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General Discussion / Re: Blood in marrow?
« on: February 23, 2012, 07:20:49 pm »
Here is the direct image of that unhealthy red marrow.

Depends on what you mean by red and goopy. Healthy marrow should be pink/white or a cream color, it should look healthy.

Unhealthy marrow exhibits different color and texture qualities. Black or blue discoloration. Very red and bloody this... would be unhealthy, see this page for an explanation...

Basically you're looking for pinkish whitish marrow with either a gritty cream texture or a smooth cream texture and flavor. Any deviation from that and you've probably got issues

As far as I know most sheep breeds can thrive very well without grains or other concentrated fodder. But I have heard that some of them can get problems in very low temperatures.

Where are you living?


I am living in your neighborhood  i.e. Germany  (Frankfurt). 

Galloway or Highland race usually eat only grass and no grains. Therefore, it becomes easy to find out the 100% pastured Beef in my country.

My question is, are there such Races for lamb/sheep too which only eat grass?

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 23, 2012, 04:02:54 pm »
GS is the admin/owner of our site, not just a mere Global Moderator. I also think that his videos are most  fascinating and not off-putting at all. It really helps that GS's videos include segments in which his young children appear. They are so sweet, and conjure up a wholesome image of a natural, raw-eating family, whereas cooked-food-eaters like to wrongly portray us as being solely loners who eat raw meats and are somehow "lucky"   l)  not to get food-poisoning etc.

Difference between Thinking of "Paleo" VS "Non Paleo" person

I think I didn't make my point clear enough and there is still misunderstanding.

I wrote:

(By the way, it was your Videos of raw meat & fish & Lever with onions which I showed to my friend. Please don't mind it, your Videos were a source of great Encouragement for me, but for my "non paleo" friend they were not encouraging and attractive, but repulsive )

I was convinced with paleo.

I searched and found many videos of people eating RAW,  but the  GS's Videos were the BEST paleo videos for me personally, the best encouraging videos for me, my favorite ones, they were on the top and I watched them again and again to get inspiration. ( I remember that I read Aajonus book first about RAW meat, then I read Geof at, but I took my first bite of raw fish only after watching the video of GS .... and I am really thankful to GS for this).

Therefore, I showed them to my non paleo friend too.

I am only trying to tell the LESSON that I learnt from my experiment  i.e. the difference in Thinking of "Paleo" vs "Non Paleo" person.  For one, it was source of inspiration ... but for 2nd it was not.

Therefore, I have presented the facts here too honestly. I hope GS don't mind it (please confirm).



I found Children's Video of GS very very pleasant. Firstly, kids are really sweat and secondly, it was encouraging too for me to see children eating raw meat. 

I didn't ask my non paleo friend about his remarks on kid's video (perhaps I have not shown it to him up till now).

But we all know human nature is very difficult. If they have negative concept of paleo and want to only criticize, then they will find the angles to do it. They would simply call it bad parenting etc.

We could not make every one happy. Family Videos are very refreshing and we should keep on making them and don't have to bother much about OTHERs.  But at same time, we have to be diplomatic enough too to show them FIRST those things as introduction, which could really inspire them without getting repulsive.


1. There should be two sets of Videos. One directed towards Non-Paleo people as introduction .... and 2nd set for Paleo people for more inspiration.

2. And we have to accept the fact that we lack Professional Videos in both these fields at moment.

3. All these Videos should be hosted directly at site  (and not at  forum).

4. Also the most important thing is this that this post  by Tylor Durden (i.e. you)  "Advice For Newbies Wishing To Slowly Ease Into A Raw-Animal-Food Diet" ............. this should be hosted as separate Article at main website  and should get permanent place in Top Menu or Side Menu.

Geof has to guide all the newbies time and again towards this thread.

5. In fact, this whole section of "Important Info for Newbies" should be hosted as Articles at the main website.

6. We are at moment more a "Discussion Forum based" site.  We better make our main Website more active and should provide important stuff there.

7. "Raw Paleo collaborative book" should be completed and posted on Main Website.
Geof's  site at should be presented as "Wrapper" on our main website.
Yahoo group should be presented as "Wrapper" on our main website.

