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General Discussion / Re: Storing eggs
« on: January 25, 2015, 11:44:40 am »
Oops, meant to say that will allow the eggs to stay FRESH and able to hatch.
Also, make sure you always wash bought eggs well because there's no way of knowing what might have been put on the shell as this does not have to be listed on the label. By the way, shells are porous so that's a big argument for producing your own eggs or buying eggs that still have the natural bloom from a farmer willing to do that rather than eggs that are cleaned and sealed with other substances.

General Discussion / Re: Storing eggs
« on: January 24, 2015, 01:21:12 pm »
Only leave them out if they still have the natural bloom from the chicken. When laying an egg the hen automatically puts a protective coating that will allow the eggs to stay fertile out in most temperatures without spoiling until she collects enough to have a full clutch. Mass produced eggs are washed and then something ELSE is put on to replace the bloom (sometimes mineral oil for instance). All eggs from the store you want to put in the refrigerator. You can also put totally natural eggs in the fridge if you need them to last a very long time. With the bloom they will stay good for at least half a year. If you are going to eat natural bloom eggs raw within the month, don't wash them and don't refrigerate them. Refrigeration changes something in them and they don't taste nearly as good and there's no reason if they still have the bloom.

Hope that helps.


What if noone is interested in them?  Will you attempt to inflict them upon us anyway?

Maybe this isn't the best moment to have this discussion, but I've been wanting to ask anyway--is it your intention to just inflict your philosophies and beliefs upon the forum, whether anyone cares what you think on non-nutritional subjects or not?

Is it your intention to be nasty Cheri?

I said above since no one had responded and it didn't seem like Iguana was interested that I would not waste any more of anyone's time - I think that was pretty clear. I also think it's telling that you wanted to make sure that you spoke for everyone and to put in some abuse while you were at it. If you weren't interested - why read it? Do you feel like you have to like everything that is said on the forum even in the Hot Topics and similar sections? I did not start this subject - I just participated.

Where does all that hostility come from? 

Are you trying to tell me not to post any more Cheri because you think I "inflict" by responding? Are you trying to intimidate me into leaving? Congratulations, your bullying will make me stop posting. Now the forum can be quieter and more in agreement with you.

So little kindness and so much aggression here.

Perhaps I inflict by posting ideas that you and perhaps others aren't interested in or don't like - but in my opinion you inflict cruelty. I'd rather not be wanted than to carry such things as it seems you do in your heart Cheri.

I've been wondering if it's the Paleo diet that makes for so much hostility or if it's just certain people's aggressive natures that make it so that others are afraid of posting so that an aggressive impression is left by default. Well, the bullying will make me not post any more and I have met at least a few very compassionate and loving people here - so I bet like me others are intimidated. I would rather avoid being bullied and spoken to cruelly - so you get your wish.

I leave you with namaste as well.



I tried to present what I consider some of the most interesting points in GCB’s theory. Questioning is welcome: he never pretended to detain the ultimate and definitive truth. You’re free to present your own point of view, and you largely did.


Interesting that you have determined that I have largely presented my point of view Iguana. How could you know the parameters of my point of view - especially when you don't seem to understand even the most rudimentary of things I have tried to discuss?

I've been trying to get through just a couple of tiny points but have not been able to, but that's ok. You have gotten through to me some of the basics of what GCB put forth and I can read his treatise later for more details if I think it will add anything to my understanding of psychology. I have increased my knowledge of the Instincto movement and some expansion of the tenants of psychoanalytic theory and generally my sense of the man and his experiences that put forth those theories. I'm afraid I wasn't able to add much at all even though my thoughts are pretty vast on the subject after studying it myself in such detail for so long. A basic desire to want to understand each other is necessary for a conversation to work. I don't have a need to be understood here or a desire to continue to attempt to get my most basic points across with more time and words. Better not to use more of your time with something you are not interested in or waste my time either putting forth something with no interest to you or likely others since no one else has commented.

Again - thanks for the education. If anyone wants to discuss any of this further with me - pm me - as I'm going to bow out of this conversation now. 

Another ancient Hindu word that I love is Namaste. It has similarities to a Hawaiian word that also has great meaning to me -- Aloha. I send the essence of the meaning of these two words to you Iguana. Sometimes the English language just doesn't express well enough even with all it's masses of words. ;)

Oh - and I have seen many animals have negative sexual experiences so I think it's a pretty big jump to say that before the neolithic that all sex was integrated with love. It is also hard for me to believe that just by going instincto that all "negative" sexual desires that might have to do from social programming just went away and that is the basis of saying that it was the neolithic actions that produced the problems around sexuality that we see today.

