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General Discussion / Re: Raw Chicken
« on: October 10, 2011, 03:06:22 am »
Where did the idea that chicken is especially dangerous raw come from?

Your average person seems to understand that steak doesn't have to be cooked so well. I imagine this is so because it's common enough to to eat it rare and bloody. I've oft encountered the idea that raw chicken, though, is particularly 'risky.'

Where'd this perception come from? Is there anything to it?

Chickens tend to lo live in far worse conditions than cows here in the US, from what I've heard, so they tend to get a lot more sick, and make more people sick.  Also, the main pathogen from cow meat that people get sick from is E. Coli, which is only contained in the feces of the animals.. Therefore, steaks will only become contaminated if they come into contact with feces (which is often, because of the way factory farms kill and chop up the cows) and then it is only on the surface of the meat.  The inside of the steak does not get contaminated at all, therefor the steak can be cooked rare to kill the E.Coli on the surface and the uncooked part inside is still safe.  That is also why they suggest thoroughly cooking ground beef, because the meat has been chopped up and if any of it had e.coli, now the whole thing is infected.  But they also suggest a specific internal temperature even of rare-cooked steaks, to also kill things like worms and parasites.. but you can still probably get steaks that haven't been cooked to that temperature.  I know I always ask for my steaks as rare as possible, and even mention that I would eat it raw, when I go to restaurants.. and sometimes I even get the steak still cold in the middle.  Those times I sometimes wonder if the cook sent it out that rare on purpose just to get a complaint that it isn't cooked enough or that it is cold, and I laugh to think of their reaction when they find out that I cleaned my plate.

By the way, I didn't get sick at all from eating that raw chicken.

Okay another thing I dislike is that after posting in a thread, now it sends me back to the forum list rather than to my post?  I don't remember if it was always like that, but after I post something, I like returning to my post, because I like to reread my posts a few times (both before and after posting it) in case I find any mistakes so that I can fix them, or if I think of anything else I want to say that I can add or forgot to say.. 
but, that's just me.  Customizability is also a wonderful thing, having options to choose whether you want to be redirected back to your post or back to the forum list is awesome.

Also,  in the drop down menus for "profile," "my messages," and "members," the background picture thing is pretty dark and makes it difficult to see the words in the menu.. it would be easier on the eyes if you could lighten up the background on those drop-down menus.

Don't captchas work well to keep out robot spammers?

And spamming posts to reach a specific post amount is quite easy for someone who is that determined to spam us.  Although, all that work just to put a link in their signature seems a bit much.  And if you want to go so far as charging people $1 to register, I'd think using sms/text/call verification would be easier and cheaper.  Although you still run into the same problem as for those who do not have phones or cell phones or those who do not have texting on their cell phones.. but I know that's how gmail has started verifying their email accounts so that people won't spam so much from them, you have to give your phone number and they text you or call you with a verification code to activate a new email created on gmail.

You could also possibly make certain parts of the forum only accessible to those that have been registered both for a certain amount of time and have a certain amount of posts, and make a "newbie" forum section, that way you can always search the newbie forums for spammers and ban them before they can reach the advanced forums.  But the newbie section could also serve as an introduction to the Raw Paleo diet for those who are new to it, as well. 
(The post limit is to force them to have to make posts so that you can see which ones are just spam, and the time limit is so that even if they spam 100 posts in one day just to reach the limit, they still can't get into the advanced forums.)

and yeah, fonts are now ugly.  However, fortunately it allows you to edit your font.  =D

General Discussion / Re: Raw Chicken
« on: September 05, 2011, 04:43:23 am »

It was very good!  But for some reason I don't think it agreed so much with my stomach.  Not that I got sick or anything, I still seem to be perfectly fine for now.  But after eating it, it felt a bit discomfortable in my stomach, more as if I'm not really suited to eating chicken.  It didn't give me that satisfied feeling I get when I eat raw beef.  It just felt like it was sitting there in my stomach doing nothing.. I don't know.  And then I felt kind of weird for the rest of the night.  But I was half asleep the whole time so I couldn't really tell exactly what I was feeling.  But I haven't gotten sick, so it seems alright.  Just not going to be replacing my beef with chicken or anything,  And it doesn't seem to have come out undigested or anything.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Chicken
« on: September 03, 2011, 02:20:03 pm »
I am trying the raw chicken for the first time right now.  It tastes/texture is pretty much just like I thought it would be.. mainly like raw fish but without the fishy smell/taste.

