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General Discussion / Re: No money..
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:46:21 pm »
you might be able to get the fat trimmings for free from Whole Foods meat counter.  they often give those away to people who want them.

Too bad there's no whole foods anywhere near me!  I wish there was though, me and my mom stopped by one on our way home from a trip to the beach, and I got the most delicious bone marrow from there.. I've never been able to find any bone marrow that tastes anything like it did!  It was so delicious, I probably could replace all the dairy I consume with that bone marrow if only I could buy it everyday.  But I can't afford the gas to take a 2 hour drive one way trip all the way out there even once a week.    :'(

General Discussion / No money..
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:32:59 am »
So, I lost my job a while ago though I had money saved up, so I was still trying to eat a good diet until I found a new job.. but so far no one is hiring me even after going to a few interviews and stuff, and I am starting to run out of money..

So I want to ask you guys if you know any good, cheap foods I can buy at a regular commercial grocery store that I can still eat raw and be healthy without spending a ton of money on meat.. I usually don't do well on a diet high in plant foods because I crave fat a LOT, and if I eat too much carbs I go crazy to eat some fatty foods, especially meat and dairy.  But I'm not going to be able to afford to keep buying a lot of meat, even commercial meat is still expensive, I don't want to eat grain-fed fat or organ meats, and raw dairy is super expensive.  Pasteurized dairy started tasting like plastic to me after trying raw dairy so I don't really want to buy pasteurized dairy either.  But any suggestions for foods that I could buy from a commercial grocery store that would still be healthy.. I don't know much about vegetables since I never really eat them, which ones can I even eat raw other than leafy stuff?  I usually hate leafy stuff like lettuce, spinach, kale and all that, I never really tried any root veggies other than regular potatoes.. though I liked cooked potatoes.  I don't know what to do, I'm used to eating mainly meat but I won't be able to affording eating as much and I don't know what else to eat..

General Discussion / Re: Raw Paleo collaborative book
« on: November 02, 2012, 09:00:00 am »
I agree with Thoth.. I was going to say, if you guys write a book, the first things you should emphasize are that everyone is different, some people might do better on a pure carnivore diet while others do better on an omnivore diet, and say that they really need to listen to their own body more than what anyone else tells them, and that they'll probably need to experiment a lot with different foods to find out what is right for them.  And then stick to more of the "factual" things than the more opinionated things.. and everything would need to be backed up by research to be truly convincing.

Also, you can create a website separate from Wikipedia that just uses the same format as wikipedia.  There's lots of separate wikis for specific things like games, or like bulbapedia is a pokemon wiki, but they aren't part of wikipedia.  You could always make a using wiki format that RPDers can go to that isn't a part of wikipedia at all.
Here is bulbapedia, it looks just like wikipedia but it only has things about pokemon on it.

General Discussion / Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:25:28 am »
Oh yeah, the other problem with shipping is that I live in southern california where it's always hot all the time, and during summer, anything left on the doorstep of my house for more than like 5 minutes isn't gonna be raw anymore, lol.

It's starting to cool down finally though, if the shipping cost isn't too high I might order some fat and even meat from them, since it's less likely  it'll get cooked before reaching me.  Is their stuff packaged in plastic though?  that's another problem, especially with heat, plastic throws my appetite off raw meats and stuff especially if they get warmed/heated in plastic.

General Discussion / Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« on: October 25, 2012, 05:48:39 am »
Furthermore it's a proven fact that plant fiber is not necessary for a healthy human gi tract. In many cases harsh plant fiber is even harmful.


Oh hey, do you happen to have any links to any information about fiber being unnecessary or harmful?  I keep trying to tell people how fiber is unneeded, unnecessary, and might even be harmful, but I don't have any sort of scientific evidence to back myself up.. the only thing I've seen about it is this guy: What Is So Menacing About Fiber?  and he just -looks- like a quack and super fake, even I'm skeptical about what he has to say just based on how he looks and talks, even though I have the experience of me eating a very low fiber diet and yet having no problems with digestion and excretion.

Also, I've had my mom argue to me that fiber is actually good for people who eat a lot of junk (SAD diet) because it pushes all that junk they eat out of them, whereas I don't need fiber because I eat such a healthy diet that I don't need to push any junk out.. and I didn't have much of an argument against that.  My grandma who tries to eat healthy also said I need fiber to push the animal fat I eat out of my intestines, but I didn't have any sort of argument against that except for "No I don't!" which isn't going to convince anyone.  I need more scientific and convincing evidence to back me up on this..

