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General Discussion / Kangaroo Meat: How does it taste?
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:49:17 am »
Today I saw the "Australia's Wild Kangaroo Leg Piece" (boneless) in the market. It  was frozen.

But what  surprised me was this that it costed only 4.50 Euro per kg.

Earlier, I bought "Newzealand's Lamb Meat" from the market (frozen), but it turned out to be worst kind of meat. It was from the firm "Ashley". It had almost no fat, but a thin layer of fat which consisted of only bubbles. It smelled awful too after it thawed.

This was my first experience with the Newzealand's meat.

I also saw the whole lamb from Chilly too.

I asked the people from that market if that Newzealand's meat and Chilly meat was 100% pastured one, but they were unable to confirm it to me.

Does any one having experience here with meat from Chilly and Newzealand?

It looked perfect for my social situation.
Therefore, I immediately tried to make it and see if it also tastes me.
And it turned really delicious too.
I am in paradise at moment.
Thanks a lot dear Inger.

Off Topic / Re: Ron Paul for President of the USA
« on: March 23, 2012, 09:57:40 pm »
New Ron Paul ad-DESTROYS Obama and Romney.mp4

Off Topic / Re: Total proof that USA is a lapdog of Israel
« on: March 23, 2012, 06:55:32 pm »
Why is this happening (i.e. why Muslims are turning towards Salafi Islam)?

Firstly, once again, this change towards Salafism is not found in Shia Muslims. Mainly it is Sunni population, which is turning towards Salafism.

There are many reasons for this change.

1. Sunni Traditional Islam VS Salafi Political Islam

Basically Sunni Muslims always followed a Traditions version of religion. But then came Salafies with Political Islam and Jihaad concept. This Jihaad concept attracted a lot of Sunnies.
There is a lot of hatred against CIA and Israel even among normal Muslims (either they are Sunni or Secular Sunni).
Salafies cashed this hatred and they were attracted towards Salafies in name of Jihaad and resistance against the Israel/CIA.

2. Corruption in Muslim Governments

In last decades, the Leaders of almost all Muslim countries were Secular Sunnies. But none of them was a true leader. All these governments were corrupt, they were at mercy of CIA politically. Their economies were weak and hostage at hands of IMF.

So normal people are not satisfied with present system. They are looking for an alternative. And Salafies are promising them "Islamic Caliphate System" as an alternative to the present system and the so called "Evil Western System".

Again this factor is causing a lot of conversion. More are the economic difficulties, more will be the hatred and more of the people will turn towards the alternative "Caliphate System".

3. Saudia (the center of Islam) is Salafi itself

Another big factor is this that Saudia is the center of Islam, and they are themselves Salafies.
More problem occurs while Saudia is a Rich Country. It give a lot of aid to other poor Muslim countries and therefore it has a lot of influence upon all other Muslim Countries. They are also pouring a lot of money in form of thousands of Madrassas (religious schools) and Islamic Universities.

There are many more factors, but these are the main ones.

In my opinion, Sunni world is very non-organized, they have no central leadership, they are not united and thus they have no chance to compete against the Salafies.

Off Topic / Re: Total proof that USA is a lapdog of Israel
« on: March 23, 2012, 06:08:09 pm »
.50 cal is sure bet.  works most of the time.

their ideology is not going going anywhere outside of Afghanistan/Pakistan.
Good example is south Russia - Chechen region and surrounding areas.  their sharia ambitions have been virtually wiped out.

Second, Iran will not cooperate with them (only in very small circumstances where they may have small common goals, but generally no).  Saudis will not give up their influence to them nor won't share with them.  Turkey is not willing to share the influence as well.  India and China (China especially) won't allow that as well.
There will be small pockets outside of Afghanistan/Pakistan but generally it'll be very confined.

Firstly, I would suggest to not to watch the countries  Saudia, Turky & Iran, but to concentrate upon the DRIVING FORCES behind these 3 countries.

- Saudia .......  Driving Force is "Salafism"
- Turkey ........ Driving Force is "Sunni Islam" 
- Iran ............. Driving Force is "Shia Islam"

Historically there were only 2 branches of Islam (Shia & Sunni), while Salafist came as sub branch of Sunnism.