I like it.
hope I don't get sick!  I'll post again updating if I do or not.

Or if I suddenly disappear, then maybe I died.   :P

Health / Re: Ulcer?
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:30:05 pm »
Thank you for your advice, but my ulcer has been gone or a while now.   :P

Health / Re: Ulcer?
« on: September 01, 2011, 02:08:54 pm »
Well I'm probably going to end up drinking all my milk now since I don't want it to go sour.. but do please  tell me how to make quark for the next time i buy milk

General Discussion / Re: Raw Chicken
« on: September 01, 2011, 09:39:58 am »
I just bought some chicken, some of this brand..
it's grain-fed, but still organic and free-range.. not the best i guess, but not the worst either.  and no added water.

Health / Re: Ulcer?
« on: August 31, 2011, 10:04:06 am »
Okay I just bought a half gallon of milk today, and I poured about half of that into one of my old glass milk jars that I had from another brand of raw milk that was only in my store for a limited time unfortunately, and put that in the fridge.  So now, do I need kefir grains to make quark?  If so, well I don't have any.. but if not, please elaborate how to make quark for me!  I have the milk ready to make it.

I never tried Kefir with honey.. I don't usually mix my foods much, though, especially if they're raw..

General Discussion / Re: Raw Chicken
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:38:28 pm »
I want to try raw chicken but I am terrified of eating it because of how terribly chickens are kept even if organic and all, and this boiling water and chlorine thing isn't helping.  But everytime I see a chickenbreast in the store, it looks delicious.  I really want to try it, but I'm scared of getting salmonella or something.. I don't want to get sick again.  I just don't know how trustworthy the sources of chicken are. 

Health / Re: Ulcer?
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:20:21 pm »
It doesn't have to be super small scale, but like maybe a quarter gallon to a half gallon of milk being used?  or is that super small scale?  lol.

I keep my milk in the fridge, I mean drinking milk raw isn't as big of a deal as eating meat raw.  Although I usually drink my milk in one day when I buy it, because I don't like how it tastes when it goes sour.. though maybe that's just the plastic taste?  They do come in plastic containers, but if I'm not keeping it in the fridge I try to drink it all as fast as I can.  I could easily transfer some to glass jars though, I have glass jars saved up.  I could also keep the quark in the fridge too, as long as it doesn't stink enough to make my dad notice and go through trying to find out what the smell is.

I tried some Kefir, Qephor brand made by the people who I get the raw milk from (Organic Pastures) and I don't really like it at all.  It just tastes like sour milk to me, I've never seen a Kefir that looked the consistency of yogurt.. Although I've looked and tried to find a raw yogurt, but I can't find any.  I've never really eaten the regular pasteurized yogurt either though, but I'm sure it tastes a heck of a lot better than Kefir. 

Are the Kefir grains needed to make quark?  I don't really want Kefir and I don't like Kefir, it's too sour for me.

Health / Re: Ulcer?
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:53:43 pm »
I haven't had any problems with my stomach lately anymore.. so I think it's gone, whatever it was.  but I've been eating a lot healthier and more raw since then.

Quark would be awesome to learn how to make.  I just have to be careful with my food because my dad already says that my food stinks and I don't want him to find out I am eating raw, or I'll probably get kicked out.  So I would probably have to make the quark in my room and bathroom instead of in the kitchen.  Although I'm sure raw dairy would be more acceptable to him than raw meat and eggs, so I dunno.  if you really don't mind explaining how to make it, I'd love to learn how. 

I don't have much problems with bowel movements though, except that I think some of my fruits don't quite fully digest.  Or either the red stuff that comes out is watermelon or meat.. but I don't think the apples I eat digest very well, either.  So I hope it is just watermelon.

