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Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Fueling your workout
« on: Today at 06:01:38 am »
I haven't found that I need to eat anything unusual. I personally don't drink water, and instead drink raw milk. I found that after intense workouts I am a bit thirstier than usual, so I will drink a cup of milk.

If you replaced water with raw milk, how much do you drink per day on average? And beside the workout, do you drink the milk with foods or in between?

General Discussion / Re: Pasteurised dairy - bad habit?
« on: Yesterday at 05:22:40 am »
It´s not always on the label. You either need to check on the website or contact the seller/producer directly. And even then they can cheat. Best is to go to a farmer and get it directly from him. Imported kefir, as with all store bought kefir has nothing to do with the real kefir. Store bought kefir is made of conventional pasteurized dairy NOT made with kefir grains but with added probiotic bacterial (I assume powder form) strains, just like they add to yoghurt. It has nothing to do with kefir, shouldn´t even be allowed to be called like that. The only kefir is real kefir made of water or milk kefir grains. Water grains have much a much lower amount of probiotic bacterial strains though. I used them for some time, but then switched back to milk grains. U can order them on the internet easily. If you don´t have raw milk available then you can use at least organic pasteurized milk. But I don´t see a need of having kefir unless you have a very low bacterial activity in ur gut due to let´s say antibiotic use. Instead u can use high meat. Still, having it for some time is not a bad thing. I have times when I drink homemade raw goat kefir daily with every meal. For almost a year now. And it helps digestion a lot. But I had to make breaks in between. Might have been due to dairy, or the mixture with other foods. That I don´t know for sure.

Raw is law when it comes to dairy. I don´t see any benefits of commercial dairy, even organic pasteurized dairy. Let alone UHT dairy or powdered like they use in the coffee machines. Utter rubbish. There is too much info out there about the benefits of raw dairy. Raw dairy contains the enzymes that help you digest it. Heating milk kills them. Been used to heal people in ancient times and today. However, as it seems only A2 dairy was used such as Guernsey cows and goat milk. Google is ur friend. But even if raw, some people just can´t tolerate it. No matter what type of raw they have. Then again, some people might confuse the intolerance with a cleansing effect or detox. It´s sometimes hard to say.

I´d stay away from conventional raw milk, but I even drank that myself (jersey milk) every day for months with no ill effect, but instead it helped a lot. Anyhow, there are big differences when it comes to the type of dairy. Cows, Goat, Sheep, then at A1/A2 cows breeds. Some people on this forum say it messed them up, some people said it heals them (it does for me). However, I would be careful not to overeat or drink pasteurized dairy, since, as far as I understood, too much calcium can remove ur bodies calcium. I noticed that myself when I used too much pasteurized dairy (such as joghurt), my bones started to crack.

I think the best way to consume dairy is by drinking room temperature raw A2 (A2 cow breeds or goat and sheep) milk with a straw (so the milk sugar doesn´t effect the teeth), or consume kefir, since the grains eat the milk sugar to produce the kefir when you ferment it long enough. Then when you have parasites you need to watch as well, as they like to feed on milk. So you would need to counteract by e.g. having raw honey (apparently certain herbs work too) with or after the milk, first lure them, then kill them so to speak. Dairy is such a huge topic that it would take a while to summarize all the benefits and negatives. But I would personally stop it if a) your bones start to crack after eating or drinking it and b) if you start to build up tartar on your teeth (even by using a straw) or c) you start to have stomach cramps or skin conditions (when u e.g. eat pasteurized or UHT). Forum Moderator TylerDurden made a big post about dairy once, listing all the negatives. You´ll find it with the search function. But I always recommend to read both, the good and the bad and see for urself. But one thing is for sure, pasteurized, UHT or powdered dairy is always bad in the long term.