General Discussion / Re: How to store my meat in my refrigerator?
« on: February 23, 2012, 03:50:05 am »
My fridge is just a couple degrees above freezing.  And then about a week before it's got that tang.  But you can taste it along the way to see at what stage you like it.  You can also lay it on a plate and flip it over every day or more to get air to all sides,  but hanging seems to be a better way to go.  Just look at GS's pics of the meat shop in his town.


Does Dry Aged meat has the same effects like that of high meats?

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 23, 2012, 01:03:43 am »
Oh my gosh!  Everything about you in that video is so cute... so feminine!
I have no idea what you were saying there for 10 minutes... but you look like a star!
And that voice.... smile smile smile.

Can I re-upload this same video so I can add English notes? 

Inger isst Innereien vom Elch


I want to report to you how a "Non Paleo" person reacted to this Video. 

He is one of my best friend and belongs to India. His family follows Hindu Religion (i.e. absolutely no meat of any kind).

I never imagined that he would ever start paleo diet, but only wished that he understands why I am eating Paleo.  Any how, he was entirely not impressed with all of my hours long talk and arguments and all the Videos that I showed him.

But then came this "earlier" Photo & "recent" video.

This was the first time it seemed that he took Paleo seriously.

Two of his comments were important and want to share it with Paleo community:

He said, " If you people could produce such Videos, where especially Ladies are eating raw food with good manners .... and also this "Previous" & "Recent" Photos (of both men and women), then this is very convincing stuff. "

He further said: " You showed me earlier Videos of a man who was eating raw meat & fish and lever  .... and I felt that somewhat disgusting and thought them of having that much of an extremist mad mind, but I don't get this feeling while watching this Video. I could not imagine such a lady to be indulging in non-sensible thing and thus I have to take it seriously".

In light of this reaction from a Non Paleo person, I would like to suggest:

1. Ask this lady  (and also to our other Girls + Dorothy especially) to help the community in making a few Professional Level Videos.
There is a total shortage of Professional Level Videos.
The immature Videos are not attractive but some what repulsive ... and main reason is they mainly belong to men who are eating raw.

I totally agree with the observation of my non paleo friend that raw eating Videos should be done by Ladies, and that too not looking "wild", but eating with good manners.

2. We already have a section for "Previous" & "Recent" photos.
Now we have to transfer and gather these Photos into one Video along with short summary/story.

In short, we need 2-3 professional Videos (which should be released in name of  "RawPaleoForum").

As Moderator, it is better you plan it, and plan it perfectly.

(By the way, it was your Videos of raw meat & fish & Lever with onions which I showed to my friend. Please don't mind it, your Videos were a source of great Encouragement for me, but for my "non paleo" friend they were not encouraging and attractive, but repulsive )

General Discussion / Re: Urgent: What to do in Appendicitis
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:04:53 am »
I think next question is why I got this problem.

Few members already know that due to social problems (joint family system), I am not able to follow Paleo diet openly. There are hardly few days per month where I get chance to be 100% Paleo, otherwise rest of days I am 100% non Paleo. 

The latest problem began when we were invited by a Family. After dinner, they presented us with sweet, which was made from paste of dates.

I felt bad while eating that sweet, and after 2-3 hours, suddenly the pain started.

I have to think more about all those things that happened. Also I have to plan more about the future.

General Discussion / Re: Urgent: What to do in Appendicitis
« on: January 22, 2012, 11:38:58 pm »
Hallo all of you my dear paleo friends.

I am back home without Operation.

Dorothy's first mail was the last which I read before going to hospital. That helped me in the sense that Doctor's were not sure about appendicitis (even after urine & blood test & ultrasound), but still they wanted to operate.... which I didn't allow.
 (Dr. Surgeon meant abdomen at that area was very hard and he was sure it was appendicitis, even if reports were not showing so high infection results)

Then my friend printed out the remaining posts of this thread for me and brought to me.

Thank you GS for concrete information and after reading your advice, I knew what to do. Luckily, in the mean time I got first (little) bowl movement at it's own and it reduced the pain (but only very little).

I got no Miracle Tea .... so I left with two choices:

1. Get a Salt water flush.

2. Take Senna Tea.

I wanted to ask you advice, but not possible in hospital. So, I went for Senna Tea.

