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Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: July 08, 2021, 12:54:25 am »
I reached out to Judy from "Nutrition with Judy" and might be able to set up an interview on her pod cast in the near future. She has some interesting guest from time to time, but I have noticed a number of misconceptions promulgated by many of these " Experts" and so I have offered to testify on behalf of the Raw Community!

Will post the interview if it Happens!

Off Topic / Re: Legaly moving to the USA
« on: June 20, 2021, 02:30:21 am »
Fortunately for a would be refugee, there is so much chaos right now, and with the current administrations lackadaisical stance on illegal's immigration, it would be very easy for anyone to simply overstay their visa, while looking for someone to Wed or at least a good place to bug out??

Seriously!!! here in America we ask forgiveness not for permission. If you get over here and become a productive member of a community in Rural America, its very unlikely that law enforcement will ever target you for deportation unless you get in trouble for other more serious crimes. I know countless land owners that harbor illegal's on the farms around here.

Here in Central Kentucky we have a huge population of illegal Mexican migrants who overstay their visas. Many can barley speak English, but as long as they don't cause trouble the law leaves them alone.

A man I know even married himself an old fat woman to get citizenship( so that's always an option)
I believe Sv3rig is marring some Canadian Girl so he can take her back to Europe.

I would suggest using a program like Woof to get a feel of this country and to find a place, and then worry about the legalities afterwards.

Off Topic / Re: Legaly moving to the USA
« on: June 15, 2021, 02:44:37 am »
You could volunteer through these organic Farm programs, and first find the area you would like to settle, before deciding on establishing a more permanent settlement.

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: June 14, 2021, 11:14:28 am »
“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from SoCal
« on: June 04, 2021, 12:08:01 am »
Ramble on,

Ive been going into diatribes on the same subjects for years. Just how much of the human worlds insanity, stems from the collective biological imbalances of billions of junk food junkies, who consume with mindless abandon the processed idiocies of commercialized decadence?

The best place to start reckoning with these problems is always with ones self. In cultivating a mind that is free and body that is healthy you will on a personal level be able to change the world. The multitudes may never follow, and that may be part of the unavoidable tragedy of life, but on the microcosm level I believe our actions can have an effect, and at the very least we could help to liberate a small minority of kindred souls, from the slavery of human ignorance. 

Guy Cluade Burger had some good insights regarding instinct, though I believe he and his followers rely too heavily upon fruits and vegetables. I believe many Fruits and plants can bypass the instinctive mechanisms, especially in people transitioning from a generally high carb standard processed diet. This reliance on cultivated fructose inhibits the ability to reap the benefits of going further into ketogenic carnivore.     

I have a modified instinctive approach that is geared toward the Carnivore spectrum. To me the taste of the meat and organs, and the quality of the fat is paramount. After striping everything down to the raw essentials, I have developed such an acute sense of taste, that its impossible for me to eat sub quality meat without experiencing revulsion.

My Advice would be to taste everything with focused attention, and sample a wide variety of the best quality animal foods available . With experience and intention hone your instincts to direct your dietary choice going forward.

Health / Re: Hormone Imbalance
« on: May 30, 2021, 01:42:41 pm »
I enjoy Chaga and recommend it to others.

Depending on the circumstances in some cases it can take years to regenerate the glands, and restore balance. I know from experience that dairy is problematic, and so are sub quality eggs and chicken. Two months may not even be enough time to reset the gut biome, especially when transitioning between different types of extreme diets. It takes time to adapt even under good conditions, and it takes intuition to know when adaptation to certain foods isn't possible.

I have struggled sometimes for months at a time when I couldn't find decent quality Grass-fed meat. Not all grassfed is created equal, and even some certified grassfed beef isnt good and makes me feel off if I eat it. Mixing cooked and uncooked foods would foul up my microbiome for long periods of time. Fruit was also problematic and would mess up my digestion. Instead I used coconut butter for years a low glycemic carb and prebiotic fiber before becoming semi intolerant(perhaps the quality of the brand was an issue). For the last year Ive been using a different brand of dried coconut chips as a carb without issue.

It seems like you have already tried about everything, and everybody here is very different from each other, so there may be a limit to advice people could give. My only other thought would be to try an intermittent water fast to see how you feel, then reintroduce foods with extreme caution and try to develop the instinct and intuition needed to guide your choices moving forward.

Health / Re: Hormone Imbalance
« on: May 30, 2021, 09:15:12 am »
It takes at least three weeks to clear out any possible irritations due to Dairy, and perhaps even longer to readapt to other primary sources of animal fat.