General Discussion / Re: Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 08, 2018, 05:32:59 am »
I found that salting bone marrow is a bad idea since it tastes very salty already. I can believe the studies about people that tend to eat things they grew up with. That makes sense. That might also be the reason why somebody can digest certain foods better than the other. If your ancestors grew up on a certain food you might then have this "taste-bud" gene in you as well, and that certain food might do you better than another. The reason why I can´t digest certain raw meats is due to the connective tissue. When you cook something (ideally boil) then that tissues is softened and much easier to break down by the stomach acid IF you have low stomach acid, which I have. I found that when I eat something overfried or cooked too chewy, then its the same issue as digesting raw meats. Liver was the worst. It was a desaster to eat raw. Raw beef (if cut too thick) was a problem too. Ground was better, since it´s already softened and the connective tissue torn apart. Digesting fats is an issue for me too. But I think I´m improving in both since starting the pure carnivore diet (animal foods only). My stomach acid is getting back slowly. But fats are the most important thing for me I have found. Too less fats, food gets blocked up and doesnt move, which means no hunger feeling and therefore no digestive juices get produced, so food can´t be broken down properly. Fats are the answer. Only problem is that the best fats are hard to get here. And if you get it´s all from very unhealthy animals.

General Discussion / Re: Pasteurised dairy - bad habit?
« on: August 07, 2018, 05:55:36 am »
Thats the thing, many honey products are labelled "raw honey" but they can be heated up to a certain amount. F pointless. I found that the best thing to do is to find a beekeeper (there are usually beekeeper associations) and buy the honeycombs from them, squash them yourself with lets say a potato squasher and you have everything in there. The propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen. Homemade true Superfood.. The honeycombs u can buy in shops are usually separated with heat into pieces, which renders the honey useless. The one I get is from crete, raw pine thyme honey. Research showed that its equal or better for certain bacterial infections than certain manuka grades, which btw the bees can´t produce anymore (at my time of research). I found that grade on ebay though, but for a crazy amounts of money.

Antibacterial activity of selected honeys from different origins against five different
bacterial species, determined by agar diffusion.

I have been there personally and I can tell you that this type of honey is a different league. The one I got there was superior. It was from a restaurant which got it from a farmer from a certain cretan region. The guide also told us that this honey is famous for healing many illnesses. Thought he is full of shit but he was not. When I got 2 jars and took them back home you know it´s a different league. Half a teaspoon was enough and the feeling I got was emotional. Hard to describe. The one I buy now is still organic "commercial" but after tasting different brands my body can tell if it´s good or not. I also wrote to the producer asking if they heat the honey or if its purely made raw. Raw was the answer. Either way, if you have tasted other honeys you will KNOW and feel the difference. Shitty honey usually gives you a sugar rush, healing honey (if taken in half to max 1 teaspoon amounts) will give you a cleansing effect. First thing in the morning is something I would recommend. Without any other foods.

Regarding raw dairy it´s fairly easy to find in the uk. I once sent my other half to get some while she was there, and I found numerours raw dairy sellers, even the ones that sell "A2 products". There are certain markets in london, then there are certain places where you can only buy from the farm, but truly and honestly its very easy to get raw quality dairy from the UK mate, you just need to do ur research.

According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz refrigerated eggs loose nutrients. I don´t know if that´s true or not, he is a very controversial figure on this forum. Either way, after reading this I stopped refrigerating eggs. When I used to eat them raw I found refrigerated eggs easier to eat (tastewise) in the beginning of my initial raw food journey, but then I switched and left them out, even now in the summer heat (still inside though). But I think that when you eat them unrefrigerated they taste more intense, better and more "egg like". I´d recommend them to squirl inside a glass before eating, as gulping them down with the round egg yolk can be irritating (you tend to gag). Generally speaking I think that they could loose nutrients when cooled too much, I don´t think that our ancestors were refrigerating eggs, that came with modern times, neither do the hens.

Therefore I don´t think its too natural to cool certain foods. I think its best to consume them in their natural state as soon as possible (unless making high eggs). Since the egg comes with a shell I see no problem in leaving them outside for at least a month, even in summer. Even if eggs were expired I used to eat them raw. I think expiry dates are pretty useless anyway, unless its some commercial pre-packed food. If you leave them out for months they can become "high" eggs, full of bacteria, same as high meat. In some countries like china there are eggs which are left to rott for years, and they are a delicacy there. So I wouldn´t worry too much, however, I would worry if these are conventional eggs from cage hens. I would never touch that. Especially not raw.

