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Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Price check on Meat
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:19:54 pm »
Grass fed is way cheaper, however the more cows you have the less labor per steak. This is normal for the conventional industry but organic/grass fed is usually much more small scale. I feel certain that at a large scale grass fed beef is the least labor intensive and cheapest calorie in the human diet. What makes cows efficient is not their ability to produce meat. They have two incredible advantages, one is that they can convert extremely low quality desert and tropical forages  few other animals could live off of into a calf, all while not dieing and two a growing or milking cow can convert lush high nutrition forages into more meat per day per animal than any animal and milk more milk than any animal.

Americans favor the cow because our culture is continuously moving ease and convenience and there is just less labor in dealing with cattle than there is in pigs, sheep and chickens or even milking goats.

North America is in an odd position when it comes to beef. Probably the biggest part of why it is so hard for us to compete on the world market is that the majority of our continent is not the ideal place for raising herds of beef cattle. Breeding cattle to produce calves is not very efficient land use. Especially like in North America we have long harsh winters that often necessitate winter feeding which is the most cost intensive part of beef production. They cannot produce like a pig or a chicken or even a sheep. However they can produce on land that the other three cannot. So where land is cheap because of low fertility and low precipitation or where forage is extremely plentiful and course due to high rainfall and heat cattle will dominate.

So China, Argentina and Brazil are more natural beef havens.

The beef industry in America has actually long been propped up by the cheapness of grains. Now that grain production has become so expensive the people who grow the cheapest grass will have the best beef economy.  The best hope for North American beef is the increased use of winter pastures and the shunning of hay making equipment.

I also predicted the terrible price increase of meat and animals. Beef is higher then ever, I heard about cow calf pairs selling for 3200 at auction. Worthless cull cows sell for around 1000.

I was blessed this year with 3 heifers and a bull so far, which brings me up to 10 females, all my herd is worth over 15'000. We survived the overall coldest winter in the history of Michigan!

I am typically affronted by a great wall of honey that would take me over a year to consume. If it has been unavailable for some time I will eat a bunch of gobs of it but generally I eat just a small amount and even forget that it is there, however it certainly helps me to stay alert and focused to eat a small amount throughout the day. Living off of large amounts even with bee brood in it I can't imagine would not soon have dire consequences for my teeth.

General Discussion / Re: Corn
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:57:24 pm »
Aajonus didn't think there was much use in corn except I recall he said something about raw sweet corn having an enzyme that is helpful in digesting raw meat. Raw sweet corn strait off the stalk is like candy so... Stock think the whole plant tastes like candy, in fact it's so nutritious for herbivores that cows, goats, sheep and horses can all potentially kill themselves if the overindulge after eating less delicious fare. Corn is one of the most suitable plants for grass fed dairy in the hot dry summer months and into the early fall because it keeps on growing when other grass lignifies in the heat.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Industrial hemp
« on: June 01, 2014, 09:34:52 pm »
The best thing about hemp is it's use as cover crop. It can be used to absolutely obliterate invasive species and builds soil while breaking up hard soil like no other.

General Discussion / Re: Are you eating CASTRATED livestock?
« on: May 24, 2014, 06:07:47 am »
Yeah I don't castrate anymore, did a little bit but not anymore. There was a website selling semen from a particular bull who had nursed for 11 months, with a picture of him nursing almost as big as his mother, perhaps bigger. Said he had ridiculous sperm counts.

General Discussion / Re: Best Red Meat
« on: May 11, 2014, 10:16:02 am »
oh nevermind

Off Topic / Re: Cold training in 2014
« on: April 19, 2014, 03:13:35 pm »
I lived without heat in Northern Mi from Feb first one this year. Lol.

Hot Topics / Re: How much fat needed to consume in cooked paleo diet
« on: March 24, 2014, 06:12:52 am »
Humans have long sought sources of fat. Australians knew when each animal had the most fat in each season, traveled hundreds of miles for pine nut harvests and killed many animals during peak fat season for the fat and discarded the flesh. Domesticated animals have been bred to be fat, chickens, ducks and geese have been bred to be so fat they can no longer fly. Pigs used to be bred so fat they couldn't run or walk more than a few hundred feet. Cows are bred for high marbling.

