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General Discussion / Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:19:50 am »
I am believed to have made contact with one of the Petersons.... at least I got a thumbs up response to a message that outlined the basic concept of a Raw Paleo diet, how it has healed me, and that I would like to offer some suggestions on how to make low carb carnivore work in the long term . Im trying to play it cool and not too blatantly badger the celebs who are discovering benefits of cooked keto with the Raw Message. So I just sent a link to the forum and planted the embryo of thought, in hopes that this movement will continue to grow.

There is always this hope that one day the Petersons will invite me out to dinner, we can wax philosophic while dining on raw meat, and I could have the opertunity to present, in open discussion, some of my more off the wall insights that has been gained by the raw paleo experience; to influential people who are receptive to new ways of understanding the nuranced connections between life, spirit, health, intellect and nutrition, from a most Excellent and Raw Perspective.

Personals / Re: Contacting Sv3rige
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:32:13 am »
Its coconut butter

General Discussion / Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:43:06 am »

This testament is good publicity for a meat based diet, though they eat cooked meats....... perhaps if anyone could reach out and suggest the benefits of raw paleo to Jordan and his daughter it may help raw paleo get some positive attention.

Rogan would also be someone to reach out to regarding raw paleo, he has already interviewed a number of cooked paleo, and heavily carnivorous people but the topic of going raw has yet to be broached. His audience is huge and if anyone in the raw community could contact him, he might be open to give us a fare hearing.

Suggestion Box / Re: Authorship attribution of poems quoted in fora
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:20:26 am »
If I had seen this thread earlier, I would have made a pithy inquiry as to how the original parody progenitor, expects too much from raw meat eating Savages like ourselves

Mandatory rules of common courtesy are so not Paleo!

neither are these SPAM AD attracks

Health / Re: Cancer - Solutions?
« on: June 26, 2018, 05:13:13 am »
Well if they haven't started medical treatment yet, there might be hope of success with using nutritional based therapies.

I generally advise against supplements, there are just too many complex variables to be able to make wise decisions in regards to what kind of supplement to use and how much to take. It just seems too arbitrary, artificial, and prone to human error.

Much of what is sold as vitamins are synthetic facsimiles....imposters of their natural food derived counterparts, which may or may not be of beneficial effect.

What specific supplements does this person take? Has these person been taking vitamins for a long period of time? even previous to the diagnosis? I have a theory that to many poor quality supplements taken without enough good quality foods can actually cause cancer.

In cases of cancer, too many synthetic vitamins may confuse and overwhelm a metabolic system that is already severely disordered. Fake B- vitamins are especially worrisome and could even feed cancer growths. Not eating whole wholesome and raw foods, while willy nilly popping supplements may not be as bad of an approach as taking standard cancer treatments, but in the long term is still a recepty for disaster.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 25, 2018, 05:20:39 am »
Taking the HCl breaks a circle, that is hwy it works, and no, it does not stop our production, and even it is the reverse.

I'm open to any new evidence, but as of now I haven't heard any testimony from people who have permanently reversed enzymatic insufficiency by supplemental acid consumption.

I will admit that the subject of using digestive aids in conjunction with raw meat is still uncharted territory, and it seems feasible that in some instances supplemental acids may catalyze the rejuvenation of the glands and organs involved in optimal digestion and metabolism, but until there are more people who can vouch for its efficacy I will remain cautious in regards to recommending Betaine.

Really, the first goal is to have a good stomach and good acid, or else the rest of the chain cannot work properly.

I dont view these issues as there being a chain of causality which specific problems can be addressed in a linear fashion with specific solutions. Instead biological operations are better described as an integral web of mutually arising conditions, rather than a chain of cause and effect.

From a Mechanical model of the world perspective it would seem reasonable to suggest for people who lack adequate digestive acids to simply add in extra supplemental acids to the diet....but the organic model of the world perspective understands these processes to be much more complicated, and dependant upon the interconnected web of mutually dependant processes.

On some rudimentary level there may be some success by taking the supplemental approach... just like when farmers add nitrogen and minerals to poor soil in order to improve the growth of plants, there can be noticeable improvements compared to doing absolutely nothing, but these improvements are only temporary measures which are not nearly as effective or sustainable in the long term as would be using organic living compost.

In my opinion using artificial supplemental stomach acid aids without insuring the being is consuming adequate levels of balanced and living food substance, will not provide the same cellular level of regenerative nourishment as would be consuming foods which contain all the raw living enzymes needed for the optimal process of life. Eating washed cooked tripe will not work, the raw and alive bacteria, glands organs and enzymes must be consumed together for full effect.

Do you mean you can eat the gall bladder of any animal, for getting bile?

And you are sure there is no parasitic risk with raw intestine?

I eat all glands from my guinea pigs, they are small but it is for sure balanced with the amount of meat I eat! There is no other way for getting adrenals thyroid and pancreas than locating your animals, as they do not sell glands!

I do not recommend just eating any part of any animal, nor do I guarantee that there are no parasite risk. I usually only eat the raw guts from ruminants....because their stomachs are so different from our own, the kind of worms that infect sheep, goats, deer, and cows do not infect humans....

