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AVs viral theories though incomplete and not 100% accurate are nevertheless extremely provocative, and in many ways challenge the dogma of the mainstream pseudoscience of virology.

Its a truly revolutionary idea that virus is not some kind of marauding alien invader, and instead it is something endogenously created by our own immune system in order to cleanse the tissues. Its unfortunate that from this great insight he drew up a number of other conclusions which are somewhat contradictory. Nobody in the mainstream has bothered to further investigate his central thesis that viral phenomenon are something biologically necessary to the realigning of organisms that become out of tune with the environmental requirements for survival. AV puts these ideas into crude language by explaining that the virus produces detergent to clean diseased tissue....unfortunately he fails to make any further leaps forward to elaborate.

If bacteria are now understood as not being all bad, and in fact as long as the microbes exist within a proper environmental balance, they are quite essential to life...then why does the scientific establishment lag so far behind when it comes to viewing viral phenomenon with the same enlightenment? Indeed life itself is a viral phenomenon, our genetic code being made up of around 40% of viral DNA. These countless viral encounters have been an essential part of the evolutionary mutations that has shaped our destiny.

If it is true that virus is a creation of our own endogenous immune system and that they are specifically designed to fulfill certain biological functions, then much of what is dogma in mainstream biology and evolution theory is incorrect. Specifically the central tenet of Darwin that the evolution of life is a result of RANDOM mutation, and natural selection. What if mutation isnt random? Could there be an intelligent design at work within the seemingly random mutations? Viral DNA is constantly mutating as it cycles through the environment, whenever it reproduces within a cell it is altered, and those alterations in turn trigger a cascade of cytokines and antibodies which directly alter the functioning of the bodies systems and lead to both epigenitic adaptation, as well as permanent genetic mutation.

This is a vision of a grand symbiosis in which viruses act as the mercenaries of Gaia. All organisms generate and share viral Genetic material, these viral messages inform all the DNA exchanging organisms of a particular ecosystems of the general state of affairs. These mutated messages teach the DNA how best to evolve under ever changing circumstances. Through these as of yet undiscovered channels a more intelligently designed evolution exist in order that organisms may work together in synchronicity within relation to the total ecosystem. In times of duress, upheaval, or unbalance the warning signals are sent out. Viral antibodies trigger a systematic chain reaction that spreads through entire populations of organisms. A decision is made through the collectivized sharing of viral Genetic material on what corrective course to take and what curative genetic alterations must be made in order to enhance overall viability for that particular population of organisms. Those within the population that are too weak or unfit for transformation are then culled through natural selection, while the strong inherent the ability to adapt and thrive by means of viral genesis (intelligent design)!

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 28, 2020, 04:54:27 am »
 I would also add that commercial animal feeds are often fortified with inorganic forms of iron, which is basically iron filings, and this excess of inorganic iron concentrated in egg yolks or animal organs and tissues, may be more difficult for the body to mitigate.
"Excess iron is stored in your organs, especially your liver, heart and pancreas"

Perhaps people who consume large amounts of liver, heart, and meat, especially from unnaturally supplemented animals may be at greater risk.
It also notes that there is a genetic component, and perhaps people with a certain heritage of living in iron poor environments had to develop a capacity to hyper assimilate iron from the limited dietary sources of the region?

I am not yet convinced that iron overload would be an issue for people following a (non supplemented) wild or pasture raised whole animal approach, that includes eating plenty of bone based minerals to balance and buffer any excess iron.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 25, 2020, 12:34:32 am »
Liver and pancreatic pain suggest a possible issue with congested liver, which can make elimination and balancing of excessive elements difficult. Previous to adopting the raw paleo diet over a decade ago, I had issues with liver congestion, which was likely brought on by eating the wrong foods. I tried liver cleanses, but found that unless one corrects the true causes, then such liver cleanses only temporarily placate the issue. I also went through a period of iron overload when I was younger and eating fortified foods, and taking multivitamins that contained iron(big mistake). I even donated blood a few times, but found it actually made me feel weaker and more fatigued. Now after ten years on a raw meat based diet my iron levels measured in hair, urine, and blood test are within what is considered the normal range.

