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I wonder if you can make raw carnivore mayo using beef fat. I  told myself next time I was at the store I would ask the butcher to grind me up some to add to my grass fed meat. I can't bear the thought of getting feed lot beef fat to mix in with good grass fed beef but grass fed fat has been impossible to find around death valley. So I am going to see how I feel using it over fats like butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I'm sure using it in place of butter would be an improvement but I'm not sure about the rest of the fats. Getting back to mayo it just might work and allow me to mix in much more lemon juice or water without it thinning. Guess I wont know till I try it and keep experimenting till it comes out right or I give up trying...

Way to go! I agree. There is no comparison between home made and store bought mayo. You use a hand whisk? I use a stick mixer and the tallest, thinnest jar I can find that the mixer will fit into. I throw all of the eggs, oil and a little of the lemon juice in at the same time. I begin by slowly pulsing the mixer for a fraction of a second and gradually pulse it faster and longer till mayo starts to form on the bottom. Once it does I hold the mixer down at full speed for a little and then slowly begin pulling it up and down more each time, till I got mayo all the way to the top. Then I begin slowly adding the rest of the lemon juice a little at a time, making sure it doesn't thin the mayo. Once it's all used up I start adding my spices. I noticed last night that the spices thinned the mayo a little. Seems like they should have thickened it. Which brings me to the most important tip. All the ingredients must be the same temperature, but not too hot, so now that it's summer in death valley I been putting all the ingredients in the fridge. Except for the spices... I think that's why they thinned the mayo a little. Maybe if I had added them slower it would have been OK...  I used a hell of a lot of spices. An entire tablespoon of mustard. Salt, pepper, garlic and dill in nearly the same quantity. 5 yolks and a little over a cup of olive oil. One huge lemon. I miss using honey but I'm minimizing carbs.

Personals / Re: Dating a paleo man
« on: June 17, 2019, 10:30:46 pm »
Met the most beautiful girl last night that said she wanted to run my fingers through my hair. She was with a guy and I asked her if it was her boyfriend. She said no and that she would like to get to know me better but left a minute later. But not before I asked for her number. She said she said didn't have a phone. She asked me if I cook and I told her I was an excellent cook.  I'm just dreading the moment when she finds out I'm on  a raw diet oft mostly meat.  The only cooking I've done in a while has been for other people and my dogs...

Primal Diet / Re: Sunfoods Coconut oil
« on: June 17, 2019, 12:18:22 am »
I go off and on coconut oil. Grassfed fats are nearly impossible to find. Frankly I'm not sure which is worse, coconut oil or conventionally raised tallow. Been eating butter but that's probably no better... even worse since it's pasteurized.  At this point I'm about to give up and just start using conventionally raised tallow. It tastes ok but I just don't like the idea of consuming it, knowing most of the stuff that's not good for you is stored in the fat. I guess it's time to call all of the butchers and look on the internet for a source of grass fed tallow for the hundredth time. Who knows I might get lucky this time...

I've always consumed raw liver in the form of smoothies. Been doing it for many years. At first I combined my organ meat smoothies with pineapple juice. The acid makes liver thicken and gives it a creamy like texture that reminds me of a milk shake. I've also used vinegar, as well as lemon juice. Used to mix in all kinds of herbs, supplements and sometimes salt. But now I only like it plain mixed with water. I never could stand the taste of cooked liver but never minded it raw and actually love it now. Normally I eat  2 or 3, four ounce slices a day but have eaten as many as six. Other than in a smoothie I've also sliced it into bit size pieces and even tried grating it. It's ok with onions but I really don't care for it that way.

