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General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 12, 2014, 06:05:30 pm »
i like how this forum has individuals that think different and gives different advice. It is makes it all very colorful and not a black and white matter.
Because life is by far not black and white  :)

I think we go along pretty nicely despite our differences  :)

Raw Weston Price / Re: Raw Food and Bone Broth
« on: August 12, 2014, 06:03:48 pm »
I am with Van on this  :)

General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:50:02 pm »
I never believe what I read, Inger, I always doubt. I first tried to read that page from your guru Jack Kruse and found out what I wrote about it. Then I searched if others had the same view, to be reassured that there are some sensible people on this planet...   The pages I linked show that I'm not alone, fortunately!  :)

Great Francois.... I do not care if I am alone tho, not at all..... lol
i have read those bully links of yours long ago my friend and they are trash IMHO  ;)

if you do not stop calling Jack my guru I will come down faster than fast and I do not know what I will do to you  :o
you might regret it, or NOT (depends on the figs....)

General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:48:16 pm »
Inger.  Are you actually eating wild?   WIld foods would be food native to where you live.  So food that grows in the wild by you may not actually be "wild".   It may be a random tree or bush planted there buy man 100's or thousand of years ago... WId would mean food that is actually native to the region you are from...You would have to alot of research to eat "wild"... and then it still might not be right because of your ancestry.. If a person is European living in South America eating local foods... how would the jive with your body?

The most important thing to do is to eat the stuff seasonal to where you live. No matter if you are not native to there. Because it has to do with the sun. Where is lots of sun and carbs grow naturally, we can eat them, because our body needs sunshine to process carbs without them hurting us (this will not work if you live around the equator and a unnatural life with lots of non native EMF)
Just go to the Nature, she will give you the answers. Merciless;)

My main staple food these days are wild oysters picked by myself along the shore.. and wild caught herring and mackerel.. and wild herbs and berries from my surroundings.
I am not 100% wild tho, I do eat some grassfed heart and fat too and sometimes local organic veggies like cucumber, and I even eat raw Nuts, i prefer Hazelnuts - they grow here too, wild.
But my main food sources are wild. And i could practically live very well from them only if I just was a hunter, because I crave saturated fat too at times and that is why I always have grassfed beef fat in my fridge, I just eat it plain like a pastry..yum But I eat it only occasionally.

General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 10, 2014, 09:32:42 pm »

That said, I agree it's better to eat wild foods, their taste is stronger and better as long as they suit our needs. We tend to eat too much cultivated fruits and livestock meat.

hahahaha...... Francois you cannot stop trying to turn Jack down, no?  ;) It just do not work with
If you was to read all the bullshit on the net and believe it, i feel sorry for you. Bullying never suited me and i run away from anything that smells like it - sorry  ;)
Often when we go against the stream there will be many haters.

as you see, in the end we still agree......  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Is wild food actually healthier?
« on: August 10, 2014, 06:25:49 pm »
A buddy of mine is convinced that eating wild food that grows naturally around the area you live in is healthier for you.  Is this true?

He also talks of local foods being better and being in tune with the season but....

things like kale, and broccoli , and bannanas are not even really real... They are artificially selected foods made better by humans.  Is this bad or is this just mumbo jumbo.  because I pretty much eat all the organic fruit and vegetables regardless of "artificial selection"

Well, to me it is clear your friend is right. If you look at the Nature, everything has its seasons, and animals eat what is in season where they live. This is a basic rule.. and it all has their reasons. If yo dig deeper you can find all the answers WHY. I have, after just instinctively getting closer to eat more and more wild and local because it just made me feel better, learned so much about it why that is what we should be doing if we want optimal health. Mind blowing stuff!

This neurosurgeon has helped me a lot to understand it scientifically. It is tough reading, but so worth it

It is not going to be convenient and easy maybe... but no regrets  ;).

Just need to add one thing to this, our human brains evolved through seafood.. so you will have to live close to water too - very important. We need DHA for our special human brains.
Hard to get enough DHA from land animals only, if you maybe do not get lots of raw brains to eat.....