Problem is this that "Sunni Majority" in Every Country (world wide) is changing towards Salafism at rapid pace.

25-30 years ago, Majority of Pakistanies and Afghanies were also Sunni Muslims. But not any more.

In all Arab countries too, majority is perhaps still Sunnies, but within 5-10 years they will Salafi majority.

And it is not only Pakistan/Afghanistan, but look at the ARAB Spring. This Arab Spring has brought Salafies into power. Even Egypt (the center of Sunni Islam) now has 25% seats of Salafists in the Parliament, and Egyptian population is turning towards Salafism very rapidly too.

Didn't you see the images of al-Qaida at many Government Houses in post Qaddafi Libya?

In Syria too, the opposition which is fighting, they are controlled by the Salafists.

In brief, very soon, all the Arab countries will have a thing which is described as "Islamic Revolution" by them.

Just imagine, at moment there is only IRAN  with Islamic Revolution. But what happens if all Arab countries + Turkey + Pakistan and other few will get the al-Qaida type Revolutionary Governments?

Divide among the Salafists

In theory, Center of Salafism is Kingdom of Saudia.

But there population is slowly becoming Jihaadist (like al-Qaida and follower of Bin Laden).

Both these groups have slightly internal problems. But these problems are only minor ones. Sooner or later, they will be one as their intense hate towards other sects & religions is common, and their desire of imposing Sharia is common too.

Turkey & Iran are not so much Extremists

While majority of population of Turkey is Sunni, and also they follow Secularism (at least their Army), therefore, they are not Extremists.  Unfortunately, there is again a rapid change towards Salafism in Turkish population too.

Iran follows the Shia branch of Islam. There population is not turning towards Salafism.

Although in Western world, it is common conception that Iran is an "Extremist" state, but it is not 100% true.

There may be some fields where Iranian Mullahs are showing Extremism (like compelling women to wear Hijab), but all in all, they are progressive and much more open to the world.

Iran is giving rights to their minorities like Christians & Jews. But you could forget about rights of Minorities in Salafi dominated societies.

Do you remember Taliban where they destructed the statues of Buddah & compelled the Hindu Population of Afghanistan to wear ONLY the Yellow/Chrom colour Dresses, so that they could be easily recognized every where and humiliated.

Initially many Muslims condemned Taliban for it. But Taliban replied that it was Umar Ibn al-Khattab (the 2nd Caliph of Prophet Muhammad) who also did the same when he conquered the Christian land. And practices of Umar Ibn al-Khattab are taken as part of Religion in both Salafi and Sunni Islam. Therefore, I have seen all those Muslims (who initially condemned this act), later agreeing with Taliban after this argument.

Spread of Islam (in eyes of 3 branches of Muslims)

- Sunnies claim: Islam was spread through "PREACHING". Same is about Shias.

- al-Qaida/Taliban claim:  Islam was spread through "Sword" as Umar Ibn al-Khattab captured the neighboring lands and imposed Islamic Sharia.


It is like a time bomb which is ticking. With present Ideology which is followed by Salafies, there will be a conflict and clash sooner or later.

Minorites and other sects will either be slaughtered, or humiliated or compelled to change their religion. This slaughtering of Christians/Hindus/Shias has already been started in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. With time it will only increase. Also remember that al-Qaida has killed several hundred thousands of Shias in suicide attacks in Iraq. And trend is clearly showing many folds increase in it.
There is ZERO percent tolerance towards other religions/cultures.

We will start watching this real face once these people start getting the power, while they will start implementing their ideology only after coming to power.

Regarding Iran:

Many Shia people of Iran have already questioning the Mullahs why Iran is siding with Palestine (remember that Hamas is a Salafi Jihaadi Organization and recently they have also turned severely against Iran upon the Syria Issue).
Iran has no direct Issues and problems with the WEST. Mostly, it is only due to the Palestine that this enmity is taking place between Iran and the WEST. Hizbullah and Hamas also don't have good relations now. If Syrian President Basharatul Asad survives, then he will also not be against Israel any more, but he will be more careful about the Opposition which consists of Salafies.