I would think that a raw diet with plenty of meat or other animal foods would provide you with enough salts, even if lacking in blood.. although the blood would probably provide more.  I know however, that the raw beef bone marrow that I ate tasted salty to me, so I think there was salt in it.  Other meat parts probably have salt too..

Actually, just looked it up on nutritiondata, and it shows raw grass-fed beef strip steaks to contain 15mg of salt per ounce:

General Discussion / Re: fasting
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:17:52 pm »
I think the times that I feel good when I fast is when my body resorts to burning it's own fat for fuel.  That's probably why most people who live on eating mostly raw animal fats probably have such high energy levels, because they are burning the animal fat they eat and it's about the same as burning your own fat.
I'm really skinny though, so I don't really have much reserves of fat to be burning by fasting.. although I feel like it would be best to burn off all the bad fat I had gained from my SAD days and instead try to build up fat from eating a healthy raw diet instead.. not that I had much fat from eating SAD, but still had some stores of fat in places.  I think I have burned most of it away a couple times not, it's just difficult to build up fat on a healthy diet.
As far as burning fat and gaining fat, it's probably best to build up all your fat during the summer and spring times, to store for winter and fall like most animals do.

Off Topic / Re: Sunlight phenomenon
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:10:06 pm »

You are right about the sun being less bright when lower on the horizon. This is because the sunlight has to pass through more atmosphere at that angle and the atmosphere is a natural light filter. In the winter the sun is normally at a lower angle and that is why it is cooler. Since it is at a lower angle in the winter, the window of opportunity for gazing is increased. In other words, in the winter, the one hour window can be extended, because it is the sun's angle that is the important part.

Also at higher latitudes the window will be wider in the winter.

I know it becomes less intense because of the atmosphere itself, but there is such a dramatic shift once it reaches below a certain point.. and we have such a thick layer of smog around here most of the time, I think the smog might have something to do with it.
The sun goes from being brightly sharp stabbing pains in my eyes to a soft pulsating warm glow once it goes below a certain point.  I'm not used to having these sharp stabbing pains in my eyes when looking at the sun, because all my life before I was able to look directly at the sun without pain.  I don't know what changed.

General Discussion / Re: fasting
« on: August 21, 2011, 04:19:33 pm »
I am fasting for Ramadan, which means for the entire month of August there is no drinking or eating from sunup to sundown.. so not even a drop of water as long as the sun is out.  Women are not allowed to fast while menstruating though, so for 5 days I did not fast, but otherwise this whole month I have not ate or drank anything during the day.  I seem to do fine as far as hunger goes, as long as I eat enough fat during the night, I don't much get hungry throughout the day.  The worst part is dehydration, but that's probably only because I work at domino's delivering pizza in a car with no a/c in the middle of August Summer in Southern California.. so I'm pretty much sweating the entire time I am at work, and I can get pretty dehydrated that way. 

Otherwise I don't see much benefit from the fasting from sun up to sun down.  I have fasted before where I consume nothing but water for a day or two, and sometimes I feel awesome and better than ever, and othertimes I feel weak and tired and hungry.  The energetic feeling is certainly worth it, but the tired and weak feeling is not.

Off Topic / Re: Sunlight phenomenon
« on: August 21, 2011, 04:01:12 pm »
one thing I have noticed about the sun, is that when I was younger and eating a SAD diet, I could look directly at the sun and it wouldn't hurt my eyes.  Now though, I don't know if it is because I have been staying indoors for too long, as I have gotten pretty pale and am not as tan nor do I tan as easily as I used to, or if it is because I have been eating raw, but now the sun hurts my eyes a lot more than it used to.  I have noticed also that my eyes have gotten lighter since eating raw, and I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  I've heard tell that lighter eyes have a harder time looking at the sun for some reason.. though my eyes are still brown and not THAT light.  But I do notice that once the sun reaches below a certain level, and is closer to the horizon, I can stare directly at it for as long as I want and it doesn't hurt my eyes at all.  I don't know if that might be because it dips below the layer of smog that we always have, and filters the light enough to make it less painful to my eyes, though.