My opinion is that issues like iron retention and  liver congestion should resolve themselves in most cases without need of bloodletting or liver laxatives, as long as you eliminate the congestive foods, and nourish the body with a broad spectrum of raw animal nutrition, then balance should happen of its own

Off Topic / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: February 09, 2020, 10:39:37 am »

I have been researching the nutritional benefits of bonemeal and deer antlers on google and so the AI algorithm recommended I watch this on Youtube.
The AI gods work in mysterious ways

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw meat doku
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:14:24 am »
Just seen your video. It was filmed for the same TV show that did my documentary a few years ago. It looked very positive, from what I could tell without translation, congratulations.

We should PM sometime, I have my own solutions to issues such as iron overload and hormonal changes.

Iron overload may be an issue for some, especially when consuming a lot of organs. There may be a genetic issue that inhibits certain people from being able to naturally move excess iron out. My iron when tested, even after years of raw red meat, was always within normal range. Perhaps because I use sheep that are exclusively pasture raised, and moderate my organ intake, iron isnt an issue. Some farm animals are supplemented with synthetic minerals and it could accumulate in their organs. I believe for people with high levels,, that iron is best buffered by increasing other minerals and electrolytes. I have been eating bone meal for the last couple of years, and have recently switched over from using cooked bones to using cow bone and deer antler meal, that mix in good with stomach smoothies. Perhaps the sea food and fish smoothies also supply the necessary minerals to help buffer excess iron as well.


Hot Topics / Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
« on: February 01, 2020, 02:35:13 pm »
Its a total psyop, conducted for nefarious motives, as were a number of past viral fear mongering.

The fools propagating this mythology have no clue about the true nature of viral phenomenon and yet we are being inundated with menacing messages of impending doom.

Naturally occurring viral phenomenon are absolutely essential in modulating the genetic viability of all living organisms. Viruses are just as essential to life as are the countless other microbes that are the foundation of biological existence. Outbreaks of periodic and transitional viral induced mutation have and will always occur, and as long as the organism is a viable and adaptable life force, then there will be a positive symbiosis effect.... where after the cytokine storm catabolisis, there is a epigenetic androgenic re-calibration. Evolution is as much a proto-genic virally divine phenomenon as it is a result of natural selection. There is a creative intelligence and genetically divine intention involved in these seemingly unnecessary outbreaks of ever mutating strains of viral DNA.

As we humans stray further away from homeostatic balance with the rest of earths lifeforms, more and more radical viral mutations will be necessary to correct the situation. The great Pig flu that culled half the swine in china did not happen in a vacuum, these industrial farmed animals were fed a GMO based diet, forced to live in their own filth and injected with ungodly varieties of ungodly GMO vaccines. The flu epidemic that emerged and lead to the A-PORK-OLYPSE was natures warning. As humans continue to fowl their own nest and play GOD with the Genetic Forces of life, there will inevitably be various outbreaks of mutagen virus, in order to cull the weak and provoke the evolution of the strong.

I have hope that human life if left to its own devices will somehow find a way through the toxic melee..unfortunately many humans, some well intentioned and others hell intentioned, will misread these signs, and attempt to artificially suppress and the thwart the viral mercenaries of Gaia, while doing absolutely nothing to uncover the root of the imbalance. Vaccines, drugs, quarantines, sterilization are not going to save the human soul from a wicked Karma.

The saving grace will be the overwhelming resilience of Life to overcome and mitigate the best layed plans of mice and men. All one needs to do is eliminate the GMO, pollution, vaccines...along with transcending mental indoctrination and the realignment will occur without the need of force. This innate drive to find balance is within all living beings, this is one reason why the viral weapons and Genetic warfare being perpetrated, be it mindlessly unleashed or sinisterly deployed, can be overcome(though not without causalities). When man made Viruses are released upon populations they always fizzle out after a few generations. As the collective genetic mass within an environment is confronted with alien non beneficial viral DNA, it inevitably divines ways of epigenetic immunization.