Therefore, no body knows exactly, but it is possible that in future one would see Iran/Iraq/Rest of Sunni Muslims/Secular Muslims  standing in the lanes of Western countries against Salafism.

by ys:

Domination of whole world is an absurdity that can't be taken seriously.  I'll start believing in it when Saudis and Iranian Ayatollahs start kissing each other butts.  In other words, never going to happen.

Yes, it is true that practically it is hard to dominate the world when you also lack the modern technology (i.e. Taliban) and knowledge.

Any how, still there will be a clash, there will be great loss of human life. In Chechen region, they failed, but still it resulted in killings of several thousands of people.

Now what is going to happen in case of clash with whole Salafi World? The result will be many times deadlier and bloodier as compared to Chechan.

Off Topic / Re: Total proof that USA is a lapdog of Israel
« on: March 23, 2012, 03:45:42 am »
Al-Quaeda only ever wanted a few things, to get the Americans/West to remove their military bases from their Holy Land(Saudi Arabia), to get the West to stop invading Muslim countries and stop dominating them economically, and to expel the Israelis from the Holy Land by any means. The Americans have already kowtowed to the 1st demand.Oh, and Al-Quaeda also is said to want to set up a Muslim Caliphate uniting all Muslims worldwide under one government, but this is not a realistic goal, more to do with nostalgia for earlier times.

I have studied the preaching of Salafism (a branch of Islam followed by al-Qaida too).

I have also studied Taliban ideology.

I could assure you:

- Nothing is going to stop them. Their aim is not Israel, but Domination of whole world and impose the SHARIA (i.e. Islamic  Law).

- Usurption of lands by Israel may started this extremism, but now this is irrelevant. Even if Israel is removed from the map, still this DREAM of forcefully imposing Sharia is not going to go away.

They believe that Prophet Muhammad and then Umar Ibn al-Khattab (the 2nd Caliph)  attacked the infidels & Christian lands and occupied them and forced the Islamic Law. They believe it is compulsory upon them (religious duty) to follow this practice.

Unfortunately, the numbers of these Extremists is increasing (very rapidly) and numbers of moderate Muslims is decreasing.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Mackerel sushi
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:03:28 pm »
Thanks Phil. Interesting Videos.
Also love to see the videos how our Mods & Senior Members here eat different kind of fishes.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Mackerel sushi
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:21:09 pm »
Here's a Native American way to clean fish in 10 seconds (when doing it quickly):



Do you also have the Videos of Inuits of how they eat different types of fishes raw? I saw only one short clip where they were de-skinning the fish with their teeth directly. It was a short clip and of bad quality. I was unable to figure out which fish that was.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Mackerel sushi
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:16:00 pm »
Thank you for your nice comments,
this is totally easy and take almost no time at all. ;D

I did this video today because I had some mackerels (happy girl I am ;)), but in German..
(a German lady wanted me to make one for her that is why)
I hope you can still get some idea out of it how I make it?
I fillet it and skin it all myself, you see it in the video. It is totally easy. :)



..... and happy man I am  ;D

Yesterday I succeeded in getting the fresh mackerel (although I was trying since I saw this Video, but didn't get it).

Also for the first time in my life, I went to an Asian (Thailand) market and explored the products (although I only wanted to buy Noori). Also bought Thai peppers for Kimchi. It was really interesting trip to Thai shop and I was amazed to see the big numbers of variety of products there. I felt I was in some another world.

Now coming to  preparation of mackerel sushi. Before appearance of Video, I never thought I could ever be making this recipe. But after Video, I succeeded EASILY. What a surprise for me.

And it was really tasty.

.....  From searching of fresh mackerel .... visit to Thai shop ... Preparation .... Eating .... I enjoyed all the steps.  Many many THANKs to my Paleo sister. 

(in my culture, a person who is guiding you automatically becomes Brother or Sister as mark of respect).

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Mackerel sushi
« on: March 10, 2012, 05:29:17 am »
This was my dinner tonight.
Mackerel, fresh, rolled into nori-sheets. It was really Delicious. I had fresh thyme too and little onion.
You can use tamari if you like. I did eat a lot more as in the picture though.. ;)

Very easy, very delish.


It is looking gorgeous.

