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Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 19, 2018, 12:02:35 pm »
When im not feeling particularly dirty but need to freshen up so not to smell like an Old Ram, I will clean myself with oil, and its been very effective in maintaining good overall skin conditions. I prefer to not bath as often , but because Im a residential electrition who has to go into peoples homes, I have to keep fairly prim and proper and be respectful of my clients prejudice against strong mutton-ous emissions

I will use good oil such as coconut and rub it into the skin then rinse off in the shower with plain water. Recently Ive been experimenting with homemade blends inspired by Biblical Holy Oil, which from historical accounts were infusions of tree resin, olive oil, and various herbs. The oils will bind to dirt and chemicals and rinse away almost as good as soap, and it doesn't dry out and irritate the skin. Even if I have to use some soap to clean construction grease and grime off, oiling up right after helps replenish

Im working with a blend now that contains coconut oil, cacao butter, lanolin, sheep tallow, infused with a little myrrh, frankincense, and Kanabus. I also use the oil when I am going out in the sun to tan, and rub it into reddened sunburned skin. My girlfriend is a massage therapist who also regularly anoints me with the holy oil for deep tissue massage.

Along with the help of some patchouli Zum brand clothes soap  Ive managed to live like a dirty hippy and still pass for a classy hipster

Off Topic / Re: 8 million Brits no longer eat meat....
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:55:50 am »
I always enjoy musing upon the possibility of the emergence of new religions full of reverence for the mystery, with a touch of sentimental nostalgic longing to return to ones roots, with a sense of this life being connection with the cosmos and each soul a reflection of creation incarnate...But at the end of such fanciful threads of mystic yarn is the back to reality noose and the cynical resignation that any such attempt to openly establish such bygone, raw experiential based religions in the first world will be met by great resistance under the current technocratic world order. Instead of establishing a neo-pagan order it may be more effective to simply abide in the undergrowth and hidden knolls, live out the dreams of the ancestor spirits by what ever means available and spread memes full of reverence for the lore and legends which abound from around this little world of ours.

The Grain Growers monolithic God came to power during the dawning neolithic age, and long ago snuffed out the fading light of the Great Pan spirit of paleolithic pantheism. Though Pans influence has waned his spirit was never outright vanquished, and under the right circumstances he will return to dance with delight, breed freely the Forrest nymphs and liberate the domesticated souls from the Animal Farms, Rat Races, and other such traps that are ensnaring the children of the free spirit. 

Where the meaning is to be found in such a mishmash of wants, dreams, intentions, aspirations and such, is never very clear???

Returning to pantheism, and the idea that everything is manifestation of the divine energy playing out different rolls. Its to the heart of to Live and Let Live, and in the spirit of it takes all kinds to make a world. Everything is happening in the world at once and this is too much for the individuals within humanity to process rationally...this could be in part why we collectively act in ways that fracture the world soul into various parts that then engage in the vedic Brahma drama being played out, with each of us actors and portrayals.

Some are espousing a way of life that is the antithesis of the spirit of the others and so the drama is played out.... people take sides, pic teams and place bets....those who are emotionally drawn in, join in the free for all that is life. Those who loose interest in the game fade out into the darkness to be recycled as compost from which the phoenix will rise into rebirth. Through such intercourse on all levels, the molecular threads of DNA, combine with electrical impulsive emotion, the will to power and creative vital force to weave a tapestry so integral and vast it could never be appreciated in its entirety.

On the bright side there is power to create and the freedom live in accord with the biorhythms of nature, is inherent in every living being under the sun and beyond...and on the dark side is the power to destroy and the freedom to suffer in discord when one strays outside the harmonic boundaries of lifes ephemeral and delicate balance. To be able to enjoy, honor and revel in the dynamic interplay between such extremities is a way of being more in tune with age old methods used by past sages in their efforts to discover the most interesting and fulfilling ways to spend a lifetime.

Off Topic / Re: 8 million Brits no longer eat meat....
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:01:02 pm »
Here is the catchy theme song for the meat free Monday movement.

I cant for the life of me understand how the people of the UK fall prey to this kind of preschool level, pea brained pre-enlightenment propaganda. In the age of robin hood vegetarianism was imposed upon the peasants by threat of death. If you killed a rabbit to feed your starving family and were caught, the kings men would drag you from your home kill you in front of the entire village...Now days it would appear the proletariat is being subjugated by less overtly tyrannical, Fabian tactics. Using celebrities and hipster culture to sell the idea that vegetarianism is trendy, virtuous, and healthy...when in reality it isnt!

