwedenbitter" invented by Maria Treben (1907-1991). Also known mainly in the "German World". They sell it on amazon as well and they have a alcohol free version. I never tried it but the concept should be the same and it might work as good, or better? as the one above.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 14, 2018, 03:05:05 pm »
I wanted to add something here. The importance of digestive enzymes. The book "Enzyme Nutrition" - The food enzyme concept by Dr. Edward Howell is an eye opener here. The first time I read it I had no clue about anything. Think its the best book about this subject. If I would re-read it (which I will) I´m sure I could fix things faster. Among many other suggestions it also mentions to eat raw pancreas and raw liver to fix digestion. I think User Sabertooth said raw pancreas helped him a lot. So that makes sense now.

Back to the subject. So, beside stomach acid, digestive enzymes are very important for general digestion. The main digestive enzymes (besides maltase, lactase, invertase, sucrase and so forth) are (not to be confused with food enzymes):

-Protease for Protein
-Amylase for Carbs
-Lipase for Fat

There are certain foods which contain these digestive enzymes. Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Raw butter, Coconut, Avocado ....Now the one that I can remember which seems to have all 3 is Papaya (the greener the higher protease content) And I can confirm that. When I ate cooked beef (didnt do a raw meat diet back then) with papaya the digestion was incredible. Didn´t use anything else. So u might wanna try that but eat it with food, not after! I need to give it another try myself.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:39:01 am »
Good that we are in the same boat and maybe by exchanging thoughts we might fix it. This i what I found out about this topic:

a) We need to look at the digestion of the stomach. HCI is just a part of it. The whole system is called gastric acid or stomach acid. Therefore just going for HCI might not solve the problem. Gastric acid consists of hydrochloric acid (HCI), potassium chloride (KCI) and sodium chloride (NaCI).

- hydrochloric acid (a strong mineral acid), Foods that mimic and can "replace" HCI in my experience and own experiments are raw corn on the cob (worked great but is expensive in the long run), raw apple cider vinegar (I mix a small cup of water with 5 tbl of ACV and have it sometimes before, but most importantly with and sparingly after food), red wine vinegar (works similar as ACV in same dosage) and raw orange juice (even pasteurized). Then I tried beetroot juice (didnt work at all unless I added ginger), HCI from Thorne Research - Betaine HCL & Pepsin (caused constipation- its produced from pork maybe that´s why or the vegetable cellulose in the capsule was the issue) and Premier Research Labs Premier HCI (caused constipation too, its from a vegetable source- think beetroot but I´m not 100 percent, however easy to find out).

- potassium chloride (somewhat a salt as well). Didn´t do much research about that and I don´t think its the same as "normal" potassium.

- sodium chloride (salt, so there is a reason why some people suggest to eat salt with food so the stomach acids work better)

b) Red wine. I noticed that red wine from syrah (shiraz) and cabernet grapes work great for the digestion of any foods including meats, raw or cooked. In fact when I ate too much and things are stuck in the intestines (such as constipation), or my stomach digests way too slow, then this is what always helps. A glass or 2 will do the trick. Important to stick to acidic red grape varieties such as syrah and carbernet, not grape varieties such as merlot. Syrah worked best for me. That got me interested, so I looked at the composition of acids in wine and you find this:

1.   Tartaric acid (found in grapes itself)
2.   Malic acid (is in foods such as apple, especially green)
3.   Citric acid (found in citrus fruits)

Since I didn´t want to drink that often I tried eating red wine grapes (the commercial ones not the proper red wine grapes), and I had non alcoholic red wine. Proved ineffective. Only real red wine helps. And the alcohol content in it too. It makes the stomach environment more acidic, so food digests better because of that too.

c) That whole wine subject lead me to do a cold pressed “gingershot” consisting (one portion) of 1 green apple (malic acid), half a peeled lemon (citric acid) and approx. a thumbsize of ginger (organic and unpeeled). That works wonders to aid and possibly “mimic” the stomach acids before and after food, or if some food is stuck in the intestines and doesn´t move. I always do a liter ahead, fridge it and have shot glass first thing in the morning. It could be that by adding a juiced grape and possibly salt it would be the best natural increasement of stomach acids, but I didn´t try that yet.

Other things that I noticed:

-   What I found works good too and people recommended it is to drink 2 big glasses of still water before a meal, that prepares and increase the stomach acids better and that seems to work.