But I have been trying to sungaze a little whenever I can as a way to naturally improve my eyesight, because I have some pretty bad eyesight, and I don't want to have to wear glasses or contacts.  I was also hoping that sungazng might help me in fasting for Ramadan, but I don't feel like I have much less of an appetite than I would if I didn't sungaze.  I don't sungaze very properly though, the only time I have access to be able to stand on pure dirt with my bare feet is when the sun is quite high in the sky and difficult to stare at, and the only time I usually get to stare at the sun when it is low enough to be painless is when I'm driving in my car and there's no dirt and I'm wearing shoes anyways.  Although then at least I usually roll down my window and take off my glasses so that there is no glass between me and the sunlight. 

I don't really believe that it's possible to survive on sunlight either though, it might perhaps help with reducing appetite, but I don't see how it would be possible to eliminate food entirely just from staring at the sun.  Like I heard one person ask, why then do the starving kids in Africa, with access to so much sunlight, still starve to death?

I usually keep my shutters closed, but I did leave them open once and the sunlight ended up directly on my face and it did wake me up.  But that might only be because when I felt the sun on my face I realized I had left my window open and that I needed to get up and close it so as to not let in all the heat, because it gets way too hot for me if I leave my windows open during the day,

Welcoming Committee / Re: Tried Paleo for one month...
« on: August 21, 2011, 01:57:08 pm »
I see my family (uncle, aunt...etc. ) eats fried chicken or pizza or candies in front of him and he just looks at them but never asks. But at the same time if he is hungry and one of them eating a fresh fruit, he asks for that fresh fruit, not any cooked things. So, I guess he must be developing a sense. I never have any plans to put him those poisonous public schools. Probably Montesories or other type of schooling is good for him. He's now four. But planning to put him in school after five.

Even so, younger children are going to be much more obedient, especially with their parents around.  But once they get older, they start to question why, and when you're not around, and the only other authorative figures around all say it's okay, and all of his friends are doing it, and pressuring him to eat it too, he might cave in.  Although most likely he will find it nasty tasting and hate it, but cooked foods and especially junk foods and candies can be very addictive.

Off Topic / Re: Drugs and alcohol
« on: August 20, 2011, 07:33:00 pm »
I feel the same way as you.  I do not want to lose my wits at any time for any reason, let alone a voluntary reason.  I have tried sips of alcohol only because of my parents, but no more than a sip so not enough to affect me, and only a couple times in my life.  Though I don't know how many time I may have taken nyquil which contains alcohol.  Not much though, because I rarely got sick, but I know at least once I drank it.

So I have never so much as felt a "buzz" from alcohol.  The worst I had ever done was smoke shisha/hookah for about 3 months during a.. time in my life when I didn't care much about anything.  But it was not something that causes you to loose your wits, only relaxes you, and is completely legal since it is just flavoured tobacco and I was over 18.  But I quit after a little while and never been back.  And I never smoked a cigarette, not that hookah is any better or worse, but I know that hookah is not addictive like cigarettes are.

I've seen many people who were drunk and/or high, and everytime I do it makes me glad that I don't do those things.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Tried Paleo for one month...
« on: August 20, 2011, 07:11:44 pm »
I didn't know any paleo forum or raw paleo diet. But out of desperation, and strong believe in rawsome food, I did this experience on my 2 yrs old boy 1st. I see the change within 2/3 days. Then I waited months and I saw how he improved infront of my eyes. My son taught me raw paleo. Then I tried myself and got the result. Now my husband is on raw animal diet for the past 12 months almost. I did not force my husband, but he saw the huge change on me and he decided to eat raw animal food by one night. Now we all eat raw animal at home and we are much more happier.

You tested out this diet, which is believed by most of the world to be one that would cause sickness unto death, upon your child first?
Why would you not test it out on yourself first to make sure it was safe before feeding something considered so deathly to your child?  I mean, it's a good thing that Raw Paleo is safe, but still, if the world was right that raw meat isn't safe, then you could have killed your child as a test suject..