Oh yeah, sounds really like a "super-food". Obviously, many, too many people were under this impression.

Be glad to live in the United States. Bison-fat is the non-plus-ultra, isn't it?


what is a non-plus-ultra?

I've been eating only bison meat lately because grass-fed beef is nearly impossible to find near me, and the bison is easier to find and reliably get, but I'm pretty sure all the bison I eat is grain-fed because none of them say anywhere that they are grass-fed, but the meat is also very very lean.. I haven't been able to find any pure bison fat either.  I think I just live in a bad area.   :'(  I also lost my job a while ago, so I can't afford to like, buy online from slankers or anything because of the high shipping cost.. I might also have to stop with my raw dairy, it's so expensive even though it's the only thing that helps my cravings for fat that isn't commercial in-organic grain-fed fat.. I really can't find any good sources of grass-fed fat other than super expensive raw dairy!

General Discussion / Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« on: October 25, 2012, 05:31:15 am »
Have you heard of the super fatty candlefish? It's supposed to have a perfect fatty acid balance, much better than salmon or mackerel. Unfortunately, it's not available in Europe, as far as I know.


Oh man, I just heard about that fish in my American Indian history class, I think the teacher said that they were so high in fat that they were mostly used as candles because they burned so easily.. hearing that, since I always crave fat in my diet, I immediately googled the fish since I had my laptop with me in class.  Wikipedia says the fish is considered an endangered species, and that disappointed me because now there's no way I'd get to try eating them.   :(

"On November 2008, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) received a petition from the Cowlitz Tribe to list a distinct population segment (DPS) of eulachon from Washington, Oregon, and California, as an endangered or threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.[1] (ESA). NMFS found that this petition presented enough information to warrant conducting a status review of the species. Based on the status review NMFS proposed listing this species as threatened on March 13, 2009.[2] On March 16, 2010, NOAA announced that the aforementioned population of eulachon will be listed as threatened under the ESA, effective on May 17, 2010 (See: the Federal Register notice published on May 18, 2010, at 74 FR 3178).[3]"  -from wikipedia

Off Topic / Re: Worrying trend
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:45:56 am »
Many years ago, pre-RPD diet, my muscles were so wasted and weak that I bought a very expensive electronic gadget which was advertised as exercising my muscles through electrical stimulation. It was a total waste of money, so I doubt the above would replicate exercise at all. To my shame, I, at the time, asked an fitness/weightlifting expert about this sort of gadget and he told me honestly that it would not work - I duly gave him a very poor rating as that wasn't the answer I'd wanted to hear at the time.  -[ l) -[ :o

Lol, though I'm still pretty sure a huge, fully-funded government laboratory could develop a much better "zap"-ing muscle-contraction equipment than your commercially produced item made for human use and for making money off people who -mostly- just want to work out while being lazy.  Or, even without zapping it, they could probably make machines that physically expand and contract the muscles to better simulate exercise than just electrically zapping it.. or even do both.  And now that I think about it, zapping your muscles to make them contract is probably about the equivalent of just flexing your muscles to see how big they are, which isn't much of a workout at all, though still might be better than -nothing- I guess.

But still, they probably wouldn't spend the money developing equipment to simulate exercise for lab-grown meat unless it would greatly increase the size/gain of the meat in a cheap way and so help them make a profit.  They don't care about health, just making money.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: New here, various questions
« on: October 14, 2012, 10:40:42 pm »
90% beef and only 10% yolk sounds rather restricted in my opinion.  it'd be better to up your fat for one, to avoid rabbit starvation, but it would also be good to add in organ meats too.  They have much higher nutrition content than the plain muscle meat.. marrow is good too as a nutrient dense fat. 

