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General Discussion / Re: fish vs red meats
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:25:59 pm »
His doctor said that the cause of his ALS is that there is much mercury inside his body, presumably caused by his daily consumption of wild-caught fish, which has been his main diet for years because he is rich enough to afford it. What will you say about this?

    His doctor is a raw foodist?  For years he ate all raw fish only and only saw negative outcome?  Was he intentionally making more money cause he craved fish and wanted enough money for what he got in fish?  Many rich people hate fish and eat lots of prime rib.

Primal Diet / Re: Frozen Meat
« on: January 27, 2012, 03:14:12 pm »
    I've tried some frozen glands and chicken. I couldn't give eating the chicken a fair shot, it just felt wrong, so I didn't swallow it. After the glands I got some swelling.

I just don't know what to do with the rest of the skimmed milk...:-S because I'm supposed to be only eating the fatty part. 

    You might bathe in it, or make it into house paint.  It's good for fattening chickens and pigs.  I don't know if that means it gives them metabolic syndrome.  Maybe you have a neighbor who would want grass fed skim milk. A soup kitchen.

General Discussion / Re: eggs shelf life
« on: January 27, 2012, 02:56:59 am »
I'm sure it's 2 weeks.
Maybe because it is the tropical weather in my location?

    You can't make higheggs there?  What if you would bury them, like some Chinese people do.  I have some really old eggs here.  Wish me luck, I am going to eat one or more today.

Welcoming Committee / Re: howdy
« on: January 27, 2012, 02:47:27 am »
I don't know how much longer I can last, though I do believe I have the mental stamina to last as long as it takes. Does it get easier to go raw paleo?

    What are you eating exactly?

  Arnold never ate raw meat.

    How do you know he never ate raw meat. I read he was raised on raw meat and raw milk, but I did not save the information.

Uma Thurman and Mel Gibson are the only celebrities I know who follow a raw-meat diet.

    I read that about Uma, and that Mel consumes also olive oil, avocado and alcohol, calls it The Tiger Diet.

Primal Diet / Re: 2 week milk
« on: January 20, 2012, 08:31:52 am »
    WAP people say it lasts two weeks in the fridge. I say it tastes disgusting then, maybe throw it in the bath? Now, two weeks out of the fridge, that's some yummy stuff :P

        I have sensitivity in my lungs.  It started when I was vegan.   It felt like I had a thick fog in my lungs.  Even as a child though, my lung lining felt sensitive to gases in the air that did not affect other people. A decade ago I was diagnosed with systemic problems that could include lung, but didn't.  They didn't check my lungs AFAIK, but my lungs were never giving me symptoms then anyway. After they did start bothering me, but I hadn't told anyone at all, AV saw lots of crap in my lungs, through my eyes.  Lung disease does run in my family too.  I have not tried parasites or worms.  Interestingly though, eating enough raw meat my lungs feel perfect.  If I avoid meat, after about a week my lungs have pain, and not only in one spot, and front and back.   When I start eating raw meat again I start sneezing, then the sneezing stops, and my lungs feel perfect again.  I feel the raw meat is somehow helping my lungs.  I wonder if eating animal lung would help more.  I don't know if the following is because of lung or just lung, but I have specifically had a feeling like I was low in oxygen many times in my life .. and eating highmeats get me feeling very well oxygenated.  I wonder if it has to do with which types of microorganisms are growing on highmeat, or just that it's so easy to digest.  I would like to try lung highmeats, to see if that has effect.  Have to run! Bye.


    It sounds wonderful, thank you so much!  Uropathy with his high fruit vegetarian diet makes a lot of sense.  Fortunately or unfortunately, he reacts better to the idea of eating meat, so far.  I will share this with him.  I'm very happy for your healing!  Hopefully my son will change his mind and read your information and use it.

    @Dorothy, the reason more or less why I updated this thread at this time is because I was referring a forum member to it.

Main points:  eat only when really hungry, eat small amounts and build gradually, don't mix it with any other foods, eat grass fed only,  and wait at least two hours before eating anything else, let it digest fully.    ...  He should find out for himself after the first time eating raw meat that it went well and his trust should build naturally. 

    I share with him everything from this thread.

    When he tried the fish, I think he did that, waited till he was very hungry, as he was not relishing the idea of the taste of animal, nor going against his vegetarian philosophy of by eating flesh comparing the body then to a cemetery (repository for dead bodies of animals).