I can see differences in certain kinds of sexual energies that might be sent by the adult even if it is the child that ends up approaching. Like I said, there is not only one kind of energy from the second and third chakra and it can get very confusing. to a child. But I gotcha that you do not understand me Iguana - and I am going to accept that you have no desire to - I'm going to stop trying to explain my perceptions and how they might relate to the theories presented. I understand that you would prefer to present and not to discuss. That's fine. It will be sort of like reading Freud and discussing his theories from his own perspective and learning it rather than discussing and questioning it based upon one's own thoughts, experiences or experiments. I'm cool with that.

It seems to me that such “invitation” should be mutual, so it’s not a “choice” we would have by ourselves only, because it involves at least both ones to be partners (and even often three persons) plus something called love which we can’t choose to have or not have.

As I never studied chakras, I’m unable to understand — just like if you were speaking ancient Hindu to me.
I don’t give much credit to the beliefs’ systems of ancient civilizations because they emerged from the minds of people disturbed physically and mentally by agriculture and cooked grain, thus having lost the intimate true contact with nature and spiritual world that hunters-gatherers have.

Such systems, like Ayurveda, were intended to counter the troubles induced by those practices and are no better than modern medical and psychoanalytic practices which treats symptoms instead of the root cause of troubles. I feel this chakras thing is fragmenting the real human, which is one and continuous. I maybe wrong, though. 

GCB says this about the solar plexus in Pourquoi parler d'énergie métapsychique ? :
The place where is felt the reserve (or lack thereof) of energy is the solar plexus (presumably related by the ancients with the source of all energies).
The protagonist feels first a fullness at the sexual level, which commute gradually in a plenitude at the solar plexus level simultaneously powering psychic abilities, creativity, perception of the present-eternity, and other signs of psychic functioning.

Old systems of talking about energies are just based upon what people have perceived and those that can see do see - like me. I see these things so they aren't abstract to me nor are they based on "disturbed" people or cultures imho. Whenever you want to talk about things you have to take them a part a bit and give them names in order to have a conversation. When you talk about the circulatory system and the nervous system you aren't saying that those alone are the person or that those ideas, observations are the totality. In our culture there are no words to refer to what I myself perceive. If you don't want to take the time to learn my language - that is understandable, but please to not dismiss or degrade it because you do not understand it.

You say that invitation has to be mutual but that is not choice? What is an invitation but a choice? Why would anyone want to not choose or not allow love? Again, love does not by necessity mean acting upon one's sexual energies. Is that so hard to understand - that one can choose or not choose to be sexual with another person for reasons beyond the impulse yet there can be tremendous love?

It does sound to me that GCB got a bit stuck at the third of fourth chakras. The solar plexus is not the seat of psychic awareness. No ancient culture or any person that can see such energies that I have had access to would say that and certainly not what I perceive. But, it is generally where most people do get stuck in many modern cultures. When the third and fourth chakras start to open there does begin a longing to reach to more psychic openings of the energy centers that are above - which looks like where he was at from what you have said so far. It all makes sense. But there is no sense in really discussing this more with you Iguana since you do not understand me. I say it generally for others in case they might understand my language.

Primal Diet / Re: Getting a guest back on pd from Pop & Pastry
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:27:44 am »
Niacin has to be started at very low doses and slowly increased because it can make the person "flush" - get all red and itchy as the small capillaries near the skin open - it's what makes it effective but can be too much for some people if done too suddenly.

Reyyzl - I would suggest some calming and pleasant background music and some time if possible walking together in nature. If you have a garden (to eat or just for looks) asking your new friend if they want to help you with the gardening can be very soothing and grounding and could help a good deal. Some schizophrenics have been healed with working on a farm.

Just being with your energy and watching you eat could be all they need. I would make sure you take the time and energy to do what is good for you and to help you cleanse and stay stable while in the presence of their more unstable energy. Just you being stable and treating them like a normal person can do wonders.