I really want to copy this dish, but dear Inger, I am afraid I have absolutely no chance of making such dish.  :(

At least for me (who has never seen such cooking style before except for the Eastern Cooking Style) the only way to follow this dish is through Video.

Do you fillet the Mackerel  (and de-skin) it yourself?

Beautiful Woman Eating Raw Meat, Raw Liver, Kidneys, Heart and Lungs – Videos!
by Family Healer on February 25, 2012

Inger is a 35 year old Norwegian (living in Finland) currently practicing a Raw Paleo Diet with a variant called RVAF (raw vegetable and animal foods… raw omnivore) For 6 years now and 90% carnivorous in proportion. Here she demonstrates how a woman may eat raw animal foods.

*Note: On that same day I posted this link to and forum and I had ZERO responses.  Cooked paleo dieters must not know what to say or ask when they saw these videos.

Excellent GS...

May I also suggest to include the "Previous" & "Present" Photos of Inger too at Cure Manual ..... In my opinion to get best results & inspiration, Photos should come first followed by the Videos.

General Discussion / Re: US Wellness Meats?
« on: March 08, 2012, 04:55:03 am »
I get my meats vacuum-packed all the time. It doesn't matter as long as you eat it soon. Don't leave it for more than a week in the fridge before consumption though, as it then starts getting anaerobic bacteria thriving in it - or at least air it once it reaches that stage.

Never, ever cook it. Just thaw it and eat it raw. Don't put back parts and refreeze them, as nutrient-loss of prefrozen meat is fast once it's thawed(freezing disrupts the cell-membranes you see). Freezing is not ideal, as it reduces the taste of the resulting meats(and some rawists claim it destroys the enzymes over time) but it's way, way better than cooking.

What about "Ground Beef" sealed packets?

How long could Ground Beef be kept in Fridge?

todays breakfast of greens(some grown by me) fresh egg yolks, relatively local (100mile) beef and liver

woke up to a frozen chicken a few days ago :D

I saw Photos of big big Farm on your Face Book account.
I wonder, why you go to buy the Eggs from 100 miles away? Why don't you simply keep the hens on your farm?
It is really a dream to see you working with greens and others on such a big area. I am a "Big Cities" citizen and never got the chance to plant even single seed in my life up till now.

Are your Photos "PRIVATE"?  Although it is already too late, but I got this feeling "later" after watching your another album where you made your face "unrecognizable".

Zadi I was only a few seconds at first too. I've been doing this almost all winter, on and off. Also, the majority of my 25 mins was in cold but not straight cold shower. I have since progressed to going to cold only - no warm water running at all. I thought it would be easy. It wasn't I made it just 8mins and i was so cold the coconut oil wouldn't spread on my skin. I tried a straight cold bath too, thinking I was well prepared. I just couldn't stand it maybe 25 secs. I think diabetes makes me slower to progress. I'm determined though. Needed to set the record straight. You'll probably be way ahead of me in no time, let me know. I'm really excited for you.
    Also, what did you mean by NO CANDLES?

Ok, that is making me feel better now that I am on the right path with my 25 seconds.  ;D

And  about "...candles are out". 

Ah .... sorry, it was my bad English. I translated the expression "Literally" from my native language into English, which normally means Candels are out of cupboard and are in work. But this literal translation went wrong. I think I have to visit any English Speaking Country in order to improve. But I also enjoyed it "... candels are out." lol.

This discussion is interesting but OFF-TOPIC.

Maybe create a new thread for this climate adaptation discussion?

Sure GS.

Could you please separate the Posts here about "Cold Thermogenesis" and move them to a separate thread with name of "Holy Trinity (Cold Thermogenesis/Sleep/Seasonal Eating)"



Zadi I read, Becoming the Iceman too. He explains how importand it is to relax in the cold as much as possible. He does deep belly breathing 30 times before cold exposure to improve organ oxygen and to maintain a calm focus on your inner fire, which is the spot where you have the most warmth in your belly. The more relaxed you are the faster you adapt. After all what there to be tense about? I find that I feel better slow starting with my legs than I splash my face, then belly and chest then back. I only briefly expose my head b/c that the hardest. I at 25mins. I don't go by time I go by feel. First, it is shocking, then numb, then intense need to get out. That's when I get out but it is fun to time it.