This is why there will be no naturally occurring global viral/microbial pandemic, even the so called pandemics of the past were self limited, winnowing out only the weakest links, while allowing for new growth and adaption to flourish. If ever something were to arise that could spread to all races and all corners of the earth, then it would most likely be part of a deliberate biological Attack.

The current situation is far less dire, very nasty strains of virus are always out breaking, and for the most part the governments of the world either ignore it totally or even actively cover it up. So for them to be hyping such a non event, makes me believe this is a false flag.It is a little coincidental that after the reporting of the outbreak in China that we no longer hear so much about the Hong Kong uprising, the trade war, or a movement for revolution in mainland China. The government is using this non event as a scapegoat, and also a ploy to consolidate and maintain control over its vast population.


Is there any actual examples of clinically documented iron toxicity for anyone following a long term raw carnivore diet?

Its seems to me dubious to claim that iron overload is a serious issue for people who are not consuming foods with artificially enhanced iron level.

Example, what about eating organs from animals supplemented with minerals? Many farm animals are given mineral supplements, so perhaps the inorganic forms of Iron can build up and cause issues.

Then again if Iron is High it is likely there are a number of other metals, minerals, and salts that are also out of balance?

Hot Topics / Re: Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 6
« on: January 01, 2020, 10:59:52 am »
I think there might be some hope for him yet, if only he will stop suppressing his natural instincts!

Hot Topics / Re: Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 6
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:42:10 am »
In some ways its sad that these individuals have to be called out publicly, and yet this kind of in your face before and after vegan exposure, seems to be an effective method of dissuading others from being sucked into that abyss.
The case of Matt Monarch illustrates the hopeless cognitive dissonance many of the vegan missionaries exhibit. Here is a man who seems to have some basic capacity for intelligent thought, and yet after almost dying as a result of his ideology, he still refuses to admit to committing grave errors, while continuing to push substandard health supplements.

This severe vitamin and bacterial deficiency could much more easily be remedied by including raw and aged meats into the diet, and yet he persist in attempting to sell the public on copious amounts of overpriced processed bacteria supplements....which seems hypocritical considering how veganism  neglects to place much value on the lives of our microbial brothers, and think its fine to factory farm and mass slaughter billions of these tiny helpless life forms for their own selfish needs!

Hot Topics / Re: Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 6
« on: December 28, 2019, 11:43:33 pm »
Haha Its been removed! It would appear that they cant handle the truth!

Science / Re: Yet another side-effect of the Pill
« on: December 05, 2019, 02:31:18 am »
The implications of this are devastating, and yet there will be no mass recall, because the authorities believe that the benefits of preventing the proliferation of the Human Parasite outweighs the risk...of course they never produce any actual evidence that would quantify the true cost of hormonal birth control.

I know this isnt politically correct to say these days, so any females please forgive my crude mansplanation..... but just Imagine what this all means??? that millions of women all over the civilized world have a shrinking and dysfunctional hypothalamus?? The emotion center of their mind is permanently altered, so that even when they wean off the hormone long enough to get pregnant, the side effects persist and possibly influence the future offspring. Also these hormones regulate overall maternal instinct, emotional state, and mate this could explain why so many modern women chose their mates so poorly, and are not as fully nurturing and devoted mothers as the non hormonal altered population?

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 05, 2019, 01:52:21 am »
It's not a case of survival of the fittest, not since the start of the Neolithic eras, at any rate. More like survival of the fattest.

Survival of the Phat-est.  8)

This element of coolness was never factored into Darwinist equations..... the ability of the human being to quickly and deftly perceive and adapt to nuanced challenges. The word "fittest" is practically meaningless within the context of what makes one form worthy of survival over another. The truth is that there is many roads to survival, and many differing directions can be considered legitimate paths for evolution to follow, depending on where exactly the spirit wants to go. The high road of the strong, intelligent, and Nobel warrior sage, my be judged as superior to that of the lowly knave. The lion as the apex predator may be more revered than the bottom feeding scavengers....and yet the knave and scavenger traits persist through the whole of the natural world with the same degree of suitability as the alpha class.