-   I would refrain of drinking still water with foods, that will dilute the stomach acids, however sparkling water seems to aid digestion. I also wait like 30 min to 1 hour before I touch any still water after food.

-   Freshly pressed (or worst but still effective - pasteurized) orange juice but NOT concentrate being drunk with food seems to mimic stomach acid pretty well too. When u drink it with a protein meal it digests better for me. I´d say a big glass does the job.

-   Raw homemade kefir seems to aid or increase stomach acid too, since homemade kefir is carbonated. However only half of a small cup. Too much and it will need too much of digestion which can backfire.

It´s also very important to look at the causes of low stomach acid. They can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, alcohol and gluten plus overuse of grains (among others). I think the first look one should have when dealing with low stomach acid or HCI, is at the thyroid, since the thyroid apparently regulated stomach acid or HCI. So if u got a underworking thyroid (Hypothyroidism), u first need to fix that before trying to find something that mimics ur stomach acid. Otherwise it will be a never ending story.

I would be careful with cortisol, as far as I know it’s a stress hormone, so the more stress u have, the lesser ur thyroid might function and the lower HCI or stomach acids you might produce. But then again I might be totally wrong since I didn’t see the study.
What I am doing atm is this:

1.   I switched from raw paleo to paleo, because like that I can digest food easier. Note that I only steam white meats, I don´t fry or deep fry them, not even in oven. White meats that seem to be easy to digest are chicken and white fish. So Salmon or Beef is out. Game I didn´t try, still need to experiment. I am aware that cooked food even on low steaming temps is not good, but I rather have my meat cooked and digested than raw and undigested. My acid is so low that I can´t even eat raw salads, I need to boil or steam everything to super soft otherwise I can´t digest it. Then once the HCI comes back (to try that I´d do the morning sodium bicarbonate test) i´d switch again to more raw foods including meats. I still have raw foods like raw juices and raw dairy including raw eggs, that seems to be ok.

2.   Since low stomach acid or HCI can cause food allergies, hence auto immune issues (I got intolerant to many foods since I couldn’t digest the particles which went unbroken into the bloodstream which created sensitivies) I decided to do the AIP diet first, and voila no more bloating or pain. So the first step is to cut out all foods that cause issues and the same time increase stomach acid. Then gradually implement raw foods again.

3.   When I have a big protein meal I take a piece of unpeeled ginger and bite in it once. I don´t chew it, just bite in it and let the juices go down my throat. That helps tremendously for digestion. Ginger in general is great for digestion

4.   After eating I walk around 100 steps. That is recommended in Ayurveda as well “to get the food into the right places”. Then I would recommend to rest, so the body focuses the energy on digestion (and possibly secretion of HCI?), not on something else. Ideally you go into the sun and sit down, that speeds up digestion too I found. It could be due to the vitamin d of the sun exposure. Adding a non synthetic vitamin supplement d3  could possibly aid digestion, didn´t experiment in that yet. Or a natural food containing a lot of vitamin d, but it should be easy to digest. Again, I found raw milk a great aid here. Maybe due to the Vitamin D content? I dunno.

General Discussion / Re: Types of raw fat
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:00:18 pm »
ok thanks for the suggestions. How does brain taste like?

General Discussion / Re: Types of raw fat
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Ok. Is bone marrow the only raw fat? And what raw fats do you recommend? I currently live on the Island of Malta.

General Discussion / Types of raw fat
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:06:33 pm »

I know of the following types of raw fats: Raw eggs, Raw butter, Lard, Tallow, Bone marrow, Avocado, Raw nuts and seeds, Cold pressed oils such as olive, flax or coconut and Coconut fat (from juiced coconut).

I´d like to eat more raw fats but I need the ones that are easy to digest. I have issues with avocado, pig, raw nuts and seeds and possibly butter, so what would you recommend. I read tallow can be hard to digest? I have an issue digesting beef and pig, so I guess lard and tallow would be out? Also, it´s impossible to get good quality (organic, pastured) lard, tallow or bone marrow here, can you suggest a store that ships internationally?


Hi all,

I am curious to what you attribute your current or past sicknesses to, when you were a child and when you became a grown up. Do you think your health related problems were/are a direct cause of what your mother ate while she was pregnant, what she fed you during postnatal care, what they fed you during childhood or what medical treatment you received?

