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I would recommend eating only 1 large meal a day, or even only one large meal every 2 days. Intermittent Fasting is a great way to increase longevity and health, just look at all the online studies supporting it. It is true that one needs to eat high quality raw foods, but the fact is that digestion occupies a lot of the body's resources, so that not eating/digesting all the time allows the body to focus on healing more. As regards variety, this is important as , in palaeo times, our ancestors had access to a far wider variety of foods than in modern times. The other point is that one's tastes change on a RVAF diet. For example, when I first started going rawpalaeo, I would eat lots of raw cod, since then I cannot stand the stuff, for whatever reason. The result is that I regularly change my raw foods  to avoid a monotonous dietary regime.

Thanks TylerDurden. I have had high meat several times in the past; do some people like the taste? I did the jar method that AV recommends; the results were repulsive but I ate it a few times to see what would happen. Are you experienced with high meat?

I have lots of experience aging beef. I would love to try aging chicken and fish, so thanks for the reminder! I loved that earlier post about how our gut pH was similar to ferrets and other scavengers... Definitely confirms my experience of loving well aged meats.

Also my father is a oceanic fisherman, so I'll try wild-caught seafood in a month or two. He also has lobster traps, so I'll give raw lobster a try as well.
Hmm, everyone is different, after all. In the case of "high-meat", I  myself have found only some types of high  meat to be palatable, such as raw tongue, raw marrow etc. I have always found  raw wild game and raw wildcaught seafood to be of the very best taste.

How about trying raw wild game or raw wildcaught seafood? Also, how about trying  "high-meat"  in various forms. Due to recent scientific studies, it might be  a very good idea to try raw, aged meat most of the time.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: March 26, 2019, 07:18:53 am »

I recall a recent article, among many others, where a nurse admitted that she avoided the possibility of an operation like the plague, as she remembered a young male patient in his 20s who went in for a very minor operation but died at the operating table due to an allergy to the anaesthetic, and she knew of many other similiar examples where an unnecessary operation led to further problems and death.

Science / Re: Permanent sticky thread on the anthropocene era
« on: March 24, 2019, 08:41:23 pm »

This sort of thing may not mean much but it has been predicted that (fresh, clean) water will become a scarce resaource for most Earthlings in the next few decades. Drought combined with  pisspoor water-management by humans will ensure scarcity thereof. Fortunately, Austria has no worries re water for a lot longer than most other countries.

Science / Re: Permanent sticky thread on the anthropocene era
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:38:54 pm »

The 2 main toxins in air-pollution are the same as the 2 main toxins in smoking.In other words, even if you are trying to be healthy by not eating cooked foods, you are still getting some of them if you live in most areas of the world. Fortunately, Vienna is a cleaner city than most.

Hot Topics / Pro-cooking claim
« on: March 22, 2019, 08:43:17 pm »

it is highly unlikely to be correct, imo, since language evolved LONG before even neolithic times. It's sad that the public swallow poor science like Wrangham's nonsense and this sort of thing yet there are multitudes of scientific studies focusing on the harmful effects of cooked foods, and yet the nutritionists and other crooks just blithely dismiss any evidence against lightly-cooked foods and pretend they are not sufficiently toxic to humans.

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