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General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:47:53 am »
Inger, I'm always over 100 g proteins as well although I restrict myself,otherwise I would eat much more because I love it so much.
Your digestive force is very high, so why don't you eat just more fat instead of Protein like most low carber, Keto people advise?
Inger, what does HWC means?

I started taking ACV before and with meals and it seems to help me digest fat and protein  much better. I also take digestive enzymes, ox bile and HCL with my meals and licorice root and turmeric and chili and ginger. All that seems to help me digest better. I think I should stop mixing sooo much vegetable matter with my fat and protein. I try to create balance with it, don't want to eat to acidic, but Van told me already that it might be bad for digestion

Sometimes I think I have parasites. What do you  people do  to avoid them or to get rid of them

HWC means heavy whipping cream....... hard to get raw.. and dairy is no good for me really but I seldom have it with berries (wild) at gatherings or so....

Well... I do not try to count how much fat or protein I eat... sometimes I gorge on pure I am listening to what my body tells me.. and it usually sppeks pretty loud! I am not thinking much about my food at all anymore... I mostly eat the same things and go on with my day.... Today had raw Galloway air dried burgers for breakfast with chickweed, then for lunch raw lambs hearts... lots of oysters... hazelnuts...some pollen.... cucumber.... But I really do not eat much veggies at all... just once in a while.. I like chewing on celery stick, they and cucumber are about the only veggies I eat
I do eat more seafood than meat.. and I mostly eat heart as my meat.... or liver

Picked these oysters yesterday... a bag full... they were pretty big...  8)

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 25, 2014, 01:37:58 pm »
Inger, Many thanks for sharing your health/beauty tips.

Van, your input is always useful.

Inger, I suppose you eat fresh, never-frozen raw seafood. I usually eat frozen wild-caught salmon and shrimps (purchased from Wholefoods) because I think freezing kills parasites. Do you ever worry about parasites in never-frozen wild-caught raw salmon or in wild-caught shrimps? Do you think your marinating sauce might kill parasites?

Well, I for sure prefer fresh, but I can get fresh fish here only thursday and friday, so I buy a lot and eat half of it fresh and the rest I freeze for a couple of day or it would go rancid....
I do not freeze because of parasites, or use ACV because of parasites. I am not afraid of them one bit.
I have eaten raw fish where I have seen the parasites, not only once... and I do raw fish heads and roe and fishmilk in my smoothies too... parasites seems to not like
I believe, when we live in tune with nature parasites will not take over. And I also believe a healthy stomach acid will kill most of them. So if you have a  disturbed digestion you might want to be careful.
Otherwise, just eat papaya seeds and peel, drink herbal teas that kill worms etc. once in a while. I do think parasites can be a issue for some, but it has not been for me AFAIK / am aware of. I always think in context here too. You need to know your own risks.

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 25, 2014, 01:27:13 pm »
Inger, you have such a lovely body 8)
Tell me, what do you mean by high protein diet. I always make an effort to keep protein low and eat fat and some veggies for satiation. How much protein approximately contains a normal meal for you? Do you take the ACV for taste or for better digestion? And do you include eggs?  And Inger, since when do you eat so much nuts? I thought you where against it because of all the O 6 and the phytic acid and the mold problem etc

Hi, littleElefant :)

I never count macros. But when I do for fun I am always way over 100 gram protein /day. I eat between 500g and 1 kg seafood and meat/organs / day
but what I do too...... I never get artificial blue light in my eyes after sunset - I am very strict about this. I go early to bed (as I get so tired) raise early (never use alarm) and sleep so well. I do anything I can to avoid non native EMF. I have moved to a tiny town close to the shore... full of oysters. And I keep it cool.... All on purpose. I believe, in today's world.. if we are bathing in nnEMF 24/7 high protein or high carbs are both no good idea. But if you live more naturally, high protein is never going to hurt you. This is what all my research tell me and also my own experience. You always need the context!
It is not all about food.... by far not

