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General Discussion / Re: High quality eggs in UK
« on: October 11, 2021, 08:59:02 am »
I think the Queen and royal family have the best, in that part of the world, though im not sure that they would be willing to share any with the commoners??

I tried several brands of "natural' " Organic" "Free ranged" eggs at the stores in London and wasnt very happy.

I know this is vegan pravda, but I tend to agree with the vegie people about how terrible most chicken production systems are

Personals / Re: What happened to Tyler Durden?
« on: September 30, 2021, 10:02:06 pm »
If something happened to him like a car wreck, or some sort of accident which has him incapacitated, then it would be the right thing for us to do to find out and try to support our friend if he is in trouble.

With all that's going on in the world I doubt the dubious powers that be are going to bother doxing such an obscure rogue as our Tyler Durden.

Personals / Re: What happened to Tyler Durden?
« on: September 29, 2021, 08:05:17 am »
He lived reclusively and always communicated with me through his forum avatar.

Whats his legal name, perhaps we could look for some public records of his last location?? 

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: September 23, 2021, 06:41:11 am »
Freedom is nothing but the distance between the hunter and its prey.”
Ocean Vuong

Health / Re: Intestine issues in the morning
« on: September 02, 2021, 10:48:35 am »
I don't tolerate dairy well at all, I can drink small amounts of raw cream, and eat small amounts of raw sharp cheddar, but if I eat it for more than a few days in a row, I will always have some digestive issues.

I would also caution against pigfat, because its very difficult to find good quality.

I personally prefer pasture raised sheep fat as my primary fat source.

Health / Re: Intestine issues in the morning
« on: September 01, 2021, 06:41:35 am »
Dairy has always caused me similar intestinal issues, I would recommend eliminating it for at least three weeks to see if that improves anything.

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 26, 2021, 08:39:43 pm »
Good call, I agree the kid needs a little time out. Arguing over philosophical differences is one thing, but even among the most open minded elders here, there is a limit to the level of belligerent abuse and disrespectful pigheaded delusions we should tolerate.

Sometimes when a fledgling with an eggshell mind learns of the dark side of life, it can break the spirit to the point of nihilism. Does the poor fool not realize the NWO is actually a quite ancient evil, and humanity has been fighting this war against these death cults from the beginning of history; there have actually been times in the past that were much more full of misery, and yet the human spirit lives on through the ages, and that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!   

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 22, 2021, 08:57:40 am »
You are a textbook beta simpanzie mangina cuck.
and O0 Proud of it

By discouraging people of this forum from having children you are doing us all here a disservice. We are already a fringe minority and need to encourage people who enjoy the raw to adopt this evolutionarily regenerative way of life, and to pass it down to the next generation.

My original optimism when I began posting here over a decade ago, has become somewhat jaded in light of the state of affairs, but I still hold on to the inherent worth and value of the liberated individual, and the power of the unchained human mind to overcome all obstacles.     

We are right now in an epic sociological war of attrition, which I view as adding layers of complexity to the already complex cycles of epigenetic adaptation, which has guided our evolution up unto this current phase. The depredating ethos espoused by PA and other vison lacking misanthropes such as Bertrand Russell, is just another layer of obviation in the Great Filter; standing in the path of  the destiny of human kind!

Its time to dig down within the recesses of our collective human experience, and reactivate the awesome latent powers evolved out of the Apex Paleolithic hominid Predator's from which we spawned, and if we are to be doomed then let us not go without one hell of a fight!.....I refuse to sit aside while the human race goes out with such a pathetic whimper, lead by the hollow men who are hell bent determined to turn the once free people of earth into souless Gelflings; reducing the great spirit of humanity to the level of invitro-Metro-noid domestic slaves of the transhuman overlords!!

Lofty rhetoric aside, it may not be possible for us to mount a direct assaults' upon the machinations that are besieging the ramparts of the hold outs like ourselves who are not interested in participating in these self mutilation genetic genocidal experiments. I am taking a practical approach of making provisions for the long war!  The Evolution processes has always in a way been like a war of attrition, culling the weak and dimwitted who couldn't last the long dark cold winters; this process of winnowing out the useless and nonviable was a vital part of a natural processes that once culled our numbers and set the balance in order.