It may be possible in freak instances when animals are raised in filth along with other sick and infected animals for humans to catch something, especially when eating non ruminants like pigs or horses, but as long as you are sourcing healthy animals it shouldn't be an issue.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 24, 2018, 12:49:19 pm »
There is a lot to digest here, and it may be true that bacteria supplementation is only a minor factor, and in and of itself may not provide much help for those with serious digestive insufficiency.   

There is a certain level of complexity when figuring out these digestive conditions, which makes it difficult to isolate a single factor as more important than another....the connections are not often easy to see...

The bacterial produced substances that are consumed directly as well as produced from within the bowls are important for digestion, and in a healthy gut these microbial factors work synergistically with the inner (gut brain/glandular/enzymatic system complex) to maintain homeostasis, amidst the constant environmental flux.

These systems are coordinated by the enteric nervous system which receives from and sends signals to the brain, glands, and organs. Any imbalance or insufficiency in one of these areas will affect the balance or sufficiency of the other areas. I personally testify to having suffered digestive insufficiency for a number of years before discovering this diet and believe that there were a number of factors involved which most people may not have consider as contributing to poor digestion.

I had a congested liver along with insufficient pancreatic enzymes. The liver and pancreas work together to produce vital enzymes needed for optimal digestion and metabolism and if there are problems with one then it usually affects the other. My pancreas wasnt producing enough insulin or digestive enzymes needed to break down carbs. Eating whole raw pancreas is about the best digestive supplement I have ever tried...but one should try not to over do it, the first time i ate an entire pancreas, I ended up having a hypoglycemic episode from the insulin boost...eventually my pancreas healed and my liver became more efficient at converting protein to glucose so that my blood sugar fluctuations and digestion issues were resolved.

The specific causes for damaged glands and the inability to produce adequate digestive enzymes would vary from person to person..... from my experience even the most esteemed experts in the field are limited to obtuse generalizations and blind speculation in most cases. I was toxic and deficient for years, from a number of factors such as poor food choices, food intolerance, environmental toxins, and mineral deficiencies. My magnesium, and trace minerals were low(and adequate magnesium along with other minerals are essential for enzymatic production) Working as a commercial electrician i was also exposed to a lot of toxic crap and my aluminum levels were off the charts(aluminum, and other toxic metals work to inhibit enzyme production)

Regardless of such speculations on specific causes, I have taken a strong stance against using long term supplementations, while advocating whole raw foods, combined with lifestyle and environmental purification as the primary source of healing. In regards to Betaine supplementation I would warn that although one may feel short term benefits, if the true underlying causes of enzymatic insufficiency are not addressed, then it may only be a crutch that will in the long term prevent true healing.

Just as when diabetics begin to supplement with insulin the pancreatic cells begin producing less insulin in response, perhaps when someone with digestive enzyme insufficiency takes acid supplements, long term, it would inhibit the body's innate feedback system needed to produce adequate enzymes internally.

Holistic whole animal raw paleo on the other hand if done in the hardcore fashion I advocate, will nourish the damaged glands and organs, giving the body the necessary raw materials to regenerate itself at a cellular level. Eliminating any problem foods or environmental issues, while Regularly consuming whole animals...including digestive juices, bile, liver pancreas, thyroid, intestines, ganglia, blood, body fats,etc.  This path may be considered extreme, and glandular regeneration may take much longer than many are willing to commit to...but for me the results have been worth it.

Health / Re: Cancer - Solutions?
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:47:40 pm »
It seems as if the cancer has spread across their body, including their lungs. It might be more severe than was originally suspected. Any more advice would be great, they seem to be struggling with my help and advice so far.

What exactly has been the medical course of treatment in this case?

To be brutally frank and honest, raw paleo will do little good to a person who is being butchered with surgery and poisoned with chemo and radiation.

Though adopting a raw paleo diet may offer a better chance of recovery than, those integrative medicine clinics that offer herbal, veggie , and vitamin supplements on top of their poisons...still even with an optimal nutrition program the poison will take its toll, and surgery will only cause the cancer to spread. Most of the positive effects of good nutrition will be entirely negated by the use of standard oncological genocidal practices!

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 19, 2018, 11:04:10 am »
I love cooked tripe. It is said it takes on the flavor of the spices you use to prepare it so maybe that is why you didn't like it. I've also eaten tons of raw tripe in my smoothies. Worn out a lot of blenders and food processors grinding it up...

Is the raw tripe you use fully washed?

My stomach smoothies contain unwashed tripe along with the intestines which also contain digestive juices....tripe sold at the market is typically washed to the point of sterility and does not contain the living bacteria and enzymes that raw unwashed guts contain.