I use honey to digest excessive amounts of fat, which I was instructed to do somewheres I read, can't remember where. High mineral sugar helps us to digest more fat than we can if we eat fat alone. The fat absorbs the sugar and causes it to more slowly release into the digestive system and not cause a sugar rush, I avoid eating carbs with protein or fat like the plague, because it makes me feel bad by itself, get a bit dizzy and become exhausted a little while later, however I never get this if I eat protein or fat along with the carbs.

My farmer friend mentioned that he had "read somewhere" that we evolved to eat meat because we can use tools to crush bones and skulls to exract marrow and brains, which are all the remains that predators and scavengers leave behind.

you may disagree logically, but you should look at what the animal rights people actually do, i'm not making it up, a lot of them actually work to make blatantly inhumane animal production "more humane" and endorse certain practices. Perhaps they would rather have animals in open air, but that is not the results of their actions.  I'm not saying they all are but all the ones I have heard about are whackos. Like how peta kills 98% of the animals they "rescue"

depends, cats will take out legs and hips to slow the animal down before they go for the neck, just going for the neck is suicidal with some animals. Komodo dragons take a bite and follow an animal around for as long as a month for it to die or get sick from infection. their mouths are so filthy that any bite leads to infection.

That's the thing though too, animal rights activists are so concerned about the animal not feeling pain but they will endorse animals raised in factories, as long as there aren't individual cages, gestation crates, certain specific practices they deem inhumane. They never get to the bare fact that no animals should be kept in barns the year round.

And i didn't say anything about human rights, I believe in "natural" rights.

Okay, rare wild animals deserve rights. But welfare is good enough for domestic animals and welfare for endangered animals basically means they should not be killed.

Animal rights are inhumane. Animals are animals, not people. They are here for the betterment of ourselves and the natural world. Applying human emotion to the lives of animals is insane. It's a slippery slope. If you allow them to take one step forward they will take another. It's why we can't slaughter and buy horse meat, dog meat or cat. Thus we have a horrible problem in this country with horses, dogs and cat's being treated inhumanely, because there is no market for them and no convenient or logical way to dispose of them. The people who push these laws would make it illegal to raise animals. Sometimes they shut down perfectly good farms using the laws as a tool for harassment. You can only afford win so many court battles against zealots. It's all absurd. Having to own an electrical stunner makes slaughter uneconomical for families and small farms. It is an economic detriment. Even if it is supposedly totally painless, which is not provable, the animals must still be brought to location to have the procedure done which is actually the most inhumane aspect of the entire operation. They must be captured and hauled which is entirely capable of causing an animal to become ill. See "shipping fever" in cattle". Not to mention bruised and put in a state of panic before slaughter. In halal the animal is slaughtered right in the field. With a sharp blade, it is as close to painless as you can get. The animal literally does not even register that he has been harmed. He passes out from loss of blood in seconds. With an electrical stunner, struggle is inherent because of reasons already mentioned, it is rife with economic burdens.

What is wrong with pain anyways? Pain is a part of life. The animals probably should feel some pain, they are about to be consumed, it is totally unnatural for them to fell literally no pain. The only thing wrong with pain is a human emotion and a contrived anthropomorphism of animals.

It boggles my mind when I read about legalities in Europe. I always think we have it bad here in the states but wowzah laws are nuts over there. A dude tried to start a camel dairy in France and activists tried to stop him and while they failed it took him over a year for the govmnt to finally grant him the right.

Animals do not deserve rights, it's ludicrous. If anything in the world deserves rights it is the natural system and death and suffering are part of that. Animals deserve welfare, not rights.

I think people are insane. Stunning doesn't always work properly. I don't buy that animals blasted in the head don't feel pain. My friend blasted two pigs point blank in the temple. One went out like a light, the other one screamed and thrashed and spouted blood out of it's mouth like a fire breathing dragon. I much prefer Halal/Kosher style, the animal doesn't hardly feel anything, little if any struggle if it's done properly. I almost feel like the preference to stunning/shooting is coming from people trying to justify shooting animals or humans, guns in general.