Health / Re: tinea crusis - yeast rash on groin area
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:05:08 pm »
Great update!
Now try to switch those fish oils to real raw seafood, and you are doing yourself a favor  :)
Seafood has iodine too... in its natural package  :)

General Discussion / Re: Edibity of raw meat discussed on major website
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:01:58 pm »
I do not care one bit either. I do not read websites that i think is only trash. My time is way too valuable....

On neurosurgeon Jack Kruse's website you read the opposite - he is a big fan of raw, and explains it scientifically why it is good for us
he also have said, no other animal cook their food, only human, and we should better not.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:21:06 am »
Holy cow... that is huge.... what did you pay for such a beauty / piece?

Did you ever pick them yourself? Did you find big ones then too? Where do you live now Tyler?

Hot Topics / Re: Hybridized Fruits
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:26:57 am »
Nice  :)  :)  :)

Francois please tell me how do you open up oysters, i might do it all wrong? I need help with the big ones, I one morning fought for at least 5 minutes to get that 20 cm long bastard open!  l)
The small ones are easy.. but the big ones.. no  :'(

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:21:02 am »
Haha... tiny? For me they are big..  ;D i want to see the bastards you get in England Tyler, please post a pic or a video..... :-*
The biggest one i find are about 20 cm long. I seriously fight to open them... -[ The very small ones have very much meat in them too, that really suprised me!
They are way way better than the "Sylter Royal" oyster i get in the shop.... the wild i pick are so crazy creamy, like drinking cream, really.... and they have way more meat! Unbelievable... I wonder why there is such a big difference?

Why don't you move here Tyler, would be so nice to hang out with you and pick oysters along the shore  :)  :)  :)

Health / Re: harmful toxins from cooking
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:16:38 am »
I ate dehydrated meat pretty often.. for years.. i made it myself tho. Now i practically do not eat it anymore, i am sure fresh or aged is better for health.
Still i had an AGE level of a 5 year old as i measured it last fall.

Another rawfooder i know of measured hers too, she is just a tad bit older than me but had pretty much higher AGE level even if hers was good too for her age. Bush she eats omnivore raw food and only a small amount of fish and meat, so quite some fruits. I believe sugar is worse for AGE formation... and sugar from fruit is almost as bad as white sugar for the body i guess

Hot Topics / Re: Hybridized Fruits
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:55:25 am »
 Love you guys   :-*  :-*  :-* but i am not as pretty as you think lol
but I am working on it  ;)

Francois might be we need to agree to disagree on some topics  ;)

If you go and watch what I eat these days in my journal you might want to come visit tho  ;D
I am closer to you now, in north Germany, i might come by one day  :)  :)  :) maybe in winter when I need some sun, if you let me!

Suggestion Box / Re: Drinking water after a meal
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:52:52 am »
I drink anytime I want, to meals, in between meals.... my belly is happy  :)

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:49:39 am »
Oh lala..... I was at that favorite beach of mine today - with the lambs on it... and picked 85 oysters..! Against the law  -X but i could not resist... They look way different than the ones i get at the shop so i thought there was none... then i started searching... and found some - and then some... and in the end there were so many but I had to stop collecting because my bag was about to burst :eek:
70 was pretty small and 15 pretty big
I just had a mackerel head smoothie and the mackerel meat from 2 mackerels as cevice and then raw nuts and 4 tiny oysters. They were very creamy and good!!! But i cut me pretty bad at the first one with my oyster knife, very hard to open that tiny bastard! My blood looked very nice and bright read and thin so I must have had enuf water tho ;)

It was so much fun to walk on the sea floor looking for the beauties - the funniest thing ever :) :) :)

Many people have warned me it is dangerous to eat the oysters now as it is so warm, i need to wait for the fall. But I just cannot wait. If I get sick in my stomach it is not so bad, that way I will save some money for food I think! I have never got sick from an oyster yet so sometimes I need to try that too