The bacterial content is just one factor involved in priming the gut for optimal digestion, there are also valuable enzymes contained within the inner liner of unwashed intestines, as well as prebiotic fiber in the intestinal juices. Though most of the living soup of raw consumed animal guts gets broken down by the stomach acids, some of its living essence passes through to the lower intestines. There are some living bacteria, prebiotic fiber and enzymatic co-factors that make it through....The combination of these elements act as a highly nutritive substrate while at the same time inoculating the lower intestines with the micro flora necessary for better synthesis vitamins, enzymes and enteric neurotransmitters.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:14:26 pm »
I thought I should point out that wild animals do not necessarily eat the whole animal. I remember reading ages ago about lions and other carnivores like cheetahs carefully removing the part containing the faeces, for example. Other animals such as killer whales often just eat the tongue of raw whale calves. Cats generally eat the whole animal. I think it's a question of the size of the digestive tract of the prey. If it is small, it's not an issue, but intestines of  larger herbivores  contain lots of faecal and vegetable matter, which might put off some carnivores.

My main point is regarding the importance of consuming at least some portion of raw bacterial and enzymatically rich intestinal material. The average person does not consume any truly raw and biologically alive guts...the whales will eat fish whole, cats and wolves eat small animals whole, and many carnivores will eat at least some portion of guts from time to time. Small amounts from time to time may be all that is needed in order to prime a carnivores guts with the optimal microbe balance....but for people who have lived in too sterile conditions and have already developed severe enzymatic insufficiency it may be helpful to supplement with larger amounts of prebiotic ingesta, along with consuming intestines, pancreas, liver, other glands over a period of time in order to establish an optimal gut microbiome.

Im not advocating eating large amounts of fecal matter, and personally will remove the manure from the lower intestines,  and discard most of the liquid ingesta....but I do not wash the intestines, preferring to consume at least some of the enzymatic gooey residue which coats the inside of the digestive tract. These raw probiotic and prebiotic elements must have been a part of our evolutionary diet in some way, and are largely missing from modern versions of the paleo diet.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:02:01 pm »
The ingesta typically taste like a combination of bile and gentian root bitters, and has a mildly tangy acidity that lingers in the back of the throat. The small intestines are usually full of liquified greens in digestive juice, that can be collected as I strip off the lining of fat from the intestine. I have frozen the liquid into cubes and thaw it with a little water occasionally....sometimes i add a little lemon juice to it. I had already been eating blended raw stomach and intestines for a few years before consuming the intestinal contents, so was already somewhat acclimated to the taste, which to me isn't bad, and I actually have cravings for it from time to time....

I feel that there could be beneficial effects for other people to supplement similarly with fresh stomach, intestinal juice, pancreas....etc....basically the whole animal diet. It seems feasible that consuming small amounts of predigested plant mater  , along with the stomach, glands and organs of a healthy ruminating animal, can provide what is needed for the building and maintenance of optimal gut health. The plant matter and bacterial elements provide prebiotic and enzymatic qualities far superior and more holistic than any of these resistance starch schemes, or other such supplemental recommendations for optimizing the microbiome.

Though I am convinced there are merits in these preliminary findings regarding ingesting the entire raw unwashed digestive tracts of ruminating animals, I am not yet sure about finding other test subjects willing or able to follow through with experiments that would corroborate my own reports. Its very likely that such protocol if followed through would be able to cure a number of gut related conditions such as ulcers, crohn's, colitis, general digestive weakness, microbiome imbalances....ect. This line of research may be extremely beneficial for treating the elderly, or people heavily damaged with antibiotics and are no longer capable of naturally producing sufficient enzymes for optimal digestion.

I laugh at how the mainstream medical establishment is just now beginning to promote things like probiotic and fecal transplants...They are packaging and selling gut bacteria rebalancing protocols, which could be much more effectively and economically obtained from ingesting the whole raw digestive tracts of healthy animals.

Science / Re: Betaine for working out and for weak stomach acid
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:50:11 am »
I believe that stomach acid insufficiency can be a sign of mineral imbalance or deficiency...its difficult to tell for sure if it is a cause or a symptom There seems to be a catch 22 in that being mineral deficient inhibits the production of digestive enzymes that help breakdown foods for optimal mineral absorption.

There are typically a number of factors involved in these conditions that prevent an easy fix, like supplementation of a combination of enzymes or minerals, from being a long term solution.

I suffered from weak digestion for years and believe it was from a combination of being mineral and bacterial deficient, along with congested liver and eating the wrong foods.

I would recommend if possible trying fresh bile, I know there is freeze dried stuff on the market but if you really want to get the digestion going without risk of burning a whole in your gut, the raw stuff works much better.

I noticed a combination of fresh liver, pancreas, blood, and a shot of bile will allow me to gorge on large amounts of meat and fat without issue. I will also eat bones dissolved in vinegar for added minerals, and eat raw stomach smoothies for good bacteria. The green ingesta juice collected from the intestines is full of digestive enzymes and can be used as a natural digestive aid. (for those brave enough to try it, a shot of green intestine juice, with fresh squeezed lemon, and a raw egg on top is a good digestive primer before a large meal)

Perhaps during transitional phases some supplementation may be helpful, but try to opt for a more diet based approach if possible.

The idea of intelligent design manifest in ways that superseded the limitations of the genetic blueprint model of understanding of how the spirit of life was "created"/"evolved". There are many semantical hangups around the concept of  "intelligent design", stemming from the indoctrination of most western science into a dogmatical mechanistic Universal misconception, that "intelligence has be created", when it is more feasible that the intelligent structuring of the genetic molecule organically evolved from its own inner beginning as primitive strands of self organizing, free associating RNA, before forming itself into the increasingly complex DNA superstructures which eventually lead to the genesis of self aware multicellular organisms.