How supremely cool of you to be doing what you are doing!  8) 

It’s been well established by Freud and others that young children do have “sexual experiences”,  a striking example is when breast fed: I don’t think anyone denies that breasts are a sexual  differentiation. I remember very well that I had a sexual experience with a neighbor girl of my age when I was about 5 or 6 years old: she sat an the floor, her back against the wall with her legs apart and I massaged her thighs. We had spontaneously discovered a sexual pleasure and we felt it was a secret of ours, something marvelous nobody else had ever experienced!    My room was on the ground floor and the window was open as it must have been in summer. My mother passed by, looked inside and saw what we were doing, somewhat intimidating me. She said “ah, you play the doctor!”. And I truthfully replied “ no, no!”. I thought she could never have known anything about the secret pleasant feeling we shared, there was no way I could ever explain it to her…!   

Of course young children have their own unfolding sexual responses. You and your friend were both children. Now, how different it would be if your friend's father or uncle did that same thing to her!

there can be something sexual in a kiss, a look, a touch of a hand, a tone of the voice. 

Things got out of control with the Neolithic nutrition and social organization. Sexual obsession appeared and thus loveless genital relations, prostitution and even rape became widespread.

Absolutely Iguana there can be something sexual in just about anything if the lower chakras are activated in that particular way - it's a particular energy. The thing is that many people have never experienced deep love and physical contact without sexual energy so think that love always goes hand-in-hand with sexual energy.

Whether or not negative sexual experiences are new just because of the neolithic revolution I'm still not convinced of yet. I would like to know how you know that there was no loveless sex or rape before the neolithic period?

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: Instinctive raw eating in practice
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:09:07 am »
A neighbor just gave me a bag of cactus fruit from their cactus plant. It has been many, MANY years since I've had any so it will be interesting to give them a try again. The Native Americans in these parts relished them. I wonder how they ate them though with those spines and no leather gloves! Eating cactus sure takes some finesse.

General Discussion / Re: Adrenals and raw fish?
« on: November 12, 2012, 08:00:59 am »
Joe, what amazing eyes you have!... and such a wonderful face. Such light. It's so nice to get to see you.

Oh - and congratulations on the oysters. Next time you might want to try some lemon. I love horseradish on mine too. Those tastes go well with the salt I think.

If there's a 'wrong' in affairs, it's the inability of the one to be honest.  He or she has made a promise.  The 'right' thing is to speak about the want before it's undertaken.  But for most that would mean the possibility of abandonment, and most are so afraid of being alone, that they lie instead.  Human nature has us excusing ourselves for our own convenience at the harm of another. 
     Involving children in any sort of sexual experiences assumes that 'we' know best what is in there best interest.  Once again,  how selfish.  For how many times in life have each of us changed our opinions about very important things.   Children have no option but to look up to those who raise them, to elders, for guidance.  It's that way with every specie.  To assume that to deny a child physical sexual attention is wrong because the child will feel rejected and unloved is in my opinion simply a way of excusing one's selfish desires.  There are a myriad of ways to affirm love with a child without becoming sexual.   Does a parent or elder give excess sugar or allow a child to come in harms way just because it may think it wants it?      I have No experience with what GCB writes about,, I'm simply noticing how weak his argument reads in the light of human nature. 

Van - you are expressing some of my points better than I can! I spoke of honesty earlier as being something that flows naturally when the 5th chakra is open. Lying and cheating does not happen when those higher energies are accessed. It just feels too uncomfortable, wrong, out of place in one's life.

Your point about having sexual energy (not even necessarily sexual contact) with children is also what I am getting at from a different angle. Even if your second chakra and that part of your consciousness has been programmed to be attracted to children sexually, the 6th chakra would not allow action on it because of exactly what you say - most children are not yet developed enough to exercise they own will properly and are still too influenced by elders to make such a choice. Touching, hugging, loving deeply does not necessarily have to contain any sexual energy from the second chakra. It would naturally have a parenting, protecting energy from that chakra instead which is what creates humans that feel secure and deeply loved. Sexual energy towards a child can so easily get mixed up with that parenting, nurturing second chakra energy and the child is unable to discern the difference and it can become extremely confusing. If you are open you psychically will see the consequences of that sexual energy going to that other person and choose against it, just like seeing what lying to a partner would do to them and your relationship, so you choose against it. 

I think GCB from what Iguana said before was trying to get to that place where children could feel that energy of connectedness, love and physical connection, but perhaps just didn't understand that there are different kinds of energies that can and do emanate from the second and third chakras that are not sexual at all that would give the same kind of positive results.

Also, what GS has said about the arbitrariness of numbers when it comes to sexual maturity is correct. Individuals and individual cultures will progress towards the place of maturity at different rates and judging by a number can get awful messy. I was still basically a child until I hit almost 20 and yet I see other "children" at 15 that are ready to get going in that department with more maturity that I had at 19 or even into my 20's. Numbers and laws just can't handle the subtleties, but there has to be something in place to guard children against those that can not see the harm and can not or will not control their second and third chakra tendencies.