- - - - -

Well, I washed the oysters.... and ate one of the biggies too... oh man it was so crazy creamy!!!!
Look how big the biggest are, almost as big as a coconut! But there are way more smaller tho.. very small! But they have surprisingly much meat even if they are clearly babies.....
The oysters on the left are not even half of what is still laying unwashed outside the picture

I cannot believe how beautiful they are, everyone is so different
I am so totally proud... I have finally found my oyster paradise :) :) :) :) :)

I know you never have to give up! Always keep searching! And you will get what you look for :)
Biggest secret in life :) :) :)

You just need to know what you want, so you know where to look

Health / Re: Help me! Heal me! (Ulcerative Colitis)
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:58:39 pm »
 here is an EMF rx for you, lots of great info what to do

Health / Re: Help me! Heal me! (Ulcerative Colitis)
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:45:21 pm »
I lived most of my life in a rather big city (Lausanne) from childhood to 2007. What mattered me was the air pollution, noise and traffic congestions.

Of course, living in crowded, polluted and congested town is detrimental. To know what the health improvement of for example what you sister experienced is really due, every possible cause should be isolated and removed one by one. Of course, this ain’t possible… so you can’t know if it’s due to a better air quality, less stress, less noise, less EMFs or even psychological/placebo factors.   

year 2007 is very very different from 2014.
The non native EMF in cities and their surroundings had increased dramatically - more than you can ever imagine, since then, and it continues to do so every year

I am not going to talk to you about this issue anymore before you have read the book

Going somewhere; Truth about a Life in Science
 by Andrew Marino

To get a picture, go and watch, say, Hamburg, on this map. It will show you the antennas....... and how many here are - way more than 1000 just in Hamburg City.
do you really think this is good for us?

When the government of Germany even agree children that live near antennas get more leukemia... and many others health issues too
how can this be good for life? And now that everyone has smart phones... with wifi on 24/7..... even carrying them in their pockets all day long.... spending endless hours in front of the computer... on facebook..etc....
Because you do not have this issue, do not means it does not exist.
I would say it is the biggest single health destroyer today. That is why I will never stop pointing to it. Because close to no one does.
It is not all about the food.


Hot Topics / Re: Hybridized Fruits
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:38:50 pm »
do you guys have a list of fruits you completely avoid? im talking about ones from the supermarket(whole foods). I currently dont have access to wild fruits.

Check out which one has a high fructose content. Avoid them. Choose the one with more glucose instead.
The more cultivated ones tend to have more fructose too.

Like, papaya, figs, plums, berries, pomegranate... etc

Choose the one with stone/kernels - the more the better! Also a sign of less cultivated / more natural stuff

Always choose organic, and ripe

I do still recommend from my heart, if you have health issues - avoid fruits
I know Francois hate me for this  >D - but i stand by it

Health / Re: Help me! Heal me! (Ulcerative Colitis)
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:30:48 pm »

I live in New Jersey--it's densely populated.  Very close to NYC, too--I routinely visit the city.  I live on a ground level apartment.  Not sure what I can do to counteract this...

I've been drinking at least 2 liters of spring water a day.

I seize every possible opportunity to go "sunwalking"--spending lots of time walking with as much skin exposed to the sun as possible.  Going to a nude beach is on my bucketlist...

My level of sleep is not where I'd like it to be...but I've been aiming for at least six hours of quality sleep per night.

I've been doing this for a few years does make things go much more...smoothly...  ;)

Are you also recommending supplementation?

New York and its surroundings are EMF hell to be honest.

You can start with checking out on maps on the internet where celltowers are located close to you
do you get wifi signals at your place? Do you use wifi yourself?

Start with going wired - with everything. Ditch everything wireless in your house. There are always wired options!

Shut off your cellphones at night, and when you have them on, keep them as far away from your body as you can. Talk only on speaker and as little as you can.

Cut the breaker in your bedroom, remove all electronics from it too. Bedroom is for sleep (and sex  ;)) only

Avoid artificial light after sunset, use candles instead! Will help you sleep. Use f.lux on your computer - avoid blue light as much as you can.