Nuts needs context too ;). As Van says, get good quality nuts, eat them raw (!) and fresh and always with seafood. Then they want hurt you. I eat so much seafood I kind of need nuts to balance out all the omega
Not going to eat nuts in the winter tho, as they have some carbs. Hazelnuts are my favorite nuts now... I buy them from Orkos.. to be sure they are raw. in shell or shelled. But I never keep nuts stored for long time, and I keep them in my fridge.
I also am picky with what nuts I eat. I never eat cashews. I do not eat much walnuts either as they are so hard to get fresh.. or they get rancid so fast? I just do not want them.... but I do wild Siberian Ceder nuts and I do hazelnuts.. and some almonds (soaked) and Brazil nuts once in a while... sometimes I do sesame seeds... and I love pistachios too. With nuts  I very much know what I need.. as my body tells me - weird huh! Sometimes I love pistachios, and then, all of a sudden I can care no less... and I gorge on hazelnuts my body is clear on this...
But it is not that I eat lots of nuts all the time. Summer/fall is nut time by me :) need to get some Omega6 in for the winter ;)
I do believe nuts can be bad for some people with certain illnesses, as eggs can too.

I do ACV for taste only. I use lime or lemon juice too at times. I just love the chevice style with herring and mackerel, salmon too
I do not have issues with digesting anything I eat... thankfully :) I occasionally gorge on a 600 g "steak" and I digest it perfectly fine....

I do eat some eggs once in a while - sometimes I even crave them a little! But I try to get pastured and always the best quality - i am picky with that.

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 24, 2014, 11:18:53 pm »
You look great Inger!

I want to ask you about your favorite way of eating raw herring. It's the cheapest fish for me and I can afford it often for that reason.

I make fish head smoothie from the heads and roe and fish milk,
the rest I make into filet and  cut into slices and mix with
-raw onion, sliced
-grated fresh ginger (optional)
-chopped garlic (optional)
-Piment (brown pepper) (optional, gives a great taste!)
-a tiny bit of raw wild honey (optional)

let it marinate over night and enjoy! I make a huge bowl and eat for 2-3 days..... easy and so yummy
I eat this all the time, and i never get tired of

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 24, 2014, 11:06:30 pm »
Thank you, Inger. You do have muscles! I am impressed.

If I may ask, what about facial skin, such as wrinkles and skin lagging? You do look good in your photo. But photos do not show fine wrinkles.  Some say that high-protein and high-calorie are aging and could cause skin aging quick.

Well, I have always had wrinkles under my eyes, even as a baby......... go figure! So I would lie if I said I were wrinkle-less. Also my high fruit rawfood years really did no good to my skin too.... I have never had that great a skin anyways. But I can say for sure, I have never had better skin than I have now :) it is so soft and smooth! And i have less wrinkles now than I had 6 years ago with high fruit..........
also I easily get cellulite... and that is practically gone...... I bet it would go away 100% if I quit drinking my close to daily cold cardamom-coffee cup and the occasional wine.. and I seldom have some HWC or grassfed butter too. Those all worsens my cellulite (inflammation). But still, I have almost non back :)

I am in the sun all the time... my whole life already.. and never use sunscreen... so i am sure going to get but I am not worried at all about that. I rather be healthy as a horse with some wrinkles than unhealthy and wrinkle-less....  ;D

To me a high sugar diet (=high fruit)  is the one that gives me wrinkles most effectively.....

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:21:34 am »
raw paleo junk is not great food at all. You need to quit that stuff if you are not healthy / having an eating disorder

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:16:42 am »
Inger, you look very good in your photo.
One thing I don't understand: According to the charts mentioned in this thread, raw seafood is high in AGE (in the hundreds of units) compared with vegetables/cooked starches. So how come you have very low AGE levels?

Because I do not eat any sugar / carbs. Except some green veggie here and there and wild herbs and wild berries and very little raw wild honey and I do eat raw nuts - I do carbs seasonally. I avoid carbs in winter. I eat a little bit in summer but also then have days where I am zero carb.

high sugar intake and stress (also exercise!) gives you higher AGE level in your body too

I eat around 3000 calories / day, high protein, high fat, do zero exercise, am 38 yo in a few days and 166 cm

I still have muscles, even if being that sedentary and eating so many calories
I feel very strong and healthy
(pic from a few weeks ago)

General Discussion / Re: Group Fast anyone?
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:06:58 pm »
Are you kidding?
You say you have a binge disorder/eating disorder... fasting is a very bad idea for you.

