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Welcoming Committee / Re: Greetings from the UK
« on: June 19, 2019, 01:07:58 am »
Welcome to the forum!

Health / Re: Science of Tooth Yellowing and Decay
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:27:10 pm »
Read this article on how exactly  excess calcium from dairy can ruin bones and teeth:-

SSRIs which foul up serotonin levels in the brain and body also ruin the skeleton and teeth as serotonin not only is present in the brain as a regulating substance, but is also present in the gut and controls calcium levels in teeth and skeleton.

A 100% "raw" diet usually involves some raw carbs unless you go RZC. My own experience with RZC was that I also got weakened teeth therefrom(though, admittedly, I  may have overdone the amount of  raw-meat eaten per day, even if I maintained the right fat to protein ratios.

Try some high-quality(if you can, organic or , best of all, wild herbs and fruits/veg). Mercola's curcumin
is a good use against inflammation in the short-term, though abstaining from cooked foods is best for fighting off inflammation in the long-term. Obviously, try raw 100% grassfed meats/organ-meats, "high-meat"(eventually)

I understand your terror re teeth. I was once forced to have a filling implanted decades ago, and I am sure that the nerve below was destroyed. I also know several people who, in old age, have been forced to use removable dentures as they simply could not afford replacing their original teeth with decent, more permanent  replacements. So, I am terrified of dentists and am glad I have had no dental issues since.

Loosened teeth cannot, imo, be a sign of detox. You might consider a slow elimination diet and see what works. Also, raw foods have much higher water-content than cooked foods so can often be much easier to chew(eg:- liver/kidney). When I first did the raw-dairy-filled-RVAF diet, I would cut up my raw meats/organ-meats into small pieces so that I could just bolt them down without chewing and hurting my mouth. Once I cut out all raw dairy, my teeth became rock-hard after those 4 months, but initially I was even able to move them backwards and forwards.

Yes, it's cultural conditioning. When I first started with RVAF diets, I had some luck as, by then, due to instinct, my body no longer had any taste for cooked animal foods. Most RVAF diewt beginners aren't so lucky. Basically, cooked-foodists  are used to eating cooked-/processed foods which are seriously lacking in taste, which is why they often feel the need to add extra spices and sauces in order to enhance the taste. RVAF diet beginners should start with raw, grassfed muscle-meats, then try raw grassfed organ-meats, and then try raw wild game muscle-meats and finally raw wild game organ-meats. The idea is that the higher the quality of the raw food, the richer the taste, but RVAF diet beginners at first are not used to richness of taste so should gradually get used to the raw diet.High-meat is, of course, the richest in taste, and, imo, the healthiest, if based on healthy raw animal food.

One way that some RVAFers use is to start cooking some animal food very rare with lots of sauces, and then gradually turn down the cooking temperature every so often and reduce the amount of sauces, until, finally, they can eat it 100% raw without condiments.

Primal Diet / Re: Diet for severe pain not working?
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:23:16 pm »
Taking modern painkillers often results eventually in overdosing as the body gets used to them. Not recommended. I had a slow-acting food-intolerance towards  raw and pasteurised dairy  which led to much the same symptoms as you had, due to slowly-increasing inflammation all over my body. For example, I had a vaccination on my left shoulder so that, from puberty onwards, I was unable to sleep on my left side because of the pain. Given that food-intolerance/allergy towards raw dairy is the commonest issue in the RVAF diet community, it woul be wise to avoid it like the plague for quite some time, and forever, if your symptoms improve as a result. Also, ignore most of AV's recommendations re drinking raw veggie-juice etc. Guy-Claude-Burger's book  on Instinctotherapy/Instinctotherapie is much more in line with long-term RVAFers' experiences.

Other ideas re handling pain:-

1) Try near-infrared light therapy/red light therapy devices such as found on and Joov. They appear to be good against pain. The alpha-stim m device is also supposed to be good against pain, though I never used it for that purpose.

General Discussion / Re: Insects Guide for RPD Westerners
« on: June 13, 2019, 04:48:37 pm »
The, ah, distances involved are prohibitive, I'm afraid! Of course, an easy way to start would be to hang some raw meat out in my garden and then feast on the maggots that would result from all the flies laying eggs on it. Pet food stores might be an option. It's just that I still have a horror of eating raw insects.I'll have to start with just eating insect eggs first.

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:34:25 pm »
I  would STRONGLY advise you against this absurd so-called "detox" sugar+cheese  "detox". Neal's Yard in London does have some raw, unsalted cheese, (well , as of 2010) but a member of staff  did once go stupid on me and asked why on earth I would prefer raw, unsalted cheese.

General Discussion / Re: Insects Guide for RPD Westerners
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:14:48 am »
It's a possibility, especially if one believes in the very likely scavenger theory of palaeo--HGs where they were supposed to scavenge and eat mainly  maggot-infested aged raw meat. The problem I have is that the current websites I have searched online re Europe have all offered only cooked insects at very high prices. I suppose I could try pet-food stores but I fear they too will offer only precooked versions thereof.

General Discussion / Re: Roots and Shoots
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:48:01 am »
I tried wheatgrass juice in my raw vegan days, it tasted so disgusting, I never tried it again. As regards condiments, I often add some raw garlic cloves and raw basil leaves and raw eggs to my raw meats/raw organ-meats.  Sometimes I even add raw sage leaves or raw pepper instead when available. When I go hiking in the Vienna woods, I tend to stuff myself with wild garlic leaves as they are almost everywhere there. Ideally, I should greatly widen the variety of raw herbs that I normally eat, and likely not eat too much of them at a time with raw animal foods.

I personally do not have any issues with raw fruit, well, except for some raw tropical fruits like mangos, papayas and coconuts.  I do get some good effects initially with 100% raw animal foods, but effects turn very negative after  c. 3 weeks. My view is that a LC/VLC RPD diet was the norm for most RPDers, as, while food was often abundant in palaeo times, there were also times when raw animal foods were scarce due to issues like migrating herds etc., so that palaeo HGs had to turn to raw herbs. The other point is that medicine was minimal in those days so that palaeo HGs had to turn to raw herbs for medicinal purposes such as removing internal parasites, for example.

I really admire your effort to  be self-sustaining. The freshwater pond might be even more useful if you added the right reeds around the edge of the ponds in order to filter the water and some fish as well.

Science / Last of the Yaghan people...
« on: June 06, 2019, 01:39:52 am »

People may wonder why I might be in line with the Noble-Savage theory on this issue, but I value language and culture. For example, in a recent trip to County Donegal in Ireland, I failed to find any authentic Gaelic-language music/songs. Those only existed in July/August for the tourists. Basically, the English had wiped out the Irish language and culture, and the locals did not care.

Personally, I  always had digestion-issues when mixing raw animal food and cooked plant food. Much less so, admittedly, with cooked rice and raw meat/raw seafood, but still not 100%.


This may have a point as , while domesticated animals and humans tend to experience  health-problems mainly in the long-term from cooking, many wild animals can die very quickly from eating cooked/processed foods.

Raw Weston Price / Re: What About the Hunza
« on: June 04, 2019, 10:26:58 pm »
Basically, the Hunza were one of the tribes that Weston-Price investigated. I shouldn't really be angry at WP as the sort of dietary range he recommended was far  less unhealthy than modern cooked diets, and he did recommend eating some raw animal food as part of his diet. It is just that  WP believed in the Noble Savage theory which meant that he viewed HGs as being somehow morally etc. superior in every way, but, quite frankly,  they did not lead as natural a life, imo, as HGs did in palaeo times.

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