I had a quick look at your link. I saw the third chakra is the solar plexus which GCB was often referring to. Is that an "upper" or a "lower" chakra?

Of course, I don't deny that his personal case somehow influenced his views, we more or less agree about that. But AFAIK he build the theory on generally observed and known facts.

On the other hand I disagree with your repeated insistence that we choose mates. It seems to me that love happen between two persons without being a conscious choice. Something superior seems to be at work here. When a relation is build upon a conscious choice, it can't be a real love, because a choice necessarily implies material and practical considerations.  A choice is unfortunately too often there to evade and destroy a love that could lead to a socially or practically difficult situation.   

I put this thread in the “off topic” section for lack of a better suited section. But I don’t think it’s really the appropriate place, this being an extremely important issue as I outlined in the last paragraphs of the above quote of James W. Prescott, and nutrition has a major influence on sexual behavior.  I wish we would get more members involved.

You still don't understand me it seems Iguana. Choice doesn't mean we make it from the intellect. Every person we invite into our lives whether we know we are doing it or not is a choice. Even that person I invited to mug me was a choice. You are right, most people don't have a clue that they are choosing, why they choose or the consequences of their choices because so few have their 5th, 6th and 7th chakra information available to them. That's what makes for so very much suffering and so little joy or sustained love generally - from my perspective.

The third chakra is one of the lower chakras btw. How did GCB refer to it?

General Discussion / Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« on: November 11, 2012, 11:56:42 am »
There are different forms of vit k oddly enough. Weston A. Price was really into it thinking that it was a magical mysterious missing element.

Bleeders use greens to stop the bleeding because the vitamin k is a blood coagulator. It's pretty important in that regard too. Since I can't stand liver, maybe that's why I like greens so much?

Iguana - I never did go and get a link that describes the chakras did I?  -[  That was an oversight.

This is a pretty good basic description:

I thought we were doing a pretty good job of keeping the discussion theoretical generally for the most part. I mean - you did ask me a very personal question which kind of got it a bit personal there. As far as GCB being judged, yeah, I can imagine how it has become a sensitivity.

GCB and his own situation do come into it however just like Jung and Freud liking to have sex with their patients came into it. You can see Jung, Freud and their societies in their theories. When a particular person is putting forth a theory that places homosexuality in the center of it to be considered an important aspect in the balance it just makes sense that he thinks that it is essential at least partly because of his own perceptions and experiences. It's common when someone is making a theoretical decision about a more perfect society that their own preferences will come into play at least a little here and there. It's always been that way - even going back to Plato! ;) It's the same with me. Because I place so much stress on the use of the upper chakras in my own decision-making I see his theories through my own experiences. I would not come up with a theory that stresses homosexuality for instance as a part of making it work well because I have zip sexual interest in females or in being around two males that are sexually intimate. It isn't that I can't see that those are preferences that others have and have to be accounted for, as does being attracted to very young people (I was always attracted to older people sexually, never younger people) but it wouldn't even occur to me to put that in as a determinant factor in creating a theory on how to cure the ills of our society.

Just because I have touched upon GCB personally, does not mean that I am judging him personally - I am still speaking theoretically. If there are people (GCB or anyone else - but GCB obviously had multiple preferences based upon what was said so was used as an example in his own theory) that are making the choices of their mates based foremost on lower chakra considerations then it most definitely would necessitate multiple sexual mates and would involve switching mates when novelty, accommodation, interest wears off. GCB's theories correspond to the need to fulfill sexual preferences as they would be dictated by the second chakra.

What I put forth was a radical idea of making the choice for mates not on the lower chakras primarily, but making the choices based upon the upper chakra abilities in order to support and fulfill the lower chakra desires in a way that is sustainable - no matter how many or what kind of relationships those end up being. If that were the case it would necessitate honesty and love as those are the nature of the fifth and fourth chakras.

Ok - I did it again. I got involved in talking about my own thoughts again. Hopefully that will be enough. ;)

General Discussion / Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« on: November 11, 2012, 02:47:49 am »
dorothy, of course you're right. even though it was three days, not just one, it's a very short period to draw any conclusions. nevertheless i can't deny that i noticed obvious improvements, especially where the acne is concerned, a mere 2-3 days after going off the raw meat. my skin has since cleared up and the dark circles under my eyes have become much less pronounced.