I like my muscle meats raw and find grass fed to taste ten times better than conventionally raised raw but when cooked I like the taste of conventional meat. Weird how cooking disguises the taste. When raw I like my meat slightly warmed (112.4 F) with melted or sliced butter or cold with lemon juice and either butter or coconut oil. I also like salt and spices but smoothies taste best with plain old water. Heart meat is good both sliced if it is trimmed well or in smoothies you can just grind up the whole thing, valves and all, which is how I nearly always consume it.  I love raw salmon warmed to 112.4 degrees F. At this temperature it's still very pink but falls apart easily and the skin is no longer tough. The meat is also good when sliced frozen by a food processor with lemon but the skin is as tough as leather, which I find unpleasant. New York steak is very good raw. It has excellent flavor and only one thin line of gristle through most of it, which I normally eat. Rib eye is soft with stringy gristle running through much of it which is even harder to cut with a knife. My favorite by far is raw grassfed hamburger though. I guess I'm not as hard core as most of the people on this forum who find it appealing to tear through a big chunk of meat with their bare hands...

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:21:48 pm »
No wonder raw milk is illegal...

Primal Diet / Re: Hydration mineral water versus veg juices
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:18:59 pm »
So many ridiculous posts in this thread. If someone had wanted Aadjenous dead for his views on his diet they would have given him food poisoning, not pushed him off a railing. Only thing that makes sense is that he fell and if there was fowl play that it most likely was caused by one of his followers. It is reported that he was an awful man and filed frivolous lawsuits on any competition who preached his work as well as those work he stole from.

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:27:01 am »
What is a cheese train? Do you eat it or ride on it? According to what I read when I googled him, Aajonus was a drunk, a cheat and a hypocrite. He gave bad advise and died looking much older than his age. He also filed a lot of lawsuits, many of which hindered knowledge, He stole other people's work. He was also obsessed with paranoia. I have no respect for him.   

I just made the thickest, most killer batch of mayonnaise ever!

Managed to crowd 5 egg yolks and a huge lemon into a 16 oz jar half full of oil and get it to come out super thick. Lately my mayo has been coming out soupy but still emulsifying to some degree.

This time instead of warming up the egg yolks to room temperature I started out chilling everything in the refrigerator. I only added a little lemon to the chilled mixture and slowly dribbled in the rest after the mayo had already formed a few drops at a time and it didn't seem to thin out at all. As the weather has been getting hot here it's been causing my mayonnaise to fail. Hopefully it's not a fluke and refrigerating everything has taken care of the situation. I know that a little water, lemon or vinegar and having all the ingredients the same temperature seems to be key when it comes to making mayo. I never knew though that you could chill everything instead of bringing everything to room temperature to work. Apparently it works even better than trying to make it at room temperature.

My mayo is 100% raw though not 100% carnivore. I've made carnivore mayo in the past from bacon grease and other animal fats but then the fat is cooked so it's no longer raw. Mayo tastes great on raw fish and on raw hamburger and is a great substitute when I get tired of adding butter or coconut oil to get my fat content up. 5 egg yolks in 8 oz of oil is more than ten times the amount of eggs you are supposed to use. I think next time I'm going to try even more!

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 12, 2019, 10:27:29 pm »
He did say sugar cube size. Not cheese with sugar. Even so, knowing what I know, I would never take any advise from Aajonus. You would have better luck flipping a coin...

I noticed Andrew Graf drinking raw milk in one of his videos. I don't think he looks as good as before he started doing that and is probably in good health in spite of drinking milk; not because of it.

General Discussion / Re: Roots and Shoots
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:47:11 pm »

You must have tried tray grown wheatgrass juice. I agree that stuff is disgusting. The taste and nutrition of wheatgrass juice grown for 6 months in the winter on glacial soil has no comparison because the roots go down many feet and extract the nutrition from deep in the soil. Unless you meet those conditions, it is only available in powder form. This powder form was what was tested and found to have miraculous properties in animal experiments. Not the stuff grown in plastic trays. The difference in taste is like night and day. Way more drastic than the taste between grass fed and  feed lot beef.

I spent the last week or so on a strict raw meat and wild caught fish diet with no spices but have been using salt, pepper, garlic, dill weed and apple cider vinegar or lemons over the weekend, which makes it much more palatable.

What a drastic difference returning to raw carnivore has made. Both mentally and physically.

