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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share something regarding a butcher I found since it relates to my carnivorous diet. I’ve been trying to eat more organic grass fed beef but one issue I had was it was so lean it was harder to get the amount of fat in my diet that I want and I don’t feel as good after eating butter or other cooking fats. However, I just found a butcher who specializes in dry-aged beef who keeps the fat on it, usually 25-50% visible fat, which is exactly what I wanted! I also like the taste of dry-aged beef a lot.

One issue with this place is the cost … about $30/lb for Ribeyes … worth every penny but a bit pricey for me eating 2-3lbs per day. However I noticed if I buy short ribs they are delicious and very fatty and were only about $10/lb which is about what I can get normal grassfed beef for.

So what I plan to do now is maybe still buy some of this dry-aged beef that is grain-finished, but also buy some organic grass-fed beef to mix in with it. I feel sick after eating beef from places like Wal-Mart or Kroger, but not when I eat the high quality dry-aged beef from this place.

If anyone has any comments/concerns with dry-aged beef let me know please. Thanks!
A fruit I've never heard of. When I was on Palawan island (in Philippines) many years ago, I tried some amazing fruits that I had never tasted before: star apple (round, either whitish or purple) : super juicy and refreshing on a hot day. And, marang from the jackfruit family (important not too overeat because of the sugar overload).
I also noticed that the fruits tasted more natural than those in Thailand.
Wai Dieters / Re: Rotten fruit alcohol versus conventional alcohol
« Last post by dair on Today at 02:38:40 am »
If you live in a hot climate, fermentation occurs easily: in Asia I would get ripe mangos ripen some more, and then, they would become real soft and would have this fizzy, slightly sour taste, really delicious. Waiting too long is a bad idea, as the acidic taste would take over and the fruit taste disappear. Durian can also work, if it us just slightly fermented. I would get an energy boost of these kinds of fruits.
Off Topic / Re: Russian Ice-Maiden
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 02:35:56 am »
In my years of ill-health, I had severe inflammation existing in every single part of my body, due, in hindsight, to a very slow-acting allergy towards dairy(raw or pasteurised). This distorted my  ability to control temperature, so that  I would sweat excessively at any temperature above 10 degrees Celsius. After going rawpalaeo,  this symptom got reduced somewhat  but was one of the very few conditions that did not go away. Like many RPDers, my circulation slowly improved over the years as well, so my ability to withstand cold improved a little bit without me experiencing the excessive sweating problem. I am not in the same league as Wim Hof as regards tolerating the cold, but I can, at the moment, handle (frequent)cold baths reasonably well, (enduring 7 degree Celsius bathwater/ice-water  for 15 minutes, 8 degree Celsius water for 30 minutes and so on). Ability to withstand cold air all depends on the wind-chill factor, or lack thereof.

Most people no doubt require gradual acclimatisation to the cold. For example, try a coldwater bath at the lowest temperature you can get for 5 minutes at the start(here in Austria that would be c.8.6 degrees Celsius without any added ice). Try just immersing the legs at first, later on immersing the upper body when you've gotten used to the first stage.

I would also recommend slowly reducing the room-heating by 1 degree Celsius every so often until you get used to that, too. 1 ice-bath enthusiast told how he used to visit his aunt and uncle who had the hottest-heated rooms in their neighbourhood. He also could not fail to notice that they were also the fattest people in the neighbourhood as well.

Off Topic / Re: Russian Ice-Maiden
« Last post by dair on Today at 01:46:37 am »
Amazing. At 12 mn into the movie, one can see her eating raw squid :)
When I was travelling in the indian himalayas, the owners of the house where I was staying told me about a russian couple who'd stay there some time before, they had a little baby/child, and they would sometimes hold the kid naked in the cold rain, to train it to withstand cold. The indians were very chocked and not happy with what they did.
I wish I knew what to do to withstand cold a bit more. I am the thin type and so really prefer hotter climates. Stronger/more bulky types usually dislike warmer climates... I am not sure though... Anyway, has anyone got some advice ? like running around barefoot in the snow, maybe?
Off Topic / Re: Russian Ice-Maiden
« Last post by Apani on Today at 12:57:16 am »
How much can you tolerate? I do feel fine at 10 degrees celsius in shorts, but going lower makes me feel cold.

And when you did develop this ability?

Off Topic / Russian Ice-Maiden
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 06:42:34 pm »

I too have an enhanced ability to withstand the cold. That is, my central body seems able to generate far more heat than most people, and even my extremities can withstand really cold temperatures as well. Trouble is, wandering in the snow in just shorts,  t-shirt and  trainers would generate constant stares from all the people wearing thick fur-coats, sweaters etc. at this time of year.
Off Topic / Re: Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 06:04:39 pm »
I find a real hearth fire to be very fulfilling. At the same time, I do recognise that fires or any other heating disrupt the body's ability to withstand extreme cold. I simply do not believe that all palaeo HGs went around covered in fur-garments, as portrayed by Raquel Welch in 1M Years BC. I get the distinct impression that fires enabled humans to withstand the survival of the fittest theme to a certain extent, thus ultimately ruining human evolution.

Currently, I am using Iris, a PC software gem that reduces PC brightness as night arrives etc. It should solve any future issues re sleep.
Off Topic / Re: Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by FRANCIS HOWARD BOND on Yesterday at 06:43:45 am »
The majority of people prefer older style lighting with incandescent bulbs and conventional fluorescent tubes............the difficulty is finding where to buy them!
Off Topic / Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by dair on Yesterday at 06:25:16 am »
I used only old school types of lightbulbs in my home, as is created less stress and a warmer light than all the other ones.
Led light have a blue light, that is cold and creates stress, and not good at night time, when it's time to sleep. This feels really artificial.
Incandescent light have more red light waves, (plus emit heat), and gives this warm glow that is relaxing.

Btw, what is this forums stand on fire? Many raw foodists are against fire. I feel that sitting next to a fire has a very grounding effect on me, and sometimes help me sleep better...
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