2 liters of water is not much, I drink around 4 liter / day.. and I am a woman 165 cm / 54 kg
The non native EMF is dehydrating... that is why we need way more water then we would out in the wild
If you drink it ice cold it is even better!
Cold helps to when in a high EMF environment, it helps mitigate the damage. Try to keepit as cold as you can in your home, and take cold showers/baths.. use as little clothes as possible, just stay cool   ;)

You might have to move to regain full health  if your area is bad regarding non native EMF - I moved too, just 3 weeks ago.

Nope, I generally do not believe in supplements. You need the real package with DHA, not fish oils. It seriously is a huge difference.

I have been visiting the nude beaches around here too, love it  :)
but more than anything i love the tiny tiny lake 10 minutes bike ride from here - I can tan there nude just alone - and it has very poor to zero cellphone connection too, i feel so amazing when I am there!  :)  :)  :)

Health / Re: Help me! Heal me! (Ulcerative Colitis)
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:20:21 pm »
Instead of bone broths, eat the connective tissue and take care to eat the whole animal as much as you can. Eating only the muscle meat is a big mistake

you want the stuff with much collagen in it. Raw heart is great too, more collagen than just the muscles (even if it is sort of a muscle too).

try high meat too, very easy to make, and very good for the gut!

Hot Topics / Re: Hybridized Fruits
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:25:35 am »
You are right about that it is all about context.
But people usually do not want to see the context, and then they get hurt. Like I did. I lived in a country where no Cempedac could ever grow, way too little sun and cold too. But still i ate it. So it hurt me.

I am all for eating wild fruits when they grow in season... except.. if you live a unnatural life in a city and get no sun and grounding. Then I would stay away from sugar no mater what - even if they grow right outside your window.

That is how important sun is for us.... and nature...

Cultivated fruits still have a way higher sugar content than their wild ancestors. Just take the difference between a wild durian and a cultivated. The difference it pretty darn big! Cause I have had both.... don't get me started about other fruits.... banana.. wild and cultivated.. big difference

Health / Re: Help me! Heal me! (Ulcerative Colitis)
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:09:30 am »
i think you do not believe in it because you do not have that issue where you live.
You live on the countryside, right? Or at least lived?
I think you just do not know how bad the EMF situation has gotten in the cities (especially in Scandinavia, USA and Canada i guess) and around them just the last couple of years.
It is fun, you are all about natural eating but do not want to realize, non native radiation is very unnatural too... maybe because some can handle it pretty well... and some do not - and get sick.

My sister had bad diarrhea for a long time, she went to the doctor many times and they could not help. She tried to change her diet too, quit gluten etc. it did not help either. I always told her, you need to move... to the countryside
Then they moved a few weeks ago, from a place in the city where she got bathed in many wifi signals day and night from all the neighbors.. 4G.... every tech comfort you can wish..... to a place with almost no cellphone coverage at all, very remote.
From the first day on at the new place, her diarrhea disappeared.
She has husband and 3 kids that suffer from ADHD. They all feel so much better at the new place. Behavior is improved, moods are better, sleep is better...

I want you to go into a big city and live there for a few weeks or months or years. Eating all that fruit.
Lets see if you mind changes  ;)

I have read about this deeply in theory too - why it happens but that is something you will have to read about yourself, if you are interested.

Hot Topics / Re: Hybridized Fruits
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:35:03 am »
yeah. That is why I do not eat fruit at all anymore. If, I only do the wild stuff. I am a huge fan of wild foods anyways.
Fruit has only hurt me long term.

Hot Topics / Re: Worms/Parasites in raw meats/organs
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:32:16 am »
lets say, you need to know your risks. Make educated decisions. You need to do lots of research. And you need to know about your own health and where it is at. Monitor your health if you can with blood tests etc. I do that too.
If you have a parasite taking over your B12 might get low, etc.

You will get nothing without educating yourself about everything you are puzzled about.
We here can just tell our own N=1, and my is, as i said above, I am not afraid of parasites anymore

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: August 04, 2014, 11:50:26 pm »
Nice :)

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