Though they are better than beans I've seen a drastic decline since I started eating natto, which when I got tired of it led to consuming all kinds of stuff. Oh well. I guess I needed to go there to realize just how good I feel on the proper diet. I may go back to eating some raw vegetables and maybe even some fruits down the road; but not starchy carbs which require cooking. At least I hope not. I'm also considering 100% raw carnivore with no salt or spices but not sure if I have the will power to do that for an extended period of time. I've also been using my sous vide cooker to warm my food up but have never gone over 112.5 degrees. I find I love ice cold raw grass fed hamburger and it's pretty cheap when it goes on sale and stock up my freezer. I was adding a little butter because it is so low in fat but have switched to coconut oil. I've also started using olive oil to make home made mayonnaise to put on my fish. I wish I was lucky enough to find grass fed tallow but I think the virgin coconut oil is better than conventional butter and feel pretty good on it. I think this is a diet I can afford as well as have the will power to stick to. In other words sustainable. I'll miss using spices like paprika but being nightshade free seems to work for me.


I just did a google search to confirm. Inulin is a soluble starch; so I am drinking it when I make a cup of chicory tea. Wasn't sure about that. It actually tastes better than coffee but there's no caffeine buzz from it. It's also roasted so I'm sure it contains AGE's

General Discussion / Re: Roots and Shoots
« on: June 09, 2019, 12:33:27 am »
When an animal gets sick they don't eat an entire plate of salad. My dogs used to eat a few shoots of grass. Often they would vomit up the grass along with all kinds of mucus. I think wheatgrass juice is a good substitute for eating grass like a dog or the huge amount of starchy vegetables most people tend to eat.

did you ever try eating raw meat with cooked veggies in one meal, to see if you have digestion problems or not?

Interesting that norawnofun mentioned in the post you quoted said he was experimenting with inulun.  I been strictly carnivore except for tea and a few supplements and the main tea I make is chicory which is famous for containing inulun.

As many of you may be aware of I was making natto and suddenly got tired of it. This lead to me going back to vegetables. The natto also made me crave caffeine which I now realize I am addicted to and feel I must treat like consuming alcohol. Total abstinence.  I think cooked food is also an addiction. I've gone back to 100 percent raw carnivore diet for almost two weeks and yesterday began putting some spices on my meat.

I can't believe how good I feel on raw carnivore. I wish I had never stopped it.

The cravings I've been having for cooked food and vegetables have been insatiable. I've been allowing herbal teas but that only helps somewhat.

I can't believe how fast my health deteriorated on cooked foods and vegetables. I also can't believe how rapidly it came back returning to raw carnivore. It's simply remarkable... 

Here's another Andrew Graf video that's a little more different than his normal canned speech. It's geared more towards the beginner or someone who is curious.


I watched the three videos and he pretty much said the same thing.  Here's another video where he says all that but Shawn gets him talking and gets a bit more information out of him that isn't in the other videos. I recommend you skip the previous three and only watch this one. If you watched them already, sorry!

More new videos by Andrew Graf. The first one was just made today!

Haven't even had a chance to watch these yet. I'm posting them here first for you guys. This guy is the real deal!

Sometimes I consume more than a pound of raw liver a day. I wonder how much is too much. Especially when I am cautioned not to consume more than a few ounces per week. I wish there were more data available. Yesterday I only ate half a pound.

This is bullshit. How do you explain a 100 gram can of cod liver having zero percent of vitamin A? It's not just cod livers. I see this kind of thing everywhere. How do I know what is the truth?

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 100 grams
Amount Per Serving
Calories 437
Calories from Fat 392
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 44.2g
Saturated Fat 9g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 433mg
Potassium 130mg
Total Carbohydrate 2g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 9.3g
Vitamin A  0%    •    Vitamin C  0%
Calcium  1%    •    Iron  5%
Thiamin  3%    •    Riboflavin  43%
Vitamin B6  8%    •    Vitamin B12  177%
Niacin  13%    •    Phosphorus  10%
Vitamin D  7%    •    
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

    Log this Food

Hot Topics / Re: Anyone Ever Made Natto?
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:43:06 am »
My throat felt a little raw last night. I think it was from the nattokinase but it is all better this morning. I also noticed my pee seemed kind of cloudy. I wonder if my kidneys were filtering out all the excess calcium that might have been dissolved by the nattokinase. I think a teaspoon is ok but a tablespoon is definitely pushing it.