Off Topic / Re: 8 million Brits no longer eat meat....
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:07:50 am »
In riffing with this basic theme presented in the article, Its difficult to not draw the conclusion that there is, on some level, some kind of battle for control of the current logos, being fought out in the realm of multi medial mindscape, between myriads of various conflicted agendas which permeate the deeper undercurrents that drive these topical trends. From this primeval, us vs them, linear thinking, point of view the reality of life on the ground level is often oversimplified, into conspiratorial ideas of how there is some deliberate effort by those with control of the resources to cull and weaken the entire human population through means of tainted meats and vegetarian induced impotence, along with a number of other devilishly devised devices.

We are all inundated with ancestral memes which can often more or less limit our ability to view the state of affairs in the human world with an untainted eye. The Old Worlds control grid Modus Operandi played out in the tales of Robin Hoods fighting with the Sheriff over the right to hunt in the kings Forest.... this is in someways a past reflection of the current struggles between the New World Powers, that are attempting to dominate all of the earth mothers children under a newfangled half-baked technocratic rule.... and the right of the Common individual, who still possesses enough of a remnant of sapien common sense, to say Fuck that Malthusian shit and that dump truck of lies it rides around on, Im going to eat, breed, and live as my own inner nature will have it.

Perhaps there is some collective subconscious choice which is beyond human understanding or ability to control, as to why individuals would unite under the banner of ideals and lifestyles, (such as the first world consumers of the UK who play at being vegetarian curious for these misanthropic surveys) which to many seem totally detrimental to the flourishing of our species...Extinction but for the race of God goes the survivors of lifes ordeal...Perhaps these divergences of dichotomy manifest in all these experimental modes of human life currently ongoing, is natures way of testing the limits of biological tolerance to extremity, while inducing ever greater mutagenic multiplicity that will eventually coalesce in an evolutionary quickening that will in time evoke a quantum leap in the evolution of hyper-proactive genetic intelligent design. The biofeedback system between mind, emotion, body,cosmos and the conscious structuring of the sacred code of life will under the right conditions spawn an entirely new species of human capable of adapting to and thriving under future circumstances which nobody alive today could even begin to fathom.   

So with all that going on upstairs, I try to no longer get drawn into limiting mind states being cultivated by the media propagandist whose articles pollute the blogosphere , though it is still tempting to rail out in rage against these confetti corporate magazine propagated informational warfare subliminal virtue signals being passed off as an objective newsworthy study.....on whatever social media platform available.

Let Sir Paul and other such effete ilk masquerade as smug saviors, heaven sent, from their faux ivory towers to reform the carnal nature of humankind. It would really be kind of funny if only so many people didn't take them so seriously. Its all enough to make you "Give in and Cry Live and let Die"

Off Topic / Re: 8 million Brits no longer eat meat....
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:08:19 pm »
(Proviso) The Views of myself may not reflect the experience of others living in the UK, but from my limited time there I developed a very bleak impression of the place in regards to the average person being able to obtain and afford a quality paleo diet.

In all fairness, I believe much of the meat and animal products sold in the UK at the big chain groceries taste horrid, and cost too much for the poor quality being offered. Many parts of the western world are becoming an Agenda 21 driven food desert. Those who eat the increasingly tainted commercial meat are on the cusp of taking almost as much risk to their health, as those who are eliminating meat from the diet.

These kind of reports are simply invented by either blatantly duplicitous or latently ignorant sub-intellectual hacks, as a means of creating derision within the foodie ethos. In a truly free society of equals we all should join together and support each others right to chose what kind of diet we personally follow, and instead of bickering endlessly over trifles, both those who identify as meat eaters and those who identify as vegitarian could find common ground in championing a common movement that would provide the highest quality and ethically cultivated of both plant and animal foods to the entire society.

No matter what diet you chose we should be able to agree that its in the best interest of everyone, if we could work together to insure the best raw materials will be readily and affordably available for everybody. Then with a level playing field and open source access to a cornucopia of wondrous abundance we can live, let live, and let the results of peoples personal lifestyle choices speak for themselves ( without these corporately controlled media driven intrusion of Idiosyncratic Malthusian crimes against human intelligence!   

Off Topic / Re: Study shows eating all cooked meat is unhealthy
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:37:23 am »

Note how they randomly criticise ALL red meat but omit that the study only focused on cooked meats of various kinds.

Not only was this study based on cooked meat, but I doubt that the meat eaters were low carb paleo...Eating cooked meat in combination with large amounts of cooked carbs is a receipt for major long term problems. How many of these people who suffered health issues attributed to meat would eat their well done steak with a huge cooked potato, bread roll and sugary beverage.

