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Health / Thoughts on appendicitis and appendix removal
« Last post by kblonde on January 17, 2019, 01:11:51 am »
Hi everyone,

First post in this post forum so thank you for reading this and nice to meet you all. I've been on a keto diet for the past 2 years and have recently switched to a raw carnivore diet (following Aajanus Vonderplanitz).

I've been having a slight punctuating pain (more like a small discomfort) right where the appendix is, but I'm not sure if it's something to worry about or not. It's been an irregular pain in the past year (don't feel it everyday), but lately I've been feeling a certain "pressure" or "tension" in that area. Not too much but I just feel it. As if something's building up there. But the feeling is so mild that I sometimes wonder if it's just my imagination.

I tend to avoid the doctor/medicines unless it's extremely necessary.

Anyone has experience with similar symptoms and/or with appendicitis? And thoughts on appendix removal? I've read that it's not a good idea because the appendix is an organ designed to protect us agains pathogens found in raw meat.

Thank you all for your help.
Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« Last post by Grey-Cup on January 17, 2019, 12:36:25 am »
Im curious about your total daily macro intake norawnofun? This is an impressive number of calories from dairy alone. What else do you eat and how often do you train?

Since I eat a lot of raw dairy and find it very important for my wellbeing, I started to look at the calcium issue that you posted in this link. It is indeed very interesting. Then I had a look at the recommended daily calcium intake, which seems to be 1000-1200mg per day, which equals around a liter of raw milk per day

Whenever I am abroad I drink a liter of raw cows milk from (IMO) predominantly older A2 breeds with every meat meal, which means 2-3 times a day. Sometimes I drink more in between. To each meal I eat around 250 grams of raw cheese. So to summarize I have 3 liters of milk, plus 750g of cheese. So my daily calcium intake is 1200mgx3 + another lets say 1200x3 from the cheese. = 7200mg daily intake. When I am at home, I have less goat dairy but it seems that the calcium content is higher, so i might have a similar intake. Considering the fact that milk has vitamin D in it, the absorption should be ok. Then comes the calcium to phosphorus ratio (Ca/P), cows milk seems to be slightly higher than goat More on that below. Either way, thinking about it I have a extremely high daily calcium intake, so I thought if I should be concerned. But then I had a look at this:

And here

I found quite some people which do a carnivore diet and eat/drink lots of raw dairy, and it seems to do them very well, like me. They heal all kinds of things. Now when looking at the above one could possibly conclude that a carnivore diet, which consists of a very high intake of animal protein, needs a very good amount of calcium to counterbalance the calcium excretion by eating a good amount of raw dairy or animal foods high in calcium.

So basically one could think that a high raw dairy intake on carnivore is no problem, but it is a problem when you eat a normal low animal protein diet, like many "normal" people do, as the general consent is that animal protein is unhealthy and vegetables, whole grains and fruit are better. Then you might be in trouble. None of the links posted from some of you take a high animal protein diet such as carnivore into account. So then it´s normal that many westerners drink lots of milk, but then have big issues like osteoporosis later, because of low meat consuption, as I think that vegetables are useless for calcium intake.

And if you now say that there is no different between raw milk and pasteurized milk in terms of (Ca/P) ratio and absorption, I recommend looking into this study: There are, for example, HUGE differences between dried and raw milk. I also noticed that when I eat pasteurized joghurt, my bones sometimes crack, and I get tartar. So there is no way that somebody can tell me that raw milk and heat-treated milk is the same. So all these amazing studies showing how bad milk can in my optinion, be thrown in the trash!
General Discussion / Re: Best Organs to eat outside of Liver and Heart?
« Last post by dariorpl on January 16, 2019, 11:55:13 pm »
Raw tongue has huge amounts  of raw fat in it which  is , imo, very healthy. It also has plenty of vitamins and minerals in it, like any other raw organ.

I do not think that raw organs are necessarily "better" than any other. However, in the past, when I had some trouble with my heart skipping beats etc.,  I used to eat a lot  of raw, organic 100% grassfed ox heart, which seemed to help, after all "like cures like".

Veal tongue tastes amazing to me, even if coming from low quality animals.

I find it funny how vegans often suggest eating things that look like an organ to help that organ. Like they'll say eat walnuts because they look like brains. It never dawns on them that they should try actual brains.
Off Topic / Re: Antibiotic side-effect
« Last post by dariorpl on January 16, 2019, 11:49:40 pm »
Could this be what causes beef tongue skin to be partially black also?

Does anyone know if this happens with grassfed, antibiotic free cattle?
But the whole additional coyote nonsense makes it clear he was spouting tall stories. Since when do wild coyote packs give humans raw meat? I could understand a coyote stealing from human garbage dumps etc., but this is ridiculous.

When he says they gave it to him, that's for brevity. Read the version from his book, We Want To Live. The coyotes were actually hunting along with him, or at least they might've thought so even if he didn't realize it. Coyotes aren't wolves, they will take outsiders on a hunt frequently. And of course some of them could've been domesticated stray dogs who were already used to humans. This is a plausible story.

In any case, after fasting for so long, he could've been hallucinating. Especially since he had consumed hallucinogenic drugs a little before that time.
Mark Wiens is No. 1 food tourist on Youtube, and has been followed by
3.5 million people. He ate all type of dishes all over the world,
including raw meat dishes too, and he hold very high opinion about raw
meat dishes in Ethiopia and Thailand and other parts of the world.

Here are some samples of Amazing Amazing simply Amazing raw meat dishes.