Thanks Adora.

After two days of training (slow starting and deep belly breathing), it seems that:

For Adora =  She can RELAX for 25 MINUTES

For Zaidi =  He can RELAX for 25 SECONDs, and they he has to start dancing  ;D

But it is already an improvement from 5 seconds (first time 4-5 days ago) to  25 Seconds (just half an hour ago). I am really positive about my 25 seconds  ;D



Candles are also out. 

Wild berries are also there.

Cold baths are also there.

Wild nettles (dried) are also there.

 ................................................. And I am already feeling the difference.

thanks Wattlebird, I'll try when they come in season

[quote author=zaid
- Have you ever eaten spleen separately? Do you notice any betterment after eating it?
- What about the blood? Have you noticed any effects of drinking the blood?
- Same question is about the Lungs. Geoff said there are no nutritional value of lungs. But for me important thing is if one feels some thing good after eating it or not.

Zadi - I don't know how I missed this. What raw animal foods have you tried so far? Thank you for all of your kindness
I did eat spleen before and I liked it much less. I think pig and chicken are less gamey than cow or lamb. I had lamb spleen before. It might just be that I'm getting used to organs. I feel that they are good for me, but my body is peculiar. I think I'm way over fed and it makes me fussy. Or maybe body is peculiar when it is sick or healing. I had a very different experience than Geoff with the lung.  I went for lung the most. I thought about it hungrily between meals. I ate some fish and chicken to switch off of organs, but I'd get 1 or 2 pieces of lung too. I don't know if I will have the same experience next time, with a cow or if I'll be different and have different needs all of the time.
   The blood was so good. I couldn't get much down b/c of the salt, but my butcher(Sam :-*) handed me the heart still warm and there were 2 good swallows of blood. It was amazing. I licked and squeezed it to pull every drop, before my mind kicked in to tell me how strange I looked. I'm sure my cave women ancestors used to drink it. I wonder why it is so uncommon today??? I think it might be easiest to get chicken blood. Some farmers sell them alive, the butchering isn't that tough, and we could have fresh blood.  :P

This is an important information about Lungs & Blood. Thank a lot Adora.

@ Adora,
when I look at you in your video it makes me happy. Yes, really happy inside. :)
Now I guess you should really follow the Kruse-programm, it would do you SO much good!
I have f.lux my computer (just download it for free), and also additionally turn it on as dark as possible in the evenings.
I use mostly only candles after 8 pm.
I have started to shower my legs and arms with ice-cold water. I love this.

If anyone else is interested and do not know about it yet;

This is amazing.

Follow these three things;
Cold  thermogenesis (adapting to cold through cold baths etc..)
As little artificial light as you can, only candles at night etc.. get to sleep at 10 pm
Seasonal eating (ketogenic in fall, winter and spring, carbs / fruits in summer only)

These three things have ALL to be done at the same time, and you will lengthen your telomeres.
Amazing stuff. How could the solution be so easy, for free! I know in my heart, this is the truth.


Wow! Entirely new information for me.

In fact,  I did read few times about ice water bath, but didn't pay enough attention to it.

But the way you insisted so hard... it really compelled me to take serious note of this (thanks a lot).  And result was I was dancing under the ice cold shower today  (... this dance was not intentional .... and I feared that people would hear as I had to cry too .... but no body heard any thing ... and reason was this that I was crying but  it was so cold that no VOICE was coming out of my cries  ;D )

But ... I am feeling really well after it.

I also got confusion about "Wild Berries & No Fruit theory in winter". But Adora asked it and you have already made it clear.

Do you feel any positive effects after eating "Dried" nettles (or any Dried wild green)?

Here I am eating my lunch today. Sorry I got a call at the end. -X

rohe Fischbällchen-Preiselbeer-Mittagessen

I eat fishpate kind of sushistyle with cowberry dip. In the pate' I use;

Wildcaught raw and fresh codfillet
fresh ginger
fresh chili
raw butter
raw coconutoil
1 eggyolk
wild sea buckthorn berries - instead of whitewine vinegar and honey as usual (it worked well!)

