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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Some questions
« on: August 01, 2018, 05:00:17 am »
In the last 13 years prior to going rawpalaeo, I would get massive, very painful stomach-aches every so often. After years of switching diets to  raw vegan/fruitarian/sproutarian , I finally discovered that these pains only occured after I ate any cooked animal food. When I, as a last resort, switched to a RVAF diet and started eating raw animal foods, I duly found that I did not get those pains from eating such. Also, most of my other health-problems disappeared within a 4 month period(though, admittedly, most RVAFers facing serious health-problems generally take 2-3 years of eating RVAF diets before they fully recover). I did have to adjust by aging the meats a few days at first so as to tenderise them before eating, as my teeth were on the verge of falling out after so many years of ill-health.

On reading info online, I got the impression that an inability to eat(cooked) animal food had to do with a burnt-out adrenal gland. However, I have no idea as I at the time had so many different health-problems all over my body due to mass inflammation caused by a delayed-action dairy allergy, so it could have had multiple causes.

Everyone is different, so do not necessarily assume that your experience will be the same as mine.If you are overweight, I would recommend water-fasting for 10 days or so at first. Some RVAFers like to do 20 days before going RVAF, but that is a bit much for someone new to fasting.

I too experienced a brain-boost when doing my all-raw-animal-food experiments, but I was terrified to find out, after c. 3 weeks, that a lot of my past health-problems pre-RVAF diet were starting to reappear. I really wouldn't recommend it, since you already have issues with the all-cooked-animal-food diet. You might consider trying "high-meat" every so often as that also gives a brain-boost.

It might be an idea to do 95% raw veg/raw fruit/raw sprouts(preferably organic), and only 5% raw meats, at first. Make sure the raw meat is of high quality(ie 100% grassfed or raw wildcaught seafood or raw wild game). You can always increase the amount of raw meats as you get used to it all. In case your problem is specifically the digestion of meats in general, as opposed to just cooked meats, it might be a really good idea to age your raw animal foods for a few days, or even switch to eating lots of "high-meat". You see, all the extra bacteria in the aged raw meat help to predigest the meat, allowing your digestive system to make far less effort in digesting the meats.

Unless in plastic I would not recommend washing in water. If meat is full of blood, I would not recommend any washing in water at all. If you look at cases of food-poisoning, one generally finds that too much hygiene(ie lack of bacteria) causes far more health problems for the average consumer. If you want to avoid food-poisoning, then go in heavily for high-meat-consumption.

I , in previous times, related a tale. In James Herriott's(semi-autobiographical) novels about a vet in the Yorkshire Dales in the 30s/40s/50s/60s, he mentioned how the children of the man running the local abattoir would routinely play with the offal(rotting organs) of the carcasses that their father had previously dealt with beforehand. He noted that , ("despite") the fact that these children had been heavily exposed to lots of bacteria etc., that they were the healthiest children in the neighbourhood.  A classic proof of the hygiene hypothesis.

Hot Topics / Re: Sweating: Why and how to control excess sweating?
« on: July 31, 2018, 03:59:28 am »
I had a severe heat-intolerance problem pre-RPD diet which improved a bit after going RPD but has never abated to zero. My suspicion is that I need to do a lot more long-term water-fasting to get rid of it entirely, mainly in summer. Never had an issue with high-meat related to sweating. I suggest long-term water-fasting and Wim Hof's 220 euro video course,  as werll as herbs like sage to reduce the sweating a lot.

Hot Topics / Re: HGH , Anabolic Hormones vs RAW MEAT and old age
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:13:46 am »
There is a strong tendency among trolls to post highly controversial topics in the general discussions forum especially anti-rawpalaeo topics in order to get the most attention. Decent genuine members tend to post controversial topics in more relevant forums such as the hot topics forum or the philosophy forum.


Arman Tanny, of course, was the bodybuilding superman who ate an almost entirely raw food diet consisting of raw milk, raw vegetables and raw meat. It seems that, from the article, he got his diet from studying these Polynesian counterparts. This suggests that the Polynesians ate mostly raw foods, including raw animal foods. Yet, when one looks at (most) other tribes, very few indeed ate a mostly raw diet. Could a largely insular existence encourage a RVAF diet? Who knows? I wonder if there are still a few Polynesians who practise a RVAF diet?