Hot Topics / Re: Fruitarian interview in DM
« on: April 08, 2018, 09:42:40 pm »
Yeah, I also got an incredible sense of smell from going fruitarian for 8 months or so some 20yrs ago. (books by Hilton Hotema) To this day my sense of smell has not diminished much, and yes it has its down side in that I can smell just about everything far too well.
My sense of taste and smell improved just as dramatically while following a raw meat based It seems more reasonable to suppose that by elimination of cooked processed foods and avoiding artificial flavor in general, one can reset ones taste sensitivity on a variety of raw based diets ranging from meat heads to vegetarians to full fledged fruites.

Also a number of conditions attributed to be cured by fruit based diets, I believe are simply a result of eliminating other troublesome foods, rather than some magical really properties of fruit alone. "The 34-year-old says her migraines, acne and yeast infections have all cleared up since she has followed the diet." These conditions were likely triggered from eating the wrong kind of foods to begin elimination of grain, soy, cooked starch, vegetable oils, and the plethora of other inflammatory foods, people falsely believe are healthy for human consumption, can resolve a number of issues regardless of if you replace those foods with meat based or fruit based diets.

Its a safe bet that, If she went into a well balance meat heavy paleo diet instead her results would be much better overall and more sustainable long term. Sure it is true that such a diet, can in the short term eliminate the sources of inflammation and alleviate its manifested chronic symptoms, through catabolic removal of metabolic antigenic waste,  but in the long term fruit based diets offer little in the way of anaboic elements which the body needs to rebuild and sustain itself optimally over the course of a lifetime.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:33:46 am »
Reggie Watts has cultivated the art of the profane to a high level of satirical sophistication

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: What Fat To Supplement With?
« on: March 22, 2018, 09:56:49 pm »
Ive eaten goat.

Goats and sheep have similar fats, though certain sheep breeds typically fatten up on pasture much more than any other animals, and sheep fat in general has a much more pure and cleaner tasting fat, while goats tend to be a little gamy like Deer.

Generally speaking compared to waxy beef suet Goat fat is much softer and easier to digest.

I would also recommend trying to get older more mature animals, because pasture raised animals typically dont start to add large amounts of fat to their frame until they are fully mature, and they dont reach peak saturation of fat soluble vitamins and elements such as CLA until they reach about 3 years of age.

Some of the issues with beef fat is that much of it is butchered too young. Young grass fed  beef tends to be much leaner, and have tougher waxier fat, while I have had some older beefs that have had a much softer and more buttery fat....But since its often so difficult to find the butter fat beef animals, I have settled on the more reliable and consistently delicious fatty mutton.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: What Fat To Supplement With?
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:42:13 am »
I eat copious amounts of sheep suet and caul fat. It tends to be much softer, creamier and less waxy than beef suet.

Personals / Re: Contacting Sv3rige
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:45:56 pm »
Ive made contact, he will be in Kentucky around the end of the month, I should be able to help, the timing may even correspond with my next kill, so there should be fresh blood and meat to share.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Safe Stool Frequency
« on: March 16, 2018, 09:22:38 am »
Butter can for some people, gunk up the works and cause congestive issues.

Too many eggs can also be an issue.

For LC or ZC to work long term you have to have the proper balance of Fats and proteins, and should also make sure to have the right balance of organ meats.

Personals / Contacting Sv3rige
« on: March 16, 2018, 09:07:05 am »

I would like to reach out to Sv3ride and offer a ride through my part of the world, already responded to the comment section of the video, and was wondering if anyone here has a direct line of communication to reach him?

Welcoming Committee / Re: hey from Wales!
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:32:54 am »
Id recommend starting with a nice fatty cut of pasture sheep. Wales is full of Mutton. Just start looking up local farms on the web and start making inquiries.

Personals / Re: Searching for Greener Pastures
« on: March 14, 2018, 11:07:44 pm »

Perhaps the quest for the perfect meat is like vainly pursuing ephemeral phantoms. Driven by eternal insatiable hunger for the mythic Shangri La fauna, grazing the fields of the pure land, in yonder obscurity, somewhere way beyond the lost horizon. It is possible to some degree there are natural variations in taste that do not correspond to any serious quality issue and are beyond what is realistically possible to control, but I've been around the chopping block enough to know the difference between the seasonal variations in taste and the unique flavors of individual animals. Plus I often find a lot of cyst in the liver and lungs of animals that also tend to have a much poorer flavor profile, so Im pretty sure there is a real issue with quality in the farmlands of America.