    I think he ate too much fish at each sitting. He was hungry! And he got it down his throat easily etc.

    I think he ate it with tomato (organic ripened naturally), refused fat, if I recall, he ate cucumber with it?

    It was wild-caught sustainablly harvested etc. He would never touch grain-fed.

    I'm thinking land meat will work a lot better than fish, with his past several year history of nearly exclusively butter, fruit and honey.

You can do this and be safe.... if anyone can do it..... you can do it.

    Hi Dorothy! :)

    He's getting closer and closer to believing with all his heart that eating raw meat is the best food for man.  He still has what he calls his "vegan ethics" though, so no dice.

    From everything I know, I agree with you Dorothy, eggs should come before pieces of or ground muscle meat.  Perhaps liver (raw etc of course) before the other meat.  If you'll read here you'll see where he's at on eggs.  I would support him in doing the meat without eggs first, if or when he does it.  He doesn't feel emotionally ready yet to eat terrestial meat.

    He's had awful reactions when accidentally ingesting a tiny bit of cooked egg or meat in the past.

    He did try raw fish earlier in this thread.  We didn't go to a doctor or hospital when it turned terribly bad, it was his decision not to go. It was his decision to try the fish etc. He enjoyed the feeling eating it each of the first couple days.  It was his suggestion I started this thread in the first place.   He is of age and mind to decide whether to go to a doctor.  He has had way out of the ordinary and ordinary in both cases through MDs very in depth psychological tests, and he has regular psych evaluations, and they find nothing wrong yet, in their expert opinons.  They consider that there's nothing wrong with his mind, besides not being happy about being sick, but that's a normal response.  He has a doctor of his own who since knowing us has investigated raw milk, and is a believer now, although not a practicer of it.  This doctor is not very close by physically for an emergency, and son is concerned, so ..

General Discussion / Re: The Blessed Pig
« on: January 14, 2012, 02:40:09 pm »
Sometimes they'll just eat you if you come in the pen  at all. ROFL 

    A pig nipped me; because the farmer called him over to meet me.  I think the farmer called him the same way when he would bring him food. I wish he would have spoken to him in a sentence, like: "pig, come meet rawzi", rather than the words he used to call: "pig, pig".  The pigs came running across the big green field and surrounded me, and I guess you could say I did a jig to avoid getting a hard bite or getting nipped again. Since, when I visit them, I make sure the farmer isn't the one to call them, if anyone.  I wonder if he introduces them to other people, or just me, it must be obvious I like animals a lot themselves in addition to eating them.

    Sorry about the rambling, and I wouldn't say any of the pigs around here are in pens.  All the farmers, which are few, that I've seen with pigs have them in pastures, keeping them in a smaller more protected area when they give birth and are suckling.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: examples of raw animal fat
« on: January 12, 2012, 06:43:54 pm »
.. I also take in a good quantity of coconut oil (good source of saturated fat) and raw salmon.

    I did AV style raw fresh made coconut cream and salmon on this diet way before I got to marrow, brain, backfat and suet too.

General Discussion / Re: abdomen pain
« on: January 12, 2012, 03:20:00 pm »
... I have only started dairy for the past month but i dont think thats the problem so nobody ever really reports having pains in this region from dairy. ..

    The son I speak of has started to get pain from kefir especially, raw or course, grassfed etc, and even from plain raw grassfed milk if drinking more than a couple ounces of that, and from really raw (grassfed) cheese (salted) and even really carefully made never been out of the range of 102 degree yogurt (grassfed).  He's back on stomach medicine.  The raw butter doesn't seem to pose any problem, but raw cream (grassfed) with berries (organic) does:-\? make him need more stomach meds.

I will think about the milk thistle but if its just a gentler version of the apple juice then i think I will just do the more intense thing as I like to really get in my problems face and obliterate it. I also have an intuitive feeling of the apple juice and grapefruit juice really hitting the part where I have pain and clearing the path. His suggestion just intuitively seems right to me. If the milk thistle is better in any way then let me know however.

    For stomach pains I've had, perhaps thistle would have worked better.  Drinking those two juices, either or, both have made me very acidic.