If the eggs and chicken you eat are fed soy and non organic grains, that could also be a concern regarding hormone balance.

Cooked meat is always a big no-no from a raw paleo perspective.

Finding quality meat can be a problem, but for optimal results on a raw paleo diet it is crucial. Try or other local farm organizations to find better quality foods.

There are also other factors involved, and I also recommend drinking fresh spring water not stored in plastics. No other sugary beverages, and avoid all other possible plastic contaminants  and hormone disrupting chemicals. Sun bathing is also a great option for skin and hormone issues, as is red light therapy( though quality devices are expensive). A good amount of physical activity is also recommended.

Caffeine and sugar is also a problematic habit, and the temporary energy boost comes at a cost of greater adrenal fatigue. There is a certain synergy of addiction between dairy, caffeine and sugar, that becomes very difficult to break free from. There are good caffeine free substitutes that actual are good for hormone balance. Chaga is a good tonic drink by itself or can also be blended with chicory, and dandelion root. For extra energy I will sometimes chew on a ginseng root. Caffeine containing herbs have always caused me problems.

If you are into herbs, the primary one that has been used for ages, to ease menstrual distress is cannabis edibles.

Health / Re: Hormone Imbalance
« on: May 27, 2021, 11:39:48 pm »
The best way I have found for balancing hormones and I believe it applies equally to both men and women, is to eat a balance of unadulterated and pure male and female raw animal flesh. I've dabbled with herbals and have experimented with many of the herbs you have mentioned, and although there have been temporary and interesting effects, I do not think of these things as a long term solution.

Perhaps you could explain in greater detail your current diet? I know in the past you were eating a number of different foods that may not be ideal for hormone balancing? Dairy for example can be a huge issue for many people.

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat leaders
« on: May 27, 2021, 08:10:56 am »
I was referring to Van Philips, and we engaged in a number of constructive discussions back when the Forum was in its hay day. He quit posting a while back, but if he is still around I would be grateful for any advice, guidance, or insights into what is going on in this crazy world??

I learned a lot from people like Van, Lex, Tyler Durden, Good Samaritan, Inger, Iguana over the years.... and even enjoyed bantering with those hostile to my persona such as Eric and Cherimoya Kid. It is out of Nostalgia for those days of wild debates, after being invigorated from the transition into this lifestyle, that I still check in from time to time, even after the most revered elders have moved away.

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat leaders
« on: May 10, 2021, 08:43:32 am »
well yeah, insane is a bit loaded word, but my point is, if you want to adopt some kind of diet, you look at people who already do it. Let's take an example. Many vegans are aggressive, brainwashed, depressed and they do a lot of stupid things(burning numbers on their skin, blocking roads, vandalizing etc.). So we look at it and we think to ourselves that this is a wrong lifestyle/diet. So when you finally see enough people "misbehaving" on RPD you start questioning it.
I totally get that this whole COVID narrative is fake, but was it necessary? + health leader having drugs at home, isn't it a bit problematic?(correct me if I'm wrong, could be just a smear campaign)

Also, I have been thinking that Sv3rige is strange, how he was treating Luna and his nearest followers, talking about incest etc. There is a lot of rather bad information about him on the internet. (Although, he was the person who awakened me, so thanks for that)

I think all this won't help RPD and people who are thinking about trying it.

Im fairly certain Sv3rig was much more unbalanced during his vegan days, and at least on a physical level its obvious his health has been improved by raw meat. Personality quirks are something that goes beyond the realm of diet, and I was warped beyond "normie" standards long before I found raw meat. Looking at people of the past like AV, Bear Owsley, Insticto founder GCB.... it would seem that eccentricity is a common theme. Eric is also correct that there are a number of people who are more or less "normal " by societal standards, but because they tend to blend in they do not garner any attention. I remember past members like Van or Lex who were extremely "milk toast" in their public persona.

Van is actually a world renowned inventor who has more raw meat years than about anyone out here. He has done Ted talks about his prosthetic limb designs but has chosen to stay publicly quiet about his raw lifestyle. You see the more inclined one is to blend into normal society, the least visibly they tend to express their raw meat habits. To me it seems a bit disingenuous, but as a universalistic pantheist I dont judge too harshly, and say to each his own.

 I contend if you take a deep dive look at many of the great forbearers of history there is an all too human quality, in which on some level we all fall short of the glory of perfection. The past giants like Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Socrates and countless other great contributors to humanity, would be judged as being insane by todays standard. The human experience is quite extraordinary, and the most outstanding examples of humanity are often found wandering outside the velvet rope of polite gelded society. 