I hadn't realized that you had already gone back to cooked meat when I had made the suggestion to do so. After 3 days that's some nice improvements!

Now I wish I knew my blood type. I bet that information is somewhere in my stores of papers in storage. Maybe one day I will find it.

In the meantime - is there a synopsis on-line somewhere of the ideas you have been reading about. If not, what would be the book you would suggest?

I'm wondering if I could guess my blood type just by reading what the suggestions are for the different bloodtypes and correlate that with what I know to be good for me?

I look back and try to see how judgment got seen when there was none and what I noticed is that I made a statement about someone's seeming sexual preference of men and children as well as women and made the point that with such sexual preferences when making choices of partners from lower chakras that such a preference by it's nature would demand multiple partners.

Just my saying that someone might prefer their own sex or children sexually that was enough to be branded as judgmental because generally, in our culture, such people often do get judged. That's really sad. I wrote about a whole new way of approaching the entire subject and there is close to no response and yet there is jump to protectionism based upon one mention of sexual preferences that some people judge in our society.

I'm starting to wonder if there is any hope here that someone will respond to what I am talking about instead of what a few words do in their own heads.

I shouldn't get involved in any subject that has words in it that someone can take and run with and ignore the point I'm trying to make.

I hope that finally I have learned my lesson. This isn't the proper venue for me to discuss my ideas - because in such a venue people don't tend to read but to scan taking things out of context and if they have been judged by such words themselves they will take it personally.

For those that have been scanning and are quick to jump and think based upon the reactions that I judge people that have different sexual preferences in terms of kind of number I better write this out in clear and bold face letters so that it stands out:


I hope that handles it. Time to go and find something more productive to do now.

Thanks Iguana for letting me know GCB's ideas on metasexuality. I was planning on going back and re-reading my Freud and Jung next year as it's been decades since I studied them and when I do I will add in GCB's treatise. I find it very interesting as it does incorporate aspects of my own thoughts.

So you believe in judging pthers?

I personally am far too aware of my own flaws to really believe in judging others.  That's not to say I don't catch myself doing it, but it's an old habit that is slowly disappearing in me.

How did you get that I said I was judging others when I said specifically that I was not? 

I do admit that when people get badly hurt by others I judge their actions but it is in a more general way than I think most would understand. I can judge say murder or rape for instance in certain ways. I do make value judgments in terms of ideas regarding how to structure society.

I specifically said that I was not judging someone's desires or feelings - anyone's. If they use those feelings to do a horrendous act - then I admit that I may judge the act. Even then, I can judge the act and understand why and how someone would commit it with compassion. When viewing acts from multiple lifetimes they also often take on very different meanings than the standard. I can make a value judgment - societally especially - while taking into consideration for instance karma and a soul's path.

My world view is different than most. Sometimes when I say things like I judge what someone does it isn't clear that I'm not actually judging the person. I guess that's what happened there?

That all might be hard to understand and I still might not be explaining it very well. I'm not used to talking about this kind of stuff.

.... and I thank you very much for explaining metasexuality to me. I do find it fascinating and I apologize if I side-tracked the discussion with my own ideas.


?? No Dorothy, that’s a complete invention of yours. You asked me to explain about metasexuality, but now you are explaining me what you think GCB needed!!

What you wrote next also shows that I totally failed to explain what you asked me to explain.  >:   :'(

Oh - I'm sorry - I gathered that he liked men and children in a romantic way because of what was said about him saying that homosexuality was an important aspect of his theories and the charges with the children would imply that there was some form of sexual/romantic/love energy present with children. I wasn't making a negative judgment. It was indeed an assumption from all that was written here before. I don't judge people for what their first and second chakra preferences are - just what they do with them - same as with adult heterosexual preferences - depends on what people do - if they hurt others.

There’s a misunderstanding again. In his view (which I share) we don’t "need" to attract new people: it happens that there are attractions between people. We don’t choose lovers (I already wrote it in an above post), love happen sometimes between some people.

I understood you Iguana - you are not understanding ME! I know you are saying that you "just fall in love" that sexual attractions just happen and that there is no control over sexuality based upon what happens in the first chakras or general love from the heart. I got it.

You are not understanding me that when one is functioning from the psychic centers there is a GREAT deal of control over who you invite, who you are attracted to and who you allow to attach to your sexual energy. When you are not functioning from the psychic centers and above then you will of course be drawn here and there, not finding stability. One person will attract you and be attracted to you one day or one year or one decade and another the next. That's why the assumed need for multiple partners. Nothing wrong with mutiple partners, I'm just saying that as long as your first and second chakras are running the show there will no longer be any real abiding satisfaction or ability to really go to the depths.