After few hours, I got another bowl movement..... and I was a happy man.

My abdomen became softer and Dr. felt it too and was little surprised too. I also got rid of 70-80% pain just after the 2nd bowl movement. And with in next 2-3 hours, it became more better.

At moment I am almost pain free, and have just come back home after being discharged from hospital. (3rd Blood Test showed all the infections disappeared, after which they allowed me to go back home).

And first thing after coming home I am doing is replying here. First thing I wanted to do was to say Thank you Dorothy, Thank you GS, thank you admins for providing us with this forum, thank you members for keeping this forum alive, sharing your experiences, saving the world.

My eyes are little wet.  Could not write more. Love you my friends.

General Discussion / Urgent: What to do in Appendicitis
« on: January 21, 2012, 01:14:00 am »
I am feeling pain in right side stomach and also have slight fever at moment.

My house doctor has just told me to go to the hospital as he doubts it is Appendicitis.

Please advise what to do. I don't want to undergo any operation

General Discussion / Inuit Video: How to eat Frozen Fish?
« on: September 28, 2011, 01:05:15 am »

1. Is there any Inuit Video where they are eating the "Frozen Fish"?

2. Do they eat the Lever and heart of that frozen fish too?


Hot Topics / Re: Omega-6: significant at what point?
« on: September 02, 2011, 10:02:11 pm »
    Who needs Omega-6?

    If you do something they consider bad, will they shoot you with a gun immediately?  It is considered bad in my family if I do any of the things I need to do.  I hope you find a way.

    These recipes aren't exactly raw paleo, but the meat is either raw or fatty organs, and it should be acceptable in a Pakistani kitchen.  Of course I would recommend you eat it without the bread, but don't know if they would consider you bad then.

    Good luck and good health to you.

Thanks Rawzi,

I was busy in an exam. I will visit both links and try to get ideas from them. Thanks a lot once again, it seems to be a practical compromise to me according to my situation.

Hot Topics / Re: Omega-6: significant at what point?
« on: September 02, 2011, 09:54:59 pm »
I get Polar Jack Mackerel in cases from amazon. Just mackerel and salt. Flaxseed is high in PUFA and has short-chain omega 3. Not worth it. Can you order foods online?

Thanks Miss.

Your earlier tips were really helpful and eased my life. I can order online, but canned Mackerel in this quality is not available even online in Germany (only ones are with vegetable oil).

How old are you? Move out and get your own place. Get a job to support yourself  :).

You sounded so innocent and so sweet as I read it.

At moment I am not old enough to get job and move out.

But for sure one day I will be old enough and will have a job. ..... but what will happen then?

Once I am having good job, and I will move out and my Parents will also move out with me to my new home  ;D.

In our culture children stay with parents & when they are grown up then parents stay with their children.

General Discussion / Re: how long is beef good for after thawing?
« on: August 28, 2011, 06:19:03 am »
Fish fat, in particular, is good for the brain. 

Thanks for the reply.

Would it be possible for you to provide me with some useful links to read about it in more details.


General Discussion / Re: how long is beef good for after thawing?
« on: August 27, 2011, 04:00:59 pm »
I have got the opportunity to buy Frozen stag meat.

I have not found grass fed animals in Germany up till now.

I want to avoid any thing Frozen, but it seems I don't have any other choice  (other choice is to get Mackerel/Sardine and I am eating it for a long long time now).

Some where I read that Fish meat is good for brain, while beef has separate function of regeneration of cells.  Is it true?

Hot Topics / Re: Omega-6: significant at what point?
« on: August 23, 2011, 01:45:39 am »
I'm not damaged. I feel great eating canned mackerel with the delicious bones. No, I haven't ever had fresh mackerel and it is not convenient or pressing for me to do so.

As for good quality meat, if you can just afford supermarket meat, just get lean beef and supplement with coconut oil or grassfed butter. There you go! I don't understand what you mean by social pressure. You mean fat and sick people's opinions on your food choices?

Thanks a lot klowcarb. You have shown new dimensions to me with both mackerel and lean beef from the supermarket.