... I make my own spices out the whole plant. For instance I bought fresh tumeric root last time I shopped which I will dehydrate at a low temperature and grind myself and use in my food as my food. I have drawers of herbs I have grown and only a few that I have had to buy. I will take some of tumeric roots and put them in pots to grow so that hopefully I won't have to buy more. When I have the fresh herb I use that. Sometimes I will eat just oregano and basil for instance from my garden as a snack alone and then sometimes I will use my dried stores of it with other foods... ... They add to the creativity and joy of preparing and eating foods and when I eat them I feel that they are very nutritious for me.

But that might not be the case if someone is buying regular spices in the stores with fillers and that are irradiated - or for people that are very delicate.

    In my chefing days I prepared and foraged all my spices and herbs from scratch too, same way as you. I used a lot more herbs for other people than when preparing food for myself or my family, at least in general I did.  If we needed an herbal treatment I might make something powerful, if it needed that.  You know, when I "cooked" for Ann Wigmore,  she taught never to use seasonings for Energy Soup, their staple, as it was for healing.  The idea was for the body to heal itself, as herbs catalyzed things rather than just allowing.  She allowed herbs if prescribed by your own naturopath for the students in the most extreme shape. In other food items I could add some herbs for flavor.

Hot Topics / Re: Germ theory information
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:45:40 am »
I've read celery is good for diabetes too. 

    I've heard it lowers the blood glucose levels and lowers the blood pressure in hypertensive people.

I ran in to Aajonus' theory via Karl Loren's website via research on raw milk and raw foods. I wasn't raw at that point other than hunting some raw milk to address my then health issues.

    I ran into Karl's site years before I heard of Aajonus.  I was still vegan and looking for supplements.  We wound up visiting with him and his family, sharing 'hits' of germanium.  Later when I was reading up about aajonus seeing if there was any truth in the primal diet I found what Karl wrote about trying the diet on his Vibrant Life site.  He was using lots of raw butter, raw eggs and raw chop meat, but was having a hard time getting raw milk from what I recall in the writing.

    The terrain being important rather than the bacteria, raw food is important IMO because it still has its integrity, not because it has germs.  Germs are just a bonus, if it has even enough to notice.

Hot Topics / Re: essiac tea
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:36:26 am »
What confuses me about snake oil is, if Snake Oil A really works, why is there also Snake Oil B? ... I'm not condemning snake oil, just confused about it.

    I wonder if snake oil was used long ago for the same things some people here now use cod liver oil, skate oil or shark oil.  Did they stop because maybe it didn't work as well?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Raw cow blood?
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:30:32 am »
    Interesting about the spleen size ys.  I got bison spleen I think almost a week after it was slaughtered.  The spleen was rather flat shaped.

Also I believe the massai whip the blood to extract the fibrillin if I recall correctly. Not sure what the purpose of that was though.

    I would think for digestion? To drink the parts that stay more fluid, and chew the chunky parts?

Don't you dare get rid of that nutmeg grinder! ... or at least mail it to me.  ;)

    I think I had a grinder. If so, I will probably run a cross it sooner or later. When that happens, I guess I should ask you for your shipping address? ..

    I agree, I love the magic of cooking too etc and av does use ginger, vanilla and a bunch of other flavors.  Do you have RFLWD?  I (or we) even got a three pot slow cooker recently and I made a meal for my cooked food eater in it.  I was anticipating once the the food started getting near done it would fill the house with familiar aromas of time past.  It did cook, but it kept the food smell well in its pots.  The smell that filled the room (IMO) instead was like burnt plastic or something like that.  It didn't look like it was getting damaged.  I said something to dh, and he said that's normal with these devices, that they always smell like that the first few times, but that there's no harm to anything.  Actually, I was disappointed in the smell, as although I didn't want to smell the cooking food, I would have much preferred it over plastic.  When I did eat cooked food growing up and later which was often a little of every meal, we (or I) used cooking gas. 

    I love the way on a raw food diet so little spice is needed, if any .. a little goes a long way.  A recipe that might normally take .. say .. six different spices at once may taste just as good with only three spices and I do mean not increasing the quantities of even the three .. or two.

If you go looking for singular toxins out of context you head will start to reel and you will stop eating anything. Takes nuts in general for instance. Yeah - they have things in them are bad that's why you don't want to try to live on them exclusively, but there are also loads of great things in them.

    I don't consider spices to be food.  I love food, they don't need spice for me.  Starches do, need spice for me.  I consider that spices are often used to prevent worms and parasites that are gotten with starch foods. 