As far as e.coli and salmonella, they don't really develop on grass-fed meats.  you can even eat raw grain-fed meat and you aren't really going to get sick as long as you're eating 100% raw natural unprocessed foods.  Even if you do happen to get sick, it's really not as bad as you might think.  There was a couple times I think I might have gotten e.coli and/or salmonella poisoning after eating pizza or other bad foods from when I worked at domino's, I got pretty sick one of the times where if I ate most anything, especially plant food, I'd get a horrible stomach ache and diarrhea.  All I did was eat more better raw animal foods only and I got better.  Never went to a doctor.  I don't think I've even seen any actual cases of parasites from anyone here, but then I don't search around that much so there might be.  But they seem easily remedied by natural ways.

I've only seen benefits from eating raw paleo, the only time I have negatives is when I stray too much from a good raw animal foods diet.

As for your significant health markers, when I first started raw paleo I was eating trader joe's grass-fed ground beef raw and lots of raw egg yolks, and I had extremely super high energy like I'd never felt before in my life.  I was normally a sleep-12-to-15-hours a day and extremely lazy person, but eating like I was I felt amazing, I would sleep 4 to 6 hours at night and wake up feeling more aware and awake than I'd ever felt in my life.  But then my hours got cut at work and I panicked about money issues, and went back to eating SAD for a while since I could eat pizza at work for completely free.

After that my tastes seemed to have changed and now raw ground beef is not appetizing to me at all, no matter what.  I've been having trouble finding good sources of regular grass-fed steaks as there aren't many health food stores near me, and the ones I can get to don't carry grass-fed meat very often.  Eggs also stopped tasting good to me unless they were the eggs from my aunt or uncles home-raised chickens who are fed on bugs.  I also lost my job so I have to try not to spend too much money on food which is difficult especially when I can't find a lot of good food, and use raw dairy too much.

But most of those markers of yours have improved, I sleep a lot more normally now, healing is slightly improved, acne has improved a lot even though it is still kinda bad and never completely went away, it used to be so much worse.. I've always breathed shallow and slow my whole life though, but I do have no staining effect the majority of the time.  Too much plant foods makes some stain.  As far as feeling less cold I haven't noticed a difference but I've always preferred colder weather.

General Discussion / Re: Himalayan Salt Experiences. Yay or Nay?
« on: October 14, 2012, 07:13:35 pm »
I bought this salt..  mostly because it said it is raw unprocessed natural mineral salt.  I don't even really eat it though, I don't add salt to my diet as I feel like I get enough salt from the the lightly salted raw cheese i eat and from the meat I eat, even the cheese tastes too salty for me sometimes.

I also felt as if I was a drug addict to salt when I was trying to switch from SAD to raw, I sometimes couldn't control myself from eating salty foods because I just wanted to keep eating it and eating it and it was not good at all.. I would end up eating salty pizza or something, and I couldn't stop myself from eating the whole thing even when I was full, and making myself feel extremely sick from stuffing myself, so I have a bit of an aversion to salt.  Luckily I'm over the addiction now, I don't crave salt anymore nor does it make me want to stuff myself sick so much.  The only thing it's even added to is the cheese I eat, which might even be one of the reasons I love eating cheese so much though.. but I haven't been able to find a salt-free raw cheese.

Off Topic / Re: Worrying trend
« on: October 14, 2012, 06:32:35 pm »
Plus,  one of the reasons why wild game is so superior is that wild animals do lots of exercise, something one could not replicate in a hydroponics lab etc.

I'm sure they could probably "zap" the muscles to force them to contract and "exercise," but more likely I doubt they would realize this would  be something beneficial to even do.

Lab-grown meat however, does not appeal to me in any way whatsoever.  The reason I want to eat a raw paleo diet is because I want to eat a more natural diet, and meat grown in a lab is as far from natural as you can get.  The thought of it just disgusts me, and if they ever do start producing lab-grown meat, they better be labeling it as such, because I do not want to consume any of it.  However it might be healthier for the rest of the world's SAD eaters if the meat is more highly nutritious than grain-fed meat, and might also tempt some people to try eating the meat raw since lab-grown meat won't be infested with salmonella and e. coli so they won't have to fear such things anymore.

Though in my opinion, lab-grown meat will probably end up having similar and/or unknown effects such as Genetically Mutated-I-mean-modified Organisms do..

General Discussion / Re: Drinking water while exercising
« on: September 25, 2012, 07:59:39 am »
Yes and no because I know at least I personally would feel like total shit if I ate all that, my body telling me not to eat it all again.

