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I was just going to post about this. I have been doing it for roughly the same amount of time. I started out with soft stool with some gas, but have now moved on to no gas and chronic diarrhea with some cramping right before I need to go. My diarrhea seems to be getting worse not better. No blood, no nausea, just chronic diarrhea. I here the adaptation phase can take a few weeks, but if I have diarrhea this bad for much longer i'm not going to make it! Was wondering if I need to ease into this by having some cooked broccoli to help bind things up a bit or just ride it out. The diarrhea is so bad I am worried about malnutrition.

I just started eating grass-fed raw liver, meat, yogurt (that I make in home from ram milk) and eggs, coming from zero car all cooked meat diet, but I started to get diarrhea and farting a lot and it is smelly, this is my 4 day, why is that?

I buy very high quality meat, it is from high quality source, all the products are humanly treated animals, hormones free, pesticides free, grass-fed, free ranging and the whole nine yard, just let me tell you this, I bout the liver and froze it and I just put the liver in the fridge the day before to thaw out and then eat it the next day.

So what is happening? why is that?
Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 12:09:20 pm »
PM GS about this. He does all the technical stuff, here.
Suggestion Box / Re: Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« Last post by norawnofun on Yesterday at 07:15:38 am »
I think you misunderstood me. I meant having a own Parental Forum. Positioned let´s say below the Science forum. Not a sub-thread of the Science forum since these are 2 totally different things. If it would just be a sticky sub-thread in the Science forum it would go under and wouldn´t get the importance it needs.
Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« Last post by Xisca on Yesterday at 05:59:38 am »
I've actually been thinking about doing some blood tests, not sure about a hair bulb analysis. The reason behind it is I'm particularly interested in minerals/vitamins/amino acid/fatty acids/hormones.

Again, thanks for the advice.

There seem to be a problem with the lab that was doing this specific bulb test, so I will stay with the analysis I do with TEI. A normal hair test...
REALLY, a hair test is very interesting!
Blood gives you what is in blood, that the body tries to get stable,, BUT you know nothing about waht goes into the cells or not! Hair test is like doing a biopsia... and mineral ratios gives you your hormonal balance as well!
General Discussion / Re: Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« Last post by Xisca on Yesterday at 05:52:55 am »
Yes of course our ancesters could slow cook! There was a time when the cooking was done in a bag made of a stomach, and the heating was with hot stones coming from the fire, that they put inside the bag. They would move it to avoid burning 1 place.

Skin and bones are hard, but when cooked they give you more food than raw. You can also extract in the broth and drink the broth.

My mother taught me to not boil fish but simmer it, very easy if you stay near the saucepan...
Our very recent elders were cooking on the wood stove, and with such low heat that would leave the soup all night.
Science / Re: Neanderthals were compassionate etc.
« Last post by Xisca on Yesterday at 05:33:19 am »
Of course they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my! They were mammals and even dogs are compassionate! And mammals tend to smile and be communicative, not like the imaginary fantasy they represent.....
Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Safe Stool Frequency
« Last post by Xisca on Yesterday at 05:06:18 am »
Today was fine!
I upped first of all water. As I have tooth ache, I was not finishing my glasses, as I have to be super careful with the heat.

haha I upped fat ...with butter, but also coco and cacao butter.

I get at least 3 eggs per day, and was having a bit of cured goat raw cheese. Indeed I had eaten a bit more, so I slowed. 

My access to varied meat is reduced, so I still have not found good beef fat.

but I think the best solution is to have more GELATINE! some people complain that it gives them diarrhea, in an omnivore diet. We need to eat some skin...
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