Raw Meat and Organs eating in Ethiopia:

tere siga - raw meat in Ethopia:

Raw Beef in Thailand (Larb):

Raw Buffalo meat with lot of Bile in Laos:

Ethiopian Kitfo - Best RAW BEEF Ethiopian Food!


There are many more such mouth watering raw dishes, especially Raw
Fish on his channel.


I believe this is one of the best way of presenting the culture of raw
meat to the world.
Perhaps someone good with video editing could collect all these raw
meat eating scenes from his different videos and combine them in one
single video.
Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« Last post by van on January 15, 2019, 07:43:39 am »
Ok,' completely'.   No matter, still the same delusion.
Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« Last post by PaganGoy on January 15, 2019, 04:37:47 am »
" The cream in it is the only fat that ***completely*** nutrifies the brain and nervous system. Butter can do it about two thirds, but raw cream and milk does it 100%."

In the short time I have looked into AV I have seen far more misquotes targeted toward him then accurate ones.
Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« Last post by dariorpl on January 15, 2019, 12:39:15 am »
All this is solid evidence against dairy with multiple studies, not just surveys.

Epidemiological studies are pretty much the same as surveys.

And again, it's all from cooked dairy consumption.

By contrast, all we have are a few studies showing that raw dairy may be helpful against  asthma in some cases. Pathetic, really.

No. Pottenger's studies clearly proved that raw dairy is health giving while cooked dairy harms health and causes all sorts of disease and degradation, which intensifies with each generation. You can say it's only so for cats, and not humans, but you can't say cooked and raw are the same.

Or to use your lack of logic ad absurdum, the leg of a deer would be useless for another species to graft on in place of a missing limb as the immune system would react against it, causing rejection of tissue, among many other health-problems. 

Lol? We are talking about food consumption, not grafts and transplants.

Another false claim. For one thing it has been pointed out that the reason for why feral children raised by wolves could not happen in real-life is because  wolves`milk is toxic for human infants, due to excess casein in it. Also, online it has been reported that sheep, goats and chimps that are fed cows’ milk sometimes develop leukemia.

Pretty irrelevant. But in any case, was this cooked dairy?

As for the casein and wolves milk, that's just a hypothesis with no backing. I also believe the story of children raised by wolves is likely fake, but not for that reason.

It is unscientific because cats were used not humans in the test. Cats are not humans Indeed, the thalidomide crisis was caused by the fact that the scientists were wrongly reassured by more positive tests done on animals.

Nobody claims that cats are humans. Pottenger certainly never did. It is interesting, however, how you bring up animal studies when they suit your biases, but discard them when they don't.

And the studies I mentioned did NOT focus on the issue of raw vs pasteurised but on the issue of excess calcium.

I don't know how many times I have to say this. "focus" is irrelevant when all the source data is coming from populations consuming cooked dairy only.

Ironically, since pasteurisation makes calcium less absorbable in the body than with raw dairy, raw dairy is clearly worse as regards the excess calcium issue. 

Are you now saying that raw dairy is worse for health than cooked dairy?

Well, that is at least something. You accept that raw dairy is not a complete food, like meat is, and is harmful  as 100% of the diet.

Not harmful, insufficient. Some people think drinking water is good for health. It would be ludicrous to propose that they show a 100% water diet is good.

Wrong. The meat study showed that even including raw dairy as 1/3 of  a diet including cooked meat was not enough to counter the ill-health effects of cooked meat. Pretty useless, really.

The studies showed that cooked milk causes disease and degeneration while raw milk prevents disease and slowly cures it and regenerates health.

  Complete bollocks. Cats were kept as pets for countless millenia and were fed by humans on the foods that humans themselves ate, including raw dairy. I could cite ancient egypt as an example, but keeping cats as pets not rodent-catchers goes WAY further back. Incidentally, you should know that human rat-catchers use terriers, not cats, for hunting rats as cats are not very good at hunting rats. 

Cats were not domesticated to be kept as pets. People back then were much more practical. If they kept an animal around, there was a material, tangible goal to it. The whole notion of keeping a pet for its own sake didn't develop in great numbers until the 19th century, and it didn't affect the masses until the 20th century .

   It matters a great deal. If an animal is in bad health, then the meat, and especially, the milk will be harmful.

Sure. but if the animal's health is only a little bit worse, but you get much more healthgiving milk out of it, then it could very well be worth the tradeoff.

Wrong again, human breeding, or rather inbreeding for dysgenic traits, is not the same as natural selection.

I didn't say its the same thing. However, there is the possibility that it's even better in some cases. For instance, do you prefer to eat wild leaves with their high toxicity, or domesticated varieties where breeding has significantly lowered the toxin loads?

It is wholly unnatural. Like we see with cooking, unnatural processes are harmful to human health. 

By that definition all human activities are unnatural, including hunting wild game. It's not simply the being natural or artificial that makes something improve our health or damage it. It's a little more complicated than that.

Tooth decay is also mainly caused by excess sugar and processed foods. So the absence of such foods, rather than the raw dairy is the most likely cause for good dental health.

Again, Pottenger's studies showed that no, cooked dairy helps cause tooth decay whereas raw dairy does the opposite.

This is simply not true. Poor people would poach wild animals to get meat. They would also seek out frogs legs and raw oysters and lobsters  and wild mushrooms, all of which were deemed disgusting poor-man`s food centuries ago.

I didn't say they ate no meats. But they ate plenty of grain. Keep in mind that the best quality meat, such as wild deer, was only for the rich.

And upper classes did indeed eat bread as a staple.


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