I can say that after the time I have been eating the way I do, I really don't have any (or very little) interest in indulging in food any more, and I am someone who definitely went through a period of having some strong emotional eating (though nothing too serious). With time, open-ness, awareness and acceptance we all have the potential to grow.

I don't really feel noticebly bad after eating anything bad... chocolate especially not, and I crave it badly when starting my period.  But the bad things come up less noticably as things like really bad acne, which I still can't pinpoint exactly what causes it and what wont because I still get it no matter how I eat.  That's the most noticable problem I get from eating bad food, but secondly I'll slowly start noticing other bad things such as slight diahrea/constipation, which doesn't, in my mind, directly associate with what I ate because it happens so much later than when I ate.. also some slight weird pain I get that is only noticable when something presses on my stomach area or my sides or other random places, it feels like my muscles are sore or bruised very slightly or something and I have no idea what exactly causes that pain, just that when I eat a lot of bad foods that happens.  I might get headaches but that might be caused by me forgetting to drink enough water.  My body just doesn't really give any immediate or direct problems when I eat bad food other than maybe when I'd eat too much bread and it would expand in my stomach and stretch it out or something and make it feel like there was a huge big painful rock in my stomach, which happened most when I would sometimes eat pizza from work when I still worked at dominos pizza.  But that was the absolute worst I'd eat, usually if I eat bad anymore it's still at least organic with minimal ingredients and prossessing.  But it still makes me break out.

General Discussion / Re: drinking water while excersizing
« on: September 20, 2012, 07:32:30 am »
oh, do you have hobbies on days you arent at school or do you work?
have you ever applied for food stamps?  have you tried gentile activities like tai chi or qigong?  sorry i assumed so much, school does not sound like much fun

also where do you live? right now is there is fruit in season in almost every state...any chances there are close organic orchards that you can help pick at for a bushel of whatever is coming off the trees?  or organic farms/markets you can volunteer at and get some kind of compensation?

my hobbies are pretty much playing video games, drawing, or reading.. nothing active.  I have no idea how to do taichi or qigong.. the only orchards around here are oranges which are all fenced in and illegal to steal, and I don't even like oranges much.  or fruit for that matter, I mean i love fruit but I can not live off of it, if I eat too much fruit I start to crave fat so badly I'd probably give in to buying fast food, or at least eating some of the grain filled food my mom cooks.  I have money saved up, I just need to make it last until I can find a new job.

General Discussion / Re: drinking water while excersizing
« on: September 18, 2012, 06:54:36 am »
your body is telling you you need to eat more food and relax.

All I do all day long is relax, laying in bed playing games on my computer, and only really get up to eat and go to class three times a week.. i probably do need to eat more but I lost my job and grassfed meat and raw milk and organic fruit is all expensive so I can't really buy more food until I get a new job.. which is why I also don't want to try to excersize more because I need to conserve my calories until I can afford more food.  Eating cheaper food results in me breaking out so bad it takes months to try to calm it down and I've still never been able to entirely get rid of my acne.    :'(

General Discussion / Re: drinking water while excersizing
« on: September 18, 2012, 05:19:05 am »
Well my body also tells me it doent want to excersize at all and that it wants to eat 5 lbs of chocolate and have french toast with powdered sugar and maple syrup or pancakes, and pasta coved in melted cheese and cooked and processed meat, and fast food, but I don't listen to those urges.   :P

but When I'm walking to class and don't have time to stop I just want to know if it's okay to drink water while walking without stopping because it -seems- to me that I should stop to drink.. just wanted to know if there was anyone who knew if excersizing might interefere with the body's ability to properly process the water or something..

General Discussion / Drinking water while exercising
« on: September 13, 2012, 07:09:16 am »
I tried googling whether it is good or bad to drink water while excersizing, but it's all pretty much yahoo-answers type stuff saying it's fine.. but then they also say it's fine to drink while eating..

So I thought I'd ask here since I trust you guys a lot more   ;D  Do you guys know if it is bad to drink water -during- exercising?   and I don't mean like doing some situps, pausing for a moment, sipping some water, then doing more situps. 
I mean like, while you're powerwalking or jogging, without breaking stride or pausing, if you drink water while your body is active at the same time?