These separate niches give allowance for variance and coexistence of opposites within a larger culture. This multilateral arrangement gives all of life its awesome vitality, and the human being is at a unique position where it is possible for each individual to live in a number of variant "polymorphic", multidimensional, and ambiguous ways. The cool people are able to utilize many of these powers to adapt to whatever situation presents. The human predicament and perhaps the whole of nature is best described as a balancing act, where we have been walking along the razors edge, some situations may require one to take a submissive pose in order to not be ostracized by social justice warriors, while other times the weasel mind is employed to deceptively win over the amours of a much prized hard to get type of love, and there are occasions still when it is absolutely necessary to stand up and say Fuck You, I wont do what you tell Me.

The epitome of the modern Renaissance "person", would Ideally, be capable of exercising a healthy balance of all these polymorphic traits, in a way that flows easily from situation to situation, changing fortuitously with the times while bending the rules of the societal game to your own whims without feeling forced to constantly have to suppress ones own inner nature.

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 04, 2019, 11:45:00 am »

Except that during such scenarios, it's not necessarily the strong, the healthy, the smart and the good that survive and reproduce. Often it is the weak, the sick, the dumb and the evil.

Again, I will agree with such Exception, but must insist that I am attempting to express something that goes beyond the old tropes regarding the survival of the fittest farce.

I never subscribed to Darwin, and never accepted the doctrine of "natural selection" or "survival of the fittest" as the driving force of evolution. I hold the view that Evolution is guided by as of yet discovered morphogenetic energy fields, and bio-feed back systems, that work in accord with a higher intelligence to create and evolve within a synergistic and symbiotic universe, where eternal living electricity is the only true force.

Bare with the hyperbole, conjecture, and wistful thinking as I attempt to play the Devils advocate in challenging some basic presumptions! 

The phenomenon of how human folly such as war and birth control, winnows out the "Fittest' is still an opinion and one that will never be entirely agreed upon. Perhaps the brave and strong is not what humanity needs to move forward, and so the whims of the great super natural order manifested the world wars, in order to cull those qualities out of the human race. The survivors of the wars, though not physically strong or very brave, never the less were the kind of people who were much more fitted to the next phase of human development, in which such large numbers of strong and Brave humans may have been a hindrance to the emergence of this technologically advanced Global hive collective.

Back to the bees, we can see the stingers and venom were developed as survival mechanisms in a genocidal world of warfare, on par with any atrocity of human war. They banded together against the cannibalistic attacks from other gangs and found strength in numbers....but in order to build their collective strength, each individual had to be willing to sacrifice themselves to the collective. Even after millions of years of this subjugation some renegade worker bees will still attempt to covertly lay their own eggs and illegally express their own sexuality, and those who are discovered are executed by the enforcers.

This isn't meant to suggest that humans will literally eventually evolve into hive insects, its only to illustrate the A-sexualizing tendencies, sexual morphology and breeding regulatory systems which are seen in many types of social hierarchical species animals. In this view, judgement of good and evil do not even begin to apply. How the DNA manages to transmit, reincarnate, and evolve is beyond moral judgment. All mammals evolved from hermaphroditic penis fencing rapist worms, so it should be no surprise that things would get even weirder from there.

Yet all weirdness and wondering aside, there is a push pull, give take, and mutual balanced interchange throughout the cosmos. The dynamic between individual and collective will forever be at Play. Survival of the fittest dogma will always be confounded by the survival of the symbiotic . Creation and evolution is a one in the same phenomenon, regardless of what side you take the great mystery will remain. The agnostic will continue to ask, how can anyone begin to say that the methods used to spark this divinity, could ever be known....

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 02, 2019, 10:16:51 pm »
Hive insects in a colony are all siblings in a big family, and their genes have evolved over millions of generations to sustain a hive structure.