Hot Topics / Re: HGH , Anabolic Hormones vs RAW MEAT and old age
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:34:59 am »
Last warning:- all controversial topics should be placed in the hot topics forum. Doing so now*

Steroids have destroyed bodybuilders' lives(those who've done cooked foods). Not a good idea to promote them here. Besides, artificial hormones notoriously ruin the body's own ability to produce its own hormones.

One of the things that I hate when going to the horse-butcher's in Italy(or any other butcher) is that I have to insist on them NOT cutting off the white fat from the meat before giving it to me. They look at me as though I'm crazy but I like the fat especially(well, when it comes from an animal which has been fed properly most or all of the time).

When I first started going RVAF and trying to get hold of raw 100% organic, 100% grassfed meats, I at first found only 1 source(in 2001) which cost  4.50 pounds sterling for just 100 grams. I was in shock for a few weeks until I started finding raw, grassfed meats at much cheaper prices(30 pounds sterling a kilo). Eventually, I found that raw wild game at LFM markets was , bizarrely, signifcantly cheaper than grassfed, despite it being of a far  higher quality.

I would strongly advise buying raw organ-meats if only raw grassfed meat is available. I have always been able to get hold of high quality raw organs for as little as 2 euros a kilo. Raw organs, anyway, have a far higher nutrient-content than standard raw muscle-meats.


The above shows it is erroneous to always copy ideas from the palaeolithic era. In the Palaeolithic era, they(at a very late stage) practiced cooking, and also indulged in barbaric rites like circumcision in some cases. That does not mean we should emulate such.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: July 27, 2018, 03:51:06 am »

This is a wonderful Due South episode, "We are the eggmen" all about a farmer who likes to raise his chickens in a more biodynamic way.Very funny too..


This confirms what I said in recent posts about how RVAFers who ingest more bacteria than cooked-foodists would be better protected against food-poisoning, with those consuming high-meat being the best protected. It also supports the notion of humans being best adapted to  eating raw, aged foods from palaeo times.We really ought to recommend that newbie RVAFers, as soon as they have gotten used to a wide variety of raw, fresh foods, that they then start on consuming raw aged meats as well.

I would recommend  eating just 1 food at a time, since you seem to have gut problems. It's just easier to digest.

In the UK, grassfed meat farmers would routinely tell me they fed their cattle on sileage and hay  during winter months. Perhaps that was the reason why I did not like the taste of some raw
 grassfed meats.

Most RVAFers  seem to thrive best on a diet of mostly raw animal food and some raw plant food. Granted, a few do 100% raw meat diets or 90% raw plant/10% raw animal food diets, but they are in a minority. Obviously , experiment to see which percentages you prefer.

In my own case, my own 100% raw animal food experiments led to me always suffering awful ill-health after 3 weeks of doing them. The first 3 weeks caused a swift reduction in physical stamina but a massive boost to my mental altertness, mental sharpness/IQ(?) etc., but then it went all downhill, with me losing all taste for any raw meats, and getting vast hunger-pangs which could not be sated by raw meat consumption(I got the same in reverse, pre-RPD diet, when in my raw vegan/fruitarian phases.

 If I overdo the raw plant food intake in my RVAF diet, I find that the sugars etc. make me less healthy, overall.

Palaeo HGs had a vastly greater level of variety than we do. I find I no longer find the taste of raw foods to be tasty if I overindulge in just 1 type of food all the time for weeks on end. I found via experiments that 10-40% of my diet should consist of raw wildcaught seafood, for best results, any less or more than that tends to not work. I also find raw animal fat from innards like raw tongue or raw marrow to be very effective for me.Point being that you should try out raw innards, see if you can handle raw meats/raw organ-meats in aged, "high-meat" form etc. Constant experimentation is key. After all, we are all different,with different DNA, different health-outcomes, different epigenetic outcomes etc.

Re 100% grassfed cows:- In the UK, I have had mixed results from eating 100% raw grassfed cows. Many times, the taste was dire, suggesting that the cows were fed grains except possibly in summer, and worse. In Austria, the grassfed meat industry is way more reliable, being better regulated, and even the non-organic, non-grassfed meats taste way better, as intensive farming re animals is much reduced there. I also am able to get hold of raw wild game, and raw wildcaught seafood(more expensive), which are far superior, quality-wise.

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