I mean I figure in paleotimes they wouldn't have had bottles of water to carry with them to drink while exercising.. and I do not drink while eating and avoid drinking for a while after eating.  But I get thirsty more while I'm power walking somewhere and I feel like I should avoid drinking until I get to where I'm going and sit for a bit and let my body settle.. but is that necessary?  Or am I being too paranoid and it's perfectly fine if I drink while I'm still walking?

General Discussion / Re: Shelf Life of Bone Marrow?
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:06:32 am »
I don't think the cold is the problem, sometimes things I put in the fridge get frozen.  The packaging might be the problem, my dad would probably freak if I just left bones sitting on a plate or just wrapped in parchment, and say I can't eat stuff that's been left out/unsealed blah blah, so I have to be able to hide it if I wrap it weird or find some other way to keep it.. and it can't smell, either..  and I don't have a lot of room for stuff.

Off Topic / Re: So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:01:50 am »
Yeah, I'm going to make sure that at least for now, there's always something available for her to eat if she wants to.  I tried cracking open an egg in a bowl, and she was eating it, so there's a start for some raw protein and some good nutrition in the yolk.  She didn't eat the whole thing though and seems to dislike the thick slimy part of the white.. so maybe I'll just give her the yolks instead if she won't finish eating it.

Another thing that would be good to know, is how to discipline a cat.. I only know how to discipline dogs, and I doubt the same methods would really work on a cat as good.  How do I teach her not to do things I don't want her to do?

Off Topic / Re: So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 21, 2012, 11:42:03 pm »
Thank you!  I thought about the starvation method, but then I read something about not letting your cat go hungry because it could go into some sort of liver failure and die.. because their livers have a hard time processing their fat or something, and if they go into starvation mode to burn their own body fat, their livers get overwhelmed or something?  I dunno if it's all true or not, but it made me wary of not feeding her for a few days.  We also haven't been letting her outside or anything, we brought her out for a bit one night but she doesn't seem very street smart or anything and I'm afraid of her getting ran over by a car..

Also read somewhere that ground food is not as good either because it hits their stomach too fast before it can develop enough acid (that would normally build up while the cat is busy chewing up and ripping apart a carcass) and causes some slight digestive problems.. dunno if that's true or not, either

General Discussion / Re: Shelf Life of Bone Marrow?
« on: August 21, 2012, 11:35:01 pm »
The frozen marrow bones I left in the fridge for a few days actually got moldy and the bones changed colour.. it didn't look good at all and smelt similar to milk gone bad(to me).. and my parents were complaining about the smell in the fridge.

Off Topic / Re: So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:13:53 pm »
I'm not going to reject the cat, or ignore it, or hate it, or abuse it, or anything like that.  I love all animals, especially carnivores.  I just -prefer- dogs.   But I like cats, too.  I just don't quite understand them they way I understand dogs.  And I'm not -only- going to feed the cat my leftovers.  I won't starve it.  I'm going to feed it plenty all it needs.  I just tend to have leftover meat that I don't eat because I only really like to eat it raw if it's super fresh, and if it gets just a little brown I won't eat it.  Which happens in like a day. 

I might look into this ziwi peak brand food though.  The only problem is that it sounds very dry, and I read that cats need a diet high in moisture because they don't drink a lot of water.  Her nose seems to be a little bit clearer today than it was before, and I was able to get her to eat some cooked chicken and cooked tuna(because that's all we really had), as well as the raw juice in the bottom of the jar my steak was in.   She really liked that juice, so I don't think it will be too difficult to get her eating raw meat, though when i did cut off a small piece of my raw steak and tried to feed it to her, she wouldn't really eat it.. chewed on it a bit, but wouldn't eat it. 

Also, I thought cats were solitary creatures?  At least some big cats are, I think.  Either way, she won't be lacking in attention since there's three people who live here who are all willing to play with her and give her attention (including me).  We already made her three new toys today and ran all around the house giving her a workout by chasing us dragging her toys around.. she really seemed to like them!  hopefully I can get her chasing mice, next..

Off Topic / Re: So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 20, 2012, 01:55:07 pm »
Wait until the virus takes hold and your babbling and eating flowers on the sidewalk

anyways thats a really manipulative present. I bet my life he got that cat for free.

well then you're dead, because the cat cost $450.  They also gave me a bag full of stuff with the cat including litter box, litter, bag of food, toy, a bed, and a scratching post, bowls for food and water, all that jazz.  It's a very pretty cat, pretty cute and very affectionate, she likes to curl up on my lap and just lay there.  She doesn't meow much and when she does it's very quiet.  She came with a collar that has a bell on it which is louder than she is.