Humans can to an extent act like a hive with respect to their family (only to an extent), but when you try to apply that method of social interaction to a whole society of thousands or worse yet, millions of people, what you get is communism, which is public slavery, and inevitably leads to tyranny, chaos and the megadeaths.

I dont disagree with this prognosis, yet perhaps the periodic cycles of tyranny, chaos, and megadeaths are in someway necessary to winnow out the overgrowth and dead wood from the species, so that out of this struggle between the individual and the collective a more robust and dynamic humanity will evolve.

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:13:12 am »
There is a well structured plan which among other things, seeks to psychologically castrate and feminize men, while simultaneously masculinizing and whoring women. Along with other factors, this leads to a destruction of the family unit, which is the basis of civilization. Without families, there can be only tyranny and chaos.

I wouldn't refer to it as a plan, machinated by some sort of evil mastermind....Both the (rich and poor), (saint and whore) are in many ways at the mercy of these cosmic whims.....humancentric worldviews tend to look for ways to blame and scapegoat fellow beings for our shared predicaments...we tend to anthropomorphize the flow of cosmic change into demons and divinities....but, instead of judging these things personally, there are more impersonal forces at play which shape the all too human dynamics. Just as the hive insects mutually agreed to subvert their sexual individuality in exchange for the security and honey provided by their society, so are hive human also abandoning gender and familial roles in order to join the greater hive structure being constructed. Its not just the case that families are being destroyed, the entire family construct is being spirited away from the nuclear matter/patter/offspring model, and moved more toward these hive super societal structures, where regardless whatever ways people manage to reproduce, the offspring will be brought into a collective, where they will be conditioned from an early age to identify more with the superstructure itself rather than individuals who acted as the biological parents.

In strange ways these new superstructures are self regulating organisms that are evolving as well as seeking some fashion of homeostasis. Personally I feel saddened by the loss of the more primal ways of living within the old family structures. There is a deeply tragic feeling of nostalgia and a disheartening sense that this brave new world does not give a damn for such sentimentalism. Despite such fatalistic cynicism here we are, and at least for the time being certain sections of the population who hold on to the old ways, will still be able to live and reproduce in accordance to their natural drives. Even from within the heart of Mordor this invisible hand guided by impersonal forces will continue to cultivate such heirloom people, who are able to live, love, and transcend the forces of tyranny.

There may indeed be a method to the shuffling madness, and it will forever take all kinds to make a world. Given enough time and "progress" such thoughts, sentiments and views will likely be banished to obsolete obscurity..... but just perhaps in case Babylon fails to bring forth a stabilized hive humanity, out of the ruins the survivors still endowed with the antiquated relics of this primal spirit, will be able to reincarnate the form of humanity needed to carry us on to whatever destiny awaits.

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 01, 2019, 12:51:52 pm »
So you say that homosexuals grow up around a lot of women and not ''enough'' men? Or do you mean it the other way around?

Gender identity/ sexual orientation in humans is much more nuanced than just the number of male to female ratio, as it is in gender morphing amphibians. While in these primitive animals the physical gender can be altered, in humans this isnt possible. Instead of physically transforming the body to accommodate environmental imbalances, these socially constructed influences profoundly effect the mind and behavior. There is a complexity of factors at work....the suppression of natural pheromone expression, generational hormonal birth control and the sociological cuckolding and suppression of distinctly strong masculine and feminine traits to name a few. These factors can easily offset the precarious balance of sexual selection, which has evolved in human beings to a degree of complexity that is not entirely appreciated or understood by modern science.

The numerical male to female ratio is roughly equivalent in modern society, but the gender perceptions on a biofeedback level has been skewed, male and female traits have been made more and more ambiguous, and so this altered reality becomes the template from which a newfangled sexuality is being spawned.