Well, you talked about there being no sexuality without love, but not about love while with-holding sexual energy.

I'll try to explain - I know I'm talking about things that are not talked about or even thought about in Western culture generally - so I'm sorry about having to use so many words and at times perhaps not being clear enough.

People get bored, frustrated, want to be "in love". In my culture people often get together because of chemisty, karma, money, social status, intellectual compatability and when their heart chakras are stimulated along with the sexual chakras and often it is first their sexual attraction that then is supported by other factors or that creates the feelings of love - stimulating the heart chakra. Often the setup is because of expectations and what one person thinks the other person is rather than what they really are. How many couples have you known that got married only to discover that they didn't actually like each other? We project our fantasies onto another person. Eventually though, we start to learn who and what the other person really is and the intense feelings of newness and idealization die down. That feeling of I know you therefore you don't hold as much interest as someone else. How did you put it? Something about not having more energy and experiences to share or something like that. When the decision about a mate is derived from the first chakras then the sexual attraction and material considerations is what drives the choice of a mate and without the other chakras above the heart chakra in gear that will wear off and the person will want another mate to keep their interest alive and to fulfill their desire for love - whereas, if the mating first occurs with the upper chakras, then the sexual desire is what follows the more intense and long-lived connections and has an infinite supply of energy and creativity from which to draw. GCB's idea that we need to attract new people or to have different partners is one based upon choosing lovers and mates first by the lower chakras. His lower chakras liked children and other men as well as women so he needed a diversity of people for his lower chakras to choose from. Having a whole tribe sharing sexual energies in order to be able to go from person to person never to be sexually bored, frustrated - never to be without sexual energies merged with the love of the heart. It's doomed really because the lower chakras are the seat of jealousies, the desire to control the need to hold on and of animosity for not being loved the way you wish from another. When there is a true psychic connection then you can relax and worry less about the sexual energies always having an outlet because the energies on the top of your head can be more satisfying, more the feeling of oneness, a deeper broader love than one could ever get with the first and second chakra-based sexual energies. With GCB's solution you are forced to go from person to person if you want that kind of energy to continue because it burns out. The connected energies of the upper chakras doesn't burn out. 

Off Topic / Re: Will do for money..
« on: November 10, 2012, 03:55:32 am »
I still think you drawing me up as a Chibi to have as my Avatar would be adorable. ;)

I think we are agreeing completely here Iguana. When I talk about making decisions from upper chakras it is pretty much the esp psi perceptions that I'm talking about. My husband also has these avenues open to him. It's not that he doesn't like cars, possessions, money (hell - I like money too!) it's just that the upper chakra concerns dictate, supersede, manage the lower ones. We saw each other with our third eyes first.

When GCB talks about knowing one's childrens' names before they are born and using esp in that way, why not use it to choose partners as well - to see the really big picture?

I agree that the vast majority of people won't have these options open to them at this point. I'm just throwing it out as a radical idea - kind of like GCB's ideas are pretty radical. At least some of us have the choice of stepping out of the dictates of our more animal natures and choosing our mates based upon old patterning. The thing is that I also don't see many people being able to be successful with GCB's approach either - even fewer actually. Going from desire to desire, wanting more and more of the primal urges with more and more diversity and more and more satisfaction, just like wanting more and more money and things, rarely leads to real abiding happiness and satisfaction.

I saw a TED talk on how more options actually lead to less happiness. Now I have to find that and post it here.

General Discussion / Re: where to find truly raw nuts?
« on: November 10, 2012, 03:33:42 am »
I think I like buckwheat best as baby greens after the hull falls off and there are a couple of leaves Wattlebird. They have a delicacy to them - but you are so right that the younger sprouts have a wonderful nuttiness. You know, I don't like lentils much either! But one of my all time favorites at every stage of growth has to be green peas. I like them just sprouted, with just a couple of leaves and even the leaves of the large plant and the fresh seed from the garden without sprouting too. I wonder what it is about green peas and me. ;) 

Off Topic / Re: Will do for money..
« on: November 10, 2012, 02:36:36 am »
Oh man - I wish I had skype so that you could draw me to use as my avatar here.

I've got to work on that. I'm just such a computer dunce.

That's such a great idea what you are doing!

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