There is simply no need for the myth of a designer/creator when viewing life as a sui generis phenomenon, where the fundamental energy of the cosmos crystallizes itself within the living genetic matrix. Creating the complexities found within all of lifes forms through a process of ever evolving feedback mechanisms, which attain higher degrees of intelligence through the succession of transgenerational reproductive synthesis.

Its also very misleading to view all the living organisms as separate entities, whose existence can be entirely explained by the mainstream modes of darwinian evolution. The idea of "natural selection" in which the divergent strains of DNA, we call separate species, are all randomly mutating, competing and evolving as separate and autonomous"creatures", is an archaic and oversimplified theory which needs to be seriously revised if biological scientific understanding is to progress to its next stage of evolution.

The question shouldn't be a matter of "if life has within it an element of intelligent design?", instead one should ask exactly when did the building blocks first become alive and once alive when it they begin to manifest intelligence? There must of been a transition from ignorant and Random connections between proto Genes within the primordial soup, to the emergence of intelligently designed micro RNA managed epigenetic adaptations.

Perhaps there are yet to be discovered biofeedback mechanisms which direct the actions of epigenetic adaptation, in ways still not understood. Our modern instruments are not sophisticated enough, nor our top researchers endowed enough with the visionary intelligence needed to formally discover these deeper connections, behind what drives the creative genesis of life.

The mainstream genetic model is a primitive stick figurine representation, of forces beyond comprehension. There are theoretical assumptions as to how exactly the blue print of life was originally drafted....the mechanistic tic tock view seems to prevail in much of academia...synthesised proteins regulated by a clockwork, endless junk gene jargon. Much of what is taught in the universities regarding biology is fascinating...the cellular models full of organelles, the micro machines transporting proteins to and fro...yet behind all the interesting forms and formula taught to the children at school, the origin of the living creation remains elusive.

The idea of sudden planetary level genetic shifts, isn't so far fetched once it is realized how interconnected everything is... periods of hyper-speciation, collective epigenetic mutation, evolutionary quickening have always occurred and will continue to occur. To what degree these events shape life on earth is not certain, and much of the evidence is not accessible to our instruments and so can only be speculated upon.

Earth life has undergone inumerable wave of mutilation events....triggered by innumerable factors....over innumerable ages. Each epic event encounter leaving indelible marks upon the genetic codes of the mutated, mutilated, and adaptive. In the aftermath of each generations apocalypse, life's lessons are learned....then burned and buried into genes, passed to the next generation. Somewhere out of dark and obscure origin the freedom of choice is formed, in the binary decisions "to be latent?" or "to be active".  The primordial building blocks that once seemed merely mindless and randomly self replicating automata, had awoken into intelligently reactive self aware creators of their own destiny.

These feedback Mechanisms were developed on the cutting edge between life and death, as it moved through thriving to dieng some point the accumulation of beneficial mutation reached a critical mass, becoming intelligently capable of perceiving environmental demands and proactively modulating the genetic code in a kind of educated guess as to what the most beneficial mutation may be. The genes of the most successful of these early attempts were shared by survivors in viral fashion from form to form, infecting the future generation with a greater will and innate capacity to survive. This spirit, once formatted; replicated and transfromed itself into the whole of the Gaian matrix.

Its important to note that this capacity for intelligent design which directs the course of evolution is in no ways is above so is below.....The intelligence of the Genetic code can be related in some ways to the intelligence of the humans it created.... much in the same way our theories of how the universe works are in many ways based on "educated guesses", the way genes are modified through biofeedback guided epigenetic adaptation, is based upon educated guesses which draw upon genetically embedded latent lessons of what worked in the past. Sometimes these guesses are wrong and the environment changes unexpectedly....or else there is some glitch in the basic program that inhibits optimal adaptation from such cases of failure to properly adapt, natural selection is used to eliminate the non viable experiments. Though natural selection does play a key role in the process of evolution, its accompanying theory of mutation being entirely random is a baseless assumption.

Just as human experimentations have basic theories and hypotheses behind them, it is possible that these mutations are not totally random and are under the creative effort of an undiscovered intelligence. Also, just as we can never fully predict the outcome of our own intelligently designed experimentations, neither could the aspirations of our genetic forbearers ever predict the nature of the progeny their efforts produced....and just as the lower forms are entirely unaware of the creative intelligence of the higher forms, perhaps there is an even greater intelligence at the superorganism level that is way beyond our own awareness....if such a superintelligence did exist it may not even be able to perceive of us on a human level, much in the same way from our humanly jaded perspective, we could never perceive the true nature of the awareness of the lower forms.(as is below so is above, ad infinitum)

Health / Re: Cancer - Solutions?
« on: June 09, 2018, 03:54:30 am »
At first do no harm...if the doctors haven't already started aggressive treatments, then I would vehemently warn against having surgery, Chemo, or radiation.