I have had eating disorder too, and what helped me the most was going ketogenic. I never fast anymore. I feel so great, I have no need to.
Are you serious about getting back your health?

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:19:10 pm »
you need to listen to what your body needs, using your intellect simultaneously

I sometimes crave organs/meat/beef fat when I have been eating lots of seafood for days. Means my body craves saturated fat - so I eat it
You need to exercise your sensitivity - and you do that by living in tune with the nature! The more unnatural life you live (being much inside... fake lights... fake temps... fake foods... too little sun, too much clothes...etc) the less good your intuition will work about what is good for you.

This is what I often have for breakfast, oysters picked by me, and raw wild salmon (more often I do herring or mackerel) in ACV/lemon/limejuice and raw onions + a little sea salt, you can add grated ginger too / a little raw wild honey if you like
The greens are wild crispy salty things I have picked by the shore - so yummy!

so yummy oysters......

This is Galloway meat from a local farm... it is divine. Only pastured, get some hay in winter.. Galloway is my favorite so far. They grow very slowly, and they are an old kind of cattle from Scotland..

I usually eat 2 meals of seafood an 1 land animal, which mostly is raw heart, I also do raw liver once in a while.

I often do raw nuts for dessert, I love hazelnuts! I eat the a lot now in summer and fall. Almost every day. I love pistachios too.... and I sometimes eat coconut, in summer. I have some organic young coconuts in my fridge now.... they are not native to here but I do allow myself to eat them in summer... I love the juice and the meat!

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:16:58 am »
If you want to reduce inflammation effectively, I recommend lots of raw seafood.. lots of it. Preferably oysters... and keep it cold..
and keep it dark = avoid fake light and stress
you will get results, I am confident :)

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:13:28 am »
 I would never eat rice, Eveheart. I have read about stuff in it that is no good for us... I just do not remember what it was right now. And anyways it is a unnatural food for me. I have never seen any around... in the wild....nothing close to it

I would be careful with believing, only because a food is low in AGE it is good for you.... big mistake.. we need to see a way bigger picture

Toasted seeds is pretty much poison   -[ I would never eat your bar  l)

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: GCB:Eating meat regularly is harmful to health
« on: September 17, 2014, 04:13:49 pm »
Durian is divine.
I would still never eat it in winter (Europe) or in fact... not much at all because I live so far north
too much sugar for my latitude

General Discussion / Re: New post on advanced glycation end products
« on: September 17, 2014, 04:08:25 pm »
I eat almost only raw animal food, go heavy on raw seafood and lots of oysters... but lots of raw grassfed heart too. I have very low AGE levels.
I have it cool in my home, use minimal clothing and swim/dip in cold waters.
Cold and seafood are the best for lowering inflammation IMHO.
Also, avoid non native EMF and fake lights.

Love the series to cook or not to cook!

I tested my AGE levels and they were crazy low (5 yo level).
I have avoided carbs pretty much for close to 6 years. I eat mainly raw animal food.

I feel great. Love this WOE. I sure feel a different level of energy with raw and so fun to read more about why  :)
Thank you for doing the work!

Off Topic / Re: Europe Goes Full Retard... Going to be a Cold Winter?
« on: September 13, 2014, 01:39:35 am »
Well... good I love the cold...  ;)

Health / Re: tinea crusis - yeast rash on groin area
« on: August 25, 2014, 10:29:33 pm »
As I said above, it is no option to quit eating seafood. We need DHA badly for our brains.
Instead we need to focus on how to better be able to detox the stuff - a healthy body should be able to do that. So we need to increase our overall health - not stop eating seafood. That would be a bad mistake.

I do not think chelating is clever at all. In fact, it can be pretty dangerous, as your experience shows too.

General Discussion / Re: Can you see if you are Carni/Omni/Herbivore?
« on: August 25, 2014, 10:21:24 pm »
Well, I certainly do not believe you can see on a face what kind of food it needs to eat, after all, it is what that person + its momma ate and how she and her ancestors lived that made it look like it does.