Seen from the eyes of history, it is remarkable how Human evolution has on some levels broke free from the environmentally driven culling cyles of past eras, and has managed to develop a number of newfangled self culling behaviors, which combined with sexual selection, has shaped our species into something radically different from all other animals . The Genocidal nature of humanity, has its origins in the dominance hierarchies of our primate ancestors, and has been a driving force of the development of societies and civilization. In the past there were multiple hominid species, and through a long process of migration, interbreeding, and War it became a survival stratagem for the different races of Man to merge into what is now homosapien.

Holding together such a monolithically large convergent globe spanning organism called collective Humanity, while under constant pressures for divergence, is a mindboggling impossible feat. I am often in awe at how we have so far managed not to completely blow things up. Perhaps there is a hive mind that's evolving out of the melee of the multitudes. There are likely ancestral memories of past culls and die-off's, and certain signs in the environment will create a reediness for action. This explains how readily so many people accept conditions leading up to the great world wars and genocides of history. The current passivity of much of the population as we inter into this scientifically managed culling genocide, makes it seem like there is an instinctive resignation for a vast majority of the population to subjugate itself to a central authority, much in the same way the cells of the caterpillar will sacrifices themselves so that the butterfly can emerge from the corpse of the cocoon.

My objection to the systematic killing and scientifically engineering of society, is more than just a moral objection. If there was a truly wise and competent leadership overseeing the operation, I may not be so objectional to what's going on, unfortunately I feel that the individuals within the dominance hierarchy that is directing the actions have already fouled their own nest, and their judgments are perverted by their own polluted organisms. There is so much pervasive interference in the evolutionally processes... be it electromagnetic, heavy metals, poor nutrition, transgenerational genetic deformity, hormone disruption....that I dont trust the soundness of minds of those making all these grand plans for the rest of us.

So I advocate for the survival strategy of going rogue. Maintaining genetic integrity and reproductive viability should be the number one priority. We need to be the living seed banks of heirloom, unmodified, free range, organic, humanity....During this next generation of warfare the victors will be those who can survive long enough to see all the experimental humans either be culled or rendered infertile. Once the power structure of the failed coup against humanity catabolizes itself, then perhaps the meek can reemerge to inherit the wind and continue to life and evolve in a free world!

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 20, 2021, 11:59:57 pm »
I actually find this obtrusive and asinine abuse quite entertaining. Being called a retarded female is a hilariously absurd insult, and it makes me smile :)

"Ive never wanted something Rational" Alanis Morsette

I personally like and respect females of all ranges of intelligence, more so than I do most males, so its not insulting to me to be identified as having feminine traits. Though I admit the protective side of my masculine nature is a bit offended, and would like to slap you upside your silly incel face for being so derogatory toward women within my in leu of a fist fight, I insist a virtual spanking is in order!!

With such attitudes its no wonder why one would be sexually confused and hateful, tisk tisk. These perniciously anti Love of humanity sentiments are becoming extremely pervasive in modernia, and its a most unfortunate state of affairs that so many are so abjectly hateful towards human existence that they, if given the power, would deny the right of future generations to reproduce the experience life and the chance to evolve into mother earths wildest dreams come true.

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 19, 2021, 11:19:19 pm »
Two can play this game, I typically dont lanch into such personal speculative attacks, but since none of my direct questions were ever even addressed, I will continue to ask???

Are there some mommy and daddy issues at work here...perhaps complicated by severe sexual repression???

Have you even tasted a raw fully fertile vagina? Do you have a moral aversion to healthy sexual experience??
Without sex human life can exist, so are you against Human existence??? If so whats the point of any talk about morality, ethics, or logic?? Without humans reproducing, such concepts wont even have a mind to contemplate??

Has any woman been interested in having your Baby??