In wolf hierarchies the Betas will sublimate their sexual drives, and take on more submissive traits. There are actual hormonal changes which have evolved, and correspond to these behavioral changes. In the hive insect world sexuality of the masses of obedient workers is entirely suppressed. There must be similar mechanisms operating within human populations. In these modern dominance hierarchies Alpha Male traits are extremely suppressed by the powers that be, much in the same way the Alpha wolf enforces submissiveness among the betas. This leads to a huge void of masculinity throughout large populations. The men become incrementally more feminized.... as this lack of masculinity triggers females, who naturally seek masculinity to become more masculine in order to fill the void ( much in the same way amphibians will alter gender expression) The larger and more hierarchical the society is the more these tendencies toward a "de-gendering" non reproductive sexuality seems to manifest.


Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: December 01, 2019, 02:27:10 am »
Again I hearken back to the hermaphroditic sea worm and amphibian ancestors.

When society artificially segregates the genders during early development and places people within rigid sociological hierarchies, this simulates the same conditions which triggers gender morphing in amphibians. The mere perception of limited mating choices within a sexually segregated society can trigger the activation of latent amphibian hermaphrodite tendencies.

These trends and tendencies caused by the sexual segregation of the youth, can be further aggravated by a number of other factors. The hormonal disruption caused by the plastics, soy and well as the widespread effect of disruption of the pheromone feedback systems with the use systematic enforcement of deodorant and skin microbiol sterilization. Many people are so isolated from the opposite gender while growing up they develop a physical aversion to the natural pheromones of the opposite sex. These mechanisms evolved for the healthy expression of sexual selection have been perverted by the structural hierarchical, sociological conditioning and technological systems of modern society!

Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: November 30, 2019, 12:00:00 am »
I view Homosexuality as a remnant of our evolutionary past, from a time when we descended from hermaphroditic sea worms. These creatures where able to take on both male and female genders, depending on the environmental circumstances.

This ambi-sexterity remained an active phenomenon within our amphibious ancestors who were able to still physically change gender to suit mating conditions. As we continued to evolve, sexual selection became more advanced, and the gender differences became more rigid and eventually the ability to physically change gender was lost.....but the physiological remnants of the primal hermaphroditic origin remained within the throwback DNA....and though physically it isn't possible for humans to gender morph, on a psychological level, exposure to certain hormonal, sociological or environmental conditions at the developmental phases, can confuse the very precarious nature of gender differentiation, leading to a partial reversion to the Latent amphibious states of hermaphroditism, which although cannot manifest with a physical gender change, it can be seen in the manifestation of sexual behaviors.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:51:45 am »

Off Topic / Re: New dopamine fasting craze
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:01:23 pm »
its just a new version of the ancient Idea, of (delayed gratification)

Dopamine burnout is a real phenomenon, even if the brave new worldview doesn't seem to notice the detrimental effects of technologically driven over stimulation.

 Ive have practiced many of these delayed gratification techniques for years, such as fasting, limiting screen time, and I was doing no fap before it was a fad...

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Another failed Carnivore Attempt
« on: November 15, 2019, 01:29:35 am »
Yeah I haven't been able to to make my diet feel optimal without doing the whole animal approach...and will go so far as to say that without a regular supply of fresh raw blood marrow, guts and organs, I wouldn't be able to make this diet work. I still also use a little coconut butter every day, and believe the medium chain fatty acids and small amount of carbs and fiber do help in some way.

Also going into the diet I had liver issues where my liver would be congested and hurt. Even eating small amounts of protein or carbs would spike my blood perhaps my liver and metabolic system were in such a unusual state that switching over to high fat and protein works for me in a way that it wouldn't work for others?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Another failed Carnivore Attempt
« on: November 12, 2019, 11:23:27 pm »
It can be problematic to entirely shift microbial and metabolic system cold turkey. I shifted into low carb and then into very low carb over a much longer period of time.

If you were carb tolerant before and consuming foods such as dairy then such a drastic change can put the body into shock. Dairy especially can be highly addictive, and it can take over three weeks to completely ride the gut from the effects of milk proteins and sugars.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: November 11, 2019, 12:31:17 am »

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