Go for organic pastured eggs. Apparently fertile eggs are the best, which makes sense since they give the baby chick all the nutrients they needs for a healthy development, but these are hard to get. I would also go for eggs which are very orange as this can be an indication for the pasture they eat. Usually shitty caged eggs are very pale and yellow, unless of course they feed the chickens chemical colors which they do for farmed salmon. I ate many organic brands of different eggs and I can clearly say that the ones that had the most orange color were the tastiest. But the batches differed. One batch of the commercial organic brand was super orange and super tasty and then from the same brand some days later another batch had less quality, less taste and less orange color. I got super pissed and went to all the shops around to get from this previous batch. Then there are organic farmers which I know personally that have organic eggs, but they are less tasty and more yellow. And I asked them if these are pastures. Some where and some had organic corn to eat. I came to the conclusion that the pasture makes all the differene, think thats because of the beta carotene that makes the yolk orangish. Therefore I think when it comes to pastured eggs it all depends on the quality of the soil.

General Discussion / Re: Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:18:04 pm »
I only used salt for seasoning, nothing else. When I cooked it properly and it became very soft I had no issue, but half raw I had. I also didn´t over on it. I just had one small piece which becomes tiny once cooked. Almost like oil. I could eat it only by itself, but I would only consider that when I will get a healthy source. I´m a bit fed of up experimenting and feeling like shit all the time :)

Candida is not curable in 1 month, that's just a lie. I've been eating 95% raw paleo for the last 4 months and have seen decent amount of progress, though I am not near being cured after these months.

The terrible thing about candida is that as you kill the overgrowth, you will get the same symptoms that you have been suffering from, although often to a lesser extent. For this reason it can seem like you are making next to no progress. However, I found that when I quit the diet and ate 'normally' again (a SAD, that is) the toxicity in my body caused by the die-off would go away. Resulting in me feeling the results of my anti-candida lifestyle for the first time. I gotta say, I hadn't felt so good since I was a child, making me exciting that it's only gonna be better in the future.

I found that a zero-carb or low-carb diet, including lots of raw animal foods + seafood is the best to deal with candida. Eating high meat would definitely increase the healing speed, considering candida affects the gut as well and you need to feed your own gut biome to get it back up to normal healthy flora. My guess still is, though, that candida is beatable within a year in serious cases, and even faster in less serious cases.

Question to Sabretooth: at what time did you gain weight again? how far into the diet? I've just went from 70 to 76 kg in a couple of days but it could also just be due to the fact I've been with my parents eating shit here and there.

Well I think it depends on how much overgrowth you have. If you don´t have much then why should it not be curable within short amounts of time? And when you say zero carb, do you really mean zero carb? Eggs and dairy still have carbs. When I look at Jordan Peterson´s interview he said that he stopped seeing floaters after 1 month, after eating only steak, salt and soda club sparkling water. The floaters gone within a short time was also reported by other people on the carnivore facebook forum. As far as I understand floaters are parasites, and candida overgrowth to my understanding are possibly parasites gotten out of hand. After all, if you have had a closer look at floaters in your eyes, then they look exactly like worms, so parasites. Should they be there naturally? I don´t think so, they impair your vision and bother. I can´t see them to be beneficial, so to me they should not be there in the first place. Invaders which I would call parasites.

You also mentioned that you felt better on a SAD or "normal diet". That makes sense, since the candida, or parasites as I would say will be in harmony again with you. I see them as pets that got accustomed to your body. If you piss them off and cause them to die or starve they will fight back causing you all kinds of problems. Then when you feed them things like carbs and sugar, of course they are happy and leave you (mostly) alone. I am 2 weeks into the partly cooked carnivore diet now to a) kill the parasites and b) lower the candida overgrowth. After many experiments I cut it down to cooked beef, lamb and turkey, because these are the fattiest meats (except pork but that can be an issue) and high in calories which make me gain weight. With that I have water and sparkling water plus salt (pepper I cut out). Up until yesterday I had a big glass of raw goat kefir with every meal (2-3 daily) to get my gut environment back in shape, and i eat raw goat ricotta with every meal. Sometimes cooked eggs. I noticed I am craving the fats, especially the ricotta. But I also noticed that my tartar in my teeth grew and are not shrinking like before. The reason for that is for sure the dairy. I also noticed that in the morning or evening, whenever I force vomit cuz i feel shitty, up come the parasites with food matter around them. And that food matter is dairy or eggs. So I am constantly feeding them. Therefore I don´t think my candida overgrowth can go down as fast as I want. So yesterday I decided to cut out dairy and only stick to meats and fats and I will see how it goes at the end of the day.