Sometimes the Amish or other well intentioned farmers will buy farmland already rundown, depleted, has poor water quality, limited forage variety etc.... so that even if they are running a clean operation and everything looks good at first glance there still can be issues with pasture quality. 

A dogs readiness to eat anything is not typically a good indication of anything. Domesticated dogs will eat practically anything without much discernment, I feed the meat I dont like to the likely did our ancestors who first domesticated the canines.

Cats on the other hand seem much more finicky about their food. My cats will hunt and eat wild chipmunks, sometimes only eating the head or top half of the animal. They seem totally uninterested in any of the lamb or beef I have offered them, but will eat chicken and tuna. Of course both my dogs and cats were raised on Kibble so their instinctive drives are not primarily ideal.

My instinctive eating habits have evolved so remarkably over the last few years and my sense of taste and smell are much more keen than I can ever remember growing up. Growing up in a house of smokers, constantly covered with artificial cleaning agents and deodorant products, eating processed crap....every piece of meat would be cooked with barbecue, covered with seasoning or covered with ketchup. My senses like the majority of other humans growing up in similar conditions had been handicapped. 

Now days I can detect what my girlfriend has eaten hours earlier from the slightest scent, the very faintest hint of a spice left on the cutting board triggers a strong taste response, the most subtle of flavors stand out in ways that never occurred before. Even the differences in body odors of other people are more pronounced. This last animal was a very mild tasting ram, feed on very clean pasture, but I noticed that the blood has very little salt taste, and Im pretty sure that this farmer never set out any salt for it. Other animals that have limited access to clean water and drink mainly from stagnant ponds will have the taste of stagnant water in their meat. Animals that live on over grazed land and are supplemented poor quality hay will taste horrible... while those who have access to clean lush pasture with natural spring water and only supplemented with good hay will typically be very good. This is now common sense to me, but it took a few years of tasting a variety of different quality's and kinds of animal before being able to better discern between the Good the Bad and the Ugly.   

This is all purely anecdotal generalization, and for sure there are many other factors to be considered, but there are seems to be differences between the hormonal conditions of the animals and how my own hormonal balance manifest. Castrated males seem to be hormonally neutral having little effect on my own testosterone. While pregnant or nursing females seem to have a testosterone inhibiting factor. Intact mature males that are separated from females and allowed live fat, lonely, and lazy have a little effect on testosterone, while mature males that are competing and mating in a herd environment seem to have a larger effect. Some unbred ewes that are not nursing will have a strong aphrodisiac effect similar to the intact males. There is a vital essence transference that is more distinct and noticeable when one lives from consuming one whole animal after another, as opposed to those who eat random bits and pieces for may different animals during the same time. Im convinced that at least on a subtle level the hormonal, glandular, vital, and perhaps even what the ancient hunter gatherers labeled spiritual qualities are passed on from the flesh of the devoured to the devourer.

When so many basic raw paleo caveats go unheeded there will be consequences, but for those who follow the basic sourcing safety protocols trichinosis shouldn't be an issue. 

Who knows what other unholy and abhorrent food crime combinations that were going down the hatch of those who were sickened...unless anyone has access to the particular individuals involved we can only guess.

Im fascinated with many facets of this "parasitic vs symbiotic" dichotomy,  neither extremity of this spectrum is well creatures pathogen is an others symbiant.  I am fairly convinced the words simply do not exist, that could better expose these falsely perceived actualities that continue to obfuscate the enterprise of evolving human reason, more in accord with "true nature'. I insist there is a harmonic method, embedded like an unseen cyst into the seeming madness, that remains daftly misunderstood by apish minds. The carrion worms are an integral part the morpho-genetic resonance based ecosystem which gives all life its shape and directs its evolution.

Purpose is a loaded term and many in the scientific community do not openly discuss matters fathoming the purpose of life in general. Nor is it very fashionable to dwell too raptly upon humankind's kinship with the not forget all vibrates evolved from oceanic worms...In mainstream science there is little interest in looking into the possibility that parasites and pathogens are not aberrations, fluked into the world without some divine and beatific purpose...From a certain limited perspective the ever turning worm has a dark and sinister purpose, but these "conquering/concurring" worms are none the less just as necessary as any other of earths creatures, in maintaining the balance of life.     