Yeah that's the big problem though with selling Kosher is that you then have to sell all the other parts to somebody else to make any money.

Hot Topics / Re: Insect-eater article
« on: March 10, 2014, 03:23:11 am »
Those are the cherries on top and the main thing they are usually going for, but they are still getting plenty big mouthfuls of shit along with the bugs. they are also certainly not by any means above eating manure in the insect free times of year either. I have read that pigs prefer fresh pies that also have not yet had time to grow bugs.

Hot Topics / Re: Insect-eater article
« on: March 09, 2014, 12:49:09 am »
I'm sorry but I am not eating any animal that feeds on other animals' shit. Call me a prude but there are certain limits I won't cross in life such as coprophilia, bestiality and paedophilia.

Yeah I don't think there is any such animal. Perhaps horses and camels? I know that goats and cows get very interested in dried bird shit at times. Good source of phosphorous and protein. Poultry can live off of cow shit and this makes for the best damn birds and eggs you will ever eat. Ultra colorful eggs. Ultra vibrant colored flesh and fat.

General Discussion / Re: Humans Natural/Optimal Habitat
« on: March 05, 2014, 06:14:50 am »
Larger people have less surface area to body mass, not more. Larger means more efficiency in consumption but less in getting around to feed.

General Discussion / Re: Humans Natural/Optimal Habitat
« on: March 05, 2014, 02:54:16 am »
Does being smaller really make you more suited to the cold? I would think it would be the other way around, since being large means you have less relative surface area and a larger, more efficient, more powerful and warmer reactor. I think being of smaller stature is more an adaptation for living in very harsh circumstances and times of food scarcity. Also, developing children might get less food during food scarcity and thus develop smaller.

I'm almost a giant and more cold impervious than anyone I know other than my father who is also near giant size. I just made it through February without lighting a fire once in my house. My only source of heat is my body, half ass winter clothes, my sleeping bag and a couple cats.

Bruce Lipton, author of the biology of belief, claims that the environment is everything. What we are is not truly ourselves, but a reaction to everything else, down to the cellular level in fact. Our cells have no true minds, only doorways in the cell membrane that open and close in response to outer materials and energies. Crazy stuff.

The book is great. Just found out he has a doc on youtube.

well to be fair, there have been many societies with varying levels of sustainability, unfortuately unsustainable societies tend to be bristling with economic and military advantages and their unsustainability drives them to conquer their neighbors. or sometimes sustainability is abandoned for "progress" or "higher quality of  life". such atempts offer an insideously palpable yet fleeting advance. the worlds best examples of include almost endless forests of fruit bearing trees in south america and what is still the worlds greatest treasure trove of topsoil in the american great plains, created through milleniums of hunters driving vast herds of bison that were in effect historically unequaled machines who mulched the earth and built the soil. it is not proven  fact that humanity wiped out the megafauna, it may have been climatic conditions although those in turn could have been man made. it is curious however that the megafauna were not wiped out of africa and asia.

Certainly at least a percentage of humans are homosexual due to environmental factors. To insinuate that this is a ridiculous notion is of course in itself ridiculous. To suggest that it must always be the case is equally ridiculous.

It's not totally against the interests of this forum because the facts are that we humans are fucked up, in many ways. This is a harsh reality that most everyone knows but most everyone also cannot except in totality. I think that's what this forum is really all about. I was fucked up, I want to get un-fucked. What other kind of person would in our world want to engage in natural carnivorous tendencies?

I'm at least partially with Edwin on the falsification of overpopulation. It is a convenient terminology for those elitists who seek to enslave the world and own everything. The truth is that one person can wield the consumptive power of thousands, even millions. Humans are not intrinsically harmful to the environment, rather it is the predominant collective zeitgeist that is wrecking havoc globally. Human population is immaterial to the fate of the world at present population density and growth. Regardless of population, without a change in the architecture of human way of life, there are no solutions. It is our way of life that is inherently wrong, not our lives themselves.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Are overripe fruits good for us?
« on: February 22, 2014, 10:32:02 pm »
Actually I recall that aajonus recomended  mouldy raspberries for something or other. There are many more fruits that need to blet to be tasty but medlars are the prime example.

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