Im not entirely convinced that the leadership instinct is necessarily pathological??? There is undoubtedly a natural inclination for paternal instincts to arise within the being of a biologically intact male. There are also Maternal instincts in the female that co-evolved to fill an equally femininely leadership roll for our tribal societies.

These natural protective instincts of eons past, this will to power, so necessary in Tribal societies to maintain a functional hierarchy, in a world where the life and death of each clan depended upon having strong capable leaders; have become pathology in the NEO human hive minded societies. In this sense I agree that reasonable people may not wish to draw attention to themselves by differentiating themselves from the flock, in a present society that is vacuously ignorant about anything that seems out of the "new normal".

Though todays world is becoming increasingly hostile to the "wild ones"; I insist that many of these buttoned down raw carnivores owe a debt of gratitude to some of the more colorfully unhinged forerunners, for blazing the trail. Just recently a local woman contacted me because SV3Rig mentioned me, she is an intelligent and level headed person who  credits his videos' for turning her life around. She wanted to prove that raw meat couldn't be healthy, and eventually tried the diet for herself and immediately noticed great health benefits. How many people did AV wake up with his unconventional methods??? What good is it for people of good conscious to not try to lead others to these discoveries???

There are some accusing myself of insanity, based on the news media headlines, and a misunderstanding of my words,  without knowing anything of the totality of the situation; and perhaps me leaving many of the more risky details of my wild life out, due to personal reasons are contributing to such speculations. I still insist to be of sound mind and body, and relative to this ape shit crazy world I think Im doing very well thank you very much. Marijuana and entheogens have been used by the most intelligent, productive, and creative humans to have ever lived. The Mushroom has been used by Paleolithic cultures throughout the world, and Caucasian blond-haired shaman mummies where found, with more marijuana than the police took from me, over 5000 years ago. As for the Messages posted to the walls of Babylon  l) hasn't everyone heard the phrase that "the writing is on the wall"?? Historians could often date times of upheaval by the writings on the walls, that mark the toppling of the old social orders.

 The world I knew is coming to an end, and perhaps there is nothing I can do to prevent the coming genocide, but I thought I would at least show the Gods of fortune, I wasn't afraid to try!

My actions when taken in a historical context, not mired by presuppositions of this insufferable emasculated wokeness zeitgeist, is not all that unusual to those who truly fathom the reality of our age. This is indeed a strange world we inhabit, and we indeed live in interesting times. If people wish to play blind, then go walk with the shepherds, as I boldly go into these days of the new with eyes wide open. 

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat leaders
« on: May 08, 2021, 11:16:01 pm »
Insane is a loaded term; such labels are totally subjective and there are many nuances to consider with each head case. I prefer to think of myself as "Crazy like a Fox"

Yes I do feel an increase in energy and metabolism with eating raw glands. I usually ration the glands and will eat small portions throughout the first week after butchering an animal. Eating pieces of thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidney, adrenals, lymph nodes, spleen, etc. works synergistically to promote overall health.

A potent blend that gets my juices flowing after a fresh kill is a combination of thyroid, pancreases, liver, with a shot of raw creates an instant increase in metabolism and digestion.

Its unfortunate we live in a world where there is little interest by the scientific establishment to investigate the potential healing properties of raw organs and glands.

The only warning I give people is to make absolutely sure the animals are as pure and healthy as you can possibly source. There is a lot of sickly poor quality grass fed swill being sold on the market, and I cant vouch for anything I haven't killed with my own two hands and inspected with my own senses !   

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 28, 2021, 07:43:35 am »
Time will till if my actions were outright foolish, or a case of crazy like a fox. There is a methodology to the paranormal psychology. There are over 5000 lawsuits being brought by plaintiffs who are fighting against government overreach, and the courts will not give us a fair hearing. As a defendant I will have the opportunity to redress my grievances directly to a jury of my peers in an all out attempt for jury nullification. Then even if I am convicted by the kangaroo courts, I will release a trove hidden interviews and use the story of my persecution to garner support in the court of public opinion.

In the past I limited my social media exposure, due to a number of complications. Primarily running a underground Marijuana dispensary in a state with backward  policies, and a need to lay low for the sake of my children. This Covid Flu d' etat forced me out of my complacency, and I 
decided to take action, consequences be damned, Justice be done may the heavens fall.

Once the legalities are settled, if I dont die in prison, I vow to be more public and will begin to release videos detailing all I have learned over years of personal experience.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 17, 2021, 11:16:58 pm »
Weed and mushrooms? Really? They fry your brain.. I live in Amsterdam where it's part and parcel of every adolescent growing up to atleast try weed once. The ones that keep taking it all end up being paranoid and emotionally unavailable.. I really never thought you would be into that Derek.. I am extremely disappointed.