From my experience its better to do nothing than it is to start cutting. A friend of mine has had baseball sized tumors in his lungs for over 20 years, and refuses to let the doctors do anything, because he watched two of his brothers die shortly after beginning cancer treatments. The doctors told him 20 years ago that if he didnt let them operate he would be dead in 6 month....He is still alive , while everyone else in his family that went through the treatments died.

Though there are always exceptions and each case is different but from what I have seen, the people who refuse any treatment seem to live longer and have a better overall quality of life than the ones who are given drugs and surgery.

People can contain tumors and even cure themselves with lifestyle changes, but typically once they begin cutting on you its only a mater of time before the cancer spreads and becomes more aggressive.

General Discussion / Re: Raw, untreated water phenomenon
« on: June 09, 2018, 03:22:05 am »

I use a Nikken waterfall in my home. When I cant get out to a spring and collect water into 5 gallon glass jugs, I will buy local spring water in plastic jugs and run it through the Nikken. Its not Ideal but its not always easy to make the hour drive to fill up from the spring, and though there isn't any absolute proof, I believe that the carbon and ceramic filter substrate would bind to and filter out most plastic residue leached from the bottles...

Plus in the basin there are mineral rocks, and I have also added shungite stones as well to further condition the water....The taste is great, and I think the mineral balance is much better than in the more hardcore ceramic filters designed to remove fluoride and chlorine...but I figure for filtering out sediments and plastic residue the nikken a good choice, considering the water I put in is not treated and already considerably pure.

If you cant get spring water and are relying on filtered tap water then you might what to check out the higher end ceramic gravity filters, then use mineral rock in the water basin to remineralize.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus' Conspiracy Theories
« on: June 07, 2018, 05:07:43 am »
I insist that a broader historical perspectives could be helpful, in understanding what is currently happening on the world stage. There are a number of parallels to ancient Rome for example. Rome being an empire that was at times ruled by aristocrats, other times it more resembled a populist Republic, and when times got really desperate the Praetorian Cohort would step in to install its own deep state agents into power.

Todays drama is nothing new...during the rise of Caesar the aristocracy planted fake news and hired provocateurs to convince the public that he was a tyrant...while Ceasar pandered to the military and gained populist support...The opposition even made fun of Caesar's bad comb over, and gossiped about his sex life...

The same dynamic tensions between the populist, the aristocrats, and the praetorians that made and broke the Rome Empire are very much at play in today's world...only the labels have been changed and the inter-relationships obfuscated in order to hide the fact that a Republic by day can also simultaneously act as an Empire by night. The truth is that much of what goes on in the relationship between the government and its people is built upon unspoken and tacit arrangements..... the real low down of which are in the best interests of all sides to keep hidden from the outside world.

So in this atmosphere of Coup Coup land there is a deliberate and willful ignorance perpetrated by all sides that prevents most people from getting a fair assessment of what really went down during the "Election" of 2016. From my prospective a Praetorian style Military coup was initiated by those like General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, and the legions of white hats who were mobilized by the voice and spirit of people like Alex Jones, in order to halt a regime that went totally Rogue.

Trump for a long time spoke out openly against the current establishment, and wanted to make a Run years ago, but was too aware of how the system was rigged so that he wouldn't be allowed a fair shot...The deep state was too powerful...During the last administration a resistance movement began to build, and an outright rebellion began within the intelligence services. The NSA was likely taken over by the white-hats.... the whole Snowden saga was likely a false flag in which the CIA used Snowden a black hat tool in order to weaken and try to regain control of the NSA. The info Snowden Released, though full of nuanced details, wasn't anything people like Alex Jones had not already made public years ago. Assange was also fed information through the white hat resistance movement, used to undermine the power of the regime. General Flynn openly rebelled against the administration and refused to continue to arm the mercenaries in the middle east.

The stage was then set and the role was cast.....countless agents worked to lay the groundwork for a "Greater Plan". With the groundwork in place the Generals and their legions briefed Trump of the Plan and insured him that the voting machines would be un-rigged, and he would actually have a fair chance of winning...then it was game on from there on.

This may not be a very popular theory, but it seems as plausible as any explanation.... There was likely a drastic covert military intervention which prevented the regime from maintaining its hold of the executive branch, neither side will ever admit to this for their own separate reasons . The losers do not want to admit that they tried to steal the election and were stopped by military intelligence operatives...and so they are crying Russia Russia Russia in order to distract their own constituents from the Treason which was perpetrated when the nomination was stolen....While the winners want to keep up the illusion of Trump being the front guy, a business guy who will make a better deal with the rest of the world, insisting that the election was fair and legitimate, while playing down the fact that much of the executive branch is now under military occupation.....Congress will not even begin to touch this issue with a thousand foot pole, because both parties were so involved in the corruption of the last regime that any such investigations would indict half the Government for blackmailing, bribing or cheating the other half. 