These craven devourers be them embedded underground or within the very flesh of our own body, act to integrate of the shadow side of life. By consuming sickend flesh which is no longer vibrant enough to be viable, they transform it into the fertile void of death so that it can be reborn as life anew. This receptivity and balanced interchange between life and death, light and dark, energy and void is occurring on all scales from the micro to the macro. There is a broad spectral balanced interchange between all interacting lifeforms that so marvelous and complex it cannot be seen, understood, or described in its entirety.

Even the most farout Esoteric metaphysical viewpoint only scratches the surface of unfathomable depths that contain the totality of lifes ocean....and yet on the other side of this macro-scope, a more focused "earth bounded" realism, attempts to parse out, perceive and profess specific rational explanations for observable phenomenon. This brings things back to the topic of microscopic worms which are hosted by terrestrial omnivores.... What purposes can we speculate their existence and persistence signifies, on both the macro and micro scales???

Could these worms modulate and moderate the behavior of these ravaging omnivores in subtle ways which allow for an over all more balanced macrocosm? Could these organisms work on the micro scale to evoke detox and immune modulations within individual animals that happen to be living in unbalanced states? Its feasible that there could be a number of very different yet equally valid and meaningful proposes, simultaneously manifested in the parasitic infestations of single animals as well as in entire ecosystems.

Omnivores that carry trichinosis may have a built in moderator which prohibits them from going entirely cannibalistic. Craven swine that develop a taste for their own kind, if unchecked would eventually become inundated with auto infection to the point of either wasting away to death or else having to purge and seek out cleansing plant foods in order to bring it back into balance. When too many animals overstay their welcome and abuse the earths bounty, it is the worms task to send them the eviction notice. Certain limits of tolerance are set for every creature in every environment and there are constantly occurring, simultaneous dynamic negotiation, gambles, and defiance of jungle law, that test those limits to the max. Many factors which shift the balance and rewrite the laws are eternally at play and so it is difficult to identify single "cause effect" relationship without narrowing the scope to the point that any greater truth one could extrapolate becomes lost.

In the wild, apex predators regularly hunt and kill trichinosis infected omnivores, yet they seem to be able to mitigate the worm without suffering mass die offs and such. Part of the magic of DNA is in its ability to modulate the disparate discord of constantly unfolding chaos into a resonance with the necessities of survival...Exactly how this is accomplished is still very much shrouded in misunderstanding, and I have serious doubts that "Random Mutation" alone, is somehow an acceptable explanation for evolution.

Generational exposure to pathogenic agents alters the immune system and epi-genetically leads to intelligently designed mutation and proactive morpho-resonance adaptation. The body tissues and micro RNA of the host omnivore may actually transfer its own learned immunity directly to the "essence" of the predatory animal through a kind of "trans-genetic osmosis". Here again we reach the limits of a mechanistic language to describe a view of life that is more synergistically evolved.

Back to the topic of the sick swine eating party that some of the complexities have been half baked we may begin to see the larger perspective. The people most sickened likely were not life long raw apex predators or raw omnivores. They probably grew up on cooked foods and so were never inoculated by the transference of raw immune stimulating factors, that one gets when consuming healthy raw animals that have already been exposed all the naturally occurring worms and microbes which inhabit their local habitat. They were almost certainly not conceived by and breastfed by generations of people lived raw and indigenous lifestyles who would of been able to accumulate trans generational immune factors to protect against deathly reactions to a little toxic swine flesh...yadda yadda yadda

"The farm owner stated there are several pigs being raised on the farm, and the swine are only given commercial feed and never cooked or uncooked meat, offal, or garbage. The farm owner denied any rodent infestation issues on the farm but did state that small animals such as chicks had occasionally gotten into the fenced pen and been eaten by the pigs, indicating that small mammals infected with Trichinella could have entered the pen and been consumed by the swine." Need we say anything more,

This is why I am so adamant about knowing your sources. These animals were raised in confined pins, no access to clean open pasture, fed processed garbage commercial feed, cohabited with diseased chickens that were also living on toxic commercial feed. The clueless farmer is somewhat baffled as to why there could be a health issue, while the public is bamboozled into blaming the parasite, and concluding that all raw meat is bad , case closed.

The problem with jumping to such narrow conclusions is that there is no consideration for the fact that parasitic infestations require diseased environments to thrive. Of course when you have crowded animals in an overly toxic state eating each others putrid waste, there will be niche organisms such as trichinosis that will scavenge, savage, and infest the diseased immunodeficient tissues. This is an integral part of maintaining Gaian balance, even if such animals were thoroughly chemically dewormed and sanatized, the biotoxins in their diseased tissues would still be harmful to humans, cooked or raw.