I also noticed something very strange which I kinda noticed since years but never really took much care of that until now. Whenever I am in the kitchen area next to the stove I get a bad feeling in the stomach that manifests in bloating and that results in becoming agressive. I have a feeling that certain environments awaken the parasites, candida or however you want to call them. They crawl up to the stomach where they cause much discomfort. I know that they are in the stomach because when I then force vomit they come out. With food matter around them. Funnily enough, sparkling water somehow triggers them to come out more and massaging the gut by leaning forward, makes them come out more. So they are mainly located in the gut area coming up to the stomach.

Reason being the kitchen area made me think of 3 things 1) mildew behind the walls (which there still might be), mold behind the kitchen furniture, bacteria surrounding the cooking area or the electromagnetic field of the cooking area. Or maybe, just maybe, but that sounds crazy, they get triggered because they (through the receptors of the body), can sense that there is food and they are waiting for it, hence they come up to the stomach (that´s why I can puke them out once they are situated there). I mean if they live with you for years or decades and they can become immune to certain herbs that can kill them, I guess they have some kind of intelligence no? But, or in the end, what parasite overgrowth or candida overgrowth might all boil down to is environment. If you live in a unhealthy environment it will be very hard or nearly impossible to sort out your health issues. Regardless if you eat the most healing raw foods. And that reminds me of the of Stamatis Moraitis, a greek guy living in the states where he got lung cancer who was supposed to die of lung cancer, but when moving back to his village on the Island of Ikaria Greece he healed and died at a good age not by cancer. And their diet also consists cooked foods including shitty beans and gluten whole grains. So all that someone might need to heal from any disease is by changing the might just be secondary after all.

I tend to agree that certain herbs can do you very well in the beginning, but then cause issues afterwards. Sometimes it´s the best to cut off all the supplements and just let ur body do it´s job. I think it has the ability to adapt once it understands that you eat healing foods. That´s why when u eat shitty foods you will get the payback straight. Either way, low carb IMO is always the way to approach things.

Regarding coconut butter I wanna ask u though, u found that more benefical than coconut oil? As I found that coconut oil can do great things to detox the body. Coconut butter i´m not sure though. I also did juiced coconut like AV suggested, but I didn´t observe the pos/neg reaction too well at that time, so I can´t judge.

General Discussion / Re: Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 04, 2018, 04:51:37 am »
well, seems that it didn´t do me too well. puked it out in the eve. Maybe it was too conventional or too raw. Which is funny cuz i tend to think that when u kinda get drawn to a certain food that it should do u well. Not in my case. EIther I can´t digest raw foods well still, or it was just shitty quality even though it smelled and tasted well..

I have/had high candida overgrowth. The average good candida level according to my naturopath apparently ranges from 9-12 %, I had 31%. So a lot and I could feel it. No energy whatsoever. Constantly feeling like crap, among many other things. I think i got my parasite overload plus low HCI due to that as well. Either way, the recommandation was a certain mixture of tinctures, twice a day with half a glass of warm water. Morning and evening. All pure tinktures from Pau d´arco, milk thistle, Gotu Cola (dont think that one is really needed but it´s suppose to calm u down), echinecea, and propolis. I put 10 drops of each tincture in that glass, except propolis, here i did 4-5. Drank that for a month among other things for parasites and candida dropped from 31 to 25 percent. Even my "doc" was surprised that it went down so fast. I also cut out certain fruits and veggies (like mushrooms, apples...). However, I am certain that you can heal much faster on a raw carnivore diet.

Personally I´m currently doing a mixed cooked/raw carni diet since 2 weeks and already see big changes, which I think I could accelerate if I´d cut out raw dairy and eggs, since these are carbs, hence sugar which feeds the candida. So just eating meats with plenty of fats including organs would be the best IMO. No veggies or fruits. If u do that, depending on your overgrowth, then I think you can fix this issue within maybe a month or shorter. Will do another candida retest in some time, curious what my levels became.

General Discussion / Re: Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:41:33 pm »
I don´t know what the animal ate, but the diet of the animals here is in general not the best. It could be anything, but I doubt grass-fed lol. Do you think that marrow in any location has the same nutritional value? Thinking of the ribs marrow compared to leg marrow. I know there might be differences with texture. But about nutrition no clue. Cuz when I eat the ribs, why not crack the bones open to get the marrow?

And yeah, using marrow "butter" instead of dairy butter is something I will give a try. When I first smelled it yesterday I had this strong draw to it. A bit like cherry cake as Qondrar mentioned.  :) Also, it´s high in calories, so good if u wanna gain some weight I think.

