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General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 06:08:56 am »
alpha-ovomucin and beta-ovomucin accounted for 67% and 33% of the insoluble and 87% and 13% of the soluble ovomucin, respectively
The carbohydrate contents of alpha-ovomucin and beta-ovomucin are roughly 15% and 60%, respectively.
General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:16:46 am »
Ovomucin represents about 2–4% of the total egg albumen protein in avian eggs, its content in thick egg white being 2–4 times that in thin white. Ovomucin is responsible for the gel-like properties of thick egg albumen.
Egg white thinning, the most important change in egg white during storage, is usually attributed to the degradation of the ovomucin complex.
Egg white contains two forms of ovomucin: insoluble and soluble.
Soluble ovomucin is presented both in thick and thin albumen, while insoluble ovomucin is found only in thick albumen. Insoluble and soluble ovomucin contain different proportions of ovomucin subunits.
General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:13:14 am »
These results suggest that the suppression of cholesterol absorption by direct interaction between cholesterol mixed micelles and OV in the jejunal epithelia is part of the mechanism underlying the hypocholesterolemic action of OV.
OV may also inhibit the reabsorption of bile acids in the ileum, thus lowering the serum cholesterol level."

Anti-adhesive therapy is emerging as an alternative approach to antibiotics against bacterial infection. The anti-adhesive activity of ovomucin hydrolysates against K88ac enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) was confirmed.

General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:12:23 am »
Raw eggs also interact with iron, for the same purpose to deprive bacteria from using it.
Transferrins, such as ovotransferrin (from hens’ eggs) and lactoferrin (from milk), chelate iron, making it unavailable for microorganisms. This probably is not important in food products, however, where plenty of iron is usually available.
Ovotransferrin has an enhanced antimicrobial effect on Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria when complexed with zinc. Synergism is also evident when ovotransferrin is combined with bicarbonate or citrate ions, or with EDTA

At the alkaline pH of raw egg white (pH >9), the iron sequestering ability of ovotransferrin is enhanced, and it is considered to be a major impediment to the growth of many organisms.
The proteins present a relatively hostile environment to invading microorganisms by making biotin, riboflavin, and iron relatively unavailable, inhibiting bacterial proteases and binding bacterial cells together through electrostatic interactions.
Thin albumen differs from the more viscous thick albumen in the amount of the protein ovomucin; the percentages of ovomucin are approximately 1.2% and 7.5% in the thin and thicker albumens, respectively.

It seems that eating whites separately will allow to bind to bile acids and eliminate them.
And if we eat the whole egg, we will eliminate part of its cholesterol.
"OV-feeding significantly increased the fecal excretion of bile acids or cholesterol.
Serum total cholesterol was significantly lower in rats fed OV.
OV may also inhibit the reabsorption of bile acids in the ileum, thus lowering the serum cholesterol level.
General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:11:52 am »
pH :
I should mention that the pH of an egg white is 9, so quite high (alkaline). It can explain I have noticed I like it with an acid. It is quite traditional to use vinegar with eggs and I also liked the effect of mixing egg whites with tomato paste, easy on the stomach. Let's also notice that coffee is quite acidic and might alsoexplain why I find it to be a good mix.
What I have found can suggest it is possible to take beans or psillium WITH raw egg white, but I cannot be sure they make a synergy, as they are not the same fiber.
As beans have proteins, it can be a problem, or may be the reverse if we want more soluble fiber effect than digestion of its proteins? I don't know what effects less digested proteins have on our flora...
And as psyllium is a bit harsher as a fiber though not having proteins or not as much, it might help to take them together, in particular for low carb people or in case of bean intolerance.
Ultimately, I had to decide how to use egg yolks alone again. I mix them some some fat and eat them with meat as a sauce, or use them in fatty bone broth. Using their emulsifiying power sounds like the best.
Last word, another surprise... the raw membrane inside the shell is now sold as a supp... so you can eat it instead of throwing away some nutrition and minerals! As for any part of the egg -and probably any food- increase slowly and listen to your body reactions. We still have instinct, we just have not practised it a lot since our birth.

I separate the whites and use them as a gut cleaner, so that they do not bind to the fat, nor to the biotin.
If it does not bind to the fat, then it binds to the bile in the intestine and helps to not reabsorb it.
Then we make new bile with the colesterol from the egg yolk and can detox more, naturally without doing anything!