Off Topic / Re: So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:00:40 pm »
7 times more likely to commit suicide?  well I have a 0% chance to commit suicide, and 0 times 7 is still 0%!   -d

As for returning the gift to the person who got it for me, that person happens to be in jail.  so I don't think giving it to them is really an option.

Anyways, I don't mind keeping the cat, I like cats, I just don't know much about them and I prefer dogs.  I just don't have a job right now so affording food might be a slight problem since my own food tends to be very expensive.  but if I can get her eating raw meat, then feeding her my leftovers wouldn't be as much of a problem.  Mice are cheap to buy, too.  And eventually I'll get a new job.

Off Topic / So, I just got a cat...
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:41:53 pm »
or rather, I was given a cat as a birthday present.  I'm not really a cat person, I'm much more of a dog(well, canine) person, and I didn't even want a pet in the first place because it's hard enough just feeding myself...

But now I have a cat.  now I have to feed it.  but I can't make it eat commercial pet food, not when I'm here trying to eat a healthy raw carnivorous diet.  But what do I feed it?  I mean, I figure lots of meat/organs/bones from beef, chicken, and fish.. but does anyone have any suggestions for a good healthy raw cat diet?  I'm planning on eventually buying live mice from the pet store (that are normally used to feed snakes) and letting her catch and eat them, if I can get her to.  But would a diet of pure mice bought from the pet store suffice for a cat? 

She's not a kitten, but not a full grown cat, either, probably a couple months old.  She's some non-shedding breed and supposed to be an indoor cat I guess.  She just had surgery to get her spayed a few days ago, or like a week ago, at most.  She also happens to have a stuffy nose and is sneezing a lot, which I heard makes it difficult to feed them since they rely heavily on smell to eat.. and I'm pretty sure she can't smell much right now.  I've already tried feeding her some salmon, tuna, beef, and beef liver, none of which she's really eating, but she will eat the dry cat food that was given to me with her.  I'm letting her eat it for now, because she hasn't been eating much of anything since I got her a couple days ago, and I'd rather her not starve to death, but I want to switch her to eating raw meat as soon as possible.  Or at least wet canned food, since I've read they need a moisture rich diet to be healthy, and don't drink much water.  I just figure it's probably going to be really difficult right now while her nose is all stuffed up..

But any suggestions would be very welcome, thank you

General Discussion / Re: Shelf Life of Bone Marrow?
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:16:41 pm »
There is no whole foods very close to me, but I once was able to stop by one on the way home from the beach (it is the closest whole foods and about an hour or two drive from home) and when I was there I bought some grass-fed marrow bones.  I'm pretty sure they were fresh never frozen, and cut up right when I bought them since the guy asked for a few minute before they could have the bones ready, so I figure they were cutting them right then and there.

The marrow was soft and creamy and reddish, and I don't remember how long I kept it in the bones for, but I remember I did at one point scrape out all the marrow and into a glass jar/bowl thing with a cover.  That marrow was the most delicious stuff I have ever eaten in my life, and I wish I could get it every single day.  I know I limited how much I could eat of it so that it would last me, and so I'm pretty sure it lasted me about a week kept fridgerated.

I've tried buying other marrow bones since then, but the only other grass-fed ones I can find are kept utterly frozen solid as rocks.  I don't know if it's the same soft marrow as I had before, since it's frozen completely hard, but I think it's more the other type of marrow.. and it's hardly appetizing at all, I try to leave it in the fridge so that it will soften and not be rock-hard-frozen, but then it starts to stink real bad after a couple days and I have to throw it away.  I haven't even eaten any of it.  I want the whole foods marrow I got before, again.

Off Topic / Re: Your screen name and why you chose it
« on: August 19, 2012, 06:29:35 pm »
Very nice Wolf!


Wolf - right on! I like to run on 2paws though:). Dragons are amazing. Like beautiful devils in thier fire, power, and greed, but with honorable hearts.
     What is your other name?

You mean my human-given name?  Cassandra Janell.  I do love my name.

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