Mix all together in a food processor. Roll into balls.
I used wild Finnish cowberries as a dip, it tasted quite nice indeed! First time I did that. ;)
I thought about GS saying vit. C with fat helps your hair not turn gray. ;)

This is to a very large % wild. I love to use as much wild as I can. I feel so great from it! The best.
Maybe next time I will try to add wild dried nettles... :)


Thanks for the recipe & Video.
Just bought marjoram (never used it before and don't know how it tastes).

Hey Inger,

I am interested in the website you mentioned you get your honey from? I live in the UK and would order some from them if it's possible.

For sure Inger missed your post.

Here is the website.

They are famous in whole Europe.

Brunch yesterday: Native Guava and Raw Beef Bone Marrow

My not so secret way of turning white hair to black again. 

I'm growing long hair and I'd want all of it to stay black.

I noticed if I keep eating this high vitamin c + raw fat combo my hair stays black.  If I'm off of this combo for a while I start getting white hair.

For those curious, I'm 42 and my peers have tons of white hair on them.

This technique has been working for me since 2008.

Here's my blog post about how to cure white hair and turn it black again.

Really an impressive & inspiring Photo  (please add it in your "Early" and "Present" Photo section too).

You hairs are looking really great here. And very wise decision to go for long hairs if you have such lovely hairs.

 We don't have Guava here in Europe, but I am able to find coconuts.

And I have got hands to grassfed Beef.... but bone marrow is hard white stuff, while you seems to enjoying soft creamy marrow in the photo. 

    WOW thanks everybody. I am so glad you all liked it. I'm actually having a tough day, phoenix rising from the ashes day. It was great to get on line and have all of this encouragement. I liked making the video. My whole family helped. My husband, who is still totally grossed out, watched and filmed the whole thing and my daughter who is excited to get more into raw foods, and is already paleo, did all of the YouTube stuff for me.
    I am really unhappy with the way I look in it, tough. I have been staying up really late and working hard for days, so I have depleted my energy and my leptin, cortisol, and insulin have taken a beating. I think I need to turn off all electronics and use candles after dark for the next 2 months. So, I doubt I'll make a video for a while, but I loved doing it and I will again soon.

Please take a break from regular life activities if you feel so.

And I promise I will be watching this video couple of times in next 2 months.

Hi Adora
Congratulations on you and your family for putting up a great video.
Your movement between bench and spice cupboard, sink and cutlery draw, seemed fluid and agile and I couldn't see any noticeable signs of discomfort on your face.
Hopefully the knee and your ability to walk anew continues to progress nicely. (thankfully, theres always room for even more awareness)
You have great spirit.
Kind wishes, J

Yes Wattlebird, I too didn't notice any thing else than sweet lovely smile. If she is really tired of work at moment, still she is master in disguising it as from no where one could see it at her face. 

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 29, 2012, 04:58:56 am »

OK admitted.

You are the fastest Sully.  :)

I have seen it only once but not so much enjoyment ..... I mean it's so lovely that I have to watch it twice thrice more in order to enjoy it completely  :D

First step is always difficult for baby bird while taking the first flight.

First Video ... first flight

Want to see lot of flights from Adora.  Hip Hip Hooray.

It was so sweet from your cat that she also made the entry. Also want to see more from this superstar.

- Have you ever eaten spleen separately? Do you notice any betterment after eating it?
- What about the blood? Have you noticed any effects of drinking the blood?
- Same question is about the Lungs. Geoff said there are no nutritional value of lungs. But for me important thing is if one feels some thing good after eating it or not.

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 28, 2012, 07:54:39 pm »
I am a happy man.

My wish has been granted. Thank you Adora  ( ... and Inger noted very correctly... thanks to the Cameraman too).

You see, "Reading Recipe" is boring ... but "Watching Adora making recipe" is very interesting, very pleasant.

Personally, I am very good in kitchen and could never follow a written recipe. But I enjoy the Video Recipe and could learn things much better through Video.

What I learnt from your and Inger's videos?

It was not only the recipe, but it was also the kitchen manners, and it was also the eating manners of raw meat.

Waiting for the 2nd part.

Sully... you are fast.