Im not interested in Generalized rebukes on the subject of marijuana and hallucinogens'. 

I have traveled to Amsterdam, and spent 3 days at an Air B&B called Campsterdam, It was a wonderful experience and I used marijuana with people who came there from all over Europe. Yes there are a lot of burned out souls who have overdone it, but that does not mean it cant be used by responsible and healthy adults safely. In my homeland of Kentucky there is a huge Marijuana culture, and its a communal sacrament that brings together people from all cultures and races.

If you dig back into the threads I have in the past testified to the use of small amounts of marijuana. As for the hallucinogens, I will agree that they are not for everyone, and can be particularly troublesome for people with underdeveloped frontal lobes. To me these substances are a sacrament, and I don't recommend using them to others who are not comfortable with it. If you look into the paleo Pantheon of past Giants whose shoulders we stand upon, there were others who share my sentiments (Aajonus Vonderplanitz and the Bear Owsley for example!!!)

I never claimed to be a saint or with out flaws, to the contrary I know my own shortcoming in far greater detail than anyone.....because many humans are so judgmental and society so hateful, of those who they do not understand and the legal consequences so grave...I have hidden much of my true self....The truth and Bones of my life and real world experiences is far more wild than many of these keyboard warriors could ever imagine.

I don't ask for permission and I wont ask forgiveness, as the legend continues!



Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 15, 2021, 10:20:43 pm »
Full confession, I have been growing and peddling pot for years for both medicinal and recreationally uses. I also grew and used Mushrooms therapeutically. There are countless members of my community that have relied upon me to deliver organic quality herbals at an affordable price. These people are all in good standing in my community and its a damn shame that we are treated like second class citizens while the denizens of Pharmacopeia are allowed to lord over us all with impunity.

Eric, I would advise you to wait for the facts of the case to come out before you spew your hatred here. This is my thread and I welcome opposing views but I will not tolerate you shaming me and insinuating I am not a good father, without knowing jack shit about the situation. In fact the detectives that hunted me for the last 8 months had enormous respect for me and the one police officer who drove me to jail told my 15 year old son that "Your father is not a bad person and he was just doing what he thought was right"

These detectives who followed my leads for months, know the corona crisis is total bullshit, and they were not even wearing mask when they invaded my home. They also know I am entirely non violent and have been a good father. The virus is being used to divide and control the population and within all walks of life there are those who believe and those who do not. So please don't come here and try to gaslight me on a subject that is so vast and controversial that there well never be a consensus.

Eric has made it clear time and time again upon these threads, that he does not approve of my worldview or condone my lifestyle. To each his own} Perhaps after all is said and done we can have a full and open debate on these subjects, but now isn't the right time. For the time being I ask others to respect me enough to not mention my children, or insinuate that I am somehow a threat to the safety of others.

I dont have time to fully debate the minute details, but I plan on taking my case to trial if needs be. I am a whistleblower who was only trying to warn the people of what is coming, and now that we are on the cusp of national decriminalization of marijuana, while increasing numbers of people are questioning the entire tyrannical lockdown fever, I can make a run at jury nullification and use my case to be the poster child for a greater freedom movement within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I will continue to post updates on my case and am willing to discuss some of the details with those who truly care for my fate.
For those who understand me no explanation is needed and for those who dont, no explanation is possible.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:06:18 am »
Ive made the news again, but this time it was for my mission work to free humanity from the creeping Tyranny of the Covid 19 Plandemic. In the depths of my throwback soul,  I was only doing what I thought was right to warn the people of my community.
Those who know me here and know my heart, please pray that justice be done and that I get a fair chance to make my voice heard. We are all being bombarded by an ocean of lies, constantly threatened with both biological and psychological warfare under the false flag of a corona virus. It has driven me to do what I did, and my only regret is getting caught.

Im in for the fight of my life and am reaching out to the community for moral support and sage advice going forward.

These claims are dodgy at best, there is no way to confirm the validity.

What other factors are involved?

The thyroid ground into the meat of sick animals may cause problems. The glands tend to concentrate the most toxic elements. Radiative and toxic elements can accumulate in the thyroid of toxic animals.

If the animal is pure then healthy thyroid tissue should not be an issue, unless you are just over eating it. I eat the entire thyroid of the sheep I butcher and haven't had any issues with it.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: February 22, 2021, 01:00:46 pm »

Im not sure if this is a comedy, a tragedy, or prophecy???

Looks like a lymphnode, and they are usually found embedded in the internal fats especially around the digestive organs.

