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General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« Last post by goodsamaritan on Today at 08:07:09 am »
Yesterday i drank only eggs throughout the day..
They start taste like water to me.. they hydrate me.

But holy shit.. i never slept so good in my life.. my heart was beating all night with deep visual sleep and feeling warm..   

I feel so sad for the rest of the world who are not into the real food..

it is what your body needs these past few days.

Just watch for changes in the next days, weeks and months... you may want other things in the future.

See the concepts of instincto / instinctive eating.
Welcoming Committee / Re: I come in peace
« Last post by Widukind on Today at 05:03:31 am »
General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« Last post by surfsteve on Today at 12:45:56 am »
I believe in eating what makes me feel good. Not in what makes me feel good for the moment but what makes me feel good in the long run. I don't believe in blindly following instinct but rather using the mind to figure out what my instincts are trying to tell me. Rather than follow one particular diet I'm choosing to take the best I can manage from each of them and merge them into what works best for my health and well being. I imagine my diet will continue to evolve and change with the season as well as availability and my experience. I don't pretend to have perfect instincts anymore than I can pretend one particular dietary lifestyle has all the answers.
Welcoming Committee / Re: I come in peace
« Last post by PaganGoy on Today at 12:01:14 am »
Eat raw animal fats and you won't need bread anymore.
General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« Last post by van on Yesterday at 05:54:11 am »
Guys, Girls, there is no formula. So tempting to think that 'we' have found the magic bullet to health by prescribing this or that, especially when we repeat the prescription, because, the body is already one or two steps ahead of the prescribing mind in terms of what it needs nutritionally.   Go watch a goat in the wild browse, as they are masters of following the instinctual guidance of their senses, from one plant or bush/tree to another, knowing just when on that day, in that moment that they have had enough.  The mind will never have this level of intelligence unless you train your mind to follow it's connection with the senses.    Blending, juicing, mixing foods, cooking, and many think freezing, all disguise the once intact food to a state of where the stop or true desire is diminished.
     I write this and it may sound like I'm skilled. No, I just believe it and continually remind my mind of it.
General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« Last post by norawnofun on Yesterday at 04:35:57 am »
@Raulik. How many eggs did you drink during that day? 30?
General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« Last post by norawnofun on Yesterday at 03:51:03 am »
I have tried everything under the sun to increase my gastric acid production. Different types of Betaine HCI, raw corn on cob, beet juice, celery juice, ginger, lemon, honey, green tea, ACV, red wine vinegar, red wine, kefir, sparkling water, big glass of still water before eating and and and... Many aided digestion, but it didn´t make my body produce it´s own. The problem came years ago while eating way too many plant foods, gluten and way too less meats and fats which caused all kind of auto immune diseases, leaky gut and what not due the fact that the body doesn´t need much when u eat vegan/vegetarian. Then when I cut all the crap a long time ago, I still couldnt digest meats and fats as I combined plants and meats, hence alkaline vs acidic.

Then in july I said f that and started a Carnivore diet, animal foods only. Cooked meat (the softer the better), rendered fats, raw eggs and raw dairy, sometimes raw honey. Since then my HCI production increased a lot and finally I can digest animal foods again. Without any aid of any digestive helpers. Life changed as I forced my body to produce more HCI, and that´s what he did. I did try HCI tablets of different brands and in different time intervals but I found them either useless or they blocked things up. And yes, you can eat the best diet in the world, all useless if u can´t digest it. There is something else that lowers HCI in my observation. And these are parasites which I had a lot. And the point sabertooth made makes sense, thanks for that. Thing is I would like to try that, but when I cut out dairy things turn ugly. But..the meat I eat is cooked, so if I eat only raw ground beef as its the softest, with lets say eggs for maybe a month I might be finally be at the finish line. There is just one thing that makes me paranoid. If my body starts to adapt to raw meat only, I don´t want to end up having issues when I eat cooked meat again. How was that with you sabertooth? Once you fixed your major health issues with raw meat, does your body give you much trouble when eating some cooked animal foods?

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« Last post by surfsteve on Yesterday at 12:21:48 am »
I second the betaine HCL. I don't take very many supplements but betaine HCL is the exception. Even the healthiest diet in the world wont work if you can't digest it. In addition to aiding digestion, it is probably one of the best mucus fighters on the planet and also wonderful for dissolving unwanted calcium and plaque. I keep thinking I can do without it but whenever I stop it for more than a month or so I start feeling like shit so unless I figure out how to permanently keep my stomach acid strong on it's own I plan to keep taking it. You don't have to take it every day. HCl is broken down into it's components in about 30 minutes and used when needed to produce it again on demand. Otherwise it would burn a hole in your stomach.
General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« Last post by surfsteve on Yesterday at 12:03:19 am »
A long time ago I used to drink a dozen eggs two or three times a day. My muscles grew like mad. The worst side effect was that I had some of the stinkiest farts you've ever smelled. I tried doing raw eggs a couple of years ago and they didn't have the same effect on growing muscles. Recently I've switched to organic eggs, throwing away the whites and whipping the yolks up into a foam with the only fruit I allow in my diet. I only do a half dozen at a time. Rarely more than once a day and only a few times a week. Not enough to cause gas. The other day the organic eggs were on sale and I bought a dozen dozen. The date expired yesterday and I still have ten dozen left. Eggs keep a long time in the fridge but even at a half dozen a day they are still going to have to make it twenty days past their expiration. More than likely it will take over twice that long. I'm already getting tired of them, dreaming of cooking them. I could really go for some lightly poached or in an omelet but hopefully I will resist. These days I've been eating 100 percent raw except an occasional cup of pinto beans which I cook to mush and never seem to get any gas from them either. I keep reading that everyone in the blue zones and all the centurions eat beans. So how bad can they be? They seem like an ideal cheat food so for now I'm going with it and allowing them in my diet. I am also in the third week of experimenting with eating only grass fed, which I also got a deal on. Started eating sprouts again too and been feeling fantastic. I think I found something that works for me and will do my best not to change it unless it stops working.

It's not paleo. It's not carnivore. It's not vegan. It's not raw and it's not cooked; but it seems to be working rather well even though the grass fed is quite expensive...
General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« Last post by sabertooth on September 22, 2018, 10:21:26 pm »
This is where you may have never fully adapted to fat digestion. Long term dairy consumption creates a gut environment that in some cases isnt ideal for fat digestion. The sugar in milk inhibits ketosis as well as suppresses the bodies ability to fully utilize fats as an energy source. In those cases it may take up to 3 weeks or longer to clear out all the milk sugars and proteins in order to truly be able to begin to adapt to high fat digestion.
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