General Discussion / Re: Hard Fats vs. Soft Fats
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:55:00 pm »
      If you have a good source of marrow and want it go for it but, you might like beef fat later and digest it well. I just started to be able to enjoy egg yolk and coconut oil in large quantities and I'm feeling good. Before it hurt and made me nauseous after. I've been eating avocados 2-3/day. I haven't had any bone marrow or fresh beef fat in a week :(. I mix my frozen suet together with egg and coconut, salt, lemon, or ACV and herbs or spices and make chicken salad. I've been using it as a dip for celery, cukes, and wrapping lettuce around it. really good. Don't food process too long. I let it get a bit to creamy and didn't like the consistency, as much tonight.

 .... and we need a Video of Adora while she is making this "really good" Dip for celery, lettuce ... thanks.

Do animals like/prefer to eat lungs?

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 25, 2012, 06:54:55 pm »
Hi Adora!
I used roast, the piece what you use for roast beef? In German it is Braten. It has little fat and is quite cheap indeed.
Not tender, but it gets tender when it stays for so long. :)
No the fat was separate, muscle fat from beef. I had in slightly packed in my fridge, but some air could circulate. I do cut off the outer part first and use just the inner part of the fat when it get so old. The outer part gets quite oxidized I guess.
You can cut off from the start if you want to, I do to. It is good all time.
Do not use salt. It destroys good bacteria and "kills" the meat. I think salt for storing is no good.
If you want salt, sprinkle it on the top after you cut off a piece and just before eating! ;)
I am no fan of pig Adora.. -\ I have never tried that.
No it does not stink at all, as long as it gets air. I always use a wooden plate for my meat. It is better and it dries better.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for making things clear and additional information.

I want to order the "Braten" (i.e. Rost beef) too after watching this Video, but I am afraid I don't have enough time as I have to fly abroad for couple of weeks.

Another valuable addition to our Video Library.

Please keep them coming. Thanks.

Would also love to have Video of inside of your Refrigerator after watching that tasty "Braten".  :)

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 24, 2012, 10:20:16 pm »

I did another video from eating my lunch today. This time in english.
Sorry about my english - it is so not good.
I am eating grassfed beef and fat, no fancy recipes. I will make recipe-vidos too when I have the time.



Simple but very effective & yummy.

Once again a very valuable Video from my point of view. 

I liked it.

I am not a native English Speaker, therefore I could not judge it 100%. But still my feedback is as following:

1. I felt that you were looking good and cute speaking English (the very same feeling I got while hearing your German Video).

2. Your English is perfectly sufficient, as you are able to convey your message with Expressions (like Yummy expression.... and your Eyes also speaking Universal Language and telling us it was yummy).


Wow inger, you are radiant that is for sure!

Here's what I'm eating today, wild salmon roe and our own free range, organic, soy-free eggs, laid last night.

I realize that my eating salmon roe is kind of ironic considering what I've said about the sustainability of seafood but that is a new belief of mine, arrived at after I bought 10 lbs of roe this summer for $6usd/lb. Got to use it up! Apparently fish eggs are great sources of K2 I learned recently along with vitamin D and lots of other goodies. These eggs, are gorgeous even just to look at with their ruby red translucent shimmer. These are uncured, and they arrived to me in their skeins, all I do is pull them out with my fingers and pop them in my mouth! They're also delcious with creme fraiche!


PS sorry my cam isn't clearer, it's my iphone and it's more than a bit stubborn!


This is one of the delicious raw dish and great idea for newbies.

Your cam is ok here .... but please also look for Video Camera ... we love to have your Video when you eat this super dish next time.

General Discussion / Re: What rawpalaeo foods are you eating right now?
« on: February 23, 2012, 10:07:37 pm »
OMG. I am a little overwhelmed by the responses to my video. It was a very spontaneous one and far from perfect.
I did not expect this. But, nothing could make me more happy, then if it could be to help for someone! Indeed.


God bless you lady.

Humanity does indeed need help.

A small story, which inspires me.

Parable of the Good Samaritan

The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus and is mentioned in only one of the Canonical gospels. According to the Gospel of Luke (10:25-37) a traveller (who may or may not be Jewish) is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road. First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man.

Came recently to this story after googling for the meaning of name of our dear Admin "GS".

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