General Discussion / Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:55:36 am »
Is it normal for bone marrow to taste and smell sweet? Got some conventional marrow and the taste and smell was great. Wonder if that´s normal.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 24, 2018, 07:27:58 pm »
There is no such Parasitologist where I live. They are no professionals here in the first place. The multi purpose drug that I took might have been effective for some of them, but they are not effective for all of them. I also think we need to differenciate here. I think there is a big difference between parasites that you got from your travel, which lived in you for some days or weeks, compared to the ones which live in you for years and decades and got accustomed to you, your eating and bad health habits. IMO these are the ones that are the hardest to get rid of. Some of them can even get used to the parasite cleanses or chemical drugs that you take, making them less effective or worthless. Then of course there are certain things that can trigger them coming back all the time, especially if you have a weak immune system, low HCI, candida overgrowth and what not. Combined with polluted air, pets, water, pesticides, mold and so forth will make you chase your own tail. Therefore, I think cutting their food source and at the same time boosting your body is the way to go, as I can clearly see on myself now.

I also agree that you can´t be protected from parasites all the time. That´s an illusion since they are present everywhere. The question would be how long do they survive in the host, how healthy is that host and are they really harming or helping your detox. Also, herbal methods are far from useless as you claim. They might have not worked for you but for me they sure did. It was the papaya, papaya seeds, honey, black walnut, wormwood, oregano oil, garlic, ginger, green tea, liquorice, sage, red wine and what not that triggered the very hard detox symptoms and killed them in great numbers as I could see with my own eyes. The parasite drug never showed that effectiveness. It might have been your cure, but studies show that herbal things can indeed be very effective, needless to say less harmful than chemicals. However, if the host has a weak immune system, candia overgrowth, then the biggest chemical drug on the planet might not help, since your sick body invites them coming back time after time.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:01:44 am »
Beside natural treatments I have taken a prescription drug for multiple parasite strains. That didn´t get rid of them. I think I would need to poison my body with prescription drugs for weeks to get them all going. But then I can tell my health goodbye. I doubt that any pill or daily enemas will make them magically go away in a couple of days. Most importantly I see a big progress the way I do it now. I would see even more if I only eat meat without dairy or eggs not even pollen. That would speed up things a lot I think since I would absolutely cut their carb food source. I think there is a reason why people that only eat meats see their floaters go away within around a month. However, the detox might be unbearable. So far its going well, but who knows, might try meat only for some days if I wanna feel like shit again :)

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 23, 2018, 10:29:10 pm »
Thanks for all the extra info. Always appreciate. Things changed a bit for me here. Let me give u an update. Since a week I switched to a carnivore diet after watching and soaking up all the daily posts from people turning their life around within a couple of days/weeks on Basically I eat cooked meat, raw goat riccotta (very soft, not hard to break down), raw goat milk and homemade raw goat kefir, cooked and raw eggs and plus bee pollen. I also eat cooked liver. I initially used raw cows butter and raw cows cheese, but it impaired digestion so I cut it out, Raw cow milk I need to try again. Initially it helped a lot. I noticed that carbs were my main problem which was indigestion, bloating, constipation, inflammation, auto immune issues with foods and and and. So greens, herbs and veggies foods are all out, even veggie juice with exceptions mentioned below. Dairy and eggs still have carbs but very little so I eat them.

Basically I have 2 main problems. Parasites and low enzymatic activity paired with possibly low gastic acid. It´s easy to find out whether u got parasites when looking into your iris. If you have radii solaris (google) you can see. These radi solaris weels are fading away for me and my iris is clearing up, meaning becoming brighter. They accumulated throughout my shitty previous lifestyle.

I now strongly believe you first need to get rid of the parasites before any health can improve. Many people have them and they don´t know it. They are like pets, u feed them sugar and they are happy, leave u alone. Things can change when a) they start to eat more than they should, meaning they eat ur food away. The symptoms are malnourished, weight loss, bloating, constipation, mood swings, they impair the function of your organs (such as pancreas), they impair gastric acid, they surpress hunger and more..