The intense reaction detox from first contact with the worm riddled flesh, which has been entirely blamed upon the uncooked carrion worm, is part of a much bigger picture. This pig pin sickness is an integral natural reaction, which in environmentally attuned and sane people with a fairly strong constitution, would undergo a purging immune reaction, after which making a full recovery, and hopefully they would learn to avoid eating the same toxic flesh in the future.

Trichinosis if only slightly exposed to is not a death sentence for people who are otherwise healthy, some regions of the world there has been reports that a large number of autopsies show its presents in people who have lived a long life without any known symptoms.

Modern practices of artificially mitigating the individual parasite and bacterial organisms while allowing the disease conditions to continue unabated, have a number of consequences which haven't been covered very well by mainstream science. The initial evolutionary programmed gut reaction when encountering such swill is to undergo a purge after the slightest exposure to these messengers of nasty truth.... the intense fever, vomiting, diarrhea, the long recovery after exposure to parasites in toxic flesh, when allowed to play out in the natural world, will kill outright the already weak; while those who are pure and strong enough to hold out will become wise enough through their folly to hone their senses as to avoid eating such toxic flesh in the future. In the case of many evolutionary scavengers they will develop powerful mutagen adaptations which provide a certain degree of immunity that will allow them to tolerate increasing levels of parasitic toxicity.

These carefully devised evolutionary mechanisms which have guided our evolution since the beginning of the DNAs spiraling accent, are thrown off their precarious balance by these modern practices.  From the standpoint of our limited perspective it would seem absolutely horrid what happened to those people sicked by the trichinosis, but in reality that sickness was a necessary wake-up call, but Alas I doubt very few will understand the message.

Even if the biologically toxic nonviable animals are artificially kept free of the carrion worm through all sorts of technologically contrived means, (from cooking to antiseptics), {{then minced up and mixed with spices to hide the horrid taste}} the toxic elements of the flesh will still remain intact and continue to corrupt the DNA Code, throughout the food chain. With the worms and toxoid producing bacteria in their rightful place the diseased tissue will sicken and repulse any animal depraved enough to consume it, limiting the spread of the contaminans and minimizing the mutagen damage to future progeny(as it should). These elements act to balance and temper the cycles of catabolism and anabolism on a Gaian level. Without these Bio-defenses mechanisms such as active parasites and toxic flesh dissolving bacteria in the flesh of animals (Be them cooked or artificially sanitized) the toxic tissues are not forsaken by the higher food chain carnivores, to the carrion scavengers whom are well adapted to disperse and mitigate the waste). Instead of being left to organisms better evolved to mitigate these hazards, these unbalanced and highly toxoid animal tissues become absorbed and fully incorporated into the DNA matrix of the Apex Predator whom prey upon the open shelf's of grocery deli case feed lot environments. These sanitized and lifeless food products without the proper parasites and bacterial agents necessary to trigger an immune response response and future aversion instinct, will harbor and transmit toxoid build up in the tissues and lead to an array of long term issues...Problems with environmental imbalance instead of being dealt with right on the spot are kicked down the road and lead to genetic dissonance, trans-generational non-viability, and chromosomal chaos. There are symphonies and dramas of life being played out on all scales, and for humans to assume the power to direct this runaway train and arbitrarily villainize the carrion worms while ignoring their Gaian purpose, is asking for future suffering and disharmony.

Health / Re: Circles under eyes, fatigue, indifference
« on: March 06, 2018, 02:58:24 am »
From the symptoms listed I also suspect some type of mineral imbalance, or perhaps even mineral and metal toxicity. If possible I would highly recommend a hair analysis which would help figure out if there is such an underlying condition.

Personals / Re: Searching for Greener Pastures
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:20:34 pm »
The first time I went out west to meat the rancher everything was great, but the second animal wasn't as good and I never went back. I managed to find a large and very fat 3 year old Katahdin Ram which should tide me over for the next couple months.

There are so many variables in what makes for the best meat. I have had many observations, its a shame I haven't chronicled everything in more detail. This current Ram was raised on a hundred acre farm with only one other Ewe, and had been living in separated paddock all winter. Typically when males are all alone with no opertunity to breed or romp with others and have unlimited quality pasture, they will eat  themselves into being extremely fat. Ewes will also get very fat if they are not bred every year. Also when sheep are on open pasture without being crowded by other animals they dont get the kind of problems with parasites I see in animals who live in intensive grazing operations.

The Best animals I have eaten came from small family farms where a very small number of animals had access to a very large pasture. I believe that in intensive grazing commercial operations, even if well run, still over burden the land with excess toxiod excremental substances, and parasitical vermin.

