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Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Fueling your workout
« on: October 13, 2019, 04:07:19 pm »
if you take a look at decathletes, during competition, between jumps/throws and between events, they would snack on dried fruits, nuts/seeds, cereal bars, even sandwiches, fruits....

how much bull balls? eat it daily or once per week?

please elaborate on your experience with the bull balls...

Health / Re: fruits with the least anti nutrients?
« on: September 28, 2019, 04:26:28 pm »
what benefits do you get from bitter herbs? what bitter herbs do you use and how much in what way?

Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: September 12, 2019, 11:05:29 pm »
your colon will cleanse itself on a raw diet like the one you're on.    As your diet changes, so will your intestinal flora, and best let it develop in accordance with your new diet.  Billions and billions of colon bacteria have a powerful effect, especially if they aren't the types that bloom on sugar and processed foods.
   If you're going to use eggs to cleanse your liver, please make sure they are chickens that have plenty of green food to eat, as opposed to simply being another grain fed animal product.   
   Aujonus had lots of ideas.  Some good, some questionable.  It's for you to find out for your own body which ones really work.    For instance, he loved butter and honey.  My opinion is that he simply found it irresistible.    I know I do, well, almost. And then I find that it's doing more harm than good.

how and why does butter and honey harm you?

Hot Topics / Re: My updated more awesome current diet
« on: August 11, 2019, 10:17:11 pm »
sardines and anchovies are superfoods

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Current view on zero/low carb?
« on: August 11, 2019, 10:15:53 pm »
I feel good on a carnivore diet for about 3 weeks but after that I need to add in some raw fruit and vegetables. To me carnivore is a good reset but I don't seem to thrive on it long term

i believe we need fiber to flush out metabolic waste

I'm guessing you didn't eat enough fat. ( especially if you relied on expensive marrow bones for fat )   I recently cut back on my meat consumption and increased fat.  So easy to think we need large portions of meat when reading other's accounts.  Also for the last two weeks have cut out salt.  No longer have problems with water not quenching my thirst.  At first everything was bland.  But after a few days the taste buds reignited.  Feel much lighter as a result. 
    One experiment you can try is to catch your urine and look for sediment, which in my case appeared to be uric acid crystals, as a resultant from excess protein.  Let it sit for a few hours to see what settles.

what type of slat did u eat before u cut it off from ur diet?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: kefir
« on: July 21, 2019, 01:16:41 am »
Be careful. Don't overdo this. Watch out for weird symptoms that slowly get worse.

do u have experience with zero/low carb diet?

what i mean is that if you eat 100g protein with 100g of fat or below per day, this i snot ketogenic

if you eat 100g of protein with 150- 200g of fat per day, this is ketogenic

regarding salt, im not sure... but Aajonus claimed you dont need salt if you eat raw food(animal and plant origin), but you NEED salt if you eat cooked anything

if fat is not at least 1.5 or two times more than protein, then, it is not keto.

Raw carnivore is nutritionally complete. Your requirements for vitamin C are satisfied even without sweetbreads as long as you have a variety of organs.

You should abstain from salt and any added minerals. The amount of salt required is closely related to carbohydrate consumption. Because absorption of glucose requires sodium, which enterocytes can only obtain from the lumen of the intestine. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you need salt. If you do not eat carbohydrates, you have enough salt in the blood of raw meat. If you are cooking meat, you must add salt.

I follow raw carnivore PKD. 80% fat by ratios. Too much protein even raw will make you sluggish.

80% fat is KETO, not carnivore... carnivore is low fat high protein without ketosis

I am talking about sprinters, throwers, jumper (i.e. decathletes)...

Some say high carb-moderate protein&fat,
others say high protein low fat&carbs,
yet others say high fat-high protein low carb

I contacted the nutritionist of the new world record holder in the decathlon.. he claims the diet he prescribes to the world record holder is extremely high in protein and low in fat and carbs and also takes tons of supplements, his carb intake is maximum 50g/day... he did not want to reveal his daily protein and fat intake... i told him how is this possible, to be able to sprint/throw/jump without carbs... he says they made genetic testing and the test revealed that this athlete works on high protein...

i call this BS, i told him, the human body got the same biochemistry, if it works for him, it will work with ANY athlete, it is the food the affects the genes and not the other way around

who knows what supplements take and for what purpose(s)

i know endurance athletes like triathlon, cycling, marathon can use high fat diets but sprinters???

i am a sprinter athlete and i tried once a raw keto diet, basically i only ate raw beef, raw butter, raw eggs, water, salt, raw cheese, raw liver.. my speed decreased by almost 50% .. my 300m personal best of 39 seconds went doen to 62 seconds...when I added back some oats, white rice, fruits, honey, everything got back to normal

what do u guys think what is ur experience?