So you need to a) kill them and b) shit them out. And cutting out the carbs is the way to go. Carbs=sugar, so if u cut out their food source they die. Its simple but that detox can be very heavy. They are dying like flies for me and detox was so bad I thought I´m not gonna make it. I see a lot of them in my stool, vomit and spit. Not as much as a couple of weeks ago but still there. Different shapes, different colors, different sizes. Eggs and worms. They are very active when I wake up in the morning and in the evening. The reason beeing, im now pretty sure, is that they move from the intestines and other areas where they are located up to the stomach in search of food. I know that because whenever I feel them coming, my appetite is supresses, I feel bloated and my stomach is unwell. Then i force puke and what comes out? Parasites. Almost always with a bit of food stuck to them.

Then when I force vomit them out (when I initiated the detox some weeks ago, see my previous posts), in the beginning I could count maybe 50 in one detox session which could last a couple of evening hours. The way to get them out is massaging your belly upwards so they come more up and u puke them out. Then ull puke automatically more and more for a couple of minutes. But just parasites. At least that´s how it is for me. Then once that is done I feel a light in my stomach and I burp. Then I feel hungry again, since they surpressed my appetite.  If you think u cant vomit them out you need to push them deep down your intestines, so they have it harder to come up. Very sparkling water can achieve that, food or certain red wine grapes as I mentioned in my other posts. Red wine kills them REALLY effectively. Followed by ginger, honey, certain teas like sage, liquorice and bee pollen and many others too much to mention now.

So, enough of parasites. 2nd thing mentioned was pancreas, enzymatic activity and HCI as we already mentioned many times. Up until recently I took HCI tablets (2-3 with every meal) and different types of digestive enzymes. But after testing them on and off I can tell you they aren´t good. At least for me. Including ACV and all these other magical things. I found them to be bad for getting the body back into own shape. Yes, they might help but for me they made my body stop producing it´s own juices. After all most of these things are man made. They caused indigestion, constipation and instead of helping, they actually made things worse. So, since I cut them out a couple of days ago my digestion improved a lot. So did my HCI and digestive enzyme activity.

I´m on this carnivore diet since a week now and my body shifted. I can see that in my stool in the beginning first half of stool was bristol chart type 2 and 3 other half was a perfect type 4. The last couple of days my stool changed more and more to perfect type 4, today for the first time i only have type 4 after a week of carnivore and cutting out HCI and digestive enzyme tablets since around 4 days. I have more strenght on workouts, but the parasites are still giving me hassle, but at least I´m getting rid of them on a daily basis. I also noticed that eating more fatty cuts is the solution, solution to constipation and to shit out the parasites faster, hence heal the body faster. The faster you get rid of them the hungrier u will get since they will not surpress ur hunger anymore, so u will produce more digestive enzymes (especially in the mouth), so u will want to eat more and the more u eat the faster you heal.

Fatty additions like cheese, butter, milk, eggs, animal oil fats are never as effective as the fat from the meat itself. And dairy can be an issue for ppl (even raw). If dairy then Sheep, as it´s the highest in fat, low in PH and A2. See this chart here:

For animal fatty cuts I recommend the below. But read this chart regarding Omega 6 here. As some meats like chicken are high in it so not good. it also gives you a very good overview of the highest EPA DHA foods which are good for ur brain.

Beef: All with the name "ribs" in it, or sometimes called cuberoll, tri-tip very high 77%, then porterhouse, top loin, t-bone, chuck eye. Mince beef (not lean) is good too.

Lamb: Mince or Lamb breast is high in fat.

Pork: Suboptimal. Bacon or pork belly is high in fat. I´d avoid pork most of the times since it´s fed shit. Wild boar belly/bacon would be great, but hard to get. But before u go for pork I recommend first reading:

Chicken: Not the best. Low in fat. Chicken thights are the highest in fat but still way below beef. Also chicken is high in Omega 6.

Fatty fish would be: Salmon (farmed fattier but shittier), Sardines, Anchovies, Mackerel, Trout, Herring, Mussels. These have also good amounts of EPA and DHA. Anchovies are KING for EPA DHA

So, enough of writing. To summarize what helped me to improve my energy and strengh level, bloating, digestion, enzymatic activity and almost healed my long term should injury within only 1 week:

1. Carnivore diet with little carbs coming from raw dairy and raw or/and cooked eggs. No veggies or fruits except below. As alkaline foods will interfere with your protein and fat digestion. Salt and pepper as condiments. Bee pollen is a great addition, but should be taken as last thing in eve as it can trigger parasite die off which will decrease appetite, last thing u want in the morning as it will mess up ur whole day. I also recommend sparkling water first thing in the morning, then organic green tea after that and also as last thing in eve. It will help kill and push down parasites and improve gastric acids plus appetite. DON´T drink too much green tea. It can trigger a big die off and you will suffer for hours. 5-10 min before food freshly juiced gingershot made of ginger and green apples (50/50), that will push down parasites, increase appetite and saliva for further digestion of protein and fats.