Other than that, how are you going to deal with your child going to school, if he goes to a public school, and preventing him from eating any of the school food or candy that he will come across?  I know when I was in elementary school, teachers often gave candy as a reward for getting answers correct, and they sold pizza once a week.. once getting into middle and high school, then they sold pizza and soda every single day.  If all your friends and everyone else around you is eating it everyday, you're probably going to eat it too.  Although, I wonder if growing up on a raw diet would cause him to dislike the taste of cooked foods and junk foods and soda and candy?
Or will you not be sending him to public school?

Hot Topics / Re: Pure Sprouted Wheat Bread?
« on: August 19, 2011, 08:35:22 pm »
I sometimes eat Ezekiel low sodium sprouted whole wheat bread, very lightly toasted (like 10 seconds, just enough to warm it when it's fresh out of the fridge) and smothered in trader joe's unsalted organic peanut butter (which has no salt or oil, just pure peanuts), some low-quality raw honey, and raw cinnamon sprinkled on top as a treat.  It doesn't seem to affect me too badly, but I know it's not as good for me as my raw beef stuff, or even my raw fruits or my raw dairy.  But I know it's definitely better for me than other regular breads, because whenever I ate pizza at my work after I'd been eating raw for a while, it would make me feel bloated and sick and terrible.  I don't eat pizza from work anymore, but I can still eat the toast and feel fine.

Bread is best to be avoided altogether though, any bread. 

I eat a diet of mostly raw animal foods and fruit.  I seem to do fine when I don't eat any salt at all, although I usually include an ounce or two of raw cheese in my diet everyday, which is about impossible to find unsalted cheese.  However, last week, I did not buy any cheese, nor the week before that I don't think.. so I've gone a little while without salt, and still felt the same.  I also only drink Fiji water, no other water.  I bought some Himalayan Pink salt, The real food trading company brand, and the salt is pretty delicious, but I rarely eat it.  I have also noticed that my cheese often tastes overly salty to me.  I bought some cheese this week, but it is lightly salted raw cheese, and doesn't taste anywhere near as salty as the other cheese I normally get.  Otherwise, my diet lately has consisted mostly of grass-fed beef top sirloin steak, grass-fed beef liver, I had some grass-fed  beef bone marrow that lasted me about a week but now it's gone so I'm eating more dairy to make up for the fat, raw grass-fed whole milk, raw grass-fed butter, raw grass-fed cream, raw honey, organic dates, organic watermelon, organic strawberries, organic blueberries, and organic fuji apples.  I am also fasting for Ramadan, so for this entire month (other than for 5 days during my period) I have only eaten at night, and have not eaten from sun up to sun down.  And I usually break my fast at night with water and dates, then my other fruits.. and I eat my animal foods closer to sunrise.  So I suppose my salt intake is pretty low, and I think I would feel fine with cutting out any added salt altogether, which I have been trying to do this month for Ramadan.

Journals / Re: Wolf's Journal
« on: August 17, 2011, 08:16:36 am »
I have just been someone who has always wanted to love, to love one man and be with him always.

but today I received this quote..

that someone posted anonymously on one of the sites I am on.

it means he has not forgotten..
and all my own happiness is now gone.

Journals / Re: Wolf's Journal
« on: August 16, 2011, 10:40:43 am »

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fruit Salad
« on: August 13, 2011, 08:16:27 pm »
That looks like a lot.
How many people ate that?

Lol, I ate it all myself.  That's a regular paper plate size though, and I can't always eat all of that at once, all the fiber will start to make me feel bloated.. I'll eat some, wait a while, then eat the rest.

I live in southern California where it's always hot, and I work at domino's delivering pizza in that heat all day in a car with no a/c, so I can get pretty dehydrated sometimes.  I crave juicy watery fruit a lot, especially the watermelon.. and especially during ramadan now, since I can't drink any water from dawn til dusk.. I usually break my fast with water and fruit.  I just bought some dates the other day though, so now I eat those first, too, with water.. I also have organic fiji apples, and a bunch of different raw honeys, including raw killer bee honey!

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