Primal Diet / Re: Sunfoods Coconut oil
« on: June 16, 2019, 04:08:44 am »
I have completely changed my opinion about ingesting coconut oil.  I was all excited about how good wilderness family's was, and then I started to notice my extremities being colder than normal, and my stomach hurting at odd times and an overall decline in well being.   I stopped cold turkey and things are back to normal.     So, appreciation to those here, including Iguana who warned about eating processed foods.    What also convinced me was at the end of my trials, I tried eating it plain, just to see how much I would enjoy.  I couldn't get past the second teaspoon before my body was complaining of the taste.  Before I had always eaten it with something else, and couldn't tell the Stop my body was experiencing.     My advice now, go lightly on coconut oil, and as others have suggested, focus on animal fats.

did u ever try home made fresh coconut cream or milk ?

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Books/ DVDs
« on: June 15, 2019, 04:54:59 pm »
Dont waste your time with anything Aajonus related.


Primal Diet / Re: Hydration mineral water versus veg juices
« on: June 14, 2019, 03:43:28 am »
Raw veggie juice is recommended against by RVAFers, generally. Many RVAFers have complained of nutritional deficiencies after consuming raw veggie juice too often. It is said that more than 1 pint of raw veggie juice a day is a real no-no. The idea is that juicing raw vegetables not only breaks up the cell-walls of the plant , releasing lots more nutrients, but it also leads to the release of a lot more antinutrients  as well, resulting in awful health-problems if one overdoes the veggie-juice consumption in the long-term. I recently purchased a single auger juicer after confirming that it was a lot easier to clean than other juicers(and cheap enough!), but I do not use it much. When I do, I use it mainly for juicing fruit and for the occasional herb like ginger or parsnip or radish. Technically not really palaeo, as juicing fruit involves too much of a sugar-rush and involved processing so is not genuinely 100% raw/unprocessed, but it means I can carry around the juice in a mineral water bottle when with other non-RVAFers. My  juicer is not centrifugal, so the juice apparently does not deteriorate as fast as such lesser juicers.

probably the vegg juice needs some raw salt(sodium) to balance the high potassium found in vegg juice... too much potassium will dehydrate and cause other issues, the solution is raw salt IMHO

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 14, 2019, 02:39:15 am »
What is a cheese train? Do you eat it or ride on it? According to what I read when I googled him, Aajonus was a drunk, a cheat and a hypocrite. He gave bad advise and died looking much older than his age. He also filed a lot of lawsuits, many of which hindered knowledge, He stole other people's work. He was also obsessed with paranoia. I have no respect for him.

sounds like most people... can these things be proved? did u see him when he died?

cheese train  = swallowing a sugar cube size cheese every 15 minutes

try fighting for raw milk rights, try to expose the pharmaceutical drug true purpose, and tell me if you develop paranoia or not ;)

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:44:00 am »
He did say sugar cube size. Not cheese with sugar. Even so, knowing what I know, I would never take any advise from Aajonus. You would have better luck flipping a coin...

I noticed Andrew Graf drinking raw milk in one of his videos. I don't think he looks as good as before he started doing that and is probably in good health in spite of drinking milk; not because of it.

did u ever try the cheese train?

whats the issue with aajonus?

what do u know now?

Primal Diet / Cheese cube train
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:37:03 pm »
Hi all,

Who experimented with the frequent sugar cube size unsalted raw cheese every 15- 30 minutes to detox faster Aajonus' way?

Anybody knows truly raw unsalted cheese in the UK and or EU?

Thank you

Yes. I think the nuts and vegetables I was eating were preventing me from absorbing the nutrients in meat.

were you consuming raw or cooked veggies with your meat(was the meat raw or cooked)?

IMHO raw animal products(dairy, milk, eggs, meat, fish, organs, honey) should be consumed with cooked plant material(except fruits, nuts and seeds)[i.e. whole grain berries, veggies, legumes, tubers = these should be cooked if consume with raw animal products]

Preventing the meat to be digested is the key word I think. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to give the carnivore diet a try. In my own experience alkaline veggies and acidic meats do not go together well in one meal, provided you have digestion problems. I used to eat like that and I could never properly digest my meats, and I used to drink a lot of freshly squeezed vegetable juice aside of that. When eating way too many plant foods my stomach acid became so weak that the only way out of that was to eat strictly carnivore to get back what the plant foods took away.