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 19, 2021, 04:27:26 am »
The constant straw-manning is a bit tiresome...I can understand from a misanthropic perspective its pointless to have children, I will even grant you that this realm of existence can be at times extremely twisted and wicked...but it is a bit unbalanced to just generalize all of human existence into some kind of pointless fatalistic cycle of death, and label all parents as demonic for fulfilling their biological imperative to recreate . ( Would it be fair to speculate that someone with this viewpoint probably has some unresolved mommy and daddy issues?)

Life can be a tangled web indeed, and perhaps we humans are the result of coupling between the spider mothers and hell boys, if so then so be it. I say embrace your predatory nature! Eat Flesh and screw to your hearts content, and then go fourth and multiply;  seeding your little hell-spawns far and wide...mewhahahaha

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 18, 2021, 10:21:26 pm »
I don't drink alcohol or use narcotic drugs and only use marijuana occasionally now days, so in response to your question; I would say I am actually my most sober self.

Hopefully the peanut gallery will appreciate that I actually respond to direct questions with an Ernest spirit, and don't simply launch into personal attacks.

From the eastern philosophy of Samsara, suffering is an inevitable part of existence, and the ancient Vedic's believed that only the ignorant would deny such truth.

Perhaps there may be a human being who has managed to live a complete and fulfilling life without experiencing any suffering? I have yet to know of such a person, but if anyone here fits that level of perfection please feel free to introduce yourself?

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 18, 2021, 02:41:05 am »
Im trying to evoke just smidgen of humility and humor to a subject matter that is indeed very dark and dire....and being dense as a fence you don't notice the puns. The reference to "Ad- Hominid Attack" is a direct accusation of misanthropic nihilism!   

I don't deny that the universe is from a certain perspective a catabolic monster, but this state of death and depravity is merely the other side of the coin of life. The suffering is the price we pay for admission to the greatest show in the cosmos! The human experience must be payed for from time to time with the blood of the innocent. Its unfortunate that many Men these days have too much sensitivity to stomach the facts of life, but this too is also a part of the dance of Kali!

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 17, 2021, 11:24:07 pm »
If this is discussion is going to degenerate into a back and forth berating of belligerent ad-hominid attacks, from an edgelordian beyond reproach ethos, then please at least try a little harder on your insults, than claiming that I write like a girl.....   

If there are women out there who could think and write like me, I would love to meat them ;)
My general writing style is something that aims to Transend gender identity; I try to balance both male and female and the non binary perspective; I use juxtapose ,disparate and often times contrarian viewpoints to really dig into the absurdities of life.

My advice to other young men out there who may be a little more open minded, is to not get so hung up and uptight; learn to experiment with different types of family and relationship arrangements. Yes traditional familial and gender roles are completely toppsy turvy, so instead of trying to conform to outdated ideals, one must learn to adapt and evolve. Im currently a primary parent of 4 children, and had to take on many roles that were traditionally considered a mothers place. I also play the role of house maker for a woman who helps provide for me.

Its folly to be so ridged and dogmatic in these endeavors. In order to obtain a greater wisdom it is helpful to walk through many different incarnations, and play the various roles of the great spirit of humankind. There are literally millions of ways to live and relate to other humans, so why not try to experience many modes of life before deciding what kind of life and relationships you personally prefer.

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 16, 2021, 10:29:55 pm »
Its true, Im just a hopelessly braindead love Zombie with an insatiable hunger for nonsensical sensual experiences; oh well Ive been called worse ;)

Im still unsure how a mans embracing and reveling in the Estrous cycles of the feminine spirit can be seen as such an offensive phenomenon. This anti-reproductive trope does seem to be a pervasive sentiment among the new generations coming of age, and these kind of discussions may be helpful in trying to understand and hopefully challenge the anti-life worldview.