    Some of AVs meat pastes or sauces contain nuts, but he has his ways of avoiding the pitfalls of nut toxins.  He has mentioned that the reason he has recipes of spice pastes etc is so that when from time to time when he loses his desire to taste meat, he makes the spiced meat dishes to get him over that hump.  He wrote the recipe book to help others with similar (plus there's lots of valuable information in it).  His spice mixes each or many contain a wide variety of different spices in each one.  I don't think any contain nutmeg though.  Like you say, "singular toxins".  Who needs it?  Many people are using raw paleo diet to heal, not because they are already healthy and are ready for the magically spiced recipes.      Many have neurological damage, and might do well to stay away from things like cacao and nutmeg that have a painful effect on parts of their nerve tissue.

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: January 10, 2012, 05:16:24 am »
... ovaries... Has anybody tried them?

... And I know Nstar bison has them sometimes but you need to call, I don't need anything else from them so I would have to pay the shipping fee for just 1 set of ovaries. ...
     ... goose, and adrenals which felt good to me but I only took a small bite each time with surrounding fat, also I tried kidney again. ...
I HATE KIDNEY. I have tried so hard to like it. I have tried it raw, cooked (multiple ways), frozen, fresh (that is best the day it was taken from the animal, I have tried cow, lamb, and pig... and I have tried high kidney, I've tried them all lots of times, but nothing is tolerable. I want so bad to like it b/c my mind says that it's good for me and eventually I will like it, but not yet. Does anybody have any recipe ideas? Maybe if I mix it with lots of sauce. I haven't tried soaking it in milk, but that's next.

    I have heard soaking in milk helps with kidneys. I think WAPF people ferment everything including fermenting meats in whey as a starter medium maybe?  How long did you ferment the kidneys? How did you do it? I can't stand them unless they're wet fermented in a cold jar for weeks, and then they not only taste tolerable but also have very visible good effect on my body.

    I have eaten ovary a few times.  No matter how I've eaten it (and it was always raw and fresh) it never gave me any hint of a bad reaction. I think it's good for me.

    I've tried testicle. It tasted gross even though grassfed fresh etc. I won't bother eating it again. One of my cats threw up from it and she doesn't trust much food from me because of it.

    Today I drank milk that's been sitting in a warm room for a week. It's like thick rich creamy slightly tart tasty yogurt.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Raw cow blood?
« on: January 06, 2012, 08:26:19 pm »
The wound in the cows neck heals up somehow.

    I saw a video before, and they used dry earth to stop the cow right away from bleeding after.  I can't find that one now.

    cover calf eyes, beat blood to separate plasma

    stop bleed using pressure

    fountain bleed Masai Cow Bleeding

    bleed slow Maasai blood drinking ritual pt 1Maasai blood drinking ritual pt 1

 Would you happen to have a link to the interview? i'm really interested in knowing more about this subject.

Esquire magazine
Originally published in the August 2004 issue

I'm going to be ninety in September. Everybody else can have a piece of the birthday cake, but not me. I have rules, and I follow 'em. No cake, no pie, no candy, no ice cream! Haven't had any in seventy-five years. It makes me feel great not eating birthday cake. That's the gift I give myself.

Forget about what you used to do. This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Don't ask me about politics. I don't like to get into Barbra Streisand-ism. Let's stick to what's important.

When I was younger, I drank a quart of blood a day for about six weeks. I'd get it at the slaughterhouse. I'd heard about those Masais, you know, those seven-foot African guys; they'd drink cattle blood for strength. Then one day a little clot got stuck in my throat and that was it for me.

As long as the emphasis is on winning, you're gonna have steroids.

If man makes it, don't eat it.

Of course I have fears. But what good is thinking or talking about them? Billy Graham is about the hereafter. I'm for the here and now.

You've got to satisfy you. If you can't satisfy you, you're a failure.

I work out for two hours every morning, seven days a week -- even when I'm traveling. I hate it. But I love the result! That's the key, baby!

The only way you can hurt your body is if you don't use it.

Look, are you a suckling calf? Name one creature on earth that uses milk after it's weaned. Man's the only one. And man's the only one who lives out only half his life span. A cow has four stomachs. You don't. You can't handle whole milk.

I'd like to talk to Jesus about those twelve disciples. They were a great public-relations team.

If you want to change somebody, don't preach to him. Set an example and shut up.

Scales lie! You lose thirty pounds of muscle and you gain thirty pounds of fat and you weigh the same, right? Take that tape measure out. That won't lie. Your waistline is your lifeline. It should be the same as it was when you were a young person.