2. With every meal I recommend drinking 1 cup (or more) of homemade kefir with whatever raw milk u want/tolerate. Kefir has the enzymes for digesting fats and proteins (lipase and protease) and gives you probiotics. U wont need those digestive enzyme tablets any longer. After food I also recommend biting into a ginger and letting the juices flow around in the mouth, let it touch the tongue. That will increase enzymatic digestion. Do NOT swallow it, don´t bite too much around it. It´s no chewing gum. Change from the right to the left side. After some time like 15 min exchange the ginger piece and do another one. I usually do that until my body says stop. Around 3 pieces is a good number. I found that this is far more effective than HCI or digestive enzyme pills. What I will try as well is swedish bitters after food, but the alcoholic version. the non-alcoholic was useless and caused issues, possibly because of the shitty additives.
3. I would avoid having lean meats such as most game meats like venison, rabbit, then chicken, duck (skin wont be enough) and so forth. Focus on the ones listed above.

4. Exercise, you will gain muscle, strenght and will increase bowel movements which will increase hunger. Youtube is plenty of quick home workouts

5. I eat 2 or 3 big meals a day until I am full. I stopped grazing and meals in between. Also after eating walk a bit and rest for a couple of minutes with the ginger in the mouth, Then take a walk or do some light excercise (still with the ginger in the mouth). Ginger helps a lot.

A week like that brought changes I didn´t see in years. Curious how the next weeks will be. Will update here. One last thing. I don´t drink still water or juices with meals, unless raw milk. But I did notice that proper sparkling water can make you eat more. Since it pushes food down so you are able to fit more food. And it also helps a lot when food doesnt move after lets say an hour or longer.

General Discussion / Re: FROZEN RAW TO ROTTEN PROBLEM.
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:01:18 pm »
I had no issues with previously frozen raw wild salmon. Tasted pretty good actually. Fermented it for approx. 1 and a half month.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: July 20, 2018, 06:02:41 am »
Couple of days ago I switched to a carnivore diet after reading your jordan peterson interview post with joe rogan. Thanks for that! Then I found this fb group and decided to give it a go after reading the comments in what incredible speed people healed severe sicknesses. It´s unreal.

All plant foods that I was eating were causing issues.. carbs, fiber, starch and even herbs. All greens are rubbish for my situation. I only eat animal foods now, cooked meats, raw dairy and raw eggs and bee pollen. Within just 3 days my strenght has increasing like NEVER before. And my appetite for red meats is very dominant. Previously I had totally cut it out. I can now do work outs I could never do while eating meats with shitty plant foods. My shoulder injury which never really healed while eating mixed foods, has improved tremendously within a couple of days. I still have a lot of parasites in my body, allthough I killed a LOT of them already, and they are dying like flies since I cut out the plant carbs and all fruits. So from time to time, especially in the eve, detox is heavy and hard but whatever. By cutting the carbs (except dairy of course), u starve them. Especially by cutting fruits. IMO that´s also the reason why many people stop seeing floaters after some weeks of eating pure carnivore like jordan explained in his interview, he was soley eating beef, salt and soda water for a month. So he had cut carbs totally.

The only thing that I need to fix is my low HCI/gastric acid and put up my enzyme activity, since these are vital to process the proteins and fats of the pure animal diet. After doing some research I found that kefir is the ideal enzyme food for protein and fat.
Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that contains many digestive enzymes, including lipases, proteases and lactases. These enzymes break down fat, protein and lactose molecules, respectively.

