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Science / Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« Last post by surfsteve on June 16, 2018, 10:21:19 pm »
There are two types of betaine, the TMG form and the HCL form.

I used to love taking TMG. It made me feel great, was supposed to detoxify me and helped with my workouts; but I had to stop taking it because it gave me bad breath.

A few days ago on a whim I ordered some Betaine HCL. It's not as popular in the body building community and it's common usage is for weak stomach acid and promoting digestion. As soon as I ordered it I regretted my decision and thought about what the TMG did to my breath and how I already drink tons of Apple Cider Vinegar and eat tons of lemons.

The HCL arrived last night and I took quite a bit of it. IT'S VERY ACID! Upon awakening this morning my lungs and sinuses feel clear of mucus. My joints and muscles also feel way less stiff! My only concern is that it will give me bad breath or that I may not be able to handle the acid but I seem to crave the acid just like vinegar and lemons. In fact my digestion feels like it's on fire and that I  have the digestion of a 20 year old!

I googled HCL and bad breath and instead of causing it one person claimed that betaine HCL got rid of it.

Too early to tell. But this just might be what I been needing!
Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: bodybuilding and eating
« Last post by surfsteve on June 16, 2018, 10:15:06 pm »
Now a days I only add water to my smoothies. Liver, Thymus (sweedbreads), bull testicles, tripe, kidney and heart, in order of most to least popular with me. I generally freeze them into thin slices and put about 4 ounces to a bag. I take a bag out of the freezer, wack it on the counter to break it up and throw it into the food processor. After it's ground up I slowly add water to it a little at a time. It's not uncommon for me to drink 6 smoothies a day. I used to use pineapple juice but it gave me bad gas. Water works best.

The Betaine HCL I ordered came last night. Might be just the ticket for your stomach acid problems. Planning on starting a thread on it in a few... I was very surprised how it made me feel.
Off Topic / Re: Raw Paleo Diet Forum Statistics
« Last post by TylerDurden on June 16, 2018, 09:18:28 am »
If you want an example of someone doing RVAF for the long-term, then Iguana , who is still following the forum, is the person to check. Given that RVAF diets really got majorly (re-)started with Aajonus' books in the late 1990s, almost all other RVAFers are much newer.

Palaeophil was an enthusiastic poster, but, to be frank, like Nicola and a few others, he was not a genuine RVAFer. He was a dietary orthorexic,a neurotic, someone who is always looking for the "perfect diet" and who is never satisfied with whatever diet he is trying out - so that he, like Nicola, would regularly  invent negative symptoms in order to justify moving to some other dietary paradigm. He was actually quite a clever character, and wrote some interesting stuff.

There is something quite normal about members disappearing. It has nothing to do with changing diets. A lot of it has to do with changing online circumstances, such as Internet forums dying out due to the smartphone/facebook etc.But the real reason is that most people get tired of defining themselves by their diet. Most turned to RVAF diets out of purely selfish reasons, they wanted to get healthy. Once their health was achieved, and all their questions were answered, there would have been little point in obsessing further about diet, and they could then move on to other things, while still sticking to a RVAF diet. In other words, from being a "RVAFer", they become just some guy/gal who happens to eat raw meat.That's just normal. The long-termers who stay here usually have other  motives. I, for example, had a miserable number of decades of ill-health, with people blaming me for being lazy(i had chronic fatigue at the time)etc. etc., and my reasons for staying on this forum are mainly to help avoid others from experiencing the awful  pain and misery I had to suffer for so long - and, also, over the years, I have found that many knowledgeable RVAFers on this forum, however short- or long-term, had discovered things on their own which helped either to improve my road to health-recovery or expanded my knowledge in other areas.
Journals / Re: a_real_man's journal
« Last post by a_real_man on June 16, 2018, 08:50:58 am »
Posting my 1 year raw-nniversary pic:

Interesting... I might try that sometime.

Here's a before picture. It's an egg, a piece of chicken breast, lots of pieces of pork, and a piece of liver:

Here's a picture a few hours later:

Chicken is missing...  ;D
Personals / Re: Bay area, California!!
« Last post by a_real_man on June 16, 2018, 08:01:20 am »
I will be moving up to the bay shortly.
Off Topic / Re: Raw Paleo Diet Forum Statistics
« Last post by a_real_man on June 16, 2018, 07:54:19 am »
It would be really nice, to see more of the veterans. After all, they would be the best exemplars, of the effects of a raw diet, and have the most experience to share.

One concern I have, is that if members are disappearing, it is conceivable that they gave up or got sick on the diet. Phil concluded that you need to have starch to sustain the diet, and if you don't, you will get sick. He then pointed out several folks who went ill. With people dropping out, it is conceivable that he was right, and they are going ill. But there is just no way of knowing.
GS, how do you create that exclamation mark on a yellow background? Just curious...
Off Topic / Re: Traditional asian foods... some amazing stuff:
« Last post by a_real_man on June 15, 2018, 09:53:33 pm »
Of the foods you mention, Poke is commonly found in the US.
Science / Re: Young people are becoming stupider, say scientists
« Last post by TylerDurden on June 15, 2018, 06:01:10 pm »
You've missed an important point in the previous post and then in the last post, you point out the obvious, that, on a general level, those who are having the most children are also the stupidest, while the most intelligent are also having the least children. This has been going on since the Neolithic era, which is why human average brain-size/average intelligence has been steadily declining since. One only has to look at all the great scientists/philosophers - almost all of them ended up childless.

As regards welfare, plenty of very intelligent people have exploited the system very well. After all, it is rather stupid to pay taxes which then go to support and enable others to have children on welfare. The links I provided proved the point. Sure, a few like the above get caught, but most do not because they are careful enough to stay within the law. Take 3 successful examples I know of:-

1 Afghan couple with 9 children emigrated to Vienna as so-called "refugees". They managed to collect 8,200 euros a month in benefits, some of which went for IVF so that they could have 2 more children. An Austrian couple anonymously talked to newspapers online and stated that, as long as they only worked part-time, they got all the benefits they wanted, plus if they had worked full-time, they would have had to pay so much extra tax, they would have ended up with less money in the end.

I also have heard of 1 British guy who started out with a council flat provided by the State. He then used the fact that the London boroughs never communicate with each other, being jealous of each other, toapply under aliases to 28 different boroughs, so that he managed to get 28 council flats in all, all in his name. Needless to say, what with enormous, rising house prices and rents in London, he was able to sub-let these 28  council flats for huge rents for several decades, and still hasn't been convicted, afaik.

But this is all irrelevant, and nothing to do with the current thread, which is about ALL mankind becoming less intelligent, this time involving the environmental influence, as opposed to the genetic drop in IQs.
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