Actually you can often tell the general health of the animal using the lymphnodes as an indicator. The healthiest animals will have very light colored lymphnode that will have a really sweat creamy texture and taste. The darker, more bitter and tougher lymphnodes usually indicate potential health and quality issues.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Fermented Vegetables
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:43:33 am »
Fermented black garlic is worth a try, I will eat a couple of pieces through the day as a snack. I have eaten it with and without meat, and it didnt seem to be a problem.,others%20who%20use%20it%20as%20a%20healing%20substance.

You should be concerned about food combination issues arising during the transition. Mixing cooked and raw gave me issues, so very quickly into the transition I went totally raw. Fruits and other fibrous or starchy plant foods have also not mixed well with Raw meat. I can tolerate some foods like coconut, avocados, salad greens...usually eating any plant foods a couple hours before a meal of primarily raw fatty meat.

The best way to jump start transitioning would be a good 2 to 3 day fast, followed by a day of eating fatty meats. See how it suits you then make adjustments according to how your gut feels. When you reintroduce plant foods, do it one food at a time, so that if any one food gives you issues when combined with raw meat, it is much easier to detect and eliminate.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Fermented Vegetables
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:24:02 pm »
Anything more than a minuscule amount of fermented vegtables seems to interfer with optimal meat digestion for myself.

I've been snacking on Fermented Black Garlic recently , its like a paleo candy, and I seem to tolerate it well.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 23, 2020, 05:23:49 am »
The reality is probably much more sinister than we could ever imagine.

The core of the corona virus Genome is actually embedded into our 8Th chromosome, and the family of corona virus is a critical component to the regenerative structuring capacity of our genetic code. These viruses( or messanger RNA Exosomes?) are integral to our immune systems capacity to protect and regenerate the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. Any attempt to suppress the natural expression of these immune responses through the use of synthetic antibody producing genetic modification, will in reality suppress the bodies ability to utilize these viral pathways to repair 5G radiation induced genetic damage.

The genetic structures that maintain all of life are electromagnetic energy crystal structures. Our cell memebrains and the Genes within are vulnerable to the bombardment of naturally occurring radiation and energy fluctuations. Be it cosmic gamma rays, solar UV, the  magnetic fields, etc...The Genes of life have created for itself a highly intelligent means by which to protect and repair the cells exposed to the damaging effects of this naturally occurring radiations and other forms of pollution, dysbiosis, deficiency.... These regenerative capabilities are linked together into an extracellular communication network that uses messenger RNA signals , such as corona virus to orchestrate and direct the efforts of our immune systems to repair and rebuild all the systems vital for maintaining life and genetic viability. These Viral messaging signals are an essential part of the cataboic and anabolic systems which are constantly breaking down damaged tissues and regenerating the cells.

When the membranes of the cells and the genetic integrity is compromised due to high levels of distress such as radiation, or even nutrient deficiency, or of chemical toxicity; then these damaged cells send out messenger RNA. If the distress signal is Strong enough then it can trigger a cascading cytokine storm which evokes what we see as symptoms of a viral outbreak. These messanger RNA can be shared with other organisms that share the ecosystem and if those other organisms are in need of a similar realignment then the immune response will be triggered only in those organisms that require a Viral cleans reaction. This phenomenon is at the heart of what we are told are seasonal colds and Flu, and the current scientific understanding of what a virus actually is, is extremely primitive. I would proclaim moderna virology it to be more in line with a mythology of superstition than an actual science.

Its even possible that these viral messaging RNA are directly responsible for directing the course of Intelligent designed adaptation, which is the diving force of the evolutionary processes of life? So if thees claims are true , then the consequences of suppressing the human populations immunological natural resistance to radiation poisoning, by suppressing the function of naturally occurring carnivorous( exosomes), will be to weaken the masses of people so that they will be much easier to cull?

The survival instinct is extremely powerfull, but if the capacity to mitigate and restructure on a cellular level is to be suppressed in the majority of people given these vaccines....and there are Nano tech 5g activation weapons embedded into the MRNA vaccines, there is a possibility there is a final solution agenda at work? In theory the population being perpared with these soft kill measures would be extremely vulnerable, if the powers that be, chose to use these new Space force radiation weapon systems to create a large  scaleculling event that could be then blamed on the mythical supper virus? 

We must contine to warn others and also send out messages of hope that this twisted fate is not inevitable, and we should work on contingency plans to feed and protect our family during these times.

I have used class wide mouth mason jars to freeze meat and blood in with fairly good results. Also if you use a vacuum sealer the jars it seems to keep the blood from bursting the jar when it freezes and will also keep the meat from freezer burn if storing long term. 

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