So that I eat with every meal again (homemade from raw goat milk), plus it gives you the probiotics for further digestion. I also included HCI again and digestive enzyme pills. However, still experimenting and trying to find the best way here. I went for your suggestion to eat raw pancreas. First I ate them braised with cooked meats, then I ate them raw with cooked meats. That caused stomach issues and they impaired digestion (force puked to see whats causing issues and this was the thing that didnt digest and i was burping up all the time). So I cut it out for now. Thing is I am still wairy of eating raw meats, otherwise I would maybe eat that with the raw pancreas. Maybe I should eat it alone? Thing is I noticed that eating small meals is a bad idea. Having 2-3 big full meals is better than snacking. So having the raw pancreas as a snack in between, I´m not sure. Apparently traditional chinese medicine recommends eating the organs that you are having problems with. I am almost certain that I have issues with the gallbladder/pancreas so I can´t produce enough digestive enzymes. Ginger does miracles for me when chewed and left in the mouth to stimulate enzymatic activity, so that, IMO indicates issues with releasing bile to break down proteins and fats. So eating pancreas would make sense. Or maybe gallbladder. Or supplementing with ox bile or pancreatin. Still experimenting what´s best.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: July 19, 2018, 09:06:59 pm »
Thanks. Unfortunately it didn´t work out. It actually impaired digestion. Will try it cooked, due to low HCI I still have an issues digesting certain raw foods it seems.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Black pepper!
« on: July 14, 2018, 06:37:33 am »
Black pepper can aid digestion due to the Piperine content. But it can also cause issues if you have bowel inflammation.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: July 10, 2018, 06:13:56 pm »
How would u guys recommend taking raw pancreas to aid digestion of fats and protein? With food, before or after? I was thinking of doing a pancreas smoothie

General Discussion / Re: Ways to stop a detox when it´s too heavy?
« on: July 04, 2018, 10:44:21 pm »
I think too fast can be an issue, as it is with me. And there are triggers to activate it. But the problem is that when ur still experimenting with a cleanse, you sometimes trigger things with certain foods or drinks that make the hours afterwards a desaster. I agree regarding fibers and greens, but for me I need additional things as well. Flushing is the most important thing. If thinks are stuck then no real detox can happen. But the problem is that when you accidently trigger it in the moment you cannot afford to have it. How can you stop it? I noticed for example that goat yoghurt together with coconut oil can easen it, but it takes some time.

General Discussion / Re: Ways to stop a detox when it´s too heavy?
« on: July 04, 2018, 04:10:41 pm »
A parasite detox to be more precise..

General Discussion / Ways to stop a detox when it´s too heavy?
« on: July 04, 2018, 07:16:18 am »
Is there any way to stop a detox for a short time when it gets too unbearable? I remember AV mentioned lime juice. Does anybody have experience with that and with other temporarily stopping detox remedies?

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:55:16 am »
sound advice thx,but what do you think of eating raw meats during a parasite cleanse? somehow i have the urge to eat raw red beef, but i don´t want to aggravate the parasites. I´d also like to eat some raw fats with the raw meat. Do you know if they either speed up the cleansing of parasites or can impair it? I´m still undecided about that. There is no doubt about raw meats being superior, however I am not sure when it comes to a parasite cleanse.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:39:34 pm »
I am cautious and I know that some are beneficial. They don´t do the proper test here and I know I have them because I saw them in my stool, spit and vomit, I see them in my iris and I feel them. I can feel when they are present these shitters, especially in the evening they come out and in the morning. Also during the day. I get a bad feeling in the stomach and if its bad it reaches the area behind the neck impairing my thinking. Or I get the need to grind on my jaw. That can be an indication for their presence. Then when I take either coconut oil, papaya, raw garlic, raw honey (stopped for now), ginger, certain red wine varieties, bee pollen or certain herbal teas they get pushed down or die. All these are antiparasitic so it makes sense that they work instantly. Especially eating raw garlic. They take all my energy and they need to go. I will try every method to get them out. I don´t buy those cleanses anyway. I know it´s a lot about money making and these are full with additives and crap. I research and take what´s proven and what I know works from experience. Furthermore certain spokes either faded or shrinked, I don´t just imagine. It took a couple of weeks though. I know because I check my eyes nearly on a daily basis. When I finally get an iridology cam I want to document it.

One thing that I want to know is if at this stage it´s wise to eat raw meat and raw fats. Even raw milk. Since my stomach acid situation improved due to cutting out acids like ACV and lemon I want to eat it but I don´t want to make it worse. Apparently they love satured fats, when having cooked eggs it was horrible. Maybe raw would be better? Atm I feel best on a cooked and raw vegan diet, sadly. Then I had a white cooked fish yesterday and digestion was a desaster. I had to lie down for some time and the whole day was fkd.

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