In nature parasites are not thou evil blight of doom portrayed by the cultivated farmers of domestic prey...Pastoral grazers are evolutionarally designed to avoid over ravaging the fields of Gaia. Animals that are thus attuned if they overstay their welcome, will receive the first discomforting symptoms (which make up the earths bio-messaging feedback system) Without hesitation the pasture devouring hordes heed natures subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) "hints" that it is time for migration toward virgin lands. Animals that are truly free roaming will instinctively seek out alternative places of nourishment, healing and purging in accord with the rhythm and whims of the great spirit. All earths creatures work to co-create the living world through such an enigmatic symbiosis. When the soil becomes inundated with worms and toxic scat, while being depleted from fresh forage, the herbivorian free spirits move on, way before the first symptoms of discomfort turn into a pandemic of pathological disease.

There are natural tolerance limits to the amount of toxic metabolites, parasite cyst, rotten muck ruminants can consume before problems arise. Decaying forage transformed by the gut micro flora of countless millions of ruminants crisscrossing the lands, need time to break down, while the once decimated forage reabsorbs the fertile essence of death and renews its mutilated shoots back into lushness. The best farming methods must take these natural limits into consideration, though it seems that through modern techics the limits can be pushed a bit. Through selective breeding and epi-mutagen adaption, many breeds of domesticated animals are able to better tolerate higher levels of parasites and survive on pastures overgrazed and overloaded with excremental animal tissue antagonistic bio toxic waste. "Life will find a way" though it isn't always pretty..... as the domesticated animals are Coping with being forced to live in confined spaces with limited natural resources needed for optimal growth and are the humans who are made to consume the unfortunated, sour fleshed, feed lotted, cretins.

I can taste the difference in the way animals are raised and notice how differences in environmental conditions are paramount to quality. Animals raised and confined pastures that are not large enough to sustain them without the use of supplemental hay, often have issues. There a number of lessons learned when judging the quality of an animal. Accessing the qualities of the liver is one of the easiest way for me to judge quality. In general animals that graze in areas with too much fecal waste and too high worm loads, will often have livers that are much tougher in texture, discolorations, cystic lesions, and a bitter swampy taste. While animals that sparsely populate the land and have plenty of clean pasture (if supplemented then only with the cleanest hay) have livers that are very consistent in color, no streaks, no blemishes, is very plump, tender, and sweet tasting.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Thoughts on organic duck and turkey?
« on: March 03, 2018, 09:41:32 am »
No way is an organic grain fed bird of paleo quality. Perhaps if it was truly free range with access to lush vegetation and only supplemented with small portions of grain, then it would be worth it.

If you like bird meat I would recommend hunting them yourself. Wild Goose is delicious raw, and some of them that pass through the local parks are so habituated to people feeding them bread, you could kill them with your bare hands. The little bit bread needed to lure them in isn't nearly as bad as birds in cages fed all grain. Just be mindful of your local laws, wouldn't want anyone to go to jail for poaching.

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There are some Amish and Mennonite groups in the surrounding country and I have bought sheep from them before, though they are often hard to find without help from the internet. One farmer ended up selling his whole flock, and another one sold the farm moved to another region. The Amish around here are no longer as all natural as their ancestors and many supplement with grains and use worming drugs. 

Im still racking my brain thinking of the most economic and feasible solution, and it makes it difficult being as picky as I am. The Meat has to taste good or else no deal. If only I could find a primal source of the best tasting flesh, and pick up about 6 full grown animals at a time, I have someone who will board them until I eat them. The land is fairly good, but it is predominately fescue...the animals entirely raised there are not that bad, they just are not as sweet tasting as I would prefer, but it may be alright for maintaining animals who are already full grown for a few months until Im ready for harvest.

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I Have thought about it, but there are a number of factors which are prohibitive of doing so at this time. Growing ideal sheep is a lot like growing ideal wine grapes. You have to choose a plot of land without knowing for sure if it will produce the quality desired, one valley will produce the best ever while adjacent land is no good. There are geographic areas to the south of where I live which Ive noticed significant issues in the quality of animals raised there. I no longer trust any animal raised within a 25 mile radius of the big coal plant which has long been leaching toxic coal ash into the surrounding waterways.

Much of the established farm suitable land in my area is abused, has limited forage, is over cut for hay or has been over grazed by cattle. The best farm land around is owned by the big money race horse breeders and they are too high class to raise food animals. While there is fallow land that is pristine and available, the initial time and money investment/gamble is beyond my current financial means. I am very much tied to city life, my four children, my girlfriend and my business are all in town and it wouldn't be economically possible right now to move.