This whole thing on some level is a farce, a conspiracy, a confederacy of dunces... yet in the midst of the Chaos and confusion the free world continues to turn, and though some of big changes promised at the FDA, CDC, and other rogue agencies are slow going, there is still a hope that those involved in the "Greater Plan" have heard our cries and in the next few years gradually the swamp will be drained, and the new guard will restructure the system more fairly.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus' Conspiracy Theories
« on: June 06, 2018, 09:24:18 am »
There is no limit to humans ability for self deception and duplicity....this is what gives conspiratorial beliefs some degree of validity...The majority of the seemingly significant events in human history are basically a collective of subjective interpretational consensus.

The subjectivity of all things in no way diminishes the power of false beliefs. As far as human affairs go, Objective truths are not anymore powerful than subjective untruths. Even if the underlying fact patterns are somehow logically twisted by biased minds into the appearance of some grand conspiracy, that doesn't negate the power of such a belief to take hold of the zeitgeist...such ad hoc memes arise organically out of the aether and work in mysterious ways upon the sub-rational elements of human kind, evoking primal limbic-centric emotions into action and leading to dramatic change, on a both subconscious and superconscious levels.

The powerful and instinctive reaction to distrust those claiming power and authority has always been a part of the human endeavor.....techniques of forcing compliance of the population with tyrannical systems of governance, have co evolved with the increasing ability of the subjugated to detect and resist inequity. There is an ongoing psychological arms race, the collective mind is waging against itself, that uses the most unbelievable means to justify the most far out ends.

The use of the label of "Conspiracy Theorist" was ordered by the "mocking bird" Media in America to be used against anybody who question the Coup that went down when the Kennedys were taken out. Then it was expanded to dismiss anyone who didn't believe in the official narratives of anything there after.

What is missing from many of these conversations, is a historic context for the phenomenon of "Conspiracy Theory" as a powerful weapon that has always existed and been used by both the most powerful as well as the most powerless groups of people throughout history. The United states of America was founded by a cabal of Conspiracy Theorist who claimed that a 3% tea tax was a manifestation of great tyranny. Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense" and "Age of reason" were epic Odes against the prevailing Conspiracy of that day, were full of viral memes, and taken to heart by the people of the colonies. These pamphlets were widely read and had a message that was in many ways much more radical and extreme than anything Alex Jones is saying today.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus' Conspiracy Theories
« on: June 03, 2018, 01:17:24 pm »

I have been for some time now attempting to form a more mature view of the grand conspiracy, similar to what was espoused by Aldous Huxley's in his interview regarding the "Enemies of Freedom" Huxley takes the viewpoint that instead on focusing on individual perpetrators involved in world domination shemes, one should instead consider the Impersonal forces at work which allow for such tyranny to arise.

You could kill every last illuminati bastard alive today and if the impersonal forces which lead to their original manifestation are not simultaneously dealt with, then the abohrant natural vacuum will in short order fill the void with an entirely new cast of bad actors that will carrion the enterprise of feeding upon the meek, ignorant and vulnerable.   

Ive been attempting to transcend some of the less productive mindsets induced by a lifetime of constantly being deceived and misinformed by the portrayers of authority across all domains of the human endeavor . Early in ones journey there may be some value in cultivating anger and directing it toward the perceived devils, letting the emotions ferret out the scapegoats; Once provoked into taking up a cause, the monkey mind motivates quest for truth, by projecting an oppositional adversarial role upon an universal other.  Though its healthy and natural to get emotionally angry, there is always the danger for such mind states to become pathological and can be just as inwardly oppressive as the perceived outside evils, if not tempered with broader awareness.
I am seeking more nuanced perspectives regarding the absurdities that abound the human world. Awaking to the full scope of the great deception can be very troubling and it is easy to blame and rage against the gatekeepers who appear to be responsible for misleading humanity into ages of needless suffering. Though its often difficult to explain such ideas clearly I have found much solace by integrating eastern leaning worldviews, in which the world is superpersonal. Cultivating the unreality of the world, recognizing ignorance as fundamentally necessary for the existence of truth, the contemporary understanding of the nature of life is built upon fundamental illusions that continue to mutate in the endless dance of metamorphic regeneration...these elements of infinite uncertainty allow for mystery magic to be used in the cultivation of the creative power of the entire cosmos. The freedom and courage to fathom such infinite depths can be a more effective defense against the control freak ethos, than getting involved with the kind of linearly limited ideological warfare which is run amok through the social media zeitgeist. 

With a balanced attitude that is less serious and more sincere, and a mind full of deep introspection, it may be much less troubling when there is calling to enter back into the world of human affairs, and champion a noble cause. Much of figuring out what exactly to do about "IT" boils down to figuring out how to play it cool even when the worlds ablaze; if a butterfly's wings flapping gives rise to hurricanes, then God only knows what the collective power of our human minds unleashed could accomplish. This is a kind of cosmic consciousness mindset that has been used with some success by people throughout the epochs to live fulfilling lives even in the darkest of ages. Even if lost to obscurity, never to be recognized by the Scholarly Whore of History, such people empowered by the spirit of wisdom always have and always will exist in the undercurrents, as a necessary counterbalance to mitigate negative effects of the ever devolving conspiracy.