I am regularly on the world carnivore tribe fb forum and all the time the questions you have pop up there. Which are lack of Vitamin C, Magnesium deficiency, Electrolytes and Salt intake on a carnivore diet. When you go through the articles and opinions readers post there, it is concluded that the Body does not need much Vitamin C on the Carnivore diet, since the whole metabolism chances. There are quite some people that take magnesium and electrolytes as supplements, and the general consent is that salt is vital if you eat cooked foods, otherwise things like cramps (as you mentioned) and heart palpitations can occcur. And most of the people there eat cooked, there are some raw carnivores as well but it generally seems that you need more salt if you eat cooked meats. I mean there are people there which eat strictly cooked beef, salt and water. Nothing else, and they healed all their health issues. I think the microbiome is changed in such a way that it can heal whatever made you sick, but the only downside is that whenever these people do cheat, the consequences can be very heavy.

I eat plenty of Salt, drink big amounts of raw dairy, quite a lot of water since I cook my meats, have mainly beef, so I don´t think I´m lacking any of the things above, the only thing that I am almost certain by now is that I am lacking certain bacteria to digest the food. I lost too many for various reasons, so that´s why I am currently experimenting with probiotics supplements and prebiotics such as inulin. The more dairy, honey and fats (in form of lard which has no lectins) I eat the more energy I have, the better digestion works, the better sleep I have and the faster I gain weight. If I don´t eat any raw dairy I can´t digest anything. Bacteria is everything. If you don´t have them get them back in there. Focus on the gut first, that´s at least my opinion after all I read and experienced.

did you ever try eating raw meat with cooked veggies in one meal, to see if you have digestion problems or not?

Personals / Finding/Contacting ''roony''
« on: June 05, 2019, 03:18:00 am »
Hi  ALL!

Was anybody in contact with the user named ''roony''?

He was last active 9 years ago.

I would like to contact him somehow, please PM me if you did speak to him in any way(skype, facebook, or here in private messaging) and if you know how may I contact him.

Thank you

Raw Weston Price / Re: What About the Hunza
« on: June 05, 2019, 03:12:45 am »
are u sure it was WP who studied the hunza?

Raw Weston Price / Re: What About the Hunza
« on: June 04, 2019, 06:44:10 pm »
i did not even know this is weston price... can u provide links about how the hunza are connected to WP?

Primal Diet / Re: Hydration mineral water versus veg juices
« on: May 31, 2019, 01:25:07 am »
I note that sv3rige is claiming Aajonus got murdered, which is nonsense. I am even not sure at all that AV died from a fall. After all, this was in Thailand, a far away and wholly corrupt country - it would have been easy to conceal the fact that AV had a heart-attack. Given that he wasn't all that old when he died, dying, except accidentally, would have looked very bad to his followers. I mean, AV's diet was so non-palaeo, and artificial, after all.GCB had his flaws, given his past warnings against raw meat consumption, and emphasis on eating too many sweet fruits, among other things, but his instincto ideas were generally more useful than AV's.

why would Aajonus die of heart attack or any other organ failure, what did he eat that could cause any organ failure? Everything he ate was to strengthen all the organs, all the body.

IMO he could of been poisoned, killed/murdered by stranger(s) and /or pharmaceutical mafia hitman or even by the so called ''close'' ''friends''... when money is involved, anything can happen, people kill their (good) parents for 100ml of vodka or they kill God's human body for 30 pieces of silver... ;-)

The truth is we will NEVER know what really happened to him that caused his death.

Primal Diet / Re: Need vegetable juice base ideas
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:00:43 pm »
i dunno, i am not a fan of juicing, be sure you properly chew your juice to get some enzymes going, i think if you are going to eat veggies just bypass the juice process and chew the veggies and if the fibers are too tough just spit em out

each vegetable has a medicinal purpose though, why are you feeling the need to juice?

celery is excellent for mineralization and also hcl production in the stomach, the leaves have a good amount of chlorophyll which helps to cleanse the blood and systems of the body (i think it makes the helpful microorganisms happy or the others not so much)  the bitter i assume would spark the gallbladder and liver into producing some enzymes.

red cabbage has a lot of sulphur which is pleasing to the liver, it is also said to heal the stomach and intestinal lining.

green zucchini is an excellent base, yellow ones are rather sweet, they are generally inexpensive and are said to pull mucus out of the system (i think drinking a juice of it is akin to that broth with the zucchini, green beans...etc....good samaratin posted about it i think i forget he medicinal uses of the broth though)

i would do zucchini, parlsey, and a few celery stalks....kale(chewing the stocks of these is more pleasent though, they are delicious, i spit out the harsh fibers) but not drink(chew) more then 4 oz at a time


It is the green or the yellow that pulls out  mucus or both? where can I find that post?

Thank you

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