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Health / Re: Hodgkins lymphoma
« Last post by sabertooth on June 01, 2020, 10:44:13 pm »
Perhaps if you explained some of the particulars of your underlying condition, and a general layout of your official diagnosis it would be helpful for others to know?

Im kind of curious as to why someone who is aware of the toxic effects of Chemo would go through with the treatments?

The combination of Chemo with Stem Cell transplants seems like a mad science experiment of last resort, and depending on the particulars of the situation there should be better alternative treatment options?

Are you still using any toxic drugs or mainstream treatments?

The glands, organs and tissues need time to detoxify and rejuvenate, and raw meats from healthy animals can be extremely beneficial for the healing process. As healing as raw meats are its benefits cannot work optimally if you are still intoxicating your body with dangerous drugs


Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw, grain-fed beef?
« Last post by Susadele on June 01, 2020, 07:23:12 pm »
I'd ask the farmers what percentage the grains make from the whole feeding.
Are there any farmers around who'd feed the animals only hay when they are kept inside during the colder seasons?
I ate raw muscle meat and organs often from animals that were fed grains in addition, only in small amounts though and otherwise treated in high organic standards. I know it is not ideal / perfect, but it was very tough and at times even impossible to get meat from fully grass-fed animals.

What about wild game? Do you have access to it?
Science / Re: Children raised via IVF more likely to get cancer
« Last post by dariorpl on May 30, 2020, 08:29:26 pm »
It's actually up to 24 times more likely according to the data posted in that article.

Goes from 17.5 per 100,000 to as much as 1 in 240, which the article mistakenly claims is equal to 44 per 100k, but is actually 417 per 100k.

I never understood how embryos are even viable after freezing, but this is the first sign that some damage is likely done.

We'll have to wait and see to get an idea of full life expectancy from this procedure.
Wondered if this might help?
French captions to English (approximately)

1.   “Safety!   I am Bear Grylls and I am going to teach you to survive in a hostile environment.”
2.   (top) “Today man is too comfortable, incapable of drawing away from his environment.”
      (bottom)  “He has a little tendency to rest and all the time count on the others.”
3.   (top) “Take these discharge of mammal for example.”
      (bottom)  “an unimaginable providence of nature!”
4.   (left)  “All the nutrients that have not been digested.”
      (right)  “With a little sorting, there is something to have enough energy to keep me going!”
5.   (Television Screen)   ‘This was a message from the Minister of Security and Health.”
Layout of captions to pictures in French Comic:
1   2   3
4   5

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Raw, grain-fed beef?
« Last post by Village on May 30, 2020, 07:44:25 am »
Due to climate, cattle in my country only eat grass for 2-3 months a year, and hay and grains the rest of the time. There's no use of hormones and antibiotics, however.
How safe would it be to eat the meat raw? Seared muscle meat should be fairly safe, but what about organs?
Health / Hodgkins lymphoma
« Last post by Primalkellypei on May 30, 2020, 07:02:54 am »
Hi all. Back here after a long hiatus. First off I know one cannot share actual medical advice here unless ones a doctor 😉 either way I am looking for suggestions. I am coming back to raw after a long hiatus. I am presently suffering from refectory hodgkins lymphoma having undergone heavily toxic chemo and a stem cell transplant recently. My odds for survival are 50/50. Anyone  use raw to treat similar issues or to heal after such toxic treatments?
Science / Metastudy concludes lack of meat consumption causes mental problems
« Last post by dariorpl on May 30, 2020, 04:51:59 am »

Including depression, anxiety and self-harm.

Makes sense, since purposefully avoiding meat is itself a form of self-harm.

Interestingly, AV's instant-cure for depression was high meat, some of his followers even going as far as to engage in coprophagy for this purpose. Vegan food is notoriously lacking in bacteria and e.coli in particular.
Instincto / Anopsology / Re: Survivalism as the wild card of capitalism
« Last post by smokeyquartz on May 30, 2020, 04:34:28 am »
Are you from France?

The comic looks interesting.  I understood him saying his name is Bear Gryllis and he is going...somewhere.  Then the next one starts "Today, men are..." and I can't read the rest!  I took one year of French in high school.  I think the world is too English-focused and it's concerning.

I think she has been eating it on and off just because she enjoys it. Not thinking about health or anything like that. I think she eats a lot of non-organic meats too.
Welcoming Committee / Transitioning from fasting, IF, keto OMAD, to carnivore
« Last post by Satnee on May 29, 2020, 11:08:48 pm »
Hey guys I'm tired of cooking every meal, so I'm going to ensure I'm eating as raw as possible. I started eating roasted beef just 2 days ago, today I've eaten some raw muscle and liver. I eased into it after doing fasting, IF, keto, OMAD, from the last 6 months. It was like the natural transition from keto to carnivore diet.
Hoping for more good information from the forum.
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