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« on: June 03, 2018, 04:54:43 am »
For now Im content to keep using a moderate amount of dissolved bone mineral, and insist that I feel benefits from doing so. My strength and flexibility seem to be much improved in the last few months, and I dont get cramps as much as before even when working long hours in the heat.

I would presume that there are trade offs when considering raw vs cooking in vinegar. I feel that rinsing off the bits of flesh fat and greasy broth removes the majority of cooked toxins from the bone mineral. Some levels may remain but in my case i feel the benefits of the minerals outway the risk of small amounts of cooked protein residue. The taste is pleasantly clean and pure and doesn't cause the aversion that cooked meat and broth evoke.

Perhaps Raw bone meal has similar benefits without any risk, but I am not sure either way? I use to file bones by hand to get small amounts of bone meal, but it was a lot of effort for little return, then I lost my old file and the new one i bought seemed cheaper and metal would flake off of it, making me think that maybe filing isn't the best method, unless you are absolutely sure about the purity of the metal.

Digestibility of vinegar dissolved vs raw is also a matter of debate. Im not sure that raw ground bone meal would be as bioavailable as dissolved bones. I use to chew on the raw bone meal like gum and it would never fully break down....though it is a good method for polishing your teeth...while the dissolved bone seems to melt im my mouth with very little effort, which may indicate that the minerals may be eassier to assimilate....

Perhaps the variables are dependant upon the individuals needs....some people may have more drastic deficiencies than others....... people with mineral deficiencies will often also have enzyme deficiencies making them less able to absorb minerals from raw bones...for such individuals disoved bones may add a necessary boost in enzyme forming bioavailable minerals.(there is definitely a synergy between the apple cider vinegar and the bone mineral which seems to be good for overall digestion, and should be explored more deeply)

Perhaps people who are already fairly well balanced don't need any major supplementation, and having optimal enzymatic functioning would do fine with occasionally consuming small amounts of raw bone meal and whole small bones from small animals.

Perhaps some combination of raw bone meal and dissolved bone mineral could be used in a best of both worlds scenario, which when combined may provide benefits far beyond the majority of the more dubious methods of mineral supplementation currently heralded by modern nutritional science.

In the end analisis its still much a matter for debate whither any such supplementation is "necessary" at all, so long as there are enough prime quality organs, marrow, blood, connective tissue, and what not...But I assume that for many of us it may be difficult to obtain optimal ratios of such mineral dense animal foods, and for many suffering from lifelong mineral deficiency or metal toxicity, supplementation with bone may be beneficial for chelation and regeneration.

Right now I am somewhat limited financially and logistically, so am attempting to extract every bit of nutrition from the one animal I kill every month...being a member of the working class on a tight budget, its difficult for me to afford buying extra marrow and quality organs, even if I could find sources that were trustworthy.......quality blood is near impossible to find at the market level....Im not yet desperate enough to go full cheebacabra, draining blood from livestock in the night..... some day if times get apocalyptic I may have to go full vampire... ;)kidding aside; I've had such a tough time attempting to economically source for extras, that its been much more feasible a solution to source the best quality mutton on hoof and devise ways to maximize nutrition available from each animal.

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« on: May 28, 2018, 12:08:19 am »
People who consume bone broth typically do not eat the whole bones, and will indeed get some level of mineral nutrition from acidicly induced leaching...but just because some of the minerals leech out into the broth, does not take away from the core mineral values of the actual bone in any significant way. The bone tissue matrix is still full of bioavailable minerals even after the broth is extracted and can these leftover minerals are perfectly bioavailably utilized when eaten.

Another benefit to my method is that by running multiple rinse cycles, much of the AGEs in the cooked proteins as well as the rancid heat deteriorated fats are washed out, leaving a more pure mineral substrate that is much more appealing to my cravin sense.

I have also tried using lemon juice which also works...but doesn't seem to keep as fresh tasting for days on end like the apple cider vinegar. I also prefer the more subtle taste of lightly vinegary soft bones, vinegar seems to be good for dissolving out the cooked marrow and protein residue which is what typically gives bone broths their abhorrent taste.


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« on: May 21, 2018, 11:15:16 am »
Very interesting. Do you eat any other animals than sheep? You could get more blood and marrow from larger animals, along with any other parts of the animal (organs, muscle, whatever).
And if you do only eat sheep, any reason why you prefer sheep over other animals?

Also, in regards to bones, how much do you eat?

I typically prefer sheep for a number of reasons.....Most cows in my area are grazed in less than optimal conditions and do not taste good to bovine fats seem to be much more waxy in consistency than sheep fat which is much more creamy and easier to digest in the copious amounts I consume. Even if it was possible to source good quality organs, marrow and blood from animals I do not butcher, it would be difficult to afford paying market price for all those extras in the long term.

I usually eat only a few ounces of bones a day.. a couple of ribs, half a scapula, or a big knuckle joint...the amount varies depending on craving and how much I have to pick from.

You're saying you couldn't get enough minerals from fish?
What about oysters/mussels? Oysters especially are so salty to me, it would be hard to not get enough minerals from them. They are traditionally eaten raw as well..