I can make much more money where I am at right now, and really just want to find a farmer within driving range who would be willing to raise the kind of quality animals I seek. I would even be willing to pay twice the market rate for a supply that is up to my finicky  standards, but few people where I live have the kind of set up or motivation necessary to build and maintain a consistent supply. I have had the most success from small farms that are way out in hill country where there is nothing but wild forage and spring water...but these farms tend to have only a limited supply of optimal mature animals and I have exhausted much of the local supply over the years.
The last two I got from a Weston price type of family in Virginia, they were the most wonderful Ive had in a while, but they wont have any more till next year. I have been seeking out other places in that region near the blue ridge mountains, without much luck.

I am currently broadening my search radius to just about anywhere in the south east to Midwest for the pastured sheep of my dreams.
Just talked to a farmer down in Georgia and might be driving down next week to check it out... am still always looking for any good leads.

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I would be discreet since they named them lol
I did a google search of Icelandic sheep Kentucky, there are a lot of growers, they usually use more natural methods than average and the animals are of superior quality.
I have dealt with the people like the ones in the add who do wool sheep, and its usually not worth the trouble to put on a deception.

Ive gotten Icelandic and Shetland sheep from local farms, and when raised properly they are fine animals, but I prefer the Katahdin breed that seems to fatten up better on pasture, or some kind of large meat breed hair sheep cross .

I  assume you're looking for sheep vs. lamb due to what you believe to be healthier animals due to time allowed to collect nutrients?

   I'm interested in obtaining blood.  Derick, how long does it keep?   I buy directly from a small slaughterhouse.  I imagine that they, with a little arm twisting, could fill up quart jugs and ship it to me with my regular order.  I'd get it the next day.  Doesn't it coagulate, and how would I use it, or how do you use it?  Any insight would be much appreciated.
    Back to the sheep, we had a farmer raise lambs for our dogs.  Maybe you could do the same with one who has great land and great practices for the future. 

If you find someone who will ship blood let me know, because I would like to find an extra source. Most USDA inspected facilities I have dealt with are not allowed to sell or give out the blood; and the small mom and pop ones that will, usually process a lot of sub quality animals that I would not want. The plant I worked at let me take blood from their animals, but they were all feed lot fed and it tasted horrid. I drove out to Arizona with the specific intent to collect about ten gallons of cows blood only to be told that the "cool inspector" was off that day, and the "by the book inspector wouldn't allow it". I seem to get an impression that most people dont want to deal with it, and its a damn shame, because I feel much more optimal when I have access to larger amounts of fresh blood....The frustration from dealing with all these insane regulations is almost enough to drive me to start stalking the fields and draining animals at night like an American Chupacabra

I will cut the jugular and collect the blood in a large bowl. I typically get about 2/3 to 3/4 a gallon of blood from a 175+ pound sheep. Half of the blood I will keep in a jar and drink fresh within a week, after a week in a fridge the blood begins to get a little funk and looses its energy boosting quality. The other half I will measure out into wide mouth pint sized jars, vacuum seal with an adapter , then freeze. This the best method for long term preservation I have found. The blood will still coagulate and the plasma will separate but all of it is good for consumption. Then after my fresh blood is run out, I can thaw out a jar and use it as needed.

I will also take portions of fresh organ meat, and mix various pieces together in pint size jars to vacuum seal and freeze. Pieces of Liver, heart, cardiac fat, spleen, kidney, and the occasional testicle, will be sealed and frozen in a jar together. I will also store the various parts of the stomach along with the sweetbreads in a similar fashion. This insures that I will have access to at least some small portions of fresh vital organs and blood throughout the time between kills. I found that the jars work better for sealing and freezing bloody wet organ meats than plastic bags that wont vacuum seal well, when too much fluid at the top of the bag inhibits the seal.

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Ive recently begun searching for more optimal sources of pasture raised Sheep, I have a truck and would be open to hearing of any sources of prime live animals located within or close to the South East region of the United States.

Been calling around and searching the web all week and I have some good leads, but am still unsure about where else to look before making a decision. Some of the larger farms in my region either use unpaleo methods, or wont sell directly to the public; while other smaller farms wont sell their fully mature optimal breeding age animals. Many farmers simply dont have sheep that are naturally fat and robust enough for my needs.

If anyone knows of a farm that would provide a regular supply of large fully grown paleo quality Sheep please let me know?

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