There was a time in my youth before having regular intercourse, and becoming fully addicted, that I would feel jaded by much of the modern perversion of the Game of Love, and to some extent I can easily relate to the Malthusian and misanthropic attitudes of anti -breeders. Long ago I made a decision to simply embrace the animal instincts and to stop fighting so hard against these primal inclinations. Perhaps there isn't any logic in giving oneself over to the animal lust, but I have personally found that trying to fight and repress it, can be even more of an insanity, and lead to even greater unhappiness, than just giving in to temptation.

Ideally if the endocrine systems are in sync, and the biological and emotional balance is compatible, then a mutuality can be formed between mates. The emersions within the phenomenal signaling feedback loops, and the regular releasing of oxytocin, will create a physical and emotional dependency, which can also be called a healthy pair bonding relationship( depending on how you chose to look at it) Its unfortunate that some view this evolutionary processes which was essential for the development of higher levels of human intelligence and cooperation, with such negativity; but alas to each their own....

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 15, 2021, 01:15:36 pm »
Dude, you are deluded and illogical as fuck, living in the matrix from this point of views and you talk like a feefail(woman).. It is proven that men living with women have drastically reduced IQs and will adopt female traits.

Most people are bored as fuck. You need to read books, find some CONSTRUCTIVE hobbies and enjoy YOUR life.

Bringing into the world more: fascists, totalitarian single digit iq nobodies(to enforce and carry out satan’s plans), communists, marxists, bolsheviks, leninists, SJWs, BLMs, socialists, mercenaries, welfare/benefit queens/kings, cartel members, starving/thirsting people, broken homes, broken people, broke/bankrupt people from all points of views, hitmen, hitwomen, murderers, murderers wearing uniforms/badges, abused, abusers, drunkards, drug addicts, drug dealers, homeless, gang/mafia members, suicide victims, bullies, bullied, torturers, tortured, mentally and physically handicapped, racist group gang members IS NOT A CONSTRUCTIVE HOBBY.

Wow, talk about projection; luckily so far none of my children seem to fit such a grim and derogatory generalization.

I would be interested in any information regarding how regular exposure to women can lower a Mans IQ, or is somehow emasculating??? That's news to me and I would be greatly interested in  seeing the evidence.

I actually prefer the company and friendship of Women, just as much as I enjoy their function as Breeding stock. I personally need a feminizing influence to mellow out my unusually excessive toxic masculinity.

Cultivation of the art of love is the most natural and uplifting of hobbies. The Pare bonding habits of mated Human were an essential part of shaping the growth of the more humane human attributes. The influence of sexual selection over the evolution of Homo Sapiens is paramount to evoking the passions and compassions that drove the species to reach new heights of intelligence. The human females capacity to take control of the selection process, by hiding her heat cycles, and selecting mates based on mental and emotional connection, over the purely physical dominance of more primitive primates; also lead to a increased overall intelligence, over a relatively short evolutionary period.   

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 12, 2021, 08:54:58 am »
If a political atheist insist on beating this dead horse named logic, morality, ethics; I will indulge...

If one can find nothing logical about having a loving family, nothing moral about establishing the transgenerational transfer of knowledge between parent and child, nothing ethical about taking responsibility to shepherd children through the transformation of growing up;) then there can be no understanding between you and me!

For those who understand no explanation is necessary, for those who don't understand no explanation is possible!

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 11, 2021, 12:46:31 am »
At the end of the day, only poor, stupid and bored people reproduce. It is that simple, really.

This is why it has been said that " The Meek shall inherit the earth"

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 08, 2021, 07:47:50 am »
Nobody provided any logical, ethical and moral reason to reproduce.

Only bored, poor(so they can get 'benefits' from gubment, 99% of women make children solely for this reason alone) and stupid people reproduce.

Most people were borne as accidents or were made so the parents can FINALLY dominate, abuse and use powerless human beings(children), since most people are slaves and are being dominated, used and abused since birth to death.

So yeah, there is ZERO moral, ethical and logical reason to reproduce.

Everything you breeders wrote here is totally  illogical and retarded. You are just regurgitating the BS that you was conditioned with since birth.