Two more questions:

1. How about supplementing it with Flaxseedoil too along with coconut oil? I have yet not found raw grassfed butter. But I could order it at ebay (I hope).

2. The canned mackerel that you buy, is it with oil or with their own brine or with tomato sauce?

Social Pressure:

I am living in Germany, but belong originally to Pakistan.

- This means we have "Joint Family System".
- This means it is considered bad if I enter in the kitchen (.... Kitchen is practically ruled by my mother).
- This means if I tell my family I want to eat "raw" meat, then they will deliver me immediately to the next mental hospital.

It is really good to have family at your back.  But at same time, it means you are not free to take the decisions..... Decisions are made by family collectively.

They have already denied my proposal of testing the raw Paleo diet (actually I proposed to eat raw Sashimi. But even that was denied forcefully. After that I have no courage and hope for raw Paleo diet).

I hope now you understand what really "Social Pressure" means for me.  :D

Hot Topics / Re: Omega-6: significant at what point?
« on: August 21, 2011, 10:57:00 pm »
Keep all PUFA to 4% calories or less. I use Fitday and it is super easy for me to do this. I eat mostly ruminant meat and ruminant fat (grassfed). I don't eat any poultry and for pork, only pork heart, which is lean. Eggs are the biggest contributer to my n-6, but worth it in that the rest of my PuFA is low. I also eat canned mackerel.

Do you notice any thing good after eating canned mackerel? Have you eaten fresh mackerel? Do you feel both are equal in benefits?

This question is important for me while I am still unable to go raw Paleo due to social pressure. And also I am really unable to get good quality meat.

It's at a cheap price and I want to try it, but they said the grass that the sheep are fed is not "organically" grown. Should I buy it or not? I'm not sure if this will make it bad for me to eat.

1. I also have the same question.

2. Moreover, sorry for my little knowledge, but what is the difference between Lamb meat and fully grown SheeP?

3. I went to nearby city in search of pastured meat, and that is what I get. The person there told me that Lambs are given grains in last few months, while Sheep graze the grass almost whole year (they are not given grains any more while no chance of their growing bigger that they already are). Therefore he suggested me to buy the Sheep meat.

4. Another problem is I could only buy Half sheep (15 kg approx.).  Therefore I have to keep 5-7 kg fresh, while other 7 kg I am planning to freeze. But really is freezing the meat good idea`?  How does it changes the health benefits and taste?

5. Is sheep meat enough (with out organs), or I have to eat suet and organs extra?

6. Can we freeze the suet too?

7. Is consuming grain fed animal's suet dangerous to health?

Please clarify to me: What are the differences in the following methods.

High Meat  vs  Fermented Fish  vs  Aged Meat (air)  vs Aged Meat (vacuum)

I have discovered Fermented Fish in the local asian shop. What is about the health benefits of Fermented Fish? Does it contains same useful bacterias as high meat contains?

I ferment cabbage and other brassica-family vegetables. My favorites are regular sauerkraut and kimchi with napa cabbage or Korean radish. I make fermented beets and other greens a few times a year.

For Korean-style fermentation, I like this one: My kimchi does not use oysters, and very little chili flakes, but I do make the "porridge" paste that is shown here. I use that paste for all fermented vegetables in the Korean style.

For traditional sauerkraut, here is a good site:  I have Sandor Ellix Katz's book Wild Fermentation.

I have been fermenting for so many years, and I keep a simple style, using glass jars no larger than one or two liters. When I was growing up, we had to process so much at the end of the summer, it was weeks' work and very tiring. Now, I buy a cabbage or other vegetables any time of year, chop it up, get it into a jar, and I'm done in 20 minutes.

Thanks a lot Miss. Your help is really appreciated as due to social/cultural problems I was not able to go for raw meat. But Kimchi seems to solving a lot of problems and I can perhaps hide the raw fish under vegetables of kimchi. Although fish will also ferment along with vegetables, but I think it is ok and fermented fish is also considered Paleo. Please confirm about fermented fish as being Paleo.

I eat uncooked fermented vegetables daily. By "uncooked" I mean that the vegetables are not heated in the canning process. Of course, I do not cook them, either. I prefer my own fermented vegetables because I can control how salty they are. My decision to eat fermented vegetables is based on my observation that I feel well when I eat them.