If you lose a couple of inches off your stomach, your business down there will look an inch longer.

Sex is giving, giving, giving. The more energy you have, the more you're going to please.

Now, I'm not as sexually active as I was when I was younger. But look at my wife -- she's still smiling!

The guy who's most impressed me is Paul C. Bragg. He completely saved my life. When I was a kid, I was addicted to sugar. I was a skinny kid with pimples and boils. Used to eat ice cream by the quart. I had blinding headaches. I tried to commit suicide. And then one day, my life changed. Bragg was a nutritionist. My mother and I were a little late getting to his lecture. The place was packed, and so we started to leave. But Bragg said, "We don't turn anybody away here. Ushers, bring two seats. Put those two up on the stage." It was the most humiliating moment. There I was, up on stage. I was so ashamed of the way I looked; I didn't want people to see me. Little did I know they had problems, too. And Bragg said, "It doesn't matter what your age is, what your physical condition is. If you obey nature's laws, you can be born again." From that moment on, I completely changed my diet, began to exercise, and went on to become captain of the football team. And do you know something? Every time I get ready to lecture, I think, If I can just help one person like I was helped...

Show me the guy who doesn't get nervous in front of a crowd and I'll show you a lousy speaker.

Would you get your dog up every day, give him a cup of coffee, a doughnut, and a cigarette? Hell, no. You'd kill the damn dog.

You learn as you go. When I first went on television in 1951, I pulled out a loaf of Langendorf's white bread, squeezed it into a ball, and threw it down -- boom. "That's what it does when it hits your stomach!" I said. Only problem was that Langendorf's was one of the network's sponsors! Oh, jeez, the phone calls. That's the last time I ever showed a label.

Go on, have a glass of wine with dinner. What is wine, anyway? Pure grapes. A glass of wine is much better for you than a Coke.

If I don't know what I'm doing by now, I must be pretty stupid.

What I do isn't about money. Can you put a price on a human life?

Any stupid person can die. Dying's easy. Living's a pain in the butt.

I can't afford to die. It'll wreck my image.

General Discussion / Re: Dairy vs. fruit
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:39:51 am »
.. Yeah they may not be for everybody, but unless she is mistaken in her attribution of elevated serum vitamin d levels to the mushrooms, they seem to be effective for some people at least.

    I read it before about shiitakes.  Does she have any D deficiency symptoms? I think a person can be symptomatic while showing high blood level. I think cremini mushrooms may be buttons grown in light, and portabellos just creminis that're allowed to grow more.


Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Raw cow blood?
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:36:25 am »
. It made my stools black and tarry.

    I hadn't thought about how a large amount would come out the other end.  Thanks.

    I saw an interview of Jack LaLanne a couple of years ago. He said he quit drinking the blood after one time that a clot of the blood got caught in his throat.  If he ate egg-whites, cow blood isn't so much different, as for ethics, unless you're Hindu.

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:31:04 am »
   Raw bison chuck roast raw.

    Why do they call it roast? Is that subliminal so you will roast it?

    I can get some pig liver.  I've never tried it plain.  Do you think I should get it?  What is it like?

Hot Topics / Re: Easy Childbirth on Paleo Diets
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:25:55 am »
I would be surprised if sciatica were due always and only to small hips... My lower back pain has greatly improved, though not completely resolved.

    Try sticking a four inch diameter baby skull in the very narrow hips and tell me, walk around with it, don't take it out 24/7. Add the weight of a sack of amniotic fluid laying on top of that. I did have back pain before that, but not nearly as bad, evil dentist 'ton' of mercury etc.

General Discussion / Re: Dairy vs. fruit
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:20:34 am »
    Dry them in direct sunlight or using the uv bulbs.  Make a Rooker dehydrator with the uv bulbs.

    What kind of mushrooms does the lady eat?  Does she have MS?  I think some people need animal sources, as they cannot convert some things.

    People with kidney problems can have problems tolerating uvlight I read; because of the vitamin d/hormone.

Health / Re: Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:13:11 am »
... Women now begin shaving as soon as their first hairs sprout and so most young males will only see shaved women and believe that its the norm.

... All I ask is that it be stylishly trimmed from time to time.

    My (female) classmates talked about when we were eleven years old plans to shave when our leg hair grew in.  I knew I would shave then.  I don't know what happened, I guess once I got started.. that I got bored of it fast.

    Trimming is good.

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