I modified a bit my original post:

ALWAYS remember! Please make as many children as possible, the pharmaceutical industry, the prison industry and the military industrial complex need more clients, while society needs more: fascists, totalitarian single digit iq nobodies(to enforce and carry out satan’s plans), communists, marxists, bolsheviks, leninists, SJWs, BLMs, socialists, mercenaries, welfare/benefit queens/kings, cartel members, broken homes, broken people, broke/bankrupt people from all points of views, hitmen, hitwomen, murderers, murderers wearing uniforms/badges, abused, abusers, drunkards, drug addicts, drug dealers, homeless, gang/mafia members, suicide victims, bullies, bullied, torturers, tortured, mentally and physically handicapped, racist group gang members. Hell also needs more residents. Also, the banks need more people in debt and the workforce needs more slaves to participate in the rat race as well. Add to the list if you will.

I rebuke such ad hominem attacks; I understand the cynical worldview extremely well, but I have also seen pure joy in the life of my own children, and couldn't care less if the pessimist of the world are not able to see the value and potential that is evident within the human experience of reproduction. 

Why does the reason for having children need to be qualified by logic or ethic or moral judgments?? The rest of creation doesn't meet any such criteria so why should the children of earth be held to such arbitrary standards?? "Its a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart"

I personally feel like children have given my life a deeper meaning, and a sense of home and belonging. I was nurtured and cared for as a child and grew up in a family, and there is something that seems so natural about continuing the cycle with a family of my own.

There are also plenty of purely materialistic and selfish motives under the surface if you dig deep, that could be construed as logical moral and ethical, for those who think in such terms....I have always had the hope that just maybe one day some of my many grandchildren will be close enough to me in heart and mind, to help care for me as I begin to age and can no longer provide for myself....I seriously doubt a state run nursing home would allow the kind of dignified environment for a raw carnivorous renegade such as myself. Hopefully if we are not all geocided by Malthusian's by then, I could live in a rustic cottage on the same property as some of my offspring and I can share my wisdom as well my foibles with future generations, and they can help provide me with Meat if I am no longer able to process my own animals.

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 07, 2021, 01:46:24 am »
I have waxing and waning cycles, of optimism and pessimism. Im a juxtapose of the Cynical and Pollyanna, and somedays I have regrets on my choice of brood mare, but on the whole my children have given me a since of home, family, and belonging that I personally felt was needed.

I will agree that for those who have no wish or inclination to have children, that it is foolish for others to try to convert them into accepting a way of life they do not wish. Still from outward appearances it often seems that many of those who resist parenthood would actually make much better parents than the majority of people who end up for some reason or other, spawning broods of unwanted bastards. There is an Idiocracy Bell Curve to much of how modern humans seem to be reproducing these days. The Dunning Kruger effect is strongly convincing many bright young people, that they aren't cut out for parenthood, or that the world already has too many people; while on the other side there are multitudes of fools who rush right in like mindless salmon in a mad dash to reach spawning grounds before death by exhaustion.

Ive seen this phenomenon play out with the women I once considered courting....many of the most balanced, responsible, intelligent, and capable young women were entirely uninterested in having babies or raising a family. This is only partially explained by the phenomena of birth control and hormone disrupting chemicals. The other side of this is social conditioning and perceived societal expectations. Women are heavily conditioned in the modern world that they must succeed first in education and carrier, and having a child or two is something you should wait until you are over the age of 30 to consider. A young woman with a baby is excluded from much of the culture, and is often looked down upon by the so called liberated class of professional working class women, and so many women take birth control like a religious sacrament, and avoid anything to do with babies or young children altogether!

The problem is with this modern arrangement of putting off childbirth, is that once a woman has reached 30 years old, and likely has been in a series of relationships with men who were likely not the ideal father architype, then it becomes evermore difficult from a psychological level to form long term pair bonding with a mate. Under this new paradigm men also become more inclined to not fully pair bond during the full maturation phase of the mid 20s and by age 30 many become hopeless swingers' or incells!