I experimented with trying to add larger amounts of seafood for minerals, a couple years back after I got a hair test which showed I was low in magnesium calcium and selenium. Some experts claim that hair analisis is not accurate, the efficacy of such testing is a separate topic of debate but from my experience they can give an indication if there are mineral imbalances or deficiencies....though it is still uncertain what levels are optimal for any particular individual.

For a couple of months I ate lots of oysters, fish, crab, scallops...It was very expensive and after some time I didn't get any really positive effect, and actually started noticing weird symptoms like headache, cloudy thinking and muscle twitching...I went back for an other hair test and it showed that my mineral levels were improved, but my mercury level was also way up, where it had been undetectable from before. After that I quit eating most seafood, and the symptoms went away...I haven't gone back for any more testing yet....might give it a couple more months of supplementing with bones just to see where the levels are.

Looking at it from a mineral perspective, oysters tend to be very high (sometimes the highest, depending on the species) in zinc, high in copper and selenium. Potassium, magnesium and sodium tends to be similar between fish, oysters and land animals. Although it could be the salt water you are tasting, in which case you would be getting some additional minerals, albeit not much. Mostly some extra sodium.
With all the organs he eats, he should easily be getting all the selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron and calcium. The only ones (and only if he is not consuming a large enough volume of food) which in general would be below recommended daily intake would be magnesium, potassium and sodium. Blood has a pretty high potassium and sodium content, although it is not as high in magnesium. On paper he should be getting everything. It's also very bioavailable.

But there's probably more to it than just paper values of what you should be getting. And looking at it, he should mostly be getting calcium and phosphorus from bones.

We are all in uncharted territory when trying to quantify optimal mineral consumption ratios, Its nearly impossible to scientifically analyze ones day to day needs and prescribe a given protocol. Ive given up all hope in nutritional science to show me the way and been running on instinct for so long that following my cravings have become second nature. When I am in need of lacking nutrients I can feel it...Its not anything like the extreme malnourishment of my vegetarian days....for the most part I am very well nourished and any blood test profile would likely be well within the 'normative', but every now and then there is a feeling that if only I had an extra something or other then everything would be prime. Even alpha wolfs who have access to all the meat they can eat will still knaw on a bone every now and then, which points to there being something in the actual bone tissue they crave from time to time.
I have also noticed a dramatic increase in the flexibility of my joints and tendons since beginning to eat bones. I feel much more loose and limber and am progressing much better when I take my weekly flexibility class.

Personals / Re: Contacting Sv3rige
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:07:08 am »
Regarding bones,

I haven't mentioned my latest addition to the diet here mainly because of the anti cooking nature of the forum, and partly because I've only been experimenting with eating dissolved bone for the last 4 months, and wanted to be sure there were not any negative issues before presenting my findings.

One of the main problems I have noticed while going an a long term primarily raw meat based diet, is in obtaining optimal minerals and electrolytes from food sources. I will work long hours in hot conditions and often sweat intensely, leaving me at times depleted to the point of cramps muscle, joint soreness and also seemingly more prolonged recovery times. This is something I have always experienced and was much worse before going paleo, when I had much more drastic symptoms of mineral deficiencies.

Over the years I have tried to get every bit of minerals and electrolytes possible by drinking blood, eating all the tissues and organs and it still sometimes seems like its not quite enough. The sheep I consume only have so much blood and marrow, and it would be difficult for me to obtain any extra to supplement with. I have also experimented with things like magnesium supplements, Clay and D.E in the past without much success. Dairy seems to help with providing minerals but has other negative effects which makes it not useful in the long term. Eating the occasional eggs, fish, greens nuts and vegetation seems to help add a better overall mineral ballance, but still does not seem quite optimal.

Since going paleo I have been more and more curious of the benefits of eating bones especially after witnessing my dogs devour whole raw bones, and seem to thrive. The problem is humans in general do not have bone crushing teeth and jaws. I have tried chewing the soft bone and extract marrow from the ribs, and will chew connective tissue till my jaw hurts. I crave the taste but just could never figure out a way to make it work...there are industrial granders which would work ideal, but I dont have 3,000 or so odd dollars to invest in an I started to devise ways to soften bones in a crock pot.

I would also like to mention that I extremely dislike bone broth, the taste is repulsive and it always sits heavy in my stomach. To get around the taste of cooked meat I first scrap the bones as clean as possible then place them in a crock pot with two cups of apple cider vinegar on low for about 24 hours. Then I strain off all the broth and rinse all the cooked meat from the bones, afterwards I put back the clean bones into the crock pot with spring water and two more cups of vinegar and leave it on warm for about three days.

This way all allows for much of the horrid taste of cooked meat to be discarded leaving a very soft, clean bone which can be eaten easily. I have recently started keeping the temp on low warm and doing a second rinse cycle to get an even cleaner taste and softer consistency. The large joints will turn into a honeycomb of delicious mineral goodness.

I ate a whole lot in the beginning and besides a little constipated at first, there hasn't been any negative issues. While on the positive side I have noticed much less cramping and soreness, shorter recovery time, and more overall strength and endurance. I usually will snack on bones throughout the day now, eating a couple of bites here and there shortly before meals or as a late night snack before bed.


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