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Off Topic / Russian Ice-Maiden
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 06:42:34 pm »

I too have an enhanced ability to withstand the cold. That is, my central body seems able to generate far more heat than most people, and even my extremities can withstand really cold temperatures as well. Trouble is, wandering in the snow in just shorts,  t-shirt and  trainers would generate constant stares from all the people wearing thick fur-coats, sweaters etc. at this time of year.
Off Topic / Re: Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 06:04:39 pm »
I find a real hearth fire to be very fulfilling. At the same time, I do recognise that fires or any other heating disrupt the body's ability to withstand extreme cold. I simply do not believe that all palaeo HGs went around covered in fur-garments, as portrayed by Raquel Welch in 1M Years BC. I get the distinct impression that fires enabled humans to withstand the survival of the fittest theme to a certain extent, thus ultimately ruining human evolution.

Currently, I am using Iris, a PC software gem that reduces PC brightness as night arrives etc. It should solve any future issues re sleep.
Off Topic / Re: Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by FRANCIS HOWARD BOND on Today at 06:43:45 am »
The majority of people prefer older style lighting with incandescent bulbs and conventional fluorescent tubes............the difficulty is finding where to buy them!
Off Topic / Incandescent lightbulbs, anyone?
« Last post by dair on Today at 06:25:16 am »
I used only old school types of lightbulbs in my home, as is created less stress and a warmer light than all the other ones.
Led light have a blue light, that is cold and creates stress, and not good at night time, when it's time to sleep. This feels really artificial.
Incandescent light have more red light waves, (plus emit heat), and gives this warm glow that is relaxing.

Btw, what is this forums stand on fire? Many raw foodists are against fire. I feel that sitting next to a fire has a very grounding effect on me, and sometimes help me sleep better...
Update: my nagging did pay off... My partner haven't smoked a cigarette since more than 2 weeks, stopped drinking alcohol and coffee completely (as he associated those 2 with nicotine). He eats less junk and frozen fastfoods (even though he is very very far from being on a real health trip, but I am kind of impressed with his changes), and I have pushed him some meat, as I know he really is fond of meat. We even have had raw (ground) beef together.
I see this as a step by step process. He now accepts that most vegetable oils are crap for instance, but when it comes to grains, this could take a long time. Anyway, his personality has become much nicer (especially after the initial week when he stopped smoking, when it was hell) and his back pain is much better.
Off Topic / Re: WiFi and cellphones increases risk of miscarriage
« Last post by dair on Today at 05:10:11 am »
There has been studies made on bees and birds, and the effect of electromagnetic pollution from mobile masts, mobile radiation and wifi. Birds and bees have some sort magnet/compass/gps as a navigation system that will become disrupted when there is too much radiation. Some of the odd behaviours are: bees can't find their way back, become confused, desert the queen/hive.
Birds nesting near mobile masts have been observed to be unable to care for their offspring properly.
There have been concern that in the Uk the number of birds has decreased, and one of the reasons could be the electromagnetic pollution.
Health / Re: 22 Years Old, Severe Leaky Gut, Help Going Raw
« Last post by Alive on Yesterday at 06:29:29 am »
Also I don't buy organic food, just conventional.

I mostly eat home grown plant food (leaves/stalks/flowers) - Now I've moved to suburbs from a lifestyle (life sentence?) 'farm' it's much easier to grow my own organic greens.

Regarding meat I subscribe to the theory that animals have their own liver to detox unwanted chemicals, and if their grass fed then they don't have a lot of chemical exposure anyway. The US GMO corn fed beef sounds a bit more scary, plus you have the omega 3 / 6 rebalancing needed.

To save money you can buy the cheap cuts of meat and slice them fine enough swallow. Mince is good because they add fat back into it, the cheaper grade has more fat. A bowl of raw beef mince with raw egg yolks, salt, turmeric, and pepper is delicious.

50/50 turmeric and pepper is very good to moderate unwanted microbe activity, there is evidence that regular consumption results in reduced inflammation and reduction in cancer etc etc
Health / Re: 22 Years Old, Severe Leaky Gut, Help Going Raw
« Last post by Apani on Yesterday at 03:26:16 am »
Yeah. There's a butcher in my town I only ever visit to get fat trimmings and bone marrow.

Haven't given a single coin to him yet.
imo, I don't think the age that gurus die at is relevant. After all, some gurus came  to their dietary(and non-dietary-) solutions only decades after basically ruining their lives and health following more conventional methods. And everybody is different re experiences, genetics, sheer willpower etc. For example, Winston Churchill, one of the most debauched, dissolute  politicians of all time, managed to live till 90 despite spending several fortunes on daily consumption of vast amounts of whiskey, champagne, claret etc., not counting all the smoking of cigars etc.
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