Make the link! Eggs have AVIDIN and Streptomyces bacteria produce a protein called streptAVIDIN!
They do so to reduce this nutrient access (biotin but not only) to other bacteria.
Eggs do it to protect themselves from bacteria...
General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:11:27 am »
- Ovomucin increases the fecal excretion of bile acids and cholesterol and inhibit the reabsorption of bile acids.
- Ovomucin is an anti-adhesive agent against infectious diseases.
Actually a raw egg white has a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers, and it explains that the more fresh eggs are more slimy, and they get more liquid when they age. More slimy = more ovomucin (2 to 4 times more)
I have not yet found if there is a difference if eggs are not fertilized, but I am quite sure there is, as I have already read there is a difference in its protein.
So now the practical consequences!
Of course I deducted by crossing the information with the previous ones I have...
- It is worth chosing when and how to eat raw or cooked whites.
- You can use raw egg whites similarly to beans in the bean protocole. What we know from this protocole gives the following conclusions:
- If you eat the yolk with the raw white, you will loose part of the cholesterol and the fat, because soluble fiber binds to it.
- Raw white eaten out of meals -and at least with no fat so no yolk- can lower your cholesterol by making you produce new bile from your cholesterol. And it also helps you detox your bile.
- Raw whites if tolerated (ramp up slowly) will bind bile in the intestine, but also pathogenes! (I have found it is the case for E. Coli)
- Get fresh eggs if you want to get more ovomucin.
So I separated white and yolk again, and did a morning coffee with yolks only again ... and I did not like it!
So I did the improbable... I have made coffee with egg WHITES! ...and I loved it. It just dilutes the taste and gives it a salty hint. (I am still with decaf for the bitter taste, and zero sugar)
As I was searching when to eat raw whites alone and had concluded that an empty stomach as for beans was the best... I have it.
- OF COURSE I cannot know yet if coffee reduces its action or not.
I guess that it is less harsh on the gut than the jelly made by psillium... So it will be my 1st choice for taking in the morning.
- Remember it has sulfur and you have to ramp up within the limit of having sulfur farts... I just can tell that for ME, the side effects went away and I can have 6!
- Ovomucin is an anti-trypsin and has an effect in the duodenum. In order to not bother more than it's own digestion of the white, I still do not know how long after taking it you can eat a meal with protein.
- I have tried another experiment. I know bananas feel heavy and hurt a bit in my stomach. But I tried to eat some, after all they have some soluble fiber too when they are a bit slimy, and when I felt this cold weight in my stomach, I drank some egg whites. And indeed the sensation went away.
General Discussion / Re: Video about raw egg consumption in Japan
« Last post by norawnofun on January 14, 2022, 05:11:00 am »
I think this will be the most comprehensive info you have ever received about eggs:

I already suspected that any slimy animal part was a form of animal fiber, but I was laughed at like "only in plants!. Except that I found out I was right, and here lies the power of raw eggs...
I was checking about the anti-nutrients in raw whites. Actually it has an anti-trypsin and it bothers me because trypsin is made by the pancreas and my weak pancreas could be the cause of not making enough profit of proteins.
So I first thought I should stop eating raw whites...
Then I searched this anti- and found out it was ovomucin. Ovomucin reduces the absorption of its own protein because it is an anti-trypsin. Until then, I am ok, it explains why it is said we assimilate more proteins from cooked whites.
Now let's look further!
(Here I refer to scientific papers, you will find the links to the references in the group ).
EDIT: I have added the links in the last comments.
Personals / Re: What happened to svrn?
« Last post by tonyvee on January 13, 2022, 09:54:54 pm »
Agreed, it's kind of a lonely road that we have embarked on. No regrets though  ;)
Personals / Re: What happened to svrn?
« Last post by MarkR on January 13, 2022, 04:26:58 pm »
I think the 'Milkjar' imposter issue is not really an issue. I think the name was chosen by the guy on youtube as a joke, and i believe in his ex-vegan interview with Sv3rige they joke about it. I think they also joked about it in other video where they hangout together. And in the end, why would it even matter :-)

It is a pity this place is so empty indeed. IRL i have nobody to discus many if not all of the topics discussed here. Some people are interested, but none have any experience with eating raw meat. So that always makes the talk very one sided.
Personals / Re: What happened to svrn?
« Last post by sabertooth on January 12, 2022, 11:49:17 pm »
I wish there was more than just anecdotal observation to prove the imposter theory. Milk Jar has a distinct ridge on his ears that I have noticed in both videos. His face is a little broader and his demeanor a little more chill, but this could feasibly be a natural change; there are three years between the clips.

The last two years of the global mass formation event has divided people from all areas of life. The Raw Meat Eating great apes of earth have always been somewhat rogue and contentious especially with each other, and I feel like the War has made us all become even more remote and distant.

Its a damn shame that this place was abandoned as it was. I had drawn strength over the years through my correspondence with some of the Greats that use to come here. Even my ideological foes, like Eric and Cherimoya would inspire me to question deeper. Past Peers like Tyler, Van, Lex, Ken would always add a different perspective to the discussion. The Women I respected like Eve, Inger, Jessica, and many others gave a feminine contrast and were like inspirational muses to me.

Sure there are plenty of social media threads out there dedicated to these topics, but to me its like an overwhelming ocean of never ending text of ever shifting context, where there is little chance to build such an archive as what we had here.

Alas, Its truly a mournful state of affairs
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