I can pretty much see if a person is a vegan / vegetarian tho.... or a carnivore/eating more animal foods....
Vegans just have those narrow faces and look just weaker - less muscles.. sure there are vegans that make lots of sport that are more muscular but i speak average. I would say there is something more feminine to vegan men, i do not think i could ever feel attracted to one - at least so far i have not

I am pretty sure i have become broader jaws and also otherwise too somehow "bigger" on carnivore foods....
i do no sports but my shoulders are broader, many clothes does not fit at all like they did at my "close to vegan" days - even if I am not fat, just i am bigger somehow.
But I like it. Very much  :)

Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« on: August 24, 2014, 10:56:41 pm »
Thanks for the calming information Inger, and of course the best thing is to try things out yourself to se results :) But the question still remains..  I just want to say that i am absolutely not an expert in this field but the question as far as i have read aromatase is an enzyme that you can find in estrogen producing cells like in the fat tissue among others? Maybe it doesn't affect you the same way when you consume it as appose to when your own body produces it ?

Here is a link to a thread where the subject is discussed, this might explain the question better than what i do?


Maybe they just got it wrong?

IMHO too... all bullshit.

Rawswede, do you have an estrogen dominance problem? How are you eating / living? How are you feeling?
Why don't you go and test by a doc instead of reading and believing in all sort of stuff on the internet?

Think naturally. Then you will get your answers. Eat what is natural and seasonal, (as wild as it gets) to where you live, and you will have no doubts anymore - and you will feel great!

Health / Re: tinea crusis - yeast rash on groin area
« on: August 24, 2014, 10:51:04 pm »
Cherimoya Kid is right.

You are way worse off if you avoid seafood. There are stuff in seafood that we get nowhere else. Critical for humans.

Our bodies are made to detox almost anything - if we live right. That is why being outside, exploring the nature, swim in natural waters, getting sun and wind on your skin etc. is very important.

If you live totally unnatural life with clothes on 100% of the time, being inside with technology - then you will have to be afraid of many things. Because you body will not work properly.

That said, of course always choose the best seafood and least contaminated you can afford.

Journals / Re: DaBoss88's healing schizophrenia journal
« on: August 21, 2014, 09:53:03 pm »
Love it ^^^  :)

I just bought the book "Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia" and going to send it to my brother, because of you :)

Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« on: August 21, 2014, 09:48:39 pm »
It really is important to do it scientifically = try something out, then go to a lab and test. test and test again. That is the only way to know the truth IMHO.
It might cost a bit, but it is a great thing to invest in. To be your own doctor is actually very fun and very interesting! You learn a ton... we should all do biohacks and then report to the community, would add a lot of value IMO

Real knowledge ends speculations and fear :)

Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« on: August 21, 2014, 09:42:31 pm »
Well, I might not understand the theory too well, but i for sure know fat does NOT increase your estrogen, if you eat good quality food stuff.
I have been eating unreal amounts of fat last years and my estrogen is at very good/normal levels, not high. I have tested. Could actually be a little higer, i have about mid levels and i would like to be in the upper 25 % range.
I know many male persons that eat a ketogenic diet and are just very muscular and not one bit looking like they have too much
i think it is also the balance of the hormones that matters a lot.

If you eat lots of dairy, IDK if that could do something like that, but i do not count regular use of dairy to a healthy diet anyways.

You need to go and test your hormones in a lab, and then go from there, eat lots of fat, test again in some months and see where it takes you.
We very much need cholesterol because that is what our body makes hormones of. It is a big lie that it should need to be low. I have a high cholesterol level, mine was last time i tested (more than a year ago.. i need to test again soon)

Total 8,2 mmol/l (317,1)  range 0-5.0
HDL 2,8 mmol/l (108,3)    range 1,0-99999.0
LDL 4,7 mmol/l (181,7)     range 0,0-3,0
Triglycerides 0,8 mmol/l (70) range 0,0-2,0

well, i would like it even higher, that is the truth, my doc thinks the

If you want to raise your testosteron, do nude tanning as much as you can, on the ground.
And limit your non native EMF exposure (fake light, computer... wifi..etc) as it destroys hormones very effectively, sad but true.

General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 15, 2014, 07:00:28 pm »
I love how you think Eric.

Raw Weston Price / Re: Raw Food and Bone Broth
« on: August 12, 2014, 06:18:41 pm »
This was amazing stuff what you posted there Eric! Have you tried to do this yourself? How did that taste, is it sour, like sauerkraut?
I want to try this.....

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