I just put the second batch of natto in the fridge. The first one has had a couple of days to age and is just about ready. I'm thinking of eating some for breakfast but I should probably wait and have a few liver and organ meat smoothies first or it will spoil my apatite. It's weird that I'm hungry for natto now but can wait a while for liver which is much more filling.

Hot Topics / Re: Anyone Ever Made Natto?
« on: May 22, 2019, 02:19:00 am »
While waiting for my natto to ferment I took some nattokinase, the extract from natto. I bought an entire kilogram a while back (got a really good deal on Ebay) and took a heaping tablespoon and I can really feel it. I also took a tablespoon a few days ago and felt fantastic, took my 2nd one this morning. I was trying to figure out why and was suspecting everything but the nattokinase. A teaspoon was the most I ever took before and they only recommend a 32nd of one so I took a massive dose. Don't know if it's wise to take that much long term. I got a feeling it is but intend to use caution.

Been wondering which is better, natto or nattokinase. From reading they say only the natto contains vitamin K2 and depending on what I read it either contains more than anything else in the world or a lot. I don't know how much nattokinase is in natto. Probably have to eat several pounds of natto to get the equivalent of a tablespoon, would be my guess.

Maybe I'll continue taking a break from natto, It's been almost 2 weeks. I got one batch aging and a 2nd one fermenting as I write this.

I read so damn much and it seems like I know so little...

Hot Topics / Re: Anyone Ever Made Natto?
« on: May 19, 2019, 07:33:25 pm »
I took a break from natto for a while and just started making a batch yesterday. I'm not sure what to think of it. It's definitely a good food but probably not the miracle that everyone claims it to be. I'm glad I know how to make it and I think it would be a great survival food in a SHTF situation when organ meat becomes unavailable because the electricity has gone out. Hopefully that will never happen. As a society we are pretty stupid so I think we should all be prepared.

Natto is to beans what yogurt is to milk... I guess I have tried fermenting everything except high meat, which I have no desire to ever try. I don't know how you guys do it!

Health / Re: weakening eyesight
« on: May 19, 2019, 07:09:39 pm »
I tried the Bates method. I don't think it helped that much. Maybe it did. I never managed to throw away my glasses but I have kept the same prescription for over the past 40 years. Before that I needed stronger and stronger lenses every time I went to the eye doctor. I think diet did more for my vision than the Bates method ever did. Ten years ago my ex girlfriend had vision like a hawk and for the past few years I see better than she does with my correction of course... I think raw organ meat smoothies, especially liver, has helped my vision tremendously. I had to stop wearing contacts thirty years ago when I moved to a dry climate but have been able to wear them just fine for the past five years with no problems even though I live on one of the driest places on earth. The best part is it has helped virtually everything else just as good as my eyesight. I wish my parents had never made me wear glasses. I think your vision "hardens" at a young age and your eyes grow that way but I am always open for suggestions. The vet said my dog had only a few months to live and suggested I euthanize her. Instead I started feeding her raw liver about the same time I discovered smoothies. It's been five years and she's still alive, even though she's been on borrowed time for quite a while. My eyesight was pretty bad back then and has gotten a lot better though I suspect I will always need to use correction.

I was really hoping to see a detailed analysis but that was extremely general and vague.  Better off reading labels but labels are bad too. Why are they allowed to put zero percent of something on the label whenever they don't test for it? That really sucks and is essentially a lie. Who can you trust?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New and Concerns
« on: May 08, 2019, 11:21:45 pm »
I feel that the body gets used to toxins and a poisonous diet and that when you go on a raw diet and then eat something cooked it is much more detrimental. The same is true of coffee. If I drink it every day all day long I can fall asleep easily right after drinking it but if I have a cup after not having had one for a while it will upset my stomach and keep me up all night. Smokers can also tolerate much higher doses of nicotine than non smokers. It's not that much different when it comes to raw and cooked foods. 

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