These are general trends I have seen, and of course there are always many exceptions, but never the less if these trends continue on this trajectory it looks like the preceding generations are destined for further mutilations. My prime directive and mission in regards to my own progeny is to attempt to maintain a reserve of heirloom, unmodified, free range, organic humans....and pray to all that is holy that somehow we can fall through the cracks of annihilation, to emerge and evolve into the next phase with our souls not entirely warped by the current demons that have descended upon the remnants of the free world, under the current global war against humanity....mewhahahaha


Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 06, 2021, 10:46:18 pm »

I'm near your age(36) and female and I'm at the opposite end. It's never been a goal or wish of mine to be a mom. I never played house as a kid and never pretended any of my dolls or toys were my babies. I simply lacked that.

Then, around age 14, began sex ed in public school.  I got to see/hear on video exactly what a woman experiences when giving birth. I actually didn't watch, just listened to her scream as I counted the small flecks of gold in my desk...anything to distract myself from it. That cemented my decision, which I promised myself over 20 years ago now. I think it is the most humiliating, degrading, disgusting, atrocious experience any woman could ever have. It makes me recoil to this day. And that will never be me.

Intelligence doesn't really have anything to do with it. Maybe no fear of consequences? Or something like that. For a woman it could be a deadly experience...a punishment in a way. 

I agree with political atheist that it is only encouraged by govts now because they realize the falling birthrate means less taxes and fewer slaves for them. Good for me that my time is almost up.

As a pantheist, with existential tendencies who feels that it takes all kinds to make a world, I tend to see these fundamental differences in perspective as inevitable, given the widely divergent factors that we all are exposed to, that shape our worldview.

Rachel Carsons book "Silent Spring" expressed a powerful warning about the consequences of saturating the environment with hormone disrupting pesticides and chemicals. Not only did DDT reduce fertility in the birds, but the birds who where able to hatch their offspring, were witnessed to have diminished maternal and paternal instinct.

The correlation with hormone disrupters in animal observations to what is happening in human society is HUGE! These chemicals such as atrazine  can affect the sexual development and natural parental instincts in parts per trillion! Prenatal and developmental exposure diminishes the will and the drive to reproduce and form healthy sexual relations. Transgenerational hormonal birth control is also causing havoc on these delicate hormonal feedback systems. There was a study that showed that the Male chimps would avoid the females that have been treated with hormonal birth control. Birth control also disrupts the females judgement to chose mates of paternal virtue potential. The myriad of chemicals in the environment and constant use of personal care products have also distorted our pheromonal feedback systems, which evolved to guide the process of sexual attraction and the seeking of compatible mates. With all these confused and distorted signaling contamination, its no wonder so many humans are confused, Jaded, and hostile toward those who claim mating and reproduction can be a true blessing and healthy part of life!

This is not a man vs woman issue....these distortions have equally damaged both genders' ability to develop healthy matting pairs and nurture uninhibited parental instincts!

Parenting / Re: ALWAYS REMEMBER!
« on: August 06, 2021, 12:11:15 am »
The ethics of "to breed or not to breed", is more of an individuals value judgement, where both sides of the Malthusians dilemma can have a valid point.

I have four children who I have to struggle to provide for in a world that is growing more hostile and heartless toward the ethos of free spirited shameless breeders...and yet I still have inexplicable dreams about having at least a couple more babies...perhaps its out of contrarian spite...or else an unbridled fidelity to the spirit of mother earth, to seed her bastard children of Eros.

Guess at age 38 its my own biological ticking away, if there is such a phenomenon in males, or perhaps Im an anomaly?? I am confounded by the general lack of interest by many of the breeding aged men and women, in even trying to raise a family. Its sad that many have seemed to have given up on even trying!! Sure many still manage to reproduce and muddle along, but there is in this generation a seeming lack of love, joy, or enthusiasm for the entire process, of mating, pair bonding, and bringing new life into this wild world?


Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: July 28, 2021, 04:00:41 am »
 "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"
 "We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us."

The credo of The Addams Family

Off Topic / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: July 25, 2021, 01:38:21 pm »

Id love to change the world, but I don't know what to do.....

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