I think it would make sense to get peoples opinion of why they think they had certain health issues later life. I for example attribute my ADHD issues at school to too much gluten in my diet. Possible side effects to vaccinations might have played a role too. The fix for ADHD back then was Ritalin which had hallucinating effects that lasted for years. I also think the fluoride tablets were the direct cause for the dental misalignment which could be fixed with bracelets only. Of course some of these issues could have had genetical reasons, however I doubt that.

Primal Diet / Re: Digestion of raw milk
« on: March 30, 2018, 05:45:05 pm »
RVAF= Raw vegetable animal food. One reason why you can tolerate pasteurized milk better could be the fact that most dairies produce their milk with mainly A1 cow breeds like Holstein or Frisian. The milk of these breeds have, as far as I know and read smaller fat globules compared to A2 dominant breeds such as Guernsey and Jersey. The milk of A2 tends to be creamier (hence fatter), which is why many people love it. But I read that people couldn´t digest it even if raw. So if you drink milk from A2 cows then your body might have a harder time digesting them. Second reason: If you drank raw milk from an A1 breed then your problem could also be lying in the fat content. Pasteurized milk has a fat content of usually 3-4 percent. Skimmed even less. And a glass of raw milk has 10% and higher. Therefore one can assume that your problem is that ur body can´t digest the higher fat content.

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 30, 2018, 05:15:08 am »
Can´t post a new topic. There seems to be a bug. Sent you pm.

Off Topic / Re: Some wild salmon may be farmed salmon con
« on: March 27, 2018, 02:57:50 am »
Interesting. Maybe the darker fishy is the more astaxanthin is in it. I had bought an astaxanthin supplement once. The reviews were glowing on amazon. Was very curious to try it out. But it had no positive effect on me. I even think it didn´t do me well. It is said that this substance is what makes fishes like salmon stronger, so they can swim upstream. People also reported that they didn´t get sunburned that easily anymore and that it gave them more energy. Gave it also to a friend once which had vision issues. But it didn´t do him well either and had no effect. Better stick to wholefoods. An asta supplement could have the same negative effects as cod liver oil has when it goes rancid and when taken for for longer periods. And these can be very severe in the long run.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: March 26, 2018, 06:29:12 am »
I´d like to jump into this. I have also realized that I have a hard time digesting raw beef. Even when I ground it and make tartare out of it. It felt really bad in the stomach. I recently realized that I have very very low stomach acid. So I think I know the reason for not being able to digest raw meat now. In the beginning I thought its the low bacterial count in the intestines, since digestion continues there. But even with daily portions of natural pre- and probiotics in form of honey, kefir, sauerkraut among other things nothing much has changed. If your food is not broken down properly by the gastric acids it has a hard time getting digested in the intestines. I think the particles are too big and that´s why food is stuck, hence ur bloated. So allthough raw meats are supposed to be easily digestible as AV said as well, this does definetely not count for ppl with low HCL.

I have also noticed that raw beef seems to be the worst to digest, so it makes sence when ivan mentioned the connective tissue. Thanks for the hint :) Any kind of raw meat in fact is hard to digest for me. The thoughest meats are the worst. I have however noticed that dry aged beef (4 weeks) was easier to digest. I read that the enzymes already broke down part of the meat during the dry aging process and that´s why I guess its easier digestible than fully raw. I have also experimented with High meats, beef and salmon, and allthough it seems that it makes food move that´s stuck in the intestines, you still need Gastric acids to digest it. The high bacterial count doesn´t give you additional Gastric acids (or HCL) it seems, it just gives you more bacteria for the further digestion in the intestines. And I think you need to be cautious with HM on low HCL. The gastric acid is suppose to kill the bad bacteria as well, so if you have low HCL or missing the other acids such as potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl), then I am speculating that your HM could maybe do some harm.

Regarding dairy I´d also like to mention that its fairly easy on me. Unless it´s hard cheese like pecorino. Raw cows milk seems to be a great aid when digesting raw meats, think thats because of the extra enzymes that it provides, however raw goat milk isn´t (im speculating that´s because goat is apparently alkaline forming, but u need acid forming for meats).

I came to the conclusion that any kind of hard food will be an issue if you have low HCL or missing gastric acid components. Same counts for salads with raw veggies. Out of curiosity I recently tried steamed chicken and fish, and voila, digestion was very smooth and food didn´t get stuck in the intestines. I think it´s because the cooking proccess makes certain meats softer (like fish) and somehow breaks down enzymes so your stomach has an easier time digesting it. Which is a bit contrary since enzymes are suppose to help with digestion and cooking would kill them? I don´t know. How are u battling your low HCL ivan?