I have a feeling that fresh vegetables are not suiting to me (at least not at moment).

Would you be kind enough and tell me:

1. Which vegetables do you ferment?

2. What is the process of fermenting the vegetables? (any link for detailed explanation?)

Question 1: Is reversal of White/grey hairs possible one paleo diet? Any one experienced it personally?

At same time, few other short (personal) questions too:

Question 2: In supermarket in Germany, there is meat with label "South American Meat". Is it same as Argentinian meat?

Question 3: At moment due to social and cultural problems I could not go on 100% raw paleo diet most of the times. Therefore the following question as alternative diet:

- "Are fermented Vegetables like German Sauer Kraut  better than using fresh Vegetables?"
- "Can the suet of bad supermarket quality lamb be used for cooking? Or should I use coconut oil for cooking in this case?"
- "In my family, mostly vegetables and Indian lentils are used for cooking and rarely there is meat (and fish is hardly 4-5 times a year). Should I use any vegetable alternative of protein too (like Hemp Seeds)?"

General Discussion / Re: Too Much Organ Meat?
« on: June 24, 2011, 11:25:23 pm »
Well my wife and I eat organs and suet. Around 4 pounds of liver a week(each) id say.. she probably eats a bit more than i do, but we're not turning orange yet after months.  When you've had enough liver, you dont want it anymore (which isnt much help if you aren't really keen on it in the first place, but hey..)  We will eat just liver for 2-3 days while its fresh and best, then pick up our next liver the next week, so we pack back a whole bunch, then move onto our kidneys and hearts etc. and if we eat all our organs before they send in the next cow, THEN we pick up some muscle meats.

My wife eats lots of suet and she does fine on it, I personally dont find i digest suet as well, but it might be because i eat all kinds of omnivorous stuff on top of my meat(while she's carnivore).

I dont think you have to worry about 'Overdosing' on anything that you're picking up from the butchers. I would think that you will just not want to eat it anymore,  long before you develop leprosy.

Although my wife had a similar experience eating a big whack of moose brain, to when she eats too much adrenal. So we figure she must have eaten the hormone glands in the brain and they sometimes make you feel like you're tripping balls and you dont know if you're going to throw up or shit yourself.

Please confirm the following once again:

1. Your wife is practically eating ONLY Organ Meat throughout a week. Muscle meat is eaten only in case there is no organ meat there.

- But what about fish? Does she also eat fish?

- Does she eat liver & other organs meat in same way, or she use different recipes/ways to eat them? (while eating same thing again and again may be some times boring).

General Discussion / Re: Too Much Organ Meat?
« on: June 24, 2011, 08:32:41 pm »
Ok, liver may not be eaten on daily bases.

Next question is what about other organ's like:

1. Heart
2. Kidney

3. Bone Marrow
4. Brain

5. Suet
(could it be eaten every day in big ammount? Could it be considered as complete food, or one has to eat it as suppliment along with muscle meat?)

General Discussion / Re: I'm writing a RVAF book, ideas please!
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:59:33 pm »
Make a chart for starters about how long they could keep the different kind of meats (organs etc) in their refrigerator.

Actually I dont know the answer to this question myself as I am myself a newbie and today I have eaten my first Raw liver.  :D

Hallo Zaidi,

da du in Deutschland lebst, antworte ich dir mal auf deutsch :) : Informationen zur Rohkost findet man im  Rohkostwiki. Dort sind eine Reihe von Rohkost-Versendern aufgelistet. Die Firma Orkos liefert u.a. qualitativ hochwertiges Fleisch von Lamm und Wildschwein, außerdem Eier. Wer sich über Rohkost mit anderen austauschen möchte, kann dies in einem Chat tun.


Thanks a lot liebe Sussane.

Orkut scheint die beste Fleischqualität zu haben. Aber es ist teuer und ich konnte es sich nicht leisten (zumindest nicht Momentan).

(back to English for other users too)

Some one wrote in this forum that in Europe Lambs & Goats are normally grass partured. Is it correct for Germany too? Have you ever tasted the normal supermarket lamb/goat meat? 

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