Off Topic / Re: Some wild salmon may be farmed salmon con
« on: March 25, 2018, 03:24:06 am »
No, I said that wild samon is more reddish. You misread my comment :) If you google picture search "wild vs farmed salmon" you can also clearly see the color difference. However, no surprise that they put dye in it to make it look like the original. But until now, even with the dye you can pretty much see the difference.

Off Topic / Re: Some wild salmon may be farmed salmon con
« on: March 24, 2018, 10:27:41 pm »
It´s fairly easy to spot the difference between wild and farmed salmon. I´d say the guidelines would be the following:

1. Wild Salmon´s meat color is more red or has a deeper pink, while farmed is fairly light pink/orange.
2. Wild salmon is much leaner, u can see nearly no white fat lines compared to farmed ones where it´s all over.
3. Wild salmon is less oily. Farmed salmon meat is usually very oily.
4. Wild salmon meat is usually more tough. Whereas farmed is very softish.
5. Wild salmon taste is much more intense, which farmed one is not.

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:54:51 am »

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:01:48 am »
Thanks for picking this up! Yes, Parenting is spot on. I was thinking of these topics: Enhance Fertility, Prenatal nutrition, Postnatal nutrition, Babies nutrition, Childrens nutrition, Overcome Baby sicknesses, Overcome Childrens sicknesses. All based on a RVAF diet. Now I´m not very long into the RVAF diet myself, still learning a lot, and I don´t have much experience with the mentioned topics, in the process so to speak :) but I was hoping if every becoming and current parent provides their experiences it would become an interesting and very informative forum. I don´t think something like this based on a RVAF diet exists on the net.

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 21, 2018, 05:25:28 am »

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:23:45 pm »
I´m fairly new here. Who is GS pls.

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 17, 2018, 07:15:38 am »
I think you misunderstood me. I meant having a own Parental Forum. Positioned let´s say below the Science forum. Not a sub-thread of the Science forum since these are 2 totally different things. If it would just be a sticky sub-thread in the Science forum it would go under and wouldn´t get the importance it needs.

Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:22:47 am »
How can I set up a thread. Or did you mean a new topic? And in which section? Can´t we add a "Parental" section below "Science"? Please guide.

Suggestion Box / Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:59:10 am »
I love this site but I think what´s strongly missing is a section about one of the most important topics concerning our future generation. Our children. For that reason, can we please have a Parental section where we can discuss important things such as pregnancy, infant/child nutrition including children´s sicknesses/diseases? It´s nearly impossible to find something about the RAF diet in combination with pregnancy, children and nutritional upbringing. It´s such an important topic!

If our parents would have fed us the right nutrition during pregnancy or during our upbringing, or had the knowledge that many of us have now, most of us would probably not have suffered from grave illness and disease. So why not prevent it in the first place?

Thanks  :)

Hi all,

I am pretty confused about the acid/alkaline topic. As we all know, the stomach itself is very acidic but where I get confused is that certain foods apparently turn the body alkaline, which is supposed to be good for the body. An acidic body is considered unhealthy. But, in order to digest animal proteins our stomach needs to be acidic. So we should not eat vegetables or veggie juice right before or with animal proteins, since veggies are mostly alkaline and interfere with acidic foods such as raw meats.

I have low stomach acid, so i have a hard time digesting raw veggies and raw meats. Dairy is ok unless its goat milk, cuz that´s apparently alkaline forming which i can confirm, since my digestions isnt good when i mix it with raw meats. However, cow milk with raw meats seems to be good since cow is apparently acid forming.

So my question is, in order to be fully healthy, what in the body needs to be acidic (I assume the stomach) and what should be alkaline (the blood)? And should I only focus on acidic foods since I want to increase my HCL naturally? I don´t want to run into the risk of consuming too much acidic foods which might cause more issues. I read that vegetarians/vegans sometimes have a hard time getting back to animal proteins, since the body didn´t need to produce such a strong HCL. So when they switch they have issues.

General Discussion / How to do High Eggs
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:14:42 am »
Has anybody tried High Eggs? And how did you do them? I read that the chinese sometimes eat rotten eggs which are decades old. But I don´t want to wait 10 years for that one :) Could you do them as u do High Meat? Like crack them open, put them in a glass jar and air them every 2-3 days for a month or more? Or